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Sneaking Out
I couldn't sleep. It was a full moon and the light leaked in through the blinds. I never knew if it was just my imagination, but I never slept well during full moons. I was confused and my stomach growled, unused to being mistreated like this. One arm supporting my head, the other slowly traced the arc of my belly, rustling through my dense mat of fur. My hand stopped to dip a finger into my bellybutton, probing the deepness. Again, my belly complained loudly. Normally I'd be worried about the noise, but not tonight. I was pissed.
The source of my frustration lay next to me, snoring like a wet vac, oblivious. My master. Over six feet of meat, fat and fur, I loved him and he was a god to me. We were nearly the same age, in our early thirties. Both of us were pretty damn hirsute, though his pelt was thicker than mine, and he was a good seven inches taller. Everything about him shouted "primitive," from his large hands and feet to his jutting brow. His broad, meaty shoulders were almost as wide as a doorway. There was a raw, animal look to him that made my cock instantly rock-hard the moment I'd laid eyes on him. Anyone who thought he was just a dumb brute, however, was in for a nasty shock. Master was deep, Master was dry and witty. Master was also, to my misfortune when I misbehaved, very creative.
As my gut protested yet again, I ruefully reflected that sometimes Master really seemed to enjoy testing me. I knew my place in our home and loved obeying and pleasing him, but sometimes he could be a damn sadistic bastard. I wasn't even allowed to jerk off to help me sleep without permission.
I lifted my head and looked over at him, sprawled on his back and naked as always. Day or night, rule one was no clothes at home. The night was hot and sticky and Master had kicked our sheets completely off the bed in his sleep. One arm cocked behind his head, the other lay across his chest with his fingers buried in his own dense carpet of silky black fur. I loved his body hair, and loved him for allowing me to keep mine. Some masters required their pups to shave, I knew. My eyes traveled down his torso to the sharply rising mound of his own sizeable belly. I felt my cock twitch just looking at the rising curve of it, even as my annoyance spiked to see it. My master's swollen belly, just inches from me, contained a huge dinner of steaks, a pile of twice-baked potatoes, steaming bread with obscene pats of butter, and a river of beer followed by a couple doorstop sized wedges of cheesecake. Technically, I reflected, it also held my dinner, which accounted for his tank's unusual distention and the deepness of my Master's sleep tonight. That much food, I thought wryly, would knock out a moose.
I just didn't get it and that was pissing me off even more than the hunger pangs. Why had Master refused me food tonight? Had I pissed him off? Broke a rule again? He hadn't said a word at the steakhouse tonight, just ordered for the both of us as usual, then when it arrived he pulled all the plates over and started packing it in, grinning like a maniac at me the whole time. He wasn't just my Master, he was also my feeder and refusing me anything to eat was just... wrong.
Rebellious thoughts started to circle in my head the longer I stared at his swollen fur ball. I needed food! I was starving! As if to agree, my gut growled more loudly. I made a decision. It would only be a tiny infraction, I rationalized. My punishment if Master found out later would be better than this sleepless night of starvation, right?
Decision made, my own daring thrilled me. I was going to get just a little snack without permission. Just enough to get rid of my hunger pangs and let me sleep. I slowly, ever so carefully sat up in bed, thankful for once that Master had kicked off the sheets so there wasn't any rustling. I figured he was completely out, but better to go slowly when committing a crime. Holding my breath and timing his snores, I waited for one of his rumbling inhales and dropped one foot on the floor, then the other. One last grumbling inhale and an unconscious belch and I was on my feet. I couldn't believe it! I was really doing this!
Ever so carefully, I crept around the bed toward the door. I stole a look down at Master as I passed. He hadn't moved an inch, arm still behind his head, mouth agape a little as he buzzed his way through the night. My eyes traced again the rising arc of his mounded gut, jealous of the load it contained. As if my magnets, my eyes were drawn, as usual, down to his cock, nestled in its dense mat of fur. His fat cock was, as always semi-hard and seemed to doze across his thigh. It was nearly eight inches long, but was also nearly eight inches around when he was hard. Master's dong was already an impressive length, but his girth was intimidating. His nuts were equally massive in a loose sac. Each ball was the size of a lime and made a jaw-dropping bulge whenever he was forced to wear clothes. He loved cockrings, and we both always wore one from his collection. For sleep, he was wearing a loose leather one with snaps. During the day, he usually stuffed us both into comfortably snug metal rings. As I started to turn away, his cock gave a heavy lurch up his thigh and by the moonlight I saw a thick teardrop of precum ooze from his bloated glans. Then I noticed his thigh was coated in drops and smears of precum. I grinned down at him, thinking what a great dream Master must be having. I felt my own swinging cock thicken at the sight of him. I thought of nursing his on his fat cock and while he slept as I sometimes did, but just then my belly gave the loudest moan yet and Master grunted in his sleep and started to roll over. My heart leapt into my throat when his meaty arm landed right where I should have been on the bed. For an endless silent minute I waited for him to wake up. Suddenly he gave a giant snore causing me to gasp in surprise. He was asleep. I was free.
