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Pie, Spy - Part IV
written by FrenchFeeder


Brad woke up in a dark room. He was naked again. It was an empty room, somewhere… He had no idea where Fred’s henchmen had locked him in. Distant noise and effluvia would indicate a Factory. Was he trapped in the basements of Fillmore Inc. Factory ?…

The room wasn’t really all that dark, but Brad was still dizzy from the sedative. He wasn’t alone in there… Brad leaned in and tried to wake up the naked, chubby boy who was also sleeping in a corner of the room. Oh god ! it was him – him : the boy from his first day at the Club, the boy from his dream at Tony’s place, it was just the hottest boy he could hope for… and, was Brad diving deeper into his dream, or was that boy even bigger, fatter and softer than before ? Brad couldn’t believe his eyes. He approached his hand then carefully touched him. Definitely not a dream. Who thought this would be too good to be true ? it was just Heaven on Earth… Brad caressed the boy’s round belly and butt, patted the fat bulge around his bellybutton, pressed his chunky love handles and played with his soft tits and nipples until the boy moaned and eventually woke up.

“Oh, please… go on… more… Brad ?”
“What are you doing here ?”
“Let me take care of you…”
““What am I doing here ? Where are we ?”

The boy was up now. Brad couldn’t want him more : he was all cheeks, and round, huge drooping belly on his pear-shaped body… But his boy was just as surprised to be here as he was.

“Where are we, Brad ? Is this a… favour Uncle Tony’s doing to you ?”
“No… No. For all I know… I think we’re at the Factory.”
“It smells like it, pies and sugar… But I don’t know this place.”
“You know the… Who are you ?”
“I’m Leigh Fillmore, Tony’s nephew.”

OK, Brad was up. THIS BOY was Old Fillmore’s grandson ? The boy he had been looking for ? He had been walking in front of him THE ENTIRE TIME ! Brad could have slapped himself for being so careless… But this boy was so different than the one he had seen on Old Fillmore’s pic. Facing him, Brad took Leigh’s head in his hands and looked closely at him : those were the same mahogany eyes, same eyebrows, same everything – It was him… but he must have put on a hundred and fifty pounds, easy !

“What’s wrong with you, Brad ?”
“You’ve got so… plump !”
“Well… thanks. You too…”
“I understand : They didn’t have to hide you, they only had to keep you under their watch, and turn you into a fat boy… They would always be around you, force feeding you… They have fattened you up so I wouldn’t recognise you !”
“Recognise me ?… Brad, the first time I saw you was at the Club.”
“I had seen you before.”
“Really ?”
“I’ve been hired by your grandfather, to find you… I’m an investigator.”

Surprisingly enough, Leigh didn’t like that. He stepped back in anger.

“My grandfather ? It was the old crow who hired you ?… Oh, I guess he wanted me back in the office, where he would starve me to death again !”
“So… wait a second. You got fat on purpose ?”
“What purpose ? I’ve always wanted to get fat. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to see Tony’s boys grow plump and happy on the company’s food, and I wasn’t allowed to overeat even on Christmas’ Eve ? My grandfather had put me on a permanent diet. So I ran away ! This was not my first time !”
“Then, Tony’s boys took you among them ?”
“Yeah ! And I couldn’t dream of a better way to fatten up. Now I’m finally happy the way I am, and the old Führer…! Oh, that he… that you ?… You, of all people ? How did he even find me ?”
“He… He didn’t, really. I did.”
“Yeah, right ! How did he find you ? A gainer and a Private Investigator, please !”
“I’m not a gainer ! Or… I wasn’t then…”
“But you’ve grown so fat… you’re so good at this ! you…”
“I had promised you I would fatten up more…”

This was enough – along with Brad’s irresistible look – to win the boy back. Leigh came close and embraced him slowly, caressing his butter soft skin, admiring him…

