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Pie, Spy - Part II
written by FrenchFeeder


Brad woke up feeling a little different, that Monday morning. It was also a little late. Sun was up. Brad got up and came into the bathroom to see if his efforts had already gone to fruition. In the mirror, he was a little disappointed : not quite as big as he would have thought – he remembered how huge his gut was looking, the night before – that was only a few hours ago… Then Brad stepped on the scale : almost 260lbs. Now, this sounded better to him : Twelve pounds of fridge-fresh and oven-hot fattening foods, all in his gut. He was still feeling quite full, but it was obvious that he had grown during the night – and softened up. His belly measurement confirmed it : it had to be over 42”. Brad was still wondering if that would be enough to please Mike, as he was coming into the kitchen – then he slapped his forehead : there were only empty boxes, beer cans and bottles around. Nothing left for his breakfast… Stupid !

Thank God, Mike was bringing more food for their breakfast – but certainly that wasn’t enough ! His good friend and cook mentioned how Brad was looking gruff. He was only drinking his coffee black, with the few sugars he had left – although he was craming doughnut after doughnut into his mouth, his stomach was growling, and so was he… Mike was kind enough to leave all his pastries to him, but this couldn’t count as “breakfast” as he had gotten used to be served in his kitchen. Anyway, Brad thought it was time for bold statements, and bold decisions. He took a breath and told Mike he wasn’t feeling quite “satisfied” with his recent meals : He was HUNGRY, and he would like it better if they could enjoy a bigger, more filling breakfast at the Diner with the Boys. Just as he was saying so, Brad rubbed his empty stomach, looking quite smooth – getting round. Mike showed an impish smile.

“So, you’re finally getting on board, sailor ? Good thing. You’ve been eating quite well until now, really, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t waiting for you to come out and pig out for good ! Now, today’s going to be a little different, if you follow me…”

Mike drove quickly, taking shortcuts and all. Their morning ride was finished before Brad would even think it was possible. He had done his part too, handling the pies he was responsible for quickly and carefuly, more effective than ever. Still, Mike had kept on giving him pies and beer, so Brad had eaten five whole pies before they had finished their ride – and the new “Boy” was showing every sign of the most encouraging gluttony… As a matter of fact, Brad was wondering about Mike’s agenda for the rest of the day.

“OK, we’re done ! Now we can get to more serious business.”

Finally Brad was being introduced into what he had been longing to know for a month. It was the same bar they went to, every day, with all the others – which left him a bit disappointed. That wasn’t exactly the kind of “secret society” meeting place the young detective had in mind. So much for that part of his work : Investigation wouldn’t be going anywhere today, once again. The Club was officially closed, but Mike had a master key. The whole place smelled like hot pies, cakes and sweets…There were other “boys” inside – and Brad knew them : he had eaten lunch with most of them – the fattest of the bunch. But now, they were all in briefs and underwear, sitting in booths all around the lunch place, eating and feeding each other. They all looked at Mike and Brad, as they came in.

“Welcome to the Club, Brad boy… Get undressed.” Mike said.
“Undressed ?…”
“Yup. Time for your Big Breakfast ! You’re one of the Big Boys, now…”

Brad did just as he was told – If he only had time to weigh pros and cons… Hell, he would have done it anyway : First thing, he wasn’t a “Baby” now, he was a “ Big Boy”. One of them, no less. Just what he had been hired for. That was good. On the other hand, he knew that those “Boys” who were now getting fatter on purpose only wanted to fatten him up just like them – probably even more ! Brad still had mixed feelings about this, in the morning light. His belly was already pretty heavy. Also, he knew it for sure by now that most of the guys in here were gay. It was… well, dangerous : Brad didn’t want to get involved with someone who could have kidnapped Leigh. Then, as he was thinking further about the poor boy, this appeared to be the easiest way to get to Tony Fillmore. It dawned on Brad : this was the only way. That did it : Brad was going for it !

“Now Brad…” Mike gently patted his soft, bulging round gut. “You’ve grown a nice beginner belly here. I think you’ve waited long enough. What do you say, boys ?”

They all agreed. Apparently, Brad couldn’t have done better – without even knowing. Mike made him step into the circle and each Boy got to pat his belly and rub him all over to feel just how plump he had already grown. They were all very positive and praising Brad’s early gaining steps. Baby steps. Brad was blushing and smiling like a fool… Okay, just let go now, he thought. Just listen to what they want, nod like you know what they’re talking about, do what they tell you to do and get to know them better. At least, Brad knew what all this meant for him : he was going to eat like a pig – he was going to get bigger and fatter – he was going to work out a lot more on the side – he was going to solve this case !

“Hungry, Brad ?”
“Oh yeah…”

His “Big Breakfast” came in front of him : it was taking the whole table – with large piles of pancakes dripping with syrup, a large bowl full of scrambled eggs and bacon, apple pies, doughnuts and ice cream. Brad’s heart was racing. He started to eat just the way he had, the day before – now they could see how good he was at it ! All the guys were looking at him, actually – but in a puzzled way.

“…What ?”
“You’re greedy, Brad. That’s good,” Mike winked at him. “But this way will be better for you. First thing, let me make you more comfortable…” and Brad was forcefully sprawled backwards in the booth, his thick arms draped across the width of the top of his seat. “Good, Brad. Now, open wide…”

Mike had taken a pancake in his hand. He stuffed it suddenly into Brad’s mouth, who immediately chewed it down, swallowed quickly, and opened his mouth for the next one. But all the other boys had got their hands on the doughnuts, the eggs and bacon, the slices of pie and the ice cream. They were taking turns to fill Brad’s awaiting mouth, enticing him and encouraging him, as the new boy was all into munching and gulping down now.

