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Pie, Spy - Part III
written by FrenchFeeder


The pants and suit were large, fitting just fine for Brad. It was looking better than any tuxedo he could afford to… rent ? Now, Brad thought this was the sunnier side of life ! He was ready to go. Mike had called for a limousine, so they could both sit and relax on the road. It was only six o’clock, and they were on their way to Tony’s private – and probably secret – party.

“Remember, Brad… Tony’s your boss, even if you’ve only seen so little of him.”
“…I know.”
“Just checking if you really understand, Brad. During work hours, Tony’s your boss, just like he’s mine. But we’re off-hours, now. And we’re going at his place. He’s a lot more than your “boss” there !”
“So he’s my… what – master ?”
“If you want to call him that… You probably will, anyway. Call him “Sir”, at the very least. Don’t forget that he’s the guy who’s made all this possible, Brad : your presence among us, your growing belly, the boys who feed you the most fattening foods money can by and the boys who service you while you get stuffed like a water balloon… You don’t know Tony, but you owe him. Big. Everything he wants you to do, you better do it at once !”
“Err, okay…”

Brad suddenly realised he had never met Tony. How was he was supposed to recognise him ?

“Do you think Tony will… ask for me ?”
“Most probably, after dinner.”

Good. Brad was in hot water again – or rather swimming among sharks. But they had already arrived. It was out of town, Brad didn’t know the place. It looked like a large estate – research here would take hours, probably days… Mike introduced him to the Security Guards. Armed guard for just a “private reunion” ? None of this sounded like good news…

The only thing that comforted him, as they were walking through the Great Hall, was the smell of food – hot pies ? meat in sauces ? French fries ? – it was so strong, the kitchen must have been near… or there was an enormous amount of it waiting somewhere. Brad was pretty sure the latest explanation was the good one. His stomach groaned and rumbled.

“Patience, Brad boy. You’ll be fed soon enough. First, I’m going to ask if Tony can see you now.”
“Oh ? Good… Please do.”
“Wait for me here, okay ?”

Brad was torn between his need to stay in the Hall and wait for Mike, as he was helping him with this whole situation, and his desire to look for Leigh in the Estate. But it was pointless just now : A boy worth 10 million dollars wouldn’t be “hidden” so close to the entrance – guarded as it was… Mike came back with good news : Tony was ready to see him in his office.

“Come in, Brad boy…” a soft yet commanding voice called from behind the door, as Brad was waiting.

There he was : Uncle Tony. Somehow, Brad had imagined him to look like a big ball of fat flesh, with arms and legs, and a head… Now it sounded just stupid. Tony was nothing like Mr. Potato anyway. He wasn’t short but he was shorter than Brad – average height, overweight but not by much – probably 5’9” and a good 220lbs… His looks had to be in the family : just like his uncle and nephew on that pic, he had brown hair, hazel eyes, his face neat and clean-shaven. He told Brad to sit down.

“I was impatient to see you, Brad…”
“Me too, Sir.”
“Now, now… I know it’s supposed to be the second time we meet, but I like to think it was worth the wait. How much do you weigh, Brad boy ?”
“Three-hundred and fourty pounds, Sir.”
“Okay… That’s not much – but still good. You know, sometimes I think I’m the saddest man on Earth : I can’t eat so much as I would like to – I can’t put on weight like you do. One drink too much and my liver hurts like Hell. One burger too many and my heart will thump like Indians on the path of war… Now, if that’s not the definition of sadness, what is ?!”
“I’m… sorry for you, Sir ?”
“Breaks your heart, huh Brad ? Then again, probably not : You must have the heart of an ox ! You’re young, you look strong. You can stuff your stomach way over the top, and somehow it’s begging for more. Mother Nature’s been generous to you. Total harmony between mind and body – perfection. And the red-hot cherry topping the icing of the cake, you’re good-looking. I should be so jealous of you…”
“But I’m not. I envy you, that’s true. But I like to think I have some lucky stars, too. For instance, there’s my next-to-top position at Fillmore Inc. There’s the money, of course. And this house… And other houses… and the power to make you and my boys bigger than fucking houses ! I’ve been following your progress – you’re an interesting boy, Brad. Get up !”
“Thank you, Sir” Brad answered, standing up.
“Get undressed.”
“Yes Sir…”

Brad took off all his clothes as fast as he could – which wasn’t so easy, with so many buttons… He didn’t mind, since his suit was making him a little uncomfortable, especially around the waist. Then he stood up naked in the middle of the room, waiting for Tony Fillmore to stop walking around him and tell him what to do. His master was slowly examining him, under every angle.

