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Net Love: A Story of Feeding Part 2

Dear Ryan: 
I miss you so much! I'll be home on Sunday. Please pick me up at the airport. The meetings have gone well... I have sold several packages to Air Italia. I am quite a presenter. You should see the way the Italian business women look at me. Number one, I am American. Number two I am hot (as you well know!) and number three, I am as fat as a house! Don't be jealous though. I only have eyes for you and I'll be home soon enough! 

At the inn I am staying at, the lady of the house has taken a liking to me. She calls me her boy and is always surprising me with treats! She is so motherly and sweet I can't refuse! In the two weeks that I have been here, I outgrew my business wardrobe! I have been eating so much! Italian food here is so much better than back home! All of the business meetings, lunches, appetizers, desserts, and late night snacks... 

I am stuffed around the clock. Maria, the lady at the inn, waits up for me each night and has me "sample" her day's baking. This is the first time in a while I have actually felt guilty about how much I am eating. I am actually SEEING how fat I am getting every day! It's ridiculous...but I love it. I can't wait to see you. You will be SO surprised! 

I am actually eating RIGHT NOW and I am thinking about you. You won't believe how much I have GROWN! Wait till you see me at the airport! I am a fat little boy! I have been so BAD! SO BAD! My moobs get in the way of things now...my thighs have caught up with the growth of my belly! My chin is triple now...I look absolutely 15 months pregnant. You are gonna love me! Okay. I got on the scale last night, it's Maria's. Should I tell you? No. Let me surprise you at the airport. 

Don't forget...The Tuesday after I get back is our one year anniversary! Gotta go! My plate is empty and Maria is cookin' downstairs! Oh am I full! 
Love you honey. 

See you so soon. Yours ridiculously hungry, and fattening round boy, 
p.s. Gee, I hope you recognize me! XOXOXO 

Dear Ryan: 
I am e-mailing you as I leave Milan. The taxi is coming and I will be at the airport soon...to come home to you! 

The most strange and wonderful thing happened today, around noon I guess. Maria insisted that I should come down for lunch. Once there, I was greeted by a surprise going away party. Everyone had these expectant grins on. I was puzzled. There were others from the surrounding apartments, the cook, Maria, her husband and son.... I won't bore you with the WHOLE list. 

Anyway, I was the guest of honor. Maria spoke to me in staggered English, something like this:

--We will miss you. My, you've eaten so well! You are a good eater, no? So fat...so handsome. Oh, your belly has grown! We have a tradition here... For a fat boy like yourself... The feast of farewell. We all cook for you. 

Everyone. And we serve you. Right here...in the dining room. We all cook all morning in your honor. Pies. Pastry. Pasta. Meats... 
All for you. And you eat. We put a lot of love in the cooking you see? It's all for you! Sit down here. 

I sat at the end of the table. It was laden with sooo much hot, fresh food. Enough for a banquet. Everyone smiled. Kissed my cheeks. Touched or rubbed my belly in appreciation. I felt like their pet! I felt so special. My eyes drank in all of the food. My nose breathed in the enticing aromas...cheese, sauce, sweets. I couldn't wait! 

--Now. My Kevin. You eat. Tell us how you like. It is a matter of pride, yes? Pride? We want to see your buttons pop! Is this strange? We want to see you happy! Full! So you will always remember us, no? Pop those buttons! Mangia mangia! 

Was this a dream? No. Strange? Yes. 


Not at all. Maria lovingly tucked a soft cloth napkin under my chin. They all waited to see whose delectables I would select first.... 

I was all smiles. Honored. Ready to pop my buttons. I couldn't wait! 

I began with a plate of pasta primavera. Rich sauce. I smiled at its author, gave the thumbs up. She smiled, humbled. That plate was cleared. I gazed around the table...Cheese and spinach stuffed pastry. So good and hot. And delicious. I smiled. They all watched. Sure, it was a bit awkward, but it was new. Kind of arousing. I wish you had been there Ryan! 

Spaghetti. Rigatoni. Veal and chicken Parmigianino. Canoli. Sweet breads. Cookies. Everyone admired my appetite. They whispered and looked on with admiration. And I ate and ate and ate. I could feel the waistband getting tighter. I let them know. It was really digging into my stuffed belly. They were apparently impressed. I told them that I loved all of the food sooo much. They cleared the plates after I cleaned them. My appetite has grown to gargantuan proportions! My shirt seemed to get tighter with each swallow. A cream puff. I felt like I was steadily inflating. We talked of keeping in touch. We talked of the two weeks we'd been together. It seems that I have been the topic of a lot of their conversations... 

It was a lot of fun surveying the table and selecting my next dish... The calzone were like surprises exploding in my mouth...each filled with sinful stuffing. 