“Very good, Brad… Go on…”
“Now, eat this, Brad boy…”
“Some more ice cream, Brad ?”
“A good bite of pie now, boy…”

Brad was almost smiling – a heavenly grin – when his mouth was closed although he had to chew. He closed his eyes after a while, only focusing on the eating. Food was being strongly shoved down his throat every other minute – this was so much easier than yesterday, in his kitchen and living room ! And to think Brad wanted all his colleagues to be there so he could show it to them… Now they will see – eat more – eat more ! They won’t believe it…

“You really enjoy this, huh, Brad boy ?”
“Now, you need to eat more pie…”
“Drink some milk on it, Brad…”
“Ready for more scrambled eggs ?”

Yes : More ! Surrounded by these guys totally devoted to feeding him for what sounded like eternity, Brad was feeling like he had arisen into some sort of heroic Heaven, where all his needs and desires would be fulfilled for everything he had endured and suffered before… Mike would stop feeding him to come closer and pat his belly every now and then, rubbing it to appreciate its girth, its fullness and softness. Brad never stopped munching. He couldn’t love this any more – couldn’t get tired of it ! Eyes closed, mouth full, stomach full, all his senses wallowing in delights, he could hear his heart pumping and thumping – until he heard one of the boys whispering to his ear :

“You’re hot…”

Brad thought he would go crazy if he stopped eating, then – if he opened his eyes – if he moved even a finger ! Eggs and bacon were gone. The boy responsible for them assured Brad there was more to go, just waiting in the kitchen. Pancakes were also disappearing quickly. Ice cream was melting in his hot, greedy mouth. Doughnuts were forced on him to be eaten one by one. The slices of pie made for the heaviest mouthfuls, so the boys were more gentle with those. Brad enjoyed the contrast. He enjoyed the surprise – this was all delicious ! Mike’s touch around his belly was getting more and more insistent, though.

“Now, Boys ? What do you think ?… I think we’ve done it. Our personal best, I must say !”

The feeding stopped immediately. Brad felt it, opened his eyes, and almost moaned for more, but he only got his head up and asked

“Done what ?”
“You’re full, Brad boy. Look at you…”

Looking down to his belly, Brad was shocked. It was already stretched out more than yesterday, after his all-day eating frenzy ! This had just happened so quickly… Brad took a deep breath, belched loud and long. Fair enough, he was stuffed full, probably full to the top – Mike was obviously an expert in those things – but he wanted this to go on. And he looked like it, groaning and pleading for more food.

“So… it’s over ? So soon ?…”
“It’s been three hours, Brad. You’ve been eating so well, I’m impressed. You can really put away a lot.”
“Yeah, good work there, Brad !” The boys were almost cheering.
“Three hours ? wow… No shit ! I didn’t… I mean… I would be ready for more…”
“Hey, you really like that, Brad boy…”
“…I do.”
“You want more, don’t you ? Well then… More is just what you’ll get”, Mike was rubbing Brad’s round, bloated belly. “Now, please rest. We have to eat too. Personally, you’ve made me so hungry, stuffing your gut the way we did… So, you rest all you want. I’ll wake you up, and we’ll plump you up again just the same.”

Brad got to sit in a large recliner, in a dark corner of the room. He was only realising it now, but he was definitely stuffed more that he had forced himself before – and this way was so much better, and comfortable – and sexy… God ! Brad was feeling turned on by every single thing he saw in the room. Those guys pigging out now… Other guys resting like him, rubbing their full tummies… There was another group feeding a boy now, just like he had been fed… They had only started. Oh, that was the best. Brad felt like going up and watch the boy getting stuffed all the way – see what it looked like from the feeder’s point of view. But he was feeling so full, and so heavy – and just as lazy – to get up from this place. He rubbed the large expanse of his gut with both hands, trying to match Mike’s gentle touch… Brad didn’t succeed much with the touch. Then he put himself in position again, closed his eyes and recited the food list to himself : so many pies, and doughnuts, and so much ice cream… and milk, and eggs and bacon… and the pancakes ? Have mercy ! Brad kept repeating to himself it was all so fattening, and he had had so much – this was all turning into flab right now, just as he was drifting into sleep… Brad was daydreaming, getting hard and thinking about the food, almost hearing it again, so sweetly whispered close to him – he was feeling hotter than with any of his old boyfriends. He would have jerked off, had he been alone just now. But he didn’t totally loose track of his mission : there were questions left to be answered, and a trapped boy still to be found, somewhere.

Brad was sitting next to Josh, one of his youngest and friendliest colleagues. Josh had beautiful blond shoulder long hair, eyes so dark and deep you could drown in them, and lips curled in a perfect smile when the boy liked you. Brad had noticed him early on. Josh had put on weight over one month, too – more than Brad, actually – and he sported a very noticeable gut that would almost pop out of his work shirt, but was just proudly bulging out now that he was shirtless. Of course, Josh had just finished a heavily overcharged plate of pancakes with sugar, butter and syrup – and another, smaller plate of chocolate muffins. He was now enjoying his full belly state, sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand, shaking what flab he had in his love handles and spreading his legs to push out his gut… Brad thought he would be the perfect target.