“That’s a nice belly, Brad.”
“Thank you, Sir…”
“Like to show it off ?”
“Err… Yes, Sir. I’m proud of it.”
“It’s too small ! You’re not fat enough for my taste.”
“I’ll do my best to reach the goal you assign me, Sir.”
“I’m sure you will. You look like a nice boy. Strong body, really… You work out, right ?”
“Yes, Sir. With two of your boys, Keith and Danny.”
“I don’t remember them… They must be too skinny and underweight. Just like you were when you first joined my boys ! Now that was a real pain in the ass.”

I love to fatten up boys like you, Brad. Scratch that : I LIVE to fatten up boys like you… You will look so hot with a round, plump belly. This is just what I want to see on you… And Mike tells me you’re getting greedy just the way I like ?”
“I hope so, Sir.”
“We’ll see… Come over here.”

Tony made a gesture and Brad followed him to a corner of the room, where a a large buffet trailer waited for him next to a thick, wood bench with another wood

“What do you do except eating and working out ?”
“Nothing, Sir. I just… sleep.”
“Only pumping your pecs and biceps, hard and strong – pumping your gut huge and blubbery… Very good, my boy ! Really, you’re my kind of boy : lazy and overfed. You’re a pig, Brad !”
“I am a pig, Sir.”
“Obedient too… Excellent ! I can make you obese and obedient. You’re staying so still – sit down.”

Brad sat down, spreading his legs to let his belly droop heavily in his lap. Tony liked him better this way. He looked rounder of course, thick rolls of belly fat and chunky love handles…

“Boy like you shouldn’t move too much. In fact, you shouldn’t move at all… I would like to fatten you up to almost permanent immobile state. Make you my very own, fat blimp…”
“I don’t know… Probably not. You didn’t come here to get so fat and huge, anyway. Get up, Brad.”

So Brad got up again, startled by Tony’s last words. Standing in front of him, Uncle Tony rubbed the soft mass of Brad’s belly, making small circles around his bellybutton.

“Hard to believe now that the old crow hired you as “Muscle” to do some research for him…”
“You… Huh… Yes, Sir.”
“See how lucky I am ? He didn’t ask me about it – didn’t tell me a thing, actually. He’s hired you, I don’t know… out of nowhere ? – and BANG ! turns out you’re the best gainer boy I could wish for. It’s like Santa’s been early on his way to me, this year…”
“But… Sir ? What about Leigh ?”
“Well, what about him ?”
“I was… I was hired to find him…”
“You can forget about Leigh ! He’s fine where he is now…”
“But… Sir ?”
“What ? You still working undercover here ?”

Tony was raising his voice – Not a good thing. Brad felt like he had seen right through him : there was definitely more than just feeding boys, around here… He thought it would be better to play with Tony again – and more !

“More like “under layer”, Sir…”
“Yeah ! Right there, Brad boy… Growing and softening layers of flab. You’re such a lucky boy ! In fact, I will let you make your choice : you can go back to whatever miserable, lean, hungry life you had before… or I can keep you under my protection, forget about the way you joined us, and feed you fatter than you even dared to become. There will be more food than ever, more sexy boys completely devoted to your needs. I guess you want more, Brad…”
“I want more, Sir.”
“That’s what I like to call the power of Mind over Body : my mind, your body. You will be the gem of my collection of fattened-up boys, Brad ! Follow me…”

And Brad followed Tony, still naked, from his office to hallways, and into a large, lavish room where some of the boys were waiting for him – next to hardwood tables almost bending under the weight of all the food that was resting on them…

“This is all for you, Brad. I want to see how you handle this. These boys will feed you until I say they can stop. I know you will be a good boy and eat like a pig – okay ?”
“Right, Sir.”
“Josh will be in charge of blowing you tonight. He kind of insisted about it… After having finally passed 330lbs himself, he told me that was due to your encouragement and support. See how everything bad has a price ? Everything good deserves a reward, I say. Now, sit down and relax.”