I hurried out the bedroom door and through the living room passing our leather chair. Rather than having two chairs, or a chair for him and a place on the floor for me, we had one loveseat where Master sprawled and I could tend to him if his massive balls needed draining which they constantly did. I'd once made an impertinent joke about Master needing several milkings daily like a cow and instantly regretted it. Master just stared at me for a frightening moment, then he burst out into laughter and agreed with me.
I hurried to the kitchen, my furry gut bouncing and my cock swinging side to side. My gut gave one long, high-pitched moan of need and I knew that whatever the punishment may be, I had to eat. Master usually kept me well-fed. Over-fed, truth be told, and I loved it. Tonight was wrong and I wasn't thinking right to disobey, but this was happening. Just a snack to tide me over until Master fed me in the morning, I hoped.
I opened the fridge and the light blinded me for a moment. It was like looking through the gates of heaven and seeing all my loved ones. Food. The sight of the loaded shelves groaning with food hit me with a wave of lust and a burst of saliva filled my mouth. I looked over my shoulder to make sure I was still alone and then reached in with a shaking hand.
Just a quick bite, I thought. If I'm lucky, Master won't even notice anything's missing in the morning. I grabbed a box of leftover pizza slowly opened it, and tried to will some self-control here. One piece of cold pizza, that's all I need. A moment later, a slice was missing from the box, and I could taste sauce on my lips. That's it, I thought? I couldn't even feel the slice inside me. My gut gave a drawn out gurgle as it pounced on the piece of pizza I gave it. Fuck, I need another. A second pizza went down, but at least I controlled myself enough to at least chew it, followed by a third before I realized what I'd done. There was no way Master wouldn't notice a missing quarter of a pizza! My mouth dried up and I swallowed the last bite with difficulty. I looked down at the gaping hole where pizza should have been then down at my belly. There were pizza crumbs on it, but at least it was quiet now. I had a decision to make. I could put the box back in the fridge and hope for the best, or I could try to get rid of the evidence and, well, hope for the best. A short staccato of snoring came from the bedroom and I pictured Master rolling over in his sleep again. Then silence. Maybe he'll be too addled from his over-excess tonight and won't notice a missing pizza. Maybe, maybe. Then again, I wasn't sure when Master was going to relent and feed me again, so this might be my only food for a while.
That thought clinched it. I'd hide this pizza, ditch the box, and my crime would be complete. Resolutely I sandwiched two pieces together and chowed down. My belly was so empty and this pizza was so good, even cold! I swear I could hear thuds as each greedy mouthful hit bottom in my belly. Crazed with hunger, I even poured dollops of ranch dressing on a few pieces. Slice after slice slid down my throat. I couldn't believe how good it felt to eat and eat! I was lost in the feeling of pushing food down my throat and banishing my hunger pangs. Saliva was flowing like water and in my mind it was like a damn had burst; a white rushing need that clouded my vision and banished all other thought. I didn't even notice when I pushed the last piece of pizza down my maw and without hesitating tore open a package of lunchmeat, wadded all the delicate slices into a ball, and pushed the whole thing into my mouth, chewed three times and gulped it down with an obscene 'glork' sound. My hands were already rummaging around. Chicken strips! Oh god yes! A healthy coating of ranch and they slid down, one after another. I sucked down half a bottle of soda without stopping to breathe. Cake! Oh my god, chocolate layer cake! A huge wedge Master brought home from a work party. I tore it apart by layers and launched them down my throat. A carton of rice from Thai takeout! I didn't even like cold rice, but after soaking it in soy sauce, I upended the carton and swallowed it all. Fuck, I was starving!