“So, Josh ? Does Tony join you guys sometimes, in these private sessions ?”
“Tony ? He’s over there, Brad… Wow, the man does love his banana cream pies !”
“Not Tony here. I meant Tony Fillmore…”
“Oh ? no, I don’t think Mr. Fillmore has ever dropped by…”
“You’ve never met the guy, have you ?”
“Just the one time, when he hired me. He wanted to see me, because… Well, I was even thinner than you, back then… and…”
“He wanted to know if you were game ?”
“Exactly. I guess he must have bothered you about it, too. But you’ve grown so well. Some of us were wondering if you were even gaining, at first… But I’ve seen you just now. We’ve all seen you, and… Brad, you’re such a PIG !”

In any other context, Brad would have taken it as an insult and knocked the guy down. But coming from Josh here, whose purpose in life was most probably to be reincarnated as a Shropshire prized hog, it was obviously a compliment. And for some reason Brad felt proud about it. He was feeling good – a little too good, maybe… It was almost like… was Josh coming on to him ?

“Hey, you’ve put on a… cute hot tummy yourself there, Josh.”
“Thanks, you’re nice. But I‘m not big enough… Not enough for Tony Fillmore, anyway.”
“So that’s why… you…?”
“Mike told me. It’s not official, but he really is the one who decides when we can go.”
“…Mike, huh ? You think he will… tell me someday ? if I can go ?”
“You, Brad ?” Josh was almost laughing “You should have seen his face when he was patting your full gut ! Mike’s all over you. He’ll introduce you to Tony in no time…”

Now this was interesting. Brad was just right about this being the way to get to Tony Fillmore – and, predictable as it was, it required him fattening up some more. Brad was ready for it before, but now that he had tasted it here, for real, he was more than happy to take that path ! Gratefully, he played with Josh a little, encouraged him and slowly caressed his bulge, making Josh moan softly.

“You’re right, Brad… I should be more determined. I should go see Mike about that too. Make a strong statement and go for it, really ! Like you did…”

Brad didn’t know what Josh was talking about – but he was getting used to not understanding what the boys where talking about in the Diner. Josh finished his beer – and he didn’t hold his booze quite well. He mumbled something and went to sleep almost immediately. Mike was coming near them.

“Enjoying your nap, Brad boy ? What were you girls talking about ?”
“Oh, just chit chat… Josh was just telling me about Leigh Fillmore.”
“Leigh ? You mean… Leigh ? What did he say ?”
“Just that… he used to work here, like a few months ago.”
“Oh ? Yeah, right. He worked at the Factory for a while. But he’s not here any more !”
“Why so ?…”
“Guess he wasn’t comfortable there…” said one of the guys, following Mike.
“Yeah, I mean : Heir of the Fillmore fortune ? Thought he was a little too thin for the part !”
“Well, not any more !”

And all the guys laughed. Brad was shocked. They all knew ? They were ALL part of this ? Even if they hadn’t kidnapped the boy themselves, they had something to do about it… Brad couldn’t believe this : He thought he was starting to know them, and he liked them as they were, just as he saw them now. But there was no doubt about it… They were taking advantage of the company, and they would kidnap a kid and ask for MONEY ? Brad was feeling awful – it couldn’t be ! – it didn’t feel right – there was something behind the ransom. Something bigger – like them. Did they want to take over the Factory ? Mike and his boys were surrounding him just now… For a second, Brad felt like they were going to beat the crap out of him, if they had guessed his thoughts. But Mike invited Brad to sit back, just as before.

“Time for more, Brad… We’re going to stuff you and push you further than you even dared to imagine.”
“Oh ? Well… Good.”
“Nervous, Brad ? Don’t worry, we’ll keep it gentle…”
“…As long as you eat like a pig. Now boys, ready ?”

The boys weren’t ready for it : They were meant for the job ! Each boy looked very impatient to feed Brad again. Josh was right : he had been the subject of many discussions, raising questions, doubts, expectations, and now satisfaction – possibly more… Brad was willing to go further, even if it was only to make a good impression on them. He had mixed feelings about it again, but they were both new feelings : it was just as dangerous as it was turning him on… and that was the hottest combination Brad knew ! As a matter of fact, it was the reason why he had accepted to become a Private Eye in the first place…

His eyes still opened, Brad considered the situation : there were seven boys around him. Mike was only here to coach them and rub Brad’s gut as it would grow more and get hard under his touch from all the food. First boy had a large bowl of creamy mashed potatoes and a large spoon. Second boy was holding his first slice of meat pie. Third boy had a large bowl of French fries. Fourth boy had a bowl of the same size with the onion rings. Fifth boy had a big bucket of fried chicken wings in Texas sauce. Sixth boy was taking a large burger specially made for Brad, from a tray next to him. Seventh boy carried a pitcher of what looked to Brad like some chocolate milk-shake. This promised to be a challenge. Brad closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

As he was eating his first mouthfuls, Brad realised he had secretly waited for this for hours – trying to think about the case just to distract himself from the thought of his next feeding, and the wait, and that weird feeling that was a lot like hunger, where Brad had already eaten more than in a normal… week ! And just to make it irresistible, Brad kept repeating to himself that he was in a dangerous position – so dangerous – this was all very dangerous… And it made him groan for more ! Food was being pushed more insistently than in the morning : a large full spoon of mashed potatoes here, a generous handful of fries or onion rings there, an entire slice of pie down his throat, a whole fried chicken nugget at once, and an extra-large bite of burger forced into his mouth, and creamy chocolate shake almost overflowing as he had to chug it down… They were showing no mercy, but Brad didn’t complain : he loved that his feeding was handled in a manly way, matching the impression of “danger” he found so appealing right now. Mike was also encouraging him in words and gestures – and Brad was like putty in his hands – like, literally, in fact : his belly had reached his previous girth and roundness pretty quick. Being stuffed so much more, it was exploring uncharted territory… Mike and the boys kept feeding him, almost speechless, except for a few encouraging words now and then, as Brad was ballooning so much !