“So… you’ve got this fat and huge… for me ?”
“That’s right. From the moment I saw you, I couldn’t leave you out of my mind…”
“Really ?”
“I had all sorts of wet dreams about you…”
“Maybe we can live those dreams, now… You won’t let my grandfather know ?”
“But… your grandfather was worried about you.”
“Because he and Tony have a weak heart ? It ran in the family. Thanks to my mother’s side, I am in a much healthier condition. I can eat and pig out to the point of bursting, and my stomach feels just right, and my heart is just as good beneath my fattened up chest…”
“No, I meant… Your grandfather was worried because… he thought you had been kidnapped !”
“Too many Humphrey Bogart movies, grandpa…”
“No, Leigh… They’ve asked for a ransom !”
“A what ?”
“Ten million dollars, no less…”
“Come again ?”
“That’s why he hired me. And now… now, they’re going to kill you !”
“Are you like sugar-high from your last feeding session, or are you just crazy ? I love these guys ! They didn’t kidnap me or anything : I’ve begged them to hide me from the old crow’s surveillance. Tony has probably thought better to play along with the whole abduction extravaganza, but he would never make such a sick joke as a fake ransom or make-believe death threats !”
“You’re right…”
“See ? Now, why are we stuck in here ?”
“You’re right about Tony and the boys. It wasn’t them… It was your other uncle, Fred !”
“Uncle Fred ?… Brad – honey – you’re really hot… but really you’re nuts !”
“I’m serious ! I think we’ve just fallen into his trap…”
“A trap ? We’re trapped here ? Like in a hole of his electric golf course ? Come on, Brad ! I’m only 19, but he’s the real kid in our family…”
“What do you know, there’s nothing more dangerous than a kid with too many toys !”
“So… He’s really out to kill me ?”
“Both of us. I know too much now…”
“Well, after all this time knowing too little…”
“You don’t sound too much concerned.”
“It’s just… It’s hard to believe : why would Uncle Fred kill me ?”
“How about Charlie wants to own the chocolate Factory ?”
“How about Uncle Tony ? I don’t see him here, so he’s not on the to-kill list.”
“No… He is. Fred will make it look like it was Tony’s plan. With you dead, he inherits Old Fillmore’s fortune and all. He’s the perfect scapegoat !”
“Cause, with Uncle Tony charged with murder, Uncle Fred would finally inherit ?… Oh, for the love of CRAP !”
“I know… And I think I know how he’s going to do it.”
“How ?”
“Today… when the pie-eating contest you Uncle Tony’s organised will start.”
“The pie-eating contest ? but… you’re right… I know where we are !”
“You know ? Where ?”
“This is an extension of the Factory we only use on special occasions… like this week-end ! So, this is it ? Today ? This is how I’m going to die ?…”
“Now, come here…”

Brad cuddled the shaking boy in a loving embrace. Leigh was finally getting the whole score – and so was Brad… Leigh was on the verge of tears. Brad tried to find a way out of this place – looking for a wormhole in Fred’s plan… He found nothing, except that the boy at his side was so hot…

“This is not the end, Leigh… I’ll get you out of this… And there will be more food for you…” Brad was getting so hungry – and horny ! “More food…” And sex ! He needed this hot boy…
“You’re nice… but there’s no way out !”
“I’m sure there is… Let me think.”
“You’re so hot, Brad. For a man who wasn’t a gainer, you’ve nailed it really ! You’re so… soft.”
“I think I’m getting pretty hard, right now…”
“Brad ?”
“Leigh ?…”
“First time I had sex was before my fifteen birthday, but… If I had been told someday I would meet a guy like you, I would have waited… Want to be my last time ?”
“Stop it, we’re not going to die…”

He kissed him, feeling as much as he could of this boy, who was so perfect for him now – his hands concentrating on Leigh’s plump lower back, massaging him, his fingers digging into the thick layers of fat on his smooth, chunky sides.

“This is our last moments together, Brad.”
“Will you cut the romantic fluff ?”
“Take me…”

After another long, hot kiss, Brad turned around him slowly, in a totally predatory move, then behind the boy – his hands onto the sides of his ample belly. Brad pressed his hand against one side, then the other, making it swing back and forth a little with a few gentle slaps. Finally grabbing two handfuls of Leigh’s thick rolls of lard, Brad squeezed them and let all the delicious flab shake a little. Then Brad let his hands slid to the boy’s sides, his large hips and overlapping love handles, watching his fingers sink deep into the soft flesh. He leaned closer to the boy, suddenly, wrapping his strong arms around him, and cupping his bulging chest in his hands, pulling on the hard nipples, delightedly listening to Leigh's moans of pleasure and anticipation. Brad made this last for a little while, until he was unable to resist any longer, himself. He grabbed Leigh's ass firmly and pushed the flesh, exposing him better, then slowly slid his red-hot hard cock inside. Then he caressed Leigh’s body all over, kissing the back of the boy’s neck… The deeper he went, the louder Leigh would groan and moan, begging for more… If they only had a few dozens doughnuts around, Brad sighed. He would feel so much wilder on a full stomach, his belly bigger and harder… and he could feed the boy just as well ! Brad felt an excruciating combination of pleasure and frustration. With each thrust he could feel his fat jiggling and rippling as well as the boy’s own flabby body. His boy was still moaning hoarsely, and Brad began to increase speed until it was as if they found the perfect rhythm. Brad watched it fascinated, their fat flesh jiggling and swaying sent him into orbit ! A few more hard pumps and he couldn't hold back any longer – he shot deep inside Leigh's core with a long, out of breath last moan… They fell asleep on the floor, holding each other in a tight embrace.

