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Nick and Franklin Part2
Part 1 

We sat down to eat and I found that Nick had prepared a huge breakfast.  "There is no way I can eat all of this.” I said half heartedly.  "It looks and smells great though, Handsome.”

"Ah, you can do it.  Got to be hungry after that.” Nick said with a hearty laugh and a nod to the bedroom.  "I know I am.”

After a few minutes I was rubbing my full belly.  It was now a good bit smaller than Nick’s belly was but still bigger than I ever thought that I would be.  Suddenly I thought maybe I was getting too big.

"Think we should hit the gym today?”  I asked looking at my gut.

Nick paused and looked up at me.  He pushed his chair back and took his plate to the sink.  "You want to go to the gym?”

"Well, I have never been this big before, maybe I should start thinking about it.”

Nick didn’t face me, he packed his pipe with tobacco and lit it calmly.  His demeanor had changed in the last minute.  "We need to talk.”

"I don’t like the sound of that.  What’s wrong?” I asked.

"I have been trying to think of a way to talk to you about this since… well, for months and I… I just didn’t know what your reaction would be.  I don’t want… I don’t…”

"Nick, you are freaking me out.  Just say it!”  I just knew that he was going to say that he didn’t love me or found someone else, something. "Tell me, Nick.”

"It’s this.”  Nick said not making a lot of sense.  "I need to know if this is a problem.  These changes.  This belly, the beard and all of it.”

"What?”  I was confused.

"I don’t want to lose you.  I don’t.  I am so in love with you.  But, if what I am about to tell you is too much.  Then I need to know.”

"Baby, you aren’t going to lose me.  What are you talking about?!?”

"I told you that every year I end up gaining weight.  I didn’t tell you the whole story.  Each winter I start getting heavier and my beard grows fuller and other things, and each year it’s a little more than the year before.” Nick seemed to be rambling.

"Oookay…” I replied waiting for some reason for the dramatics.

"And see, every year before, I tried to keep it under control and worked hard to fight it but you seemed ok with it, with the rounder belly and… and everything.  I just sort of decided not to fight this year.  I didn’t want to fight it.”

"I am ok with it.  But I’m not sure I understand what’s going on.”  I was trying to calm him down but also understand.

"Let me just lay it all out on the line.  Ok… here goes… ok?  Every winter my belly grows.  And every year it grows a little more than the year before…it starts earlier, it…”

That’s natural I gue…” I started to say

"Wait, let me finish.  I need to tell you everything.”

I nodded.

"It grows bigger each year and starts growing earlier and takes longer to lose after… well, as we get close to Spring.  The same with my beard.  Lots of things.  But you need to understand that as I get older, this will stretch out longer and I will end up always having a belly, it will just get bigger in the winter.”

"Nick, if this is a problem, there are ways to…” I stopped when he looked at me.  "Sorry.  Go on.”

"Its not a problem.  Not for me.  Its just something that is.  Its not something that can be changed.  Its in my DNA, a part of who I am.”  Nick paused as if awaiting a reaction.

"I am still not sure I understand… Is this something that you enjoy doing?  Like a fetish thing or… I am trying to understand…” my words trailed off

Nick laughed deeply for a couple of seconds.  "It’s not a fetish like you are thinking but once it begins its difficult to… I mean, it feels great to grow and it makes you feel sexy and it gets really erotic.  I know that doesn’t make sense.  It’s just… I am trying to tell you that my body is programmed for this to happen and it seems that liking it and the ‘turn-on’ is a part of it.”

"I am not sure that I understand the ‘programmed’ and the ‘in your dna’ parts.  I mean, I have always gone out with guys more for their personalities than their bodies, but I haven’t really dated very large men before.  I am new to this and I admit that there is something very masculine about it, about you.  I have been shocked that I have liked you getting bigger.  That’s not an easy thing to say or think because it seems like I shouldn’t feel that way.  I mean, look at me, you aren’t the only one that’s been putting a belly on.”  I seemed to be going through some type of trail of self-discovery as I tried to calm Nick down.

"Frank, it comes down to this…what do you think about your own belly and what do you think about mine, it growing even bigger than it is now and will this fascination you have with that fade?”  Nick asked point blank.