Brad did just so, as he was getting used to it. But the boys strapped his wrists and ankles with leather bands and attached them to the arms and legs of his large chair. Brad also heard a sound that was new – then he realised he was getting taped by several cameras…

“Don’t worry, Brad” said Tony. “It will be for my private collection only. Now, start feeding him !”

How many boys were they around Brad ? Josh was ready to rub Brad’s gut as it was going to grow more than ever before, and suck him as his cock was already getting hard. Mike had a large bowl full of macaroni and cheese – and he would coach the others at the same time. Another boy had a bowl of mashed potatoes, heavy cream and beef. A third boy was responsible for the meat pies and sweets when it would be time for dessert. A fourth boy would go with vegetable and cheese pies, then cheesecakes. A fifth boy was carrying the largest bowl, full of greasy French fries. He would dip them in mayonnaise. Next to him was a sixth boy with a slightly smaller bowl full of onion rings, next to a pot of barbecue sauce. There was a seventh boy with a bucket of fried chicken wings in Texas sauce. An eight boy had something like fifty scrambled eggs and four pounds of fried bacon, which would be followed by some extra-fattening ice-cream. Another boy would take care of massive cheeseburgers – Brad knew he would have to open wider for those than for any other food – and he would feed him doughnuts afterward. One more boy had a half-a-gallon pitcher full of chocolate gainer-shake, and the last boy would pour beer into Brad’s throat with a hose, straight from the keg… Twelve boys, just to stuff him ? This was the challenge of a lifetime ! Brad closed his eyes and opened his mouth, ready for whatever they would do to him…

After a few hours of feeding, Brad began to loose conscience of anything that wasn’t food or sex. More and more fattening mouthfuls, handfuls, spoons full, fried chicken or burger pieces were going down his oesophagus and bloated him – pushing everything further – he was getting so full, it was hard for him to follow the feeding rhythm. Josh was sucking on his rock-hard cock so well, Brad could focus on the pleasures this round, chubby boy was giving to him so generously, instead of the pain he was feeling in his gut. But it wouldn’t let itself be ignored for long…

Thank God ! Mike was there, and he would tell the boys to hold on. They didn’t want Brad to suffer, of course. Brad felt reassured, breathed slowly and calmed down, belched loud and long several times, watching his enormous belly swell and round up under the caresses of Mike, Josh and the others. Brad’s overstuffed intestines would groan with pain. Brad would sigh, wondering : these were only pauses. There was so much food left in the room for him – and probably more in the kitchen – until Tony would tell them to stop…

Anyway, Brad was no weakling. He had taken up the challenge, for whatever it was worth… After an hour or so, he agreed he was ready for more. He opened his mouth and ate with renewed confidence. That was it – this would be his life, now ! Brad was not going back. He would never go back. It would be foolish to resist now : Brad couldn’t go back to the way he was. No matter how hard he tried, he would never get in shape – unless that shape was a sphere…

Brad’s determination was obvious. It was encouraging the boys a little. They didn’t say anything, but they all cared for Brad. He was more than a “super-size big eater” to them. He was even more than “hot guy” or anything. They all knew him to be a nice, decent guy – and they didn’t want him to go too far now. As much as they had enjoyed watching Brad eat and be fed before, they had never seen him like this. But even Brad had his limit, all mighty porker that he was…

It was getting so late. Tony had come back to see Brad, and he was very pleased with him. He told them to let Brad rest for a few hours and go stuff themselves on the leftovers. Brad was already tired so he only heard the boys eat for a while… then it was all quiet and still…

“You’re hotter than ever…”

Was he dreaming ? Brad opened his eyes. He would have sworn it was him. He had recognised that voice… It was him – like on his first day of feeding, at the Club. Brad called…

“Wh… Where are you ?”
“Right here, big guy…”

Yes, it was him. Brad wanted to see him, and he was afraid at the same time…

“Am I dreaming ?”
“Looks more like my dream, Brad…”

Brad finally looked at him. That boy was so cute ! and he was almost naked, too – his skin so smooth, well tanned and buttery. Not that he would have fit in any other clothes than XXL, anyway… He sported a round, large belly, with chubby love handles and a deep, low bellybutton. He had to be around 280lbs at least… The boy had so beautiful brown hair. His cheeks were so nicely plump, and his whole body looked all soft and curvy so well, it made Brad stand erect again… And his voice was just as soft – so charming, so tempting. There was magic in the air… It was so dark and quiet, further away – what time was it ?