This went on for a few hours too. The feeding started to slow down. Mike was being more careful and considerate to Brad, asking him how he was feeling, and allowing the next bite only after a while, when he was sure his boy could take it. Brad was always ready for more, but his body still had limitations that they had to respect. Besides, they were all amazed at his belly’s girth and softness… Eventually, Mike told the boys to stop. Brad was so full and overfed he could barely stand up.

The boys helped him to get back to his place. Mike couldn’t get his hands off of Brad’s naked, round and greasy gut. His new “favorite boy” was spread on the bed, where the Boys rubbed his belly for a while to ease the tension inside, then they left one after the other. Mike was the last one to leave.

“See you in the morning, Big boy. Sleep tight – and get ready to be stuffed tighter tomorrow…”

The bloated whale of a boy only belched to that. Brad was too heavy and lazy to move – let alone get up from his bed… He was also quite drunk. He could barely think straight, so he slept on it. Mike found him sleeping on his back in the morning, as they had left him. Three of the strongest boys also helped Brad wake up – unless they were forcing him to follow Mike to his feeding chair at the Diner Club…

“You look hungry, Brad. Let’s make you hungry for more !”

Mike wasn’t kidding about it : Brad couldn’t have been forcefed more if he had been a prisoner under torture ! It wasn’t a part of being a “spy” or a “private eye” that Brad had signed for – he didn’t give up, at least ! In the afternoon – after Brad’s third long, overeating session – his gym buddies joined him, lead him into the weight room and had him sweat and pump as much as he could on the machines. They encouraged him as he pressed or pulled, comforting him during his pauses – with some comfort food, of course ! They had very specific instructions from Mike to feed Brad banana cream pies and doughnuts, force him if necessary, and have him wash it all with pitchers and pitchers of gainer shake. Brad was impressed at his own progress : He could almost bench press twice his bodyweight, for instance. His pecs were also noticeable under the layer of flab. The boys were amazed by his strength but they always had the upper hand on him : He would do as he was told, like a good “Boy”.

Brad wasn’t unhappy – on the contrary ! He was feeling increasingly confident in his coworkers and himself now – he was eager to lift more, push further… and needless to say, eat a lot more ! Some of the other regulars were in awe, looking at this handful of plump, beefy boys coaching and feeding that dude as if they wanted to make him huge… Even for the cocky, regular gym members, it was more than they could handle to witness ! Actually, Brad could still be mistaken for a power lifter, so that was no problem – and he was all too massive and intimidating for them to make any comment.

It was hard to believe that Brad had changed so much – his beliefs, to start with – in just a week… It only took another day at the Club, where Josh and a few other boys helped Mike rub and massage his swollen belly – another good night sleep to take in all the fattening calories – and Brad could look at himself in the mirror again, on Saturday morning, beaming with pride. His waist was larger than he would have even thought possible for him : 44” according to Mike… Brad was getting aroused just by patting his belly flesh – and the scale said 288lbs…

He remembered Mike telling him “You’re the best Boy we’ve ever seen…” on their way back from the Diner Club. “And that’s saying something. Congratulations !”
“Err, thanks…” was all he could mumble, before letting out a pretty long belch.
“So you just rest, Brad. Sleep… Take your monday off, maybe. I’ll make that drive on my own, if that’s okay with you.”
“Okay… Buuuuuurp ! – Oooof…”
“By the way, you’ve been such a good boy lately that I have told Tony about you... I understand now why you wanted to meet him so much – and I’m sure he will be interested in seeing you too !”

Brad couldn’t help a smile, as he was sleeping : He had won ! It had come with quite a price – but he was finally getting there… He’d have to wait for some time after Mike was gone to try and get up, go the bathroom. It was so difficult for him when he was this full – his belly was hurting like Hell ! Brad had felt nothing but pleasure as he was being fed, but this was different. He realised how you have to pay for all your good things – and that the best ones must have the bitchiest after-effects… Strangely enough, Brad didn’t feel sick… just full. Extremely full ! Maybe there was a better word to express how it felt ? but he couldn’t find any. “Ready to burst” wasn’t explicit enough. Besides, Brad was feeling just like he was exploding – except that it was happening in slow motion. His belly was exploding right now, but it was taking its time : hurting at the core, under such tremendous pressure, then expanding on the outside, in larger and larger circles. Yes, that was it – expanding. Brad could tell his gut was swelling, and it was expanding, just as he was thinking about it. His body was turning all that food into layers upon layers of fat and flesh – Brad was getting fatter…

There was nothing he could do about it. His belly was stuffed so tight everyday that he would certainly wake up weighing 10 more pounds on the next day. It was too late for him to go back. It was too late to resist Mike and his “Boys” at the Club. Brad yawned. It was time to call Andy.