A direct hit.  I had to answer back and I wanted to tell him the truth… "I think… I think it scares me, but I know I sorta like it.  I like the feeling of looking like a man…that kind of man.  I love not worrying about what I am eating and how much time at the gym it will take to get it off my middle and I like when you touch it.  And, for you, I have never thought you were sexier than you are to me right now.  I had a warm feeling that day I saw you smoking your pipe on the deck and noticed that your belly was a little rounder.  And lately, I have loved being against you and feeling that big round belly and your beard as we slept and fooled around.”  I paused.  "I think that these were things, feelings, that, I was afraid to share with you… or even admit to myself.”

"So… you could handle, or even like me getting bigger?”  Nick asked hesitantly.

I nodded.  "I um.  I get hard thinking about it.”  I looked down.

Nick laughed loud and deep.  "That’s fine.  I do too.  I love the feeling of my belly good and full and love that you enjoy it.”  Nick took a few heavy draws from his pipe.  "But, I need you to be sure, baby.  Are you ok being with a fat guy?”

"I am.  I want to be with you –fat or not.  Are you ok being with a fat guy?” I teased back and patted my own gut.

"I am.  I like it.”  Nick replied.  "But there’s more I have to tell you.”

I moved over to be close to him and we cuddled up so I could rub his round belly.

"My family”… he paused and started again.  "My family, we are descendents Saint Klause.  We changed our name to be less recognized to my current last name, St.Cloud.  Do you understand?

I didn’t.  I shook my head.

"Saint Klause… Santa Clause.  I…we, my family, we are descendents.  We carry his bloodline.”

I looked amused.  "Really?”  I asked in a sarcastic tone as if he were trying to punk me. 

"I’m serious, Franklin .  I am.  You look at the story of Santa Clause as a fable or fairy tale and most of it is.  But there are some parts that are true.  Or at least a variation of the truth.”

"Okay.”  I said waiting for the punchline.

"The toy store, it belongs to my family, we have been in that same business for a couple of centuries.  We own the rights and patens to a lot of toys.  Some we have licensed to other manufactures and some, more personal items we continue to make and sell.  You still don’t believe me.”  Nick was starting to sound defeated and upset.

"Ok, Santa, start from the beginning then.  Do you have a sleigh and reindeer?”  I asked like a smartass.


"Well, does your family live at the North Pole?”


Nick was sounding more and more irritated.

"So, then, what?  What do you…”  I was interrupted.

"I will tell you, but let me finish.”  Nick said as he got up.

"Okay.”  I waited.

"Saint Christopher Klause worked in a small churchs in the northern regions of Europe hundreds of years ago.  He made small toys for the village children so they would have something to do in the winter months when it was too cold to be outside much.  He made toys that he could use to teach them stories from the bible and other texts.

As he got older his sons helped and it became a tradition for them.  The villagers would sometimes thank them with food.  They would grow very fat and soon, over the next generations, it became more about making the toys for underprivileged children than about the bible stories.

Somehow, along the way…” Nick paused and looked at me… "the story goes that some curse or spell or something was put on the family to make them very fat and bearded and ‘jolly’ for lack of a better word, because one of the great grandsons of Christopher only wanted to profit from the toys.  He was vain and mean.  He did not understand the original intent of the gifts.  Some say it was blessing sent down from Christopher himself, some say it was something conjured up from a villager – its crazy, but it is what it is.  Personally, I think its something more in our genetic dna or something, hell, I don’t know.  I do know that it happens to all of the men in my family.  It can’t be stopped or changed.  Are you following?”  Nick asked.

"I… think.  I think so...”  I was waiting for more.

"Anyway, the toy making has been passed down generation after generation.  My grandfather, who was fat and bearded taught my dad and my dad who became fat and bearded taught me and my brother and now it is happening to us.

There are some members that did not take up the business but someone always did.  One son or the other always did.  My brother and I both did.

The fantastic parts of the fable are not true.  But the core is.  The bloodline, the toys, the love of children and laughter and… and…this.” Nick rubbed his round belly.

"You are not shitting, are you?”  I asked, never seeing Nick so serious.

"No.  I know it’s a lot.  It’s a lot to accept but its true.”

"Is that it?  I mean is there any ‘magic’ or anything else I should know?”  I asked quietly, struggling to accept this fantastic presentation.

