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Pizza guy
our story starts out with a very hot and muscular guy with the face of a greek god named chase he was with his girlfriend at the bar and she had just broken the news that she cheated on him with another guy Chad chases best friend.he was devistated he told her to leave and from then on it was all up to his feelings now. It was three in the after noon and it was now one in the morning he was thrashed from what he saw he was bloated beyond belief he a had torn through its button up shirt and thought that a long nights sleep would help it pass over. He had woke up the next morning and to his supprise he was twice as big he called the bartender ge said he drank the equivalent of eight kegs last night he had completely lost his six pac and pecs his biceps and triceps were flabby and weak he had a huge double chin his penis had shrunk a noticeable amount so he ate and ate and another day had passed he had gained five pounds in a day so he called the pizza guy and in fifteen minutes the pizza guy came with five boxes in hand he had always been in to the male abdomen and had noticed that the guy had a very noticeable beer belly so he invited him inside and offered him a drink and from then on he was stuffed bloated inflated and forced feed as well as the pizza guy neither of them looked the same he was now over three hundred pounds and the pizza guy was four hundred after that the had the most hardest sex in the world with their bellies hanging out the rubbed fucked and sucked each other and had the time of their lives.

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