Time slid by and eventually the white haze slowly lifted from my brain and I realized I had been contemplating an open carton of eggs. With a shudder I put them back and shook my head a few times. What had happened? I'd never just blacked out like that before. I was still standing at the fridge with the door open. The light seemed brighter than usual. The compressor was running hard and I realized that I must've been there with the door open letting the cold out for... how long? I started to turn away and met chilly resistance. What the...? Blearily, I looked down and wondered what on earth that fuzzy thing was. I touched it and yelped out loud before slapping my hands over my mouth. My gut. My belly. It was immense, swollen, and unreal. My skin was so stretched out that I could easily see my pale flesh between the hair standing practically on end. My fingers told me my belly hole had nearly flattened out and I couldn't even begin to see over my gluttony-stretched stomach. The last couple of hours thundered back over me and with a nearly audible crash the feeling of complete, utter fullness stretching me painfully from inside. What the fuck had I done? Fearfully I probed my body. My stomach was utterly solid and unyielding. No wonder I hadn't been able to navigate away from the fridge without hitting it. A belch ripped from my throat startling me and echoing around the kitchen before I could snap my mouth shut. I stared into the fridge. The half-empty fridge. The half-empty fridge I had just stocked from the big box warehouse with Master's grocery list. I looked down at the empty pizza box and thought that I needed to ditch it, fast! Then I saw piles of tinfoil. More than a handful of empty tupperware. There were empties all over the kitchen, most of which I couldn't even remember, yet were now spotless and empty. My heart leapt into my throat and I could feel a hysterical laugh bubbling up. Ditch the evidence? What a laugh! All the evidence Master needed was a half-empty fridge and that I was suddenly and mysteriously pregnant with a colt! Oh my god. Oh my god! Another belch started to rattle up and out and I quashed it quietly before it rattled the glassware. I had to get a grip. In the brighter-than-usual light from the nearly empty fridge, I carefully wheeled my overstuffed gut around and started piling the mounds of empty wrapper and boxes on the counter into the pizza box. Maybe I could hide all this at once and maybe, somehow Master wouldn't notice that nearly all the food was missing. Another hysterical laugh threatened to escape and I clamped my lips together. Navigating by habit through the moonlit house, I managed to not knock anything over with my titanic gut. I carefully waddled to the garage, dropped the empties into trash cans and softly belched my way back into the living room, groaning under my breath. For a moment I just stood there leaning against the wall, listening to my stomach groan and gurgle as it tried to assimilate this insane amount of food I'd just crammed into myself. I traced the newly-enlarged curve of my body feeling new mounds on either side. I was dumbly fascinated how arms had to extend almost straight out before they could touch on the far side of my gut. Despite my fear and the pain inside, I actually felt my cock start to fatten up and grow somewhere far below. Half my belly was visible in the moonlight, the other side obscured in shadow. I looked unreal. I felt like I was going to pop.
A light snapped on. In horror, I realized I hadn't been hearing any noise in the house other than the greedy throat-action of my own glutton for quite some time. I yelled and spun toward the couch, forgetting my center of gravity had changed and almost fell over. There, in his accustomed spot in the center of the couch and naked as ever, was Master. He sat there naked, as if the leather couch was a throne. One of his furry arms lay heavily over the armrest, the other on his thigh. His legs were spread to allow his own big heavy ballgut to rest in his lap. He still looked swollen, even now. His fat hog hung heavily under his belly, the head resting on the leather; his bulging nuts seemed to lounge in their sack on the cushion between his furry thighs. His long, wide feet with their dusting of black fur lay pale and flat on the carpet. In an odd moment of noticing pointless details, I saw that his leather cockring was gone. In its place around his bull-like genitals he'd snugged on a large, heavy metal ring I'd never seen before.
"I don't recall giving you kitchen duty at 3am, pup," he rumbled. I felt my knees weaken at the sound of his sexy voice, even as my cock shrunk back up in fear of punishment. His gaze pinned me like a butterfly.
"I know you've been... stealing from me." He hefted his swollen balls and let them roll off his palm back onto the leather cushion with a soft 'twap.' Damn, so he knew about my habit of sucking him off when I couldn't sleep! "I was going to let you drain these again, and surprise, surprise you were nowhere to be found." Another infraction; no sex unless granted permission. His fingers began a slow, ominous drumming on his furry thigh.
Instantly I snapped into position. Head up, back straight, ankles one-and-a-half feet apart. I folded my arms behind the middle of my back, one hand grasping the other elbow. As soon as my arms fell into their accustomed places, I felt my distended belly jut out even further. No way I was going to be able to hide what I'd done now. Despite the seriousness of the situation, I noticed Master's cock ooze a heavy drop of clear nectar. I watched in distracted fascination as it slowly grew, as from a tap with a bad washer, before it landed heavily on the leather cushion.
"Attention!" he barked. My eyes snapped up and straight across the room at his command. Evidently my woolgathering hadn't gone unnoticed. I began to realize, far too late, that nothing escaped my Master's notice. If my stomach weren't so achingly overstuffed, it would have dropped. His dark green eyes gazed at me evenly, not giving me even a glimmer of what he was thinking. Another betraying belch forced its way out of my gut and I tried to let it go silently.