“Hey Andy.”
“Brad ? Is that you ?”
“Of course it’s me… I told you I would call.”
“So you did. What’s up for you in Gainesville ?”
“Gaining, Andy. Gaining of course…” Brad gave his bloated gut a rub in small circles, almost lovingly.
“How about the case ?”
“Good news, Mr. Straight-to-the-point : I’m getting there.”
“You are…”
“Yeah, slowly you know – but I’m positive. I’m getting close.”
“Music to my ears, Brad… I honestly thought you were getting closer to being fired. And take me down with you.”
“What ? – what made you think I’d quit ?”
“Well, to start with, I could hardly wait for your call. Why didn’t you call me earlier if everything’s fine ?”
“I was, err… working today.”
“What do you mean, today ? You said you’d call me at once, and it’s been a whole week now !”
“A week ? Wow, I didn’t even notice – except…”

Brad gave a look down to his stomach and belly – so round, so plump right now, stuffed as he was… He had spent the whole week eating and being stuffed, being encouraged, being teased and plumped up, concentrating only on the food or his work-out routine at the gym. Even then, he had been totally passive – and it seemed to him that everything had gone too fast... There was more to come – Mike kept telling him. Brad was impatient for his next feeding. There had to be more to come… Grabbing a comfortable handful of belly at its chunkiest, next to his bellybutton, Brad couldn’t take his eyes off that buttery, soft flesh. It was tantalizing.

“…Brad ?” Andy woke him up.
“Sorry, I was… concentrating on the case.”
“That would have been my guess – at first. I know you’re task oriented and all, Brad. But let’s face it, you’ve always been a little slow on the intake. You’ve always asked for my advice, and I was worried that I may have put you on the wrong tracks.”
“Oh no, Andy. Just the opposite. You were… right on money.”
“So all these guys really are gainers ?”
“They are.”
“Okay, good… So, how have you been handling it so far ? You were telling me you’re getting close to finding Leigh, so I guess they didn’t totally give you the cold shoulder…”
“Why would they do that ? We’re getting along just great !”
“Brad ? Does that mean that… you ?”
“Yeah, Andy. I’m one of them now. I’m a gainer.”
“…You must be kidding me !!!”
“What’s wrong, Andy ?”
“What’s wrong with you ?! You were supposed to tell them it was a mistake from Human Ressources, to begin with… God, Brad ! I can’t believe that you’ve been going on with this gaining thing ! You were always complaining about them.”
“About not getting them ! Thanks to you, I got to know those guys.”
“And that wasn’t enough information for you ?”
“Well… I couldn’t help it, Andy ! What else could I do ? It was too late !”
“I’m afraid it was. Then let me ask you a question. Have you gained a lot of weight ?”
“I don’t know exactly…”
“How much do you weigh, Brad ?”
“About… 290lbs, more or less.”
“290 pounds ? Talk about damage control there… It was time we talked about this. God ! where is the famished, lanky stud I’ve met three years ago ? No wonder your voice sounded deeper, Brad. You had to weigh less than 200lbs back then…”
“I think I was under 190lbs, Andy. I know I’ve put on a lot of weight, but I’m also stronger. I work out with a few of them. I’m… really strong.”
“So you’re telling me you’ve gained fifty pounds of muscles ?”
“Not exactly… I’m… also a lot fatter, of course.”
“Do these guys follow your weight gain ? your progress ?”
“Almost daily. Well… Mike does, at least. But he tells them, I’m sure.”
“What’s your pants size ? Or if he measures your waist and belly…”
“I think I’m up to 44 inches.”
“Fourty-four ?! Did you say fourty-four inches ?…”
“Yes, Andy. Why are you so worked up ?”
“I just logged in on a Diet Website, Brad… Do you realize that your body fat is – over 25 percent ?”
“…Really ?” Brad almost sounded proud.
“It says so on my computer ! And according to your BMI, you’re obese !”
“Obese ? Wow… Huh, what’s a BMI ?”
“Body Mass Index, of course.”
“It doesn’t go without saying… What is it, exactly ?”
“I don’t know. Some stupid calculation, I guess – like the ones they use for Insurance companies.”
“So it’s nothing but crap ?”
“Don’t change the subject ! Your BMI is worse than Thirty-something ! Then it’s true I’ve never really cared for that show. But you’re in big trouble…”
“Because it means I’m getting obese ?”
“You’re past class I obesity, Brad… and you’re only half-way through the case ! At this rate…”
“Don’t worry, Andy. I’m sure it won’t take me long to get there.”
“Get where ?”

It was a good question, actually. Brad had been reassuring Andy that he was about to find and rescue young Leigh from whoever was holding him hostage… but it was easier said than done – and his mind was almost entirely focused on getting obese now – massively obese ! – as soon as possible…

Brad woke up so late on monday that he didn’t even care about the hour. Mike had given him the day off ? – Good. That guy really knew what he was talking about… So, his overfed boy got up slowly, and carefully walked to the bathroom. After being called “obese” by Andy, his only non-gaining friend, Brad had treated himself with huge meals of the most delicious food followed by long naps on the couch. He rubbed his eyes for a minute. There was enough daylight already, and in the mirror he looked quite changed – for the better : after two more days of gorging and sleeping, two days of pure gluttony and laziness, Brad could do some serious damage control. He didn’t rely on any number, but his face definitely looked rounder, with a thicker neck and fuller cheeks… His belly had grown the most, of course, curving out proudly above his underwear, then drooping a little forward, round and soft, empty as it was… Brad shook his bulge a little and watched the fat jiggling – thinking his belly would be bulging even further, and drooping lower and lower as he would get fatter – and fatter. His butt was growing almost as much as his gut. Brad looked up again. His whole body looked much more massive and impressive – his thighs and arms getting plump, and his deep pecs sagging a little bit. There were strong muscles under the buttery skin, and – the bell rang, all of a sudden.

