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Roommate continued
We had just moved in to the dorms in the college. As I entered the rome I saw that there was only one giant living space, with two beds. The I unpacked my things, and waited for my roommate to arrive. I had never met him before, and I was praying that he would be hot. I had an athletic build, mad I loved to exercise and to eat. But I also had a fantasy about guys getting fat. I loved the transformation from a hot jock to a beer bellied beefy stud. I love butts, especially when they grow bigger. As I was fantasizing about hot men, my roommate walked in.

My brain did a double take. This man was covered in beautiful lean muscle. His eyes were piercing blue with a darker blue circle around them. He had short, styled hair that was a deep mahogany color. His face was clean and cut; his jawline was strong. His arms were muscular and strong, and they flexed powerfully whenever he lifted the boxes.

His abdomen was flat, and it didn't look like he had an ounce of fat on him. My eyes wandered down to his legs, which were crammed into small denim shorts. These shorts made it very clear that he was gay. His thighs were stretching the fabric so much it looked like they were going to burst. He turned around to pick up another box, and I got a view of his ass. It was so big and bubbly that the shorts began to reveal some of his crack. His two globes bulged out with every movement, and they framed his butt perfectly.

I was snapped out of my daydream when he shouted "Hey! Can I get a little help?" I quickly got of of bed, and I realized that I had a large erection. I tried to hide my eight inch member, by shifting around my shorts. I quickly ran over to him, and helped him carry a large box overdo his bed. He looked at me with those beautiful eyes, and thanked me. We sat down, and exchange pleasantries. His name was Jayson, and he had been a star footballer his entire teenage hood. He always played quarterback, but told me that he felt that he would be better as a linebacker, but he couldn't encourage himself to put on the weight.. He was 19 years old, and had no siblings. I was eighteen, and was part of the swim team at the university.

We decided to explore campus and find out where the gym was. As we walked, I couldn't help but stare at his body, his round pecs stretched the fabric of his shirt thin,  clearly outlining his dark nipples. I wanted so badly to cup each one, and suck on his nips. I caught myself staring, so I quickly glanced away. "You like what you see?" He stopped, putting his hand around the back of my waist, and drew me in close. Overwhelmed by pure hotness, I wrapped my arms around him, and squeezed his butt. It was even juicier than I imagined. We embraced in a passionate kiss, and then kept walking. Confused and flabbergasted by this sudden act of love, I remained silent. But I could feel that Jayson was very keen on keeping me close to him all the time. And so was I.

Eventually, we found the gym, but to Our dismay it was closed, and would be under construction for another 6 months. As we headed back to our room, I began to think of the possibilities to help Jayson gain some weight.

As classes began and our schedules filled up, Jayson and I attempted to fit in a run whenever we could. However, as the first semester progressed, both of us were finding it hard to find time in between classes and studying. We ended up spending a lot of time in the cafeteria, for the Wifi was free and we were close to the food.

By the second month, I started noticing slight changes in Jayson's body. Still adorning his skin tight clothing, he appeared to be a little bit softer all over. His shorts began to outline his large cock as his thighs got bigger. His butt was even rounder than before, however it had a softness that was pure bliss to squeeze. His abs had faded into one flat strip, slightly soft with his happy trail descending from his navel into his jeans. his pecs had lost their striations and were beginning to round out, and his nipples were constantly hard. His face was still cut however, and his mood always seemed to be jolly.


I also began to notice changes in my body as well. My tight swimmer's body began to soften, especially my ass. You could still see the abs, but my butt had definitely gotten bigger. Whenever we got back to our dorm, Jayson and I would immediately head to bed, and have hours of amazing sex.

By the time chrisrmas break came,  Jayson had packed on even more weight. His pecs were full and ripe, his nipples always hard from his too small shirts. His gut pudged out over the waistband of his sweats, and caused his already skin tight shirts to ride up, exposing a soft patch of belly. He had started getting hairier as well, his chest and belly now had sexy dark hairs leading to his enormous member concealed in his pants. His ass had grown so large that the only pants he could wear were sweats, and even those were stretched skin tight around his legs. I loved when he wore my speedos when we had sex, for the dug into his fat round ass and and strain against his massive legs. I would rip them off, and his but wif expand outward, jiggling sexily at the new freedom. It felt so good to enter his big bubble butt, and I know he enjoyed it to.

The night before everyone left for break, I decided to prepare a big dinner for Jayson when he got home. I  changed into my tightest speedo, which pronounced my thick cock as well as the budding belly and love handles I was developing. Later that night, Jayson came in and ran to the bathroom. Confused, I left the kitchen and mocked on the door "you alright babe?" I asked nervously. Silence ensued, and then Jayson swung the door open revealing himself. He stood there, clad I those skimpy shorts he wore the first day we met. However they were unzipped, and his gorgeous member hung out of the shorts. He slowly and seductivly turned around, revealing that the shorts had not even gone halfway up his butt, for he was too fat to get them up , let along zip them. As a result his ass fell out the top, creating a sexy round roll that was straining the stitches of the shorts. His belly bulged forward, fat and round with his beautiful soft pecs resting on his gut. He pushed me into the bedroom and tore off my apron, revealing my own heavier build. I slowly began to trace my fingers down his goody, findling his hard nipples and pecs and squeezing his belly and ass. He soon became hard, and I licked my way down his hairy chest and happy trail to his erect member. As I sucked him off he thrusted his hips causing his belly and ass to jiggle. We both came minutes later, and I layed down next to him, cuddling his beefy frame. "I love you Jayson" I whispered. "I love you and this weight. I want to make you bigger and bigger". "Then will you get bigger with me?" Replied Jayson, gazing lovingly into my eyes. I responded with a passionate kiss, and we fell asleep cradling each others fatter bodies.

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