“Boy, you’re… gorgeous !”
“Now Brad, you’re the expert about gorging, here… Hot belly stud.”
“I’ve been looking for you…”
“I know… You know what ? I’ve been looking for you too.”
“Would you… please, help me with those leather straps ?”
“I don’t think Uncle Tony would like that. He doesn’t want you to move…” The beautiful boy leaned closer to Brad’s face, caressing his fat gut, arms, shoulders, then holding him in a light embrace, and whispering, “You’re in the lazy boy chair, Brad. The fat, lazy boy chair… You just relax, and sleep – let freedom ring for your gut : right now, you’re turning all the pies and burgers, and all the foods you ate so ravenously into soft, luscious fat…”
“You want me to get fatter, boy ?”
“You’re turning me on so much, Brad… Please, go on like this – get fatter, get bigger and you can call me your very own slave…”
“I’ll do it. For you… Uncle Tony won’t believe it ! But… when will I see you again ?”
“Tomorrow night, I think… I will have a day of heavy eating, myself. Nothing compared to what Tony has prepared for you, but some day maybe…”
“I will help fatten you up myself… You’re so young. How old are you ?”
“I’m… 21. I have to go now… Go back to sleep…”
“Wait… What… what’s your name ?”
“Sleep… You must be ready for your big fat breakfast, Brad.”
“Why don’t you, you know… stay here ?”
“Come on, big guy… If you need anything, just belch.”

It was so frustrating ! – Brad had finally got to see the boy of his dreams, and he was looking even better than he hoped, and… that was it ? Okay, a promise is a promise. Brad relaxed in his chair, pinned down by all the weight in his belly. Sleep came back, along with more wet dreams. Then Brad was woken up by the boys… He felt dizzy – was this scene with the boy part of a dream ? Was this whole thing just a dream ?

Reality rushed in soon enough. Uncle Tony was beaming, looking and poking at the soft expanse of Brad’s belly. He told the boys to help him stand up. Brad was set free, and he slowly waddled out of his chair, his figure swaying and rippling with every step or movement he made. All the boys around were encouraging and congratulating him about his overnight growth.

“On the scale, Brad boy !”

They had brought in a very large scale – as it had to be large for Brad to step on it. He stood up and slowly placed himself on the large platter, staying still as the metal squeaked and creaked under his hefty frame. Mike was there to read : 364lbs ! The boys were ready to applaud – Brad couldn’t care less : He HAD to get fatter, if he wanted to see his dream boy again.

“Very good, Brad ! I think you just established a new record here. What do you say ?”
“I’m hungry, Sir.”
“Perfect. Come here, my boy… Prepare the table !”

Brad slowly walked to a large, inclined table, where he was told to lie down. He was strapped again, arms and legs spread to let his belly peak and expand the most… At one end of the table, where Brad was resting his head on a cushion, the boys would gather just the same as before, with morning foods that involved greasy pancakes filled with syrup, butter, jam or chocolate, doughnuts and buns, creamy cheesecakes, omelettes filled with ham and cheese, muffins, apricot tarts, strawberry tarts, orange sponge cakes, chocolate éclairs, lemon meringue tarts and pear meringue tarts with marmalade, plum puddings, coconut cakes, chocolate cream cakes, blueberry and cream pies, hazelnut and chocolate chip cakes, cinnamon rolls, peaches and raspberry Jell-O cakes with ladyfingers, strawberry jam and whipped cream cakes, banana splits with vanilla ice cream, and all the different kinds of pies they produced at the Factory…

“Right, boys… Begin feeding !”