“Hey Brad ! It’s me… Mike. You here ?”
“Mike ? Come in.”
“How are you doing, Brad boy ? Just got up ?”

Mike was looking at Brad approvingly, and gave him a gentle belly pat.

“What are you… Why…”
“Just came to check some things out with you…” Mike said, as he was taking off his coat. “Looks like you’re making some fine progress here !” He couldn’t take his hands off of Brad’s gut for long. “This is all good… Very encouraging. You’ve slept well ?”
“Huh… Yeah, just fine.”
“You have a scale, right ?”
“In the bathroom.”
“Care to show me ?”

Brad hadn’t even thought about weighing himself. Mike followed him in the bathroom, still caressing his gut in looks. He spotted the paper where Brad had recorded his latest stats.

“Nice, Brad. You’ve gained too little for too long… But it’s good to know that you were already up to 288lbs, when I left you. Good God, that’s way too slow for my taste ! Gaining alone just isn’t for you, Brad boy… Now, on the scale !”

Brad obbeyed at once and stepped on the scale. Mike read : 296lbs – Brad wasn’t sure it if was too little or too much, by now… But Mike was obviously happy with his boy’s growth.

“And you’re getting bigger too. Check this out : 46 inches !”
“Oh God…”
“You like that, don’t you ?” Mike whispered into Brad’s ear, his hands pressing into the bulges of fat, at his boy’s sides, leaving the tape measure on the floor – just then, Brad realised it wasn’t Mike who had told him in such a sensuous way that he was hot when bloated… – Who was that boy, then ?

“You want more, I’m sure. I can tell…”

Brad didn’t know what to say, but his stomach growled hungrily in response. Mike chuckled, facing Brad now : this was just what he wanted to hear…

"Yes ! You're getting fat, Brad…" he whispered under his breath. "You have put on more than sixty pounds since I first saw you. And I’ll make sure that you push three hundred hefty ones soon… Don’t worry, Big Boy, you’re going to love every new pound… And if you let me feed you fatter and fatter, I'll leave you barely able to waddle around…" he almost panted.

Mike was all over him, now. Brad couldn’t find his words.

“I’ve always had a hunch that you were only intimidated by us, and your new job. I knew it, you have super size potential. You’re my favourite boy, Brad…”

That was it. Brad was going for it – all the way !

“Yes… I want you to make me really fat, Mike." he said, blushing and smiling at the same time. "You’re right, I’m tired of gaining on my own. I want you to feed me. You and the boys…" and he was grasping his big belly firmly at the sides and shaking it up and down.
“Nice, Brad boy ! We will feed you more than a prized hog…”
"Oh yes, please… I'm getting fat and lazy now – thanks to you, Mike. I want you to help me get even lazier, and fatter…" Brad slapped his belly lightly and they watched the fat jiggle in a perfect way.

Mike couldn’t be any more turned on than he was now – on the other hand, Brad enjoyed that power he had over him. It wouldn’t be long and Mike would tell him anything he wanted – do everything he wanted… But Mike stepped back a little.

“Wow, Brad ! Honestly…” He hesitated. “If I wasn’t in a very serious relationship with…”
“What, Mike ?…”
“I will turn you into a huge porker, Brad…”
“Make me !”
“You will be our masterpiece, Brad. The fattest blimp this town has ever seen… And you should know, I’ve talked about you with Tony already.”
“What did he say ?”
“He wants to see you, next Saturday… if you’re ready, that is.”
“I am ready, Mike !”
“Come on !” Mike laughed. “You’re not ready yet… but you will be, I’m sure. I suggest we feed you tomorrow and Friday just as well as we did yesterday… It shouldn’t be too much. What do you say ?”
“No such thing as “too much” for me now, Mike, is it ?…”

Mike grinned to Brad, gave him a happy, manly hug. Then he took his coat. As he was leaving, he gave Brad a card – looking just like a business card – but with only phone numbers on it.

“Tony has been kind enough to allow you these already. You know this is an honour, Brad. It’s a first, actually… because it’s you. So, keep it for yourself, OK ? But don’t hesitate to use it. Don’t hesitate to overuse it, in fact…I want you to be in round shape for Saturday. Oh, and don’t worry about going to work until Saturday. I’ll tell the boys, we’ll just drop by for you. See you, Brad…”

Things were finally getting clearer. Brad looked at the numbers – this was a big step for him ! He was right about uncle Tony having his own agenda, and organisation… But it wasn’t all clear : the numbers were only referenced as “morning”, “noon”, “afternoon” and “evening”. Brad couldn’t make head or tail of such poor information. Mike had told him to use it ? – it was just 1 p.m. Brad called the “afternoon” number.

“Fillmore Inc. Special Afternoon Services ?”
“Hi… This is Brad Inge ?” Brad asked.
“We’re on our way, Brad.”

And that was all. Brad didn’t quite get it. Except five minutes later, the bell was ringing again. Brad had only put on a shirt, opened and loose. He opened the door – there were two young boys wearing the Fillmore uniform and dark spectacles. They both looked like 20, both cute in their own way – one with blond hair, blue eyes – the other one dark hair, brown eyes…

“Brad Inge, right ?”
“It’s me.”
“That was an easy question…”

They came in and opened the fridge. It had been supplied full the evening before.

“Looks like we have a lot to cover… You should take off the shirt.”
“Who are you, anyway ?”
“Fillmore Special Afternoon Services.”
“You’re like… feeders ?”
“Like “Feeders ’r us”, Brad. I’m Dickie, and my friend there in the kitchen is Tom. He’s a good cook, but you’ll find out by yourself soon enough. OK now, I understand it’s the first time you called. Just relax and let us fill that hot gut of yours – don’t worry, you’re in good hands.”

