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Pigs in Space
We finally did it! My feeder and I had worked together over the years and I had finally hit 400 pounds! After a long night of celebratory eating and cuddling I was feeling warm, full and fat snuggled underneath the blankets on our king size bed. Suddenly a bright light flooded in through the bedroom window. I was paralyzed, helpless to resist as I floated towards the window. It was obvious I wasn’t going to fit and I couldn’t help but start laughing realizing that if this was really happening I was about to be saved by my own girth. At the last second I felt a tingling sensation as I phased through the window frame. This wasn’t good. As I floated on my back head first into the metallic disk that was pulling me through the sky and away from my home I heard two voices. They sounded like sandpaper on pine, soft and rough at the same time, I could just barely make out what they were talking about. “Wow, Grelex you were right, if we had waited much longer this porker would have gotten too big for the tractor beam. Good thing you’ve been keeping an eye on his blog. It really is crazy what these guys will share on the internet.” The other one replied in a silky tone. “I know, its ridiculous that we even have to worry about them getting too fat to abduct. I keep telling the guys back on home world that project PIG has really gotten out of hand and we need better equipment. All the beams they’ve given us max out at 1,000 pounds. There are so many huge ones we’re missing down there. ” At this point I was starting to panic, I looked up and saw my abductors. Two tall muscular lizard people covered head to toe in iridescent green and blue scales. I opened my mouth to scream and a tube was shoved in, before I could spit it out fluid started filling my mouth, flowing over my tongue, down my throat and into my belly. It was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. All my panic was gone; my mind was filled with the desire to drink whatever they were serving me until it was all gone. Grelex looked over to the other alien and said “Okay, better tell this piggy what’s going on while we’ve got him distracted, we don’t want fear ruining the taste of all that precious blubber.” As I continued to suck down the amazingly delicious alien concoction Grelex’s friend placed a smooth and scaly clawed hand on my soft belly and started to explain what was going on. “I’m only telling you this because we’ve discovered over the years that our prey is more compliant and less likely to struggle if they understand how hopeless their situation is. This has been your fate for a long time now. You’ve always felt a deep and inescapable need to get obscenely fat, haven’t you hog?” I nodded my head, white sloppy rivulets of liquid streaming down my chin. “Haven’t you ever wondered why you’re like this? Its because you and all the other people who call themselves feedees and gainers are subjects in an agricultural program our scientists developed. When you were very young, probably even still in the womb we spliced a bit of pig DNA into you. We call it the Porcine Implantation Genome or PIG project. We’ve added just enough genetic material to make you insatiably hungry for more and more body fat. It took us a while to get it right too, the first few batches came out tasting like bacon instead of sweet sweet human adipose.” — Wait did this mean that Alex was somehow working for aliens to serve me up for dinner?! This was too much! — “I know what you’re thinking, the feeders were honestly something that completely surprised us. We still don’t know if they are a side effect of meddling with the gene pool or if they were just already out there waiting for greedy pigs like you. You’ve reached what we call the finishing stage of your journey towards becoming irresistibly deliciously fat. You’ll spend a few days here sucking down calories, and receiving injections to activate your dormant porcine genes. During that time you’re going to get enormously fat very quickly, and the best part is that you’ll enjoy every second of it. Then you’ll be shipped back to our home world where all that soft pillowy fat will fetch a high price in the gourmet market. Very few creatures get to be served on the menu of our society’s priciest restaurants. You should be proud piggy.” The alien gave my belly a rub and looked at me hungrily as the table I was laying on whisked me down the hall into a cell where it dumped me onto a giant round cushion. I told myself there was no way I was going to just play along and be eaten by some monster; at least until a door opened up in the ceiling and unfurled a feeding tube. Before I knew it I had heaved myself off the cushion and waddled over as fast as I could. I greedily stuffed it into my mouth and collapsed back onto the giant pillow. I couldn’t resist whatever it was they were feeding me. As I blissfully sucked down the fattening slurry a robotic arm came out of the wall and plunged a syringe deep into my belly. Suddenly I felt myself changing, my