The rest of the day went by in a blur for Brad… He was strapped tight on that table, and getting tighter by the hour. Cameras were rolling – he could see one of them pointing at him from the ceiling. His feeders would take care of him by massaging his huge belly and make room for more food, but the stuffing process was still going on and on. Brad was eating almost non-stop, so stuffed most of the time that he opened his eyes for a while – only to find himself so much bigger and rounder he would smash that table if they didn’t stop feeding him soon… Brad could see his fat bulge growing, his belly swelling up in front of him with every swallow. His arms were heavier and his legs thicker. His whole body was getting chubbier. They were going to make him burst, and he couldn't stop it. The only sound to be heard in the room was of him munching sweets and cakes, gulping down whole milk shakes and soft drinks. Brad had totally lost track again of how much he could eat, or how fat he had already become. He just let go, and stuffed himself with everything that was shoved into his mouth, until he was too tired to eat anymore. Mike would ask the boys to pause again.

Uncle Tony came back to see how things were going, and it looked good to him… He asked the boys to stop and help Brad get up, then Mike helped Brad walk upstairs as they were going to meet Tony privately in his office again. Brad stood still, but his massive gut, swaying from side to side, made him feel somewhat unstable…

“Hey ! Here’s our big Hero ! Yeah, Big Hero it is… How do you feel, Brad ?”
“Stuffed… Full… Fat… Sir.”
“Sure thing, Brad. Very good… On the scale, fat boy !”

The scale was in the next room – a luxurious bedroom with mirrors everywhere, along with some special accommodations. The scale was the largest kind Brad had ever seen, too. As he looked in the mirror, he could hardly believe his eyes. He was enormous ! And the scales tipped at almost 390lbs. Tony and Mike were delighted.

“You’re just as full as a man could possibly be, but you’ve grown a lot too… Yes, a lot.”
“I think, Brad will weigh around 380 pounds with pure butter fat in his belly tomorrow morning, Sir.”
“Sure. Congratulations, Brad…”
“Now, I think you will enjoy this as much as you’ve enjoyed being fed all day… Go lie down on the bed, Brad boy !”
“Yes, Sir…”

Brad lied down, and the frame protested as his mountain of ass and belly settled upon the mattress. Mike opened the door to five young, naked boys from Special Delivery service. Tom and Dickie were among them, looking at Brad in wonder and adoration. There was a middle-aged well-dressed man behind them, in the hallway – but he stayed behind. Uncle Tony explained.

“I want you to relax and let yourself go, Brad. Let these pretty – or rather, pretty thin… – boys pleasure you and ease the tension in that gut. You can stay here for the night, if you want… Boys ?”

Dick, Tom and the others joined Brad on the bed, massaging his belly, his shoulders, his man tits, his arms and thighs, his love handles – then they began to cuddle with him, getting themselves aroused and ready – then Brad had sex with every single one of them…

Daylight woke up Brad. The boys were still sleeping at his sides, at his feet… Brad got up, made a few steps – it was easier than he feared. He placed his hands on his belly and shook the lard a little… Mike was so right : He had grown like a hog ! Brad made a few steps, went in the bathroom for a while then got on the scale and read : 385lbs – that was more than Mike thought : Brad was really storing all the food he had been fed as fat mass in his belly, and it didn’t stop growing…

Brad got out of the room. The hallways were quiet and empty. It was probably too early for the others, anyway… Good ! Brad wandered around, without knowing exactly where to go, until he heard Tony’s voice in the distance. He was giving orders on the phone – possibly about Leigh…

“What are you doing here ?”

The voice made Brad jump out of surprise – or just shake his flab more than when he walked. It was the well-dressed man from the night before. Brad had done nothing wrong – but he kept his voice low.

“Oh… Hi. Sorry.”
“Why would you be sorry ?”
“I don’t know who you are, Sir.”
“It’s Fred, not Sir. I’m Tony’s younger brother.”
“Oh ? So… You’re Uncle Fred ?”
“Is that what they call me around here ?” Fred laughed. “I’m not a regular to Tony’s parties. Just came with your boys for the night… I’m the supply manager at Fillmore Inc. We don’t exactly say it in the yellow pages, but that covers food supply and this form of consensual prostitution too…”
“Really… Pleased to meet you…”
“I guess you are. Tony’s told me how greedy you are – and even if he hadn’t…”

Brad was only aware then that he was completely naked.