Brad was curious to see how these two boys – actual boys – were going to feed him. He remembered how hard it had been for him to eat and eat until the fridge was empty… It was already better to just sit back and let the blond one at his knees rub and caress his soft belly. The other boy was coming near him with the first box, and started to shove doughnut after doughnut in Brad’s opened mouth.

“Now… eat !”
“You should know, Brad…” Dickie said “Since we first saw you at the Club, Tom has only been talking about you. Feeding you, fattening you up…”
“Shut up, Dickie. Don’t listen to him, Brad. Open wider…”
“I’ve never seen him like this before, I tell you. Tom has a huge crush on you, Brad.”
“I thought that was you, Dick…”

Dickie’s voice got lower here, and just as caressing as his touch. Brad found it amusing to have these two hunky boys feeding him and bitching like that – but it was arousing as hell !

“And you know what Tom does to the guys he’s so attracted to ?… He adds butter and heavy cream to everything he feeds them. He’s known as “the Fattener” in town.”
“Right, like they don’t call you “Sucker”, Dick !…”
“Hey, you know what ? Grow that belly some more, Brad, and I’ll show you what I do to the fat boys I have a crush on… Eat, Brad !”
“Here’s more pie. Now, more… Drink…”

Brad had never been so turned on. Dickie never stopped rubbing his gut, stimulating the creamy flow of chocolate shake, pies and doughnuts into Brad’s stomach. But his hands were going different ways now. Dickie’s left hand was around his bellybutton – his right hand was getting lower and lower, going to Brad’s hot, hard erect cock… This made Brad lose track of everything else – he ate in faster and larger bites, much to Tom’s satisfaction.

“Good, Brad ! More doughnuts for you, now…”
“You like that, Brad boy ? Your belly’s swelling so well… Go on like this and Tom will put even more butter in your food – it will just slide down your throat, bloat your intestines like a wet sponge…”
“Will you stop about that ? It’s not true, Brad… I swear !”

Brad let out a comfortable, long belch. Then he gave the boy a look that you couldn’t resist.

“It’s OK, Tom. Butter me up…”

No matter how good they were at being tough and studly, the two blushed and looked at each other. They were so hot for Brad now ! Dickie was just caressing the round, filling curves of Brad’s sides and belly. Tom poured more shake down his throat…

“I… Huh… All right, I’ll put more in your next pies, Brad. As you like it…”
“Gotta say, Brad. You’re the most gorgeous corn muffin we’ve ever got to feed and service.”
“Now, that’s true !”
“You’ve grown from beefy to porky so fast, so well… so much !”
“Also true. Here’s some more ice cream, Brad. My special own recipe…”
“Right, Brad boy… You eat and drink just what we feed you, and we’ll grow that young gut of yours into a mountain of flesh and blubber…”
“Soon to be true. More, now… Eat more !”
“You’re my Everest, Brad…”

And all of a sudden, Dickie cut through the elastic waistband of Brad’s underwear, letting his full belly rest heavily in his lap. After a few good belly rubs to make Brad more comfortable, Dickie started to lick at the tip of Brad’s cock – sending him into a new circle of Heaven, drowning in sex and gluttony…

“Now, Tom ! Don’t stop. You stuff him like a goose !”

Dickie grabbed the fat expanse on Brad’s belly to expose his erect cock better, then began to suck and lick its length, pumping it at times, playing with Brad in expert, frustrating, arousing moves. At the other end, Tom was filling Brad’s mouth forcefully with the last doughnuts, more slices of fattening pies and now pancakes – different tastes of jam, maple syrup, chocolate syrup…

“Don’t move, Brad…” said Tom. “Let’s treat you like you deserve.”

Hours went by – more food was going down – Brad was so full he thought he was going crazy with so much pleasure… or was it frustration, again ? Dickie gave the best blow jobs, but he prolonged them so much, to keep Brad horny, fully erect and eating like a swine – he was in agony ! Brad wanted more – he wanted to fuck that boy ! – both of them… He wanted Tom to stuff him like a sausage !

Then Tom mumbled something to Dickie – and the boy sucked him a lot harder, all of a sudden. Deep throating him for good ! Brad came into his hot, wet mouth – breathing loudly, eyes shut, his heart beating all too fast… At the same time, Tom forced a whole pitcher of shake on him all at once. It was by far the hottest orgasm Brad had ever experienced ! He could only sit there exhausted, looking down at his over-inflated gut, and feeling like every bit of strength had been drained out of his body. Dickie looked also dizzy and fresh out… Tom was certainly tired too : There was absolutely no food left ! He leaned to Brad’s cheek and gave him a gentle, sensuous kiss.

“You’re so hot, Brad…”

It came back to Brad in a rush – it wasn’t Tom either, at the Club… Brad liked what he heard here, but he remembered a much more whispering, much hotter, horny voice. God ! Brad swore to himself he would find out which boy it was !…

“Now…” Dickie finally broke the silence. “You’re all good and stuffed, Brad. But if you’re game, Tom has one last surprise for you…”
“…Surprise ?”
“I’ve made my special gainer cheesecake. Just for you…”
“Wow, that’s… very nice ! Really, that’s” – then the boys revealed the cake and Brad realised he was in trouble again. It was a monument of cheese cream and butter crust. It had to be more than five inches high, and so large it looked more like a podium than a cake. “That’s… big.”
“Right, Brad ! A big cake for our favourite big guy.”