"The only magic is making other people happy and the fact that there is no fighting the belly, the beard, the other little traits that you have seen happening to me.”  Nick said with quiet resolve and then re-lit his pipe.

"Your dad… and your brother are like this too?  I wondered.

Nodding, "Yes.  They are.”  Nick replied.

"Are they big?  I mean getting bigger?”

"My dad is big.  He is about 350 pounds of big belly.  Chris, my little brother, is just starting to see some changes, but he is married and his wife understands what is happening…and she is ok with it.”  Nick waited for my reaction.

I stared back at him.  I didn’t know what to say or how to react.  I felt like this had to be a dream but it all made sense…somehow, in some strange way.

" Franklin ?”  Nick jarred me back to the moment.

"So… what you are telling me is that you have gotten fat because of genetics.  And, I, just got fat.” 

"Does it matter how it happened or that you like the way it looks and how it feels?” Nick asked quietly.

I thought for a moment.  "I love you.  I… I just might need a little time for this to… soak in.  Is there any other surprises about your past or your family?”  I felt like I was in a daze.

"No.  I think this is it.  Well, except, I’ll have to introduce you to the elves now.” Nick smirked.

I looked up quickly in shock.

"I’m just kidding.  No elves.  No castle in the North Pole.  No trips around the planet…unless you wanted to go on a cruise or something.”  Nick grinned.

I smiled back.  I did love him.  "Do you have a Santa suit?”  I asked with my own grin.

"Nope.” Nick answered then added "…not yet.”

"Maybe we should get you one” I said slyly.

Nick laughed loudly.  "Would you like that?”

I nodded.

"Well, have you been a good boy?”  Nick asked.

"I have.”  Then I added "…we’d have to get the suit a few sizes bigger so that you can… grow into it.”

Nick puffed on his pipe and rubbed his round belly, chuckled and nodded in agreement.

After a week of conversations a little closer to normal and no "gotcha” on the story I decided to think about it as if it were all true exactly as Nick explained.  Would I NOT want to be with him if it were actually true?  I knew the answer was ‘no’.  I could not stand to lose him.  So my decision was made.

As we got closer to Christmas, my dick would stiffen at the thought of Nick growing an even fatter belly.  "I realized that I loved watching him eat and enjoy life and his body and being good.  Good all the way down to his toes. 

I met Nick’s family over the Holidays.  They were exactly as he had described and his parents were so welcoming and loving I felt like I had a new family instantly.

His brother, a bright red-headed handsome jock-type and button-cute wife were great and announced they were expecting their first child in the summer.

I got a chance to talk to Nick’s sister-in-law for a few minutes as Nick, sitting with his brother, explained the origins of the pipe he had given Chris for Christmas.

"Is Chris a pipe smoker too?”  I asked.  "Well, he is more and more fascinated with it.  He tried a couple puffs off of Nicks, a while back and well… you know- its just a part of the tradition.” Candy, Chris’ wife said


"Yea…” she grinned a little.  "That’s what I call it – the stuff with his family… the bloodline, and all of that.  I didn’t know how to refer to it after I realized it was true, so I started calling it the ‘tradition’.  Makes it easier, I think.”

"I think that may be a great term for it.”  I thought allowed.

"I had hoped to put off the smoking for a few years but I knew it was coming… well, it’s a pipe, at least they smell nice.  I should have known it wasn’t too far out when he started getting that paunch.”  She smiled.

"Your bellies will be growing together over the next few months now.”  I joked.

"I think you right about that.  Nick fought it for a good while but I think Chris is looking forward to it.”

The time there ended too soon and I was sorry it was over.  We had a lot of laughs, great food and shared making new memories.

We were back in our own bed by Christmas Eve when Nick asked me to move in with him.  I was so happy. 

Nick, now at 250 ish, his belly round and like a mound in the bed, bearded, smoking his pipe, was never more handsome than he was at that moment.  I had gotten a wish that I had wished for years and years ago.

"Your Dad is 350 pounds, right?”  I asked rubbing Nick’s belly.

"Well, I bet he is over that a bit this time of year.”  Nick said.

"Well…surely we could beat that.”  I grinned as I rubbed his belly and we kissed passionately.  "And now that I know who you are, I better get something big for Christmas this year Santa.” I said jokingly.

Nick reached down and rubbed my round belly and said "Oh, you will get something big.  I can promise that.”

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