"Excuse yourself, pup," he murmured softly. "You're disobedient yeah, but I trained you better than that."
"Sir, excuse me, Sir!" I called out.
My master stared at me for another long moment, and I felt beads of sweat begin to crawl down my spine and more slowly between my pecs. I wasn't sure if I was sweating from nerves or from the massive caloric overload that I was carrying around. The leather creaked ominously as he shifted his bulk. He rocked back in his chair and then forward to give himself momentum to hoist his big tank as he stood. I was immediately hit with the mingled scents of beer, sweat, and man. Fuck, even as he scared me he aroused me. Once more my cock swelled and lengthened between my legs. He strode slowly to me, his bloated cock swinging obscenely, his gut only giving the slightest bounce. Master stopped just as his hairy medicine ball brushed against mine and I was sure he could feel the heat radiating off my overfed body. This close his smell was overwhelmingly animalistic and musky. I stifled a moan of lust. My cock was rock hard somewhere way down underneath my belly.
"You weren't in bed, pup. When my pup goes wandering, I worry. Why are you up? Why were you in the garage?"
I was proud that my face didn't move a muscle. Was it possible he didn't know? It seemed beyond belief that I might get away with nothing more than a perfunctory reprimand for being up and about during bed time. I tried to baldface my way out of this.
"Sir, your pup needed to use the bathroom and the soap dispenser was empty. I looked in the garage for a refill." Ice wouldn't have melted on my tongue. I felt a curious mingling of pride at being able to lie easily, but shame at having lied to Master at all.
"Soap, pup? Is that all? Well c'mon, let's get back to bed. Then you'll drain me. I haven't given you a load since lunchtime." I couldn't believe it! I was going to get away with my sinful excursion with no punishment, and I was going to be allowed to coax a load from Master's fat log!
I started to follow, watching his beautiful meaty furry ass when he suddenly stopped and turned on me.
" Pup, you disappoint me." Shit. I felt myself go pale and my stomach groaned quietly.
"I had a wonderful meal tonight." His eyes bored into mine and he burped softly. "Check that, make that two wonderful meals and I was in a great mood. Good enough to allow you some slack when you sucked off my cock when you thought I was sleeping. Good enough to have allowed for you to leave bed without asking. But, being just a pup, you're too stupid to have realized I know better. I always do. For one thing, I refilled the bathroom soap myself just today." Shit shit shit! I felt the trickle of sweat down my spine turn into a flow.
"And," he growled softly, "there's this." He large hand moved to my face and I thought he was going to hit me. I braced for my punishment, but the blow never came. His finger ran slowly down my mouth and past my chin. He studied his finger for a moment before showing it to me. A mixture of pizza sauce and chocolate. I was doomed. His eyes never left my face as I stared at his finger like it was ominously ticking. He sucked the evidence off his finger then crooked it, commanding me to follow - but not to the bedroom where Master kept all our punishment tools and pleasure toys. Instead he lead me back to the kitchen. The massive load inside making my belly sway like a Spanish galleon. Master snapped on the kitchen light and took in the scene. I was actually sort of proud that I'd cleaned up all the mess of wrappers and boxes until with a grunt Master bended down to the floor and swabbed near the fridge with his fingertip. Cake and pizza crumbs. Hell. Disobedient and leaving a mess. This was it.
"Here," he ordered, pointing at the floor next to him. As quickly as I could manage, I waddled over and with my own grunt knelt on the floor, the tile hard and cold on my knees. He opened the refrigerator and was silent for a long moment. I cringed when I saw again how much empty space I'd left.
"Well well, a midnight snack I see." Even as he spoke, I was fascinated by the play of light from the fridge, highlighting the steel rings in his nipples and his cockring, even as under his pecs and belly were obscured in shadow. His mammoth cock made its own silhouette.
"You got the pizza, the leftover cake, the mashed potatoes..." His voice rattled off a litany that never seemed to end. Each item he listed made my gut feel heavier and heavier. I still had no idea what the total damage was, but I could feel it. "...and the pot of chili I'd made for tomorrow. Impressive, pup, but you really fucked up. When I think about how much was in here earlier..." I braced myself for it.
"I'm disappointed. You left so much behind."
My eyes flew to his face before I could bring them back to the floor. What the hell was he talking about? I'd practically cleaned out all the food we had. Left so much behind? Then he wasn't mad about my sneaking out to gorge myself? It turned out I'd forgotten, as he intended, what a creative sadist he could be.