“You liked my boys ?”
“Oh… yeah !”
“Good ! You know, they’re expensive and all, but I think they’re worth their pay checks by the end of the month. And you look like a guy who really likes boys. I mean… not only sleep with them, but help them when they’re in trouble ?”
“What are you talking about ?’
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but… you’re Brad, aren’t you ? Brad Inge ?”
“You know… You know about me ?”
“Honestly, I had trouble figuring you out. What Tony and the boys were telling me about you… it didn’t quite match with what old Fillmore had told : you’re here for my nephew, right ?” He only whispered those last words. “You’re here to save Leigh ?”
“What do you know about him ? Is he…”
“Shush… Follow me.”

Uncle Fred was walking in a hurry, through the grand stairs and right to the parking lot. He waited for Brad, then threw him an extra-large shirt and pair of shorts he had on the back seats of his jaguar.

“Hop on, Brad.”

They left the Estate at normal speed. Uncle Fred didn’t want to look suspicious to the guards, maybe. There were no guards around now, anyway. It was earlier than Brad thought : Sun was barely up, and the garden’s lawns were only being automatically watered…

“I don’t know for sure, but there may be mikes in the mansion.”
“Why ?”
“No reason, really. But you’ve seen all the cameras around here… Do you think Tony would like his private collection to be all silent movies ?”
“You’re right…”
“If we come back late and they ask you, I was only with you for the supplies. Clothes and accessories, you know ?”
“Accessories ? What is this all about ?”

Fred considered they were out of reach. He stopped the car and explained to Brad.

“Okay… I would have probably contacted you earlier if the old guy had told me about it. I had nothing to do with Leigh at the Factory, and I have my hands full with all the stuff I have to provide. So… I didn’t even realise Leigh had vanished, you know ?”
“But you had doubts, don’t you ?”
“Not even close… but I had noticed some recent irregularities in Tony’s demands, and projects… I’m not talking about irregularities in accountings or check books – no : real, irregular… things here. Then the boss goes to see his bankers and… Insurance companies ? What the hell was that, I thought. So, in a way, I started to investigate just like you. Following a different path, maybe…”
“And this is where we cross paths ?”
“Exactly. Two days ago, I get a phone call from the boss. Then he tells me Leigh has gone missing, and there’s a Private Eye in the place, and this and that… All of a sudden, everything was clear, you know ? mix and match ?”
“Do you have any idea where Leigh can be hidden ?”
“Best guess ? Somewhere inside Tony’s Estate. This place is only his. I was just a guest for last night – and again, that was a deal with the service I provided…”
“So we agree…”
“And good thing is : you have an open invitation there. You will be there pretty often.”
“Yes, but it’s not like he’s going to show me around the place…”
“Sure thing… I think our best shot is to confront him.”
“Confront ?”
“Yes ! You have no proof against Tony. And, not too rush you into anything, but time is running short !”
“What do you suggest ?”
“You get closer to Tony… Play along the way he likes it. I don’t know… but you will find something, I’m sure. Then I will hide a secret cam and mike on you – special device I also deal with. And when you meet Tony, you go provocative and expose him. You have a gun ?”
“Only at my place…”
“Okay. If you want, I will have just the right thing for you.”
“So… how long do you think it will take ?”
“For what ?”
“Me, gaining his trust…”
“Come on, Brad buddy. You gain more weight, you’ll gain his trust !”
“How about that special device, then ?”
“Oh ? well, end of the week ?…”
“I want it ASAP. Drive me back there.”
“So… We have a deal ?”
“Here’s my number. It’s my direct line. Call me if you need anything.”
“And hide that card in your pocket. Here we go.”

Brad was feeling better than ever : now he had “a man inside”, too. Uncle Fred would be a mighty ally, when the time would come ! The rest of the day went just smooth : Brad found the boys still asleep, cuddled with them some more in the hottest, lazy way. Tony invited him at his lunch table – where he only had salad, some clear soup and lean chicken meat… while Brad was to feast on pork and beef all in fattening sauces, along with pasta and French fries in gigantic portions. Tony wanted to see him as he ate, and there were always two boys at least next to Brad, with specific instructions to feed him like a pig. Eventually, Brad wouldn’t leave the table until Tony decided his boy was 100% full.