It wasn’t long, however, before Uncle Fred and his henchmen came to take them. They only woke up realising they were handcuffed. And the men had all guns pointing at them. Fred followed his nephew and Brad into a large room that looked like a warehouse, with two metallic seats – and some strange accommodations…

“I guess you’ve finally figured things out.”
“I’ve figured you out : You’re a total loony !”
“Want me to sing a tune ? Seriously, I would… Best day of my life ! By Monday morning, all this will be mine… King of my own country ! Oh, I can’t wait to be the king.”
“Think again, Skar !” Leigh protested “Even with us dead and Uncle Tony sentenced for life, do you really think my grandfather will give you the keys of the company ?!”
“Good point, Leigh… But really, I think Saint Peter will give me the keys of this earthly Paradise. Your grandfather is dying. Not just of old age and a weak heart. Only… his cancer is in terminal state, now. Didn’t tell you a thing ? That’s how proud he is. But he was so worried about you because he wanted to see you one last time, I guess…”
“So you arranged all this…”
“Including you being here, Brad. I didn’t know how stupid you were, but I was right about the gaining thing… in the end. I had supplied enough fattening food to have you hooked up on sweets and pies. Thought you had a sweet tooth – turns out it was the whole jaws… You did everything according to my plans. OK, not exactly but close. Can’t blame me for being impatient…”
“How about Tony ? He knows me, he’ll find it out !”
“Tony doesn’t know about that last-minute death threat. Hell, he doesn’t even know about the ransom ! And when your dead bodies are found, he won’t believe it but everything will be against him. Now, boys, I hope you’re both hungry – what with the sex and all.”
“You… bastard !”
“Hey, I’m not judging. I can see why my nephew couldn’t resist your good looks, Brad boy. You’re like Brad Pitt, really. Just the… bottomless kind of Pitt.”

Fred’s henchmen had strapped Brad and Leigh on the metal seats – with solid chains, this time – when both seats suddenly moved and turned to face what looked to Brad like a processing chain…

“Honestly, Brad ? I’m amazed that no one around dig just a little further than first impressions ! I mean, what are you doing with just a slice of the cake in your hands, when you can have the whole thing for you ? Old Fillmore dying from Cancer, Young Leigh here fattened up to death and poor, clueless Tony convicted with his nephew’s murder – what do you get ? Me. Just me ! Not behind all this, but up front, at the top of this company, with more money than you can count. Not that you’ll count much after this is over…”
“Fattened up… to death ?”
“You’re demented, Fred !”
“OK, it sounds rough, I admit. I could kill you right now, quick and clean. But then, that would be so much like me, you know what I mean ? Guns… Toys ? It would have my name all over it… I want to make it look like something Tony would do. Hey, you know what ? much more like something he DOES ! With videos and pictures and bills to prove it… This extension of the Factory is used in some cases – desperate cases, I should say – to fatten up too thin yet seriously devoted beginner boys, and give them a good push toward chunkiness. Like your friend Josh ! Only this time, the machine won’t stop when you’re stuffed full to the point of bursting, it just… won’t stop.”

Brad and Leigh looked at each other in panic. Uncle Fred started the machine, and in a few minutes a series of hot apple pies began to be shoved in Brad’s opened mouth. Leigh had to do the same, on the other hand, with banana cream pies.