After some time. I reached down and tried to ease the pressure on my bulging stomach. They all held their breath in anticipation. I ate on. I spread my thighs so that my belly could rest on the cushioned seat... 
I breathed deeply. They waited. 

It was the zuppa that did it. My belly was sososososo full. They all held their breath. A crock of pasta zuppa. I leaned back and ate. They knew it was coming. So did I. I had reached the limit of my waistband. A brand new suit! It was loose when I bought it downtown! 

I breathed. Swallowed. Ate. The broth was salty, delicious; the gnocchi was so filling... More. A little bit more... Another swallow... 
I was so uncomfortable...my belly stretched to its limit constricted by the skirt. It hung over threateningly... I leaned further back. Swallowed. Happy, thrilled expectancy filled the room. I felt over inflated...stuffed. For effect, I tilted the crock back, wrapped my lips around the rim, and drank heavily. Gulping, slurping. Ingesting. Inflating...more...more... A moment of anticipatory silence... 


It was one gulp that made my shirt buttons pop, pop, pop like the ching, ching, ching of a slot machine at a casino.

The buttons began to pop. The trousers...the shirt. A cheer rose up. Hugs and kisses. Congratulations...Wishes of Buena Fortuna. 

Once the buttons popped, however, I realized there was still more room in this fat little princess! And I surveyed the table for my next treat... 

They all laughed, smiled. Waited on me. Others joined in the feast. It was a fantastic farewell and I don't think they'll be forgetting me too soon! 

Honey. It was absolutely orgasmic!!! 

See you at the airport. Flight 675. Gate A. 9:30. 
I love you. Boy are you gonna be surprised! I am so FAT FAT FAT! 
See you soon! XOXOXOXOXO 
p.s. Make sure the scale is ready! 

I am at the airport. 

Kevin's flight was due ten minutes ago. I can't wait to see him. He will be gorgeous. The first signs of people begin to trickle out of his gate. Strangers all. Frustrated, I jerk my head up and down, straining for a glance of my sweetheart. 

My God. There he is. He hasn't seen me yet and I am allowed a moment of private admiration. He is wearing a green polo shirt and blue denim jeans. He stands out in the crowd. My heart picks up. I can't help but smile. I am in awe... 

His great, rounded belly proceeds him. It bounces gently with his gait. Tight. Full. Enormous. He HAS grown bigger! I imagine the party and his buttons popping and I am jealous... His shirt is stretched tightly, holding him in. It has slipped up a bit, allowing a glance at his stuffed, fat belly. His thighs are jubilantly FAT. They roll gently with each step. His calves are rounded. His knees are dimpled. His face is fatter than before. Of course, I recognize him, but he has fattened up! Wow. He must have eaten nonstop. I am so lucky to have him. His arms are pressed outward by his swelling body. His moobs have blown up nicely. He has really packed on the pounds. He looks delicious. His hand rests on his fat belly for a moment. He pops what looks to be a chocolate into his mouth...chews. 

He sees me. He smiles. Picks up his pace. 

We meet. I hug his and his fat envelopes me. He is so soft and full...plump, round. I kiss his fat little cheek. My hands rest on his plump thighs. His fat belly is pressed tightly against me. Oh, god is this heaven! 
I can't wait to get him home... 

Italy was a turning point for Kev. It really opened his eyes and increased his appetite. Eating to impress a crowd was an incredible experience for him. When we arrived back at my place, he weighed in after some sweet fondling. He was 413 pounds. He held it tightly and well on his 5'11" frame. He was so damned happy...and so was I. We went out for dinner at Denny's. It was the only place open. He ordered three breakfasts. He couldn't decide between pancakes, french toast or an omelet...so he got all three. People stared. And he loved it. I did to. He savored the event. Ate every last bite. He confessed that he was way past full beginning the third plate (the french toast). He waddled out of Denny's, tight, full, round, stuffed. He admired the glances from all around. The whispers excited him... 

That was two months ago. Now he sits, at the computer, typing away while sipping a shake from McDonalds and munching fries. We are so happy. His belly is so fat and round. So round and plump. His thighs are big, juicy and plump. He is more gorgeous than ever there, his belly rising upward. Always full. I spoil him so. We are so very in love. 

He has a constant appetite and his body grows every day. He has no limit for his gain. I am lucky I suppose. We do button popping ceremonies every once in a while. We make great love to each other. 

He's about 450 lbs. now. 

And growing. 

And growing. 

He is my fantasy come true. 

--Honey? I'm starving. 

He pats his huge belly. 

--Belly's hungry. Feed me sweets! Stuff me please! 


Gotta run. 

It’s been nice chatting with you. 

Kevin calls. 

Drop me a line some time and I'll fill you in, okay? 

The future is certainly looking FAT. 

Thanks for your time.... 


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