It was so late when they drove Brad home. The place looked smaller to Brad – after a week-end in such a large estate, where he had been… enlarged, himself. The clothes Uncle Fred had given to him were fitting, but Brad felt like they were in the way somehow. He undressed and rubbed his huge ball of a paunch, when the phone rang. It was Andy – Brad had almost forgot about it !

“Hey Brad ! What’s new ?”
“Oh man, I’m stuffed…”
“That’s pretty new, actually. Welcomed change from your oh-so-tired hellos…”
“I know… I can’t believe how much has changed since I took on this mission.”
“What’s changed ?”
“I’ve changed – I’ve grown so fat, you wouldn’t recognise me !”
“That gainer thing really got up to you ?”
“Let’s just say that if old Fillmore really pays me all expenses, the way I expand and all, I’m going to be a millionaire ! Seriously, Andy… I think it’s only a matter of a few days now.”
“A few days ? You’re pretty confident. We’ve been in the dark for months…”
“Well, it was about time the sun rose ! After last… party at Tony’s, I’ve talked with Fred Fillmore, his younger brother.”
“Fred Fillmore ? He’s your Mr. Sunshine ?”
“He’s been on the case only recently, on his own. But he says he had doubts for a while. He’s been gathering evidence against Tony. Only a matter of time, I tell you.”
“Okay, Brad. That’s great… Call me when you go into action mode ?”
“Sure Andy. Soon.”

The week went by, finding Brad adjusting to his new “lifestyle”. The days were pretty much the same, starting with Brad’s Big Breakfast : mounds of pancakes drenched with butter and syrup, scrambled eggs with piles of bacon and sausages, pies and ice cream, doughnuts and whole milk. Brad would rest for an hour or two, waiting for his gym buddies. They spent the next hours on the machines, or lifting free weighs. Brad’s strength was up : His massive thighs and round gut made it easier for him to lift more than his weight. For all the other guys there, Brad was bulking up like crazy, but it worked – so maybe that wasn’t so crazy after all ? Brad ate his first lunch at the gym, mostly pizza or fast food delivered right there – then they took Brad to Tony’s mansion where he would be strapped in the “lazy chair”, or lied down on the feeding table, and he was stuffed to his fullest by dinner time. The other guys gorged themselves in the dining room – the whole bunch of Tony’s boys was all into growing paunches, man tits and double chins, after Brad had provided such a gaining show… In the meantime, Brad would be serviced by Fred’s own boys. Then it was time for his dinner feeding, which lasted long into the night and would be followed by more sex… Brad was back to his place by three or four in the morning – finding one of his sexy boys snuggling at his side sometimes, when he woke up.

As much as he enjoyed this – every single moment – Brad knew deep down that it couldn’t last much longer. Even if Fred and he did nothing, old Fillmore would get back with the money and everything would be over, in terms of Private Investigation. It was better if Brad ended this himself. But no matter how hard he tried to find Leigh’s location in the mansion, there was nothing up really, right now… Nothing but his weight. When Brad stepped on the scale, on Friday morning, Mike was proud that their “favourite boy” had broken the 400 mark. No kidding : Brad weighed in at 424lbs !

Feeding sessions were getting easier for Brad. Uncle Tony had been ruthless on Brad’s first invitation at his place. Now it looked like he had projects for his boy on the long term – which had to be handled in ways more gentle to Brad. It wasn’t all about weight and measurements now : As time passed, and the pattern of gorging, feeding, heavy lifting and resting went on, Brad’s metabolism slowed down to a more adapted level, and his body found a new equilibrium more fitting to his constant growing and softening. Struggling to gain just 10 to 20 pounds and break the 400 plateau, Brad’s belly finally shaped up for good, and his skin got thicker and buttery, his arms and thighs got so plump and meaty as you would expect from a prized hog. His silhouette was smoother and more balanced between his round full gut and the rest of his body. In the mirror, Brad couldn’t help it but feel proud.