“Bon appétit, messieurs… Bye !”
“HELP !” Brad and Leigh called between mouthfuls of pies “ANYONE ! HELP US !”
“Ever heard of soundproofed basements, guys ? Seriously…”
“Oh, like you’re such a smart ass… uncle FREAK !”
“So what ? Because I have to kill you to get just what I deserve, I’m Lord Sauron all of a sudden ?… Well, I can live with that. What I couldn’t stand any damn more was seeing you, Leigh, and my big brother Tony, and the old dictator – leaving all the hard work to me at the company so he could parade all he wanted, and you would grow a fat paunch, and Tony would just watch ! All of you, enjoying yourselves in your private, pathetic fairylands. But hey, big picture, big guys ? Something that’s always been lacking to you, I guess… And now, I’ll make it so you don’t fit in that picture any more…”

The feeding machine began to speed up, making it impossible for Brad and Leigh to do anything else but munch and swallow the food. Brad could feel the pies going into his stomach. There was nothing he could do but take them. Then the constant supply of pies was put on hold for a minute – a tube was inserted into his mouth automatically, and started pouring down his throat what Brad recognised as Tony’s most fattening chocolate milk-shake. Once again, there was nothing Brad could do but take it. After a gallon of shake maybe, Brad felt a little relieved that it was cheesecakes now. He found it hard to believe that this was going to kill him – all this tasted so good ! The mouthfuls were bigger than Brad was used to take in, but he enjoyed it too…

Leigh was also eating and drinking a lot – Brad was wondering about him : boy was shorter, smaller belly, and he probably wouldn’t take it. Take it… for what ? – Brad couldn’t help but think something would come up… Somebody would notice the activity of the Factory, so unusual on a week-end. The boys were certainly looking for Leigh. Uncle Tony would ask them to look everywhere… It was only a matter of a few hours. Brad and Leigh only had to hold…

But hours passed and nothing happened – Brad was beginning to struggle, gulping down his food, and drinking… He could see his belly grow further and further in front of him – oh, if Leigh had been facing him, it would be so hot to watch the helpless boy fill up and fatten up so much !… Sometimes, especially after drinking his shake, Brad would belch so loud before eating again, he was pretty sure Leigh was smiling… just as it turned him on when the boy would be so full he burped long and low.

It was probably noon – Brad could hear the distant noise of the crowd. Brad thought the pie-eating contest was taking place close to this building… It was a good thing – but the machine wasn’t loud enough to indicate their presence here, and even their big belly belches would be drowned in the rumours outside… Brad was feeling full – and his jaws were getting tired from all the munching – as it was time for doughnuts. If only they had been fed cheesecakes now !… It was already longer than the longest session he had ever experienced. Leigh would find it difficult too, by now… Brad’s gut looked like an over-inflated balloon of thick, buttery skin. Leigh’s belly was even more stretched and distended than his – Brad felt proud for the boy : he had some guts – obviously… but he was really brave and took large mouthfuls of chocolate cake. Pause again – good : Brad was done with the doughnuts. More shake, and both men were trying to guess what would be next for them : caramel fudge pies ? cinnamon rolls ? Brad was praying for some soft food, easy to swallow – then he thought about Leigh : he would like it better if he had more sponge cake, which was so hard to gulp down, as long as his boy would get cheesecake !

They both felt relieved, when the tube got out of their mouth and food was ready again : it was creamy cheesecakes for Leigh, and chocolate éclairs for Brad. They belched accordingly, like hungry pigs groaning and welcoming their meal. Leigh ate large and loud, Brad took every other éclair easy now – although they couldn’t ignore the growing pain and pressure in their stuffed bellies… Brad had lost conscience of time – even conscience of the danger : the thought had crossed his mind that one bite too much may be his last… but he found it arousing like Hell ! He didn’t want this to stop. If he had to choose what Heaven would be like for him, it would be just this – except he would see Leigh growing in front of him… and this would last forever.

The machine kept pushing food into their mouths, and pouring shake down their throats. It didn’t even slow down… Brad’s last feelings of suspense still in his head concerned the food : now it was éclairs, next thing would be lemon meringue tarts, then after more shake chocolate cream cakes, then plum pudding, then…

Brad’s stomach hurt – his throat hurt – his belly hurt – everything hurt… but more and more food was still automatically pushed into his mouth. And that was enough for Brad to get over the pain – of course, he would have just loved it if Mike had been there to massage his enormous, bloated gut… Brad wanted more, deep down, but he knew that was going to be too much, pretty soon now. Time for more shake… Brad sucked on the tube automatically, as the creamy, thick liquid was flowing down. More food, then. Listening to Leigh as he belched, Brad could tell he was tired too. But he was still eating – he was still alive… Oh, that thought was the only painful thing Brad couldn’t get over with ! Why ? Why did that beautiful boy have to die ?… Why did this have to end ?…