nose broadening and turning up, my ears lengthening and a tail sprouting behind me. I knew at that moment that they wouldn’t have to force feed me. I would submit willingly. I began oinking and grunting in pleasure, finally truly becoming the gluttonous piggy I had always known I was meant to be. A day passed, I was still drinking the milky white finishing solution. I hadn’t left the comfort of the bed, and I was taking up a lot more of it. I could tell by my reflection in the window to my cell that I was still mostly human, even if I was looking a bit more porcine than usual. A display on the wall read 500 pounds. I had gained 100 pounds of pure fat in a single day. I was scared, and honestly a bit turned on, but mostly I was hungry. Even though I knew I had to find a way to escape I didn’t really want to leave. There was no way I would ever find anything as deliciously fattening as what they were feeding me if I went back to earth. ——————————————————————————————---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another day passed and I was up to 600 pounds of soft jiggly fat. A door slid open to my right and one of the reptilians scurried in. This one looked different from the other two I met when I was brought on board. It was stockier and its scales were a deep black with a scatter of gold. I was pretty sure that it wasn’t supposed to be in my room. The monster pushed a button by the window and the glass quickly went black. It walked over to me. At this point my belly had gotten so big that it completely obscured my view as the beast drew closer. I felt a hard cold claw sink deep into my fat as a wet thin tongue ran itself over my belly and teased the inside of my navel. I heard my unauthorized visitor hiss while working up towards my head “So soft and so succulent, I’m sure they won’t notice if I just take one bite. I could never afford to buy even an ounce of your delicious human pork. One mouthful is worth more than I make in a year on this ship fattening pigs like you up for market. A little nibble won’t hurt.”. At this point the alien’s dead emotionless face was staring deep into my panic stricken eyes, as my heart pounded in my chest about to burst from terror. Its mouth dripped hot saliva through sharp fang like teeth, onto my triple chin and down onto my expansive moobs. Something snapped inside me. I spit out my feeding tube, took advantage of the low gravity and lunged up, taking a huge bite out of the lizard’s throat, feeling my mouth fill with warm metallic blood. It was eat or be eaten and I knew what side I wanted to be on. My alien captor was gasping for breath as I clambered past across the sticky blood soaked floor and through the door they had been too hungry to remember to close. The second I squeezed across the threshold the lights in the hall began flashing red as a siren went off and a recording in a rough guttural language I couldn’t understand began playing on a loop. That injection must have had some kind of tracker in it. Luckily the ship I was on wasn’t too big and I was able to find my way to an escape pod before anyone managed to figure out what was happening. The pod clearly wasn’t made for someone my size, I could barely breathe once I was squished inside, but at least the door shut. I could see out the window that we were orbiting the moon. I felt a wave of relief, realizing that I wasn’t too far from home. *Bang! bang! bang!* they had found me and were trying to claw their way in to claim their prize. A blinking graphic that looked like earth flashed on a screen near my hand, I strained to reach it as the ravenous abominations outside worked to force their way in. I just barely managed to tap the screen with a pudgy finger. My pod shot off into space, rocketing towards home and sucking my pursuers out into the cold unforgiving void. As I watched their brittle frozen bodies floating away I thought back to what Grelex had said about the limits of their tractor beam. This wouldn’t be the end, they would come for me. I was enormously, deliciously fat and I knew way too much. There was only one way to keep them from taking me again. The ride home was rough, thankfully I had plenty of new soft cushioning to absorb the force of the crash landing as I plummeted down from the sky and into my back yard. I dragged myself out of the pod and onto the ground. The 200 pounds of pure lard I had gained over the last 48 hours hit me like a ton of bricks now that I was back under the influence of earth’s gravity. I’ve never been happier to have a face full of dirt. It was the middle of the day and I could make out my feeder sitting at our kitchen table talking to a cop through the back window. At least someone had been looking for me while I was gone. As I desperately dragged myself through the yard and onto our porch there was only one thought on my mind. I threw myself against the door, bursting through it onto our kitchen floor naked, and screaming “They’re - Oink! - after me! I need you to make me -Oink!- so much fatter!”

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