It was already some achievement in Brad’s life – not the kind of result he had expected to get, coming to this place, but somehow he totally enjoyed it anyway. Friday had been spent in congratulations from the boys, more food from Tony, more support from Mike, more attentions from Dickie, Tom and a few others… Brad was dizzy, when he came back home – like it had been a 24-hours birthday party for him. He found a note on the table when he entered the living room. It was a note from Mr. Fillmore senior. Brad couldn’t believe it, this was all new information – and so unexpected : They were going to kill Leigh ! Brad jumped on the phone and called Fred. Time for action !

“Hello ?”
“Mister Fred Fillmore ? It’s me, Brad.”
“Brad ? Thank God ! I’ve tried to call you like a zillion time today ! You know ?”
“You know it too ?”
“Got a message from the boss. I think they’ve found out about you, or maybe just about a Private Eye being after them for months…”
“I should have seen this coming. It couldn’t be just for money !”
“Maybe it is, but a lot more than 10 million dollars…”
“Do you have those special devices for me ?”
“Just got them yesterday. It’s our luck… I’m coming right to you.”

Brad waited for the car. He was so nervous… What was this all about ? He couldn’t think straight. This was too much ! But Uncle Fred was right : with Leigh out of the way, Tony would take the reins of the Company for good, and have his way, all the way, with even more means that he had now. Brad wondered about how much he would be stuffed and fattened then, but he thought fast and called Andy. He wasn’t there – machine would get the message.

“Andy ? As soon as you get this message, hurry, take the next flight and come here ! Uncle Tony has given orders to his mugs : they’re going to kill the kid, probably tomorrow. I hope they haven’t done it already. I’m going to confront him, as Fred Fillmore has the equipment for it. I’m joining him now…”

The car was here – black limousine again. Brad thought it had to be the family’s taste… Uncle Fred was waiting for him inside, holding a glass in his hand. He looked just as nervous as Brad.

“Limousine again ?”
“Tony won’t expect less than a limo. It’s a… thing he has about size, you know ? Well, of course you know… Whisky ?”
“Sure. You look worried…”
“Hey, it’s Show time !… Showdown… Something about a show…”
“It’s about time… Think Leigh is already dead ?”
“No. Not… not yet…”
“When do you think they will be kill him, then ?”
“Tomorrow is a special day for Tony. He has organised this huge pie-eating contest for the week-end. So that would leave him too busy for this week…”

It made sense : Brad had seen very little of Uncle Tony, recently. And he thought that the crowd and noise during the contest would make the execution job a lot easier too.

“Besides, they can get rid of the body easier, with the animation of this week-end. I wouldn’t be surprised if Leigh’s body was…mixed somehow in the garbage. It’s something we also take care of, on such special events…”
“Right… Time for action, really.”
“Here’s to action… Cheers !”
“You have the mikes and cam ?”
“Here. You see, it fits in a collar button. Like this…”
“Nice !”
“My colleagues call me Q, at the Head Office. Or Inspector Gadget. Stupid guys… But It’s true, I have all sorts of extravagant supplies – now, that’s my job : supply manager, hello ? I like nothing better than a watch that’s also a camera, or a pen that can turn into a knife. Everything I have is state-of-the-art when it comes to accessories.”
“So you collect those things ?”
“Not really. Just a few choice pieces. Like that miniature web cam that’s now on your shirt… Or these sleeve buttons, see ?”

Fred lifted his sleeve and showed him the silver button – then Brad felt like he had been shot in the neck ! A second tiny arrow was shot, and Brad almost fainted…

“Ooops, what did I just do ? Now, poison arrows, don’t you think that’s the best ? I love these things !”
“P… poison ?”
“Don’t worry… Not actual poison. Just a strong sedative. Shouldn’t take long, now…”
“What… what are you doing to me ?”
“I couldn’t help you more. Right now, you’ve never been closer to your goal. In just a few minutes, you will finally meet the boy you’ve been looking for tirelessly for months… And in a few hours, you will also meet his fate.”

Brad was paralysed. He fell heavily on his side.

“Time for action, big boy… This should be fun !”

(to be continued...)
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