Munching and swallowing – that was all he could do. It was all that was left for him : he wouldn’t have known how to stand up, if he had been set free. Words lost their meanings. Time and space were all blurry. Only thing Brad knew was true : food – and shake – and Leigh… and Death. Brad didn’t even think about the next kind of pastries he would be fed. He didn’t even care about what he was being fed right now… Leigh was little more to him than a periodic low belch – just what he was to Leigh’s fainting consciousness, for sure. He began to hallucinate – everything was a dream… Some weird, hardly three-dimensional dream… Who knew ? Brad’s belly was stronger than his brain : this was driving him crazy before his gut would even burst ! It was so full, Brad wouldn’t even dare to rest a hand on his gut – but his eyes didn’t see anything except flashes of coloured lights… Next thing he knew, Andy would be dancing in a yellow tux and top hat, with glitter – and singing Lady Marmalade…

“Brad ? Brad !”

Now, what did he just think ? Wasn’t that Andy on the dance floor ? Or… Was that really Andy ?

“Brad, wake up… Oh, for the love of Jude Law ! he’s breathing…”

That… Really, that was Andy ! Brad was only sitting on the floor, his back against the wall. Leigh was being taken care of by doctors, and the Factory was full of policemen – Tony and his boys, and Mike – and Andy was there, talking to them !

“He’ll be OK, guys.”
“Good thing we got him of the woods soon enough…”
“Out of the wolf’s stomach, you mean ! How’s your little red riding hood ?”


Brad slept for twenty hours straight, in the hospital. Leigh and him had been placed in a private room, where Tony’s boys would take turns and spend hours massaging their two insanely bloated guts. The doctors would come by every now and then. Andy had been allowed to sleep in a room next to theirs. He was always sitting by Brad’s headset. Of course, Brad was out of danger… Of course, Andy was listening to his walk-man, reading magazines and hitting on the boys… but it was obvious he cared for his partner – Tony and the doctors respected that.

On the other hand, Leigh was getting better too. His belly had been stretched out too much, and he was being given some special treatment to ease the tension in his intestines, sleep and let his skin adapt to his belly’s new girth. He was a sight to behold : under all the caresses, and thanks to the doctor’s medication, you could see his belly round up and soften up – and its content turn into flab, new rolls of lard and love handles thickening, and more flab… The doctor had been worried about him, at first, but everything was getting into all the good places now.

When Brad finally woke up, the four boys who had been massaging him before followed him as he was going to see the doctors in the block. They helped him get out of bed, too. Brad was so fat, and his belly was so huge and drooping so low that he could barely stand up, when his feet touched the cold floor. Then he straightened up, and looked at himself in the operation mirror, still fully naked – Brad had truly become a mountain of fat flesh. He had even beaten the machine ! He was so proud of him and Leigh…

On the hospital scale, Brad was weighed in at 498lbs – and his belly was over 70”... What surprised the doctors the most, however, was Brad’s excellent physical condition. Not that he would run anymore, but he had the heart for it…

“My heart is more into eating, right now…” Brad thought.

Leigh woke up a few hours after him. Everyone was anxious about him. Being only 5’10’’ tall, he looked just as obese as Brad, probably even more since he had less muscle mass under the lard – weighing in at 390lbs. Brad was looking at him closely – lusting for him : The boy was all blubber now… Leigh’s physical condition wasn’t that bad either – and it wouldn’t take long for him to be in good health, although the doctor told him he would have to change his diet after this – which made all the boys shudder.

“From what the police told us, you spent eighteen hours straight on that machine. Now, after your stomach and digestive system have been engorged so much, and for so long, your eating capacities must have increased dramatically. First thing, we’re going to help your liver and kidneys recover from that week-end. But then, your stomach will certainly double in size soon, and you will crave for larger quantities of food. I can arrange you a meeting with our nutritionist, if you want, but basically you will have to eat a lot more than you were used to. And the same goes for you, Mr. Inge.”
“Hey, if you say so…”
“We’ll make sure they get enough good food to eat, Sir…” one of the boys said, beaming.

Leigh had to pass a series of medical exams, but Brad could already go back at Tony’s Mansion. Then he finally asked Andy how he had been there on time to save them.

