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Roommate II
Roommate II Welcome back to my college gaining journey. Jayson and I were still together, and we were still growing. However, due to the intensity of school, we weren't able to spend as much time eating. Jayson had gained around 50 pounds, putting him at about 230 pounds of beefy ex jock. I had gained about 30 pounds all together which put me around 190. It was the morning of the last day, and my alarm buzzed impatiently as I withdrew into the comfort of my blankets. I was so warm, and all I could think about was how much fun Jason and I wiuld have together this summer. Minutes later I silenced the aggravating alarm and I sauntered out of bed scratching my belly absent mindedly. I flicked on the bathroom light and surveyed the changes my first year in college had done to my body. I now had a handsome dusting of scruff along my cheeks and maw. My face had begun to soften, as the sunken cheekbones have slightly rounded, filling out my profile. My chest had grown, each pec now a puffy pillow covered in a light coat of dark brown hair. My nipples had also become more sensitive, and almost all of my shirts would cause them to go erect from the tightness. My arms and legs seem larger, especially in the butt area. Putting on pants requires me to physically push my larger ass into the pants, or else I just wear sweats, which are also getting a little tight. Today though, I thought I would wear one of my only fitting pairs of pants. They were a pair of white denim jeans, which Jason bought for me about 20 pounds ago. I began to out them on, and I managed to get them up past my bigger butt. But now came the real obstacle. My belly. Sticking out about 6 inches from my waist, my now larger gut was soft yet firm to the touch. I struggled vigilantly to get the button closed, eventually succeeding after sucking in as much as I could. Now relaxed, my gut hung over the wait of the jeans, it's lightly tanned and hairy asthetic accentuating the gain. Two soft love handles budded over my sides, creating a roll of fat in between my ribs. I gave my belly a few pats, and began to search for the tightest, sexiest shirt I owned. Out came my teal short-sleeved dress shirt from Highschool graduation. I already knew that it was way to small, but I began to put it on anyways. As I began to close the buttons, I had to suck in my gut to close each one. However the buttons on my chest could not be done up, so I left it open. I admired the image in the mirror. My bigger legs and butt were straining the white jeans, causing my love handles to push up and over the waistband. My belly was forcing apart the buttons of the shirt, so you could see slivers of hairy belly all the way to my exposed chest. My shirt was squishing the fattens of my moods, pushing them out and causing my nipples to harden. I took a sharp breath as I felt a wave of excitement come over me. I was fat. I looked like a sausage that was bursting out of the casing. My dick had already hardened, and was crating an outline down my left thigh. I decided to get Jayson up, but I decided I wanted this fat stuffed ex swimmer body to be the first thing he sees when he gets up.

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