They were both smiling, both drooling over him. Four hands lightly caressing his full, plump, sweaty gut… How could he turn them down now ?

“I don’t know, really… Maybe for breakfast ?”
“No, you’re having your Big Breakfast at the Club tomorrow. And it won’t taste as good…”
“Please, Brad… Just a slice ? For me ?”

They were too sweet and teasing to resist – Brad thought they had to be the best in town !

“All right then, Just a few... slices…”
“Good !”
“Let’s FEED that delicious boy.”

Eventually, Tom and Dickie fed Brad the whole cheesecake, taking their time, caressing his gut and encouraging him all along. Then they helped him to get up, go in the bedroom and lie down naked on his king-sized bed, which creaked under Brad’s weight. It had been almost twelve hours and they left him rest – so stuffed, so tired and horny it made him smile – and Brad dreamt the sweetest dreams.

As promised, Brad was woken up by Josh and brought back into the Club for another day of gorging. The boys were delighted to see how much his gut had expanded and plumped up – they were eager to feed him even more. Besides, Brad was at his laziest ever. His only physical efforts were in his jaws – eating, munching, swallowing, gulping down, drinking – more than ever. In another booth next to his, Josh was being fed just like him, seven boys shovelling food into his mouth. And there was a third booth a little further away, in the darker part of the club. It seemed to Brad that there were more boys feeding this one – lucky bastard ! Brad kept his eyes opened, this time : if he heard that hot voice again, he would know… Somehow, he couldn’t decide over which boy it had been, before…

Mike also came in and woke up Brad, just the same as before. He was interested in Brad’s progress.

“Tom and Dickie have told me about you – or rather, they’ve told everyone about you. Like seventeen times ! And the word “mouthful” is recurrent in both accounts… They’re totally crazy about. I’ve never seen them like that… but not today, Brad. OK ?”
“I’m still so stuffed from yesterday, I’m not sure I could take it…”
“Sure you would. You’ve grown all large and blubbery…” Mike grabbed thick handfuls of Brad’s fat from his lovehandles. “I would just like to know if you’ve grown enough for Tony.”
“Huh, OK… Let’s see.”

Brad took off his bathrobe, and obediently stepped on the scale. Mike hardly took his eyes off of the fully grown and bulging belly Brad sported now, to read his boy’s weight : 312lbs – Brad wouldn’t even believe he could put on almost 20 pounds in little more than three days – he looked so huge and out of shape, in the mirror, in spite of his thick shoulders, arms and thighs… His pecs had grown soft and smooth, they were round fleshy pads topped by two large hard nipples, sagging a little over his large belly. There was some good, powerful muscle mass under the lard, except Brad couldn’t help thinking there was so much lard all over !…

“Hmmmm… Look at you, Big Boy,” Mike pondered, shaking Brad’s flabby love handles in his hand. “You’re not quite fat enough… But you’re getting close ! Your waist is an even 48 inches now. With tomorrow’s feeding, you will finally weigh your weight, and Tony will be satisfied with you. Hell ! He’ll be proud of you – proud of us all… You’ve grown so well, Brad…”
“Yeah… I would… I’d like to work out today, you know ? I’ll be just hungry and ready for tomorrow.”
“By all means, work out this body as you like. Want me to call your gym buddies ? They’ll be so glad to have you join them… But as you’re pumping iron with them, I’ll make sure they pump you with enough food to push you way over 320 by tomorrow morning !”

A few days went on – and on. Brad was being fed increasing amounts of fattening foods. Most of the time, his mouth was so full that his mind was completely empty. Brad was still sharp enough to gather some information on the inner organisation of their business, from time to time. He was also holding his beer and alcohol better – thanks to his increasing bodyfat. By the end of the week, only spent in partying, bingeing and gorging, it was time for Brad to get some well-deserved rest before he’d meet Tony Fillmore. Mike was always very encouraging, whispering to him like a mother would sing a lullaby to her baby, that he was doing really well – really, really well...

It was no small compliment, coming from Mike – but it was also totally earned by his “Big Boy”, who was finally weighed in at an amazing 340lbs ! He was actually 10 pounds over the “minimum weight” requested by Tony Fillmore to be admitted into his mansion ! It was just fine.

Mike had told Brad to rest for the day and wait for him to drop by with the right clothes for the evening at Tony’s place. All this was music to his ears : Brad was close – he could feel it ! – Leigh was most certainly kept in that place, somewhere. He was so excited about it. He had to calm down… He went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and started to eat.

Mike came in after a while, with a large suit for his big boy. He was ready to call him “Big Brad”, now. It was a long shot from “Baby Brad”… Still eating, Brad had come to the door with what was left of his last pie in his hand.

“Hey there, Brad boy ! Wow, you’re pretty confident about yourself…”
“How’s that ?”
“You’re invited for an evening at Tony’s, and I find you already eating ?”
“I was hungry…”
“That’s my boy ! Really, that’s what I like the most about you, Brad : you never pull the punches. You work hard, you drink straight from the bottle of Jack’s, you work out those muscles like a professional bodybuilder – and you eat… My ! you eat like the porkiest pig I’ve ever seen…”

He gave his pig a more than insistent belly pat, then looked at the suit he had brought.

“I hope it will still fit you. You know what ? you can outgrow these pants a little right now. We know you won’t fit into them after tonight anyway !” And he laughed big, taking one last slice of pie. “Here, let me help you finish this – open up…”

(to be continued...)
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