“Easy, Brad. You had left me a message.”
“But… It’s not like I told you where to find me.”
“Yet, in a way, you did.”
“Andy, I didn’t even know !”
“You didn’t give me a clear message, but there were all the right ingredients to bake my own cake… Confronting Uncle Tony ? Asking his brother Fred for help ? That was all wrong, especially as I had gathered some more evidence about the Fillmore brothers… Next thing you know, I called and found out everything was only a set-up. When I met the boys, they were just looking for Leigh. We cleared everything up. They went all search-and-rescue, I took care of Uncle Fred.”
“You… You took care of him. How ?”
“His private number was still at your place. I thought Fred needed some sort of alibi for the time being, while you boys would be pumped full. And I was right. I had his first secretary on the phone. Charming girl, really – pleasant phone voice and all… So she told me where I would find him. Turns out Uncle Fred was inaugurating some building downtown, on his uncle’s behalf. Perfect place to be seen by so many witnesses. Even photographed…”
“So, he was put under arrest ?”
“Not exactly… at first. We had to have him spill where you guys had be trapped and strapped. Uncle Tony has been kind enough to let me borrow his Security Guards. And so… we took care of the guy.”
“You mean, you captured him ?”
“That’s elementary.”
“That is so Sherlock’s…”
“Sure it is, goldylocks ! And just as brilliant… I told the receptionists I had some news concerning his uncle and boss – and that it was extremely urgent. Uncle Fred literally jumped head first into my trap, just thinking Old Fillmore would have passed away.”
“He didn’t suspect anything ?”
“We had never met, Brad. I only knew him from the pictures I had. And you hadn’t even told him you had a partner ! Thanks a lot, by the way… If you had been told before that your standalone, bad boy egoism would save your ass !…”
“You’re right. I guess it turned out for the best.”
“Well, sure ! We’re up for the big pay out, here ! You were hired to bring back the old man’s grandson, and we come up with like two and a half of him !…”

Next week, Brad spent all day visiting Leigh at the hospital. The boy’s figure looked better and fatter, day after day. His medication helped a lot. His uncle Tony’s innumerable boxes of fudge and chocolate helped too… And Brad would help feed his loving boy when it was time for lunch and dinner. On the other hand, Brad was keeping his promise to Leigh and had already made it well over 500.

On Friday evening, Leigh was declared good and healthy – not really Olympics healthy, but… obese healthy ? Brad welcomed him in the large room Tony had given to him – along with the room service all-night call for mutual feeding sessions. Leigh wanted to get naked first, and step on the scale : The fat boy of Brad’s dreams weighed a good 415lbs ! He thought he was so hot right now. But he was also tipping the scale at a smashing 520lbs – and their weight gain was unstoppable, now... They started feeding each other – they had so much more to share in private, after being separated for so long.

“And to think you didn’t even know what a gainer is !”
“Now, that’s what Andy’s promises of secrecy are worth…”
“You’re such a porker, now !”
“You’ve grown into quite the fat hog, yourself…”
“Thanks… Thanks to you, in a way…”
“You’re welcome…”
“Think I can really get fat as hog, like you ?”
“Let me take care of you, and you’ll see…”
“Hmmm, great ! because, I want to be your fat hog boy…”

Tony and his boys were grateful to Andy and Brad, having broken Fred’s plans to take over the Company – also fully charging him for both Brad’s and Leigh’s amazing weight gains, in the “official explanations” Andy gave to the police and the press. Tony’s gaining activities would stay underground and quiet. Brad wanted to stay with Leigh, so Uncle Tony offered Andy a top position in the Head Office, about planning parties and organising other social events for the Company, a job Andy was more than happy to take – though he did bargain with Tony, just for the fun of it…

When Leigh’s condition was considered “healthy” and stable again, after a week of daily check-ups, his weight had also settled around 450lbs. Of course, Brad had gorged his way up to 550lbs… Their appetite was also up – which was to be expected. Leigh winked at Brad in the most charming way, cuddling him after another incredible night of sex and mutual feeding…

“You know, they had to cancel the pie-eating contest, because of us…”
“Because we… ate all the contest pies ?”
“I don’t know. Contest has been postponed : It will start next Saturday.”
“We should enter that contest, to make it up to your uncle Tony. Sounds good… fat boy ?”
“Hmmm, sounds just fair… Bigger Brad…”

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