"I was going have you clean it out tomorrow in the more... conventional way, but I think your way will work out much, much better." Then to my horror, Master began to grin his grin that I both loved and hated. Loved it because it made him so primitively handsome, but hated it because it meant he was about to drag something out of his demented imagination to do to me. I craved it and feared it. I was fucked.
"Get comfy, pup. Since I'm up, I might as well finish what you started." He lifted one large bare foot to kick my knees apart and then it disappeared beneath my gut to nudge around my cock and balls. I groaned. Distantly the irony struck me that I'd been originally horrified that in my gluttonous fugue I'd emptied half the fridge - now I was horrified that the fridge was still half-full.
"Open up pup." I looked up just in time to have Master's hairy paw shove something pale into my mouth. Two thick hairy fingers pushed back almost to my throat, pushing deep. From long, hard-won experience with my Master's bull cock, my gag reflex was nearly gone, but I was so surprised that I involuntarily gasped and swallowed. Whatever it was, it was cold and tasted oddly familiar. I looked up again just in time to see Master unwrap a stick of butter and push it toward my face. I jerked back and my head bumped against the wall behind me. I was trapped! Master just grinned that demonic grin again and shoved the whole stick into my mouth. It was butter! Master was feeding me a second stick of pure, salted butter! My stomach roiled, but he was too fast and my throat was already working the second stick into my esophagus. He gave that huge toothy grin again and shoved a third and final stick down my throat. I couldn't believe what he was doing to me. I guess on some level I realized I needed to be punished, but three sticks of butter was too much to deal with. I didn't even notice that the butter was only the beginning. Master popped open a container of cream cheese and began scooping huge globs with two fingers into my mouth. It was so rich and so fucking heavy I didn't think I could move it down my throat.
"Easy, pup. Here." The half-empty bottle of soda was pushed past my lips and I sucked at it eagerly to clear the thick spread from my tongue. I hadn't taken more than two pulls when Master squeezed to bottle hard and a jet of cola blasted straight down my throat like a garden hose. He pulled the bottle from my lips with a pop and I gasped for breath. My gut was beginning to ache and I could feel my skin trying to stretch and accommodate the overload inside. I barely had a moment to breathe when Master pushed my head back with his knee and began to empty a huge jar of apricot jelly into my mouth. I was so surprised that I just inhaled and the entire blob slid down my gullet with an obscene slurping sound that went straight through my cock. Master stopped for a moment and knelt down beside me. He placed one of his giant paws gently on my head and tilted it back until I was staring directly into his green eyes.
"This is what's going to happen, pup. I'm going to finish cleaning out the fridge while I'm up and you're gonna help. Understand?" I realized with a sinking feeling that I was starting to understand all too well. Master had been grabbing condiments from the fridge door and emptying them into me. When was said 'clean the fridge' he apparently was being literal. I started to say something, I have no idea what. His thick finger stopped my lips before I could get anything coherent out.
"Quiet pup," he rumbled. "This is happening and there's nothing you can do except to keep your throat open. Maybe it'll be over a little faster." He softly kissed my sticky lips and licked a dollop of jelly off my cheek before hoisting straighening back up. I just stared dazedly as a long ribbon of precum drooled from his cock. Man, I was so, so fucked.
Master pulled a jar of mayo out. No way, I thought. There's no way he expect me to eat straight mayonnaise, but again Master surprised me. He grabbed a half-empty family sized bucket of fried chicken and just dumped the entire bottle into the bucket. He shook the bucket a few times to get it all coated and then started tearing huge chunks of lubed-up chicken and stuffed them into my mouth. Master's hand moved so quickly I barely had a chance to chew, but all the grease and mayo help it slide down all too easily. I could feel the pressure ratcheting up in my belly as the skin tightened more and more. I finished sucking down the last of a dozen or so pieces and started to lightly rub my belly, afraid to touch it too hard. I felt the over-exaggerated expanse from my chest down, my hand taking so much more time than usual to make the journey. My hand doubled back after it missed my belly button before I realized it had finally flattened out. The skin didn't feel real, being so hard and tight and completely unyielding. I felt down further, totally lost in the feeling of my oversized gut.
"Hands up!" Master growled, and my hands flew back up to the top of my gut where Master could see them. I wasn't allowed to play with my cock unless given permission either. I looked up to apologize when Master's hand came down with a ball of alfredo-covered raviolis left over from his lunch. Handful after handful of soft, cheesy raviolis were pushed into my mouth, swelling my cheeks out as I chewed and gulped as fast as possible. I could feel each mouthful land in my gut and shoulder aside the rest as my belly desperately tried to make room. After the pasta was gone came a handful of tender spareribs. Master didn't even pull the meat off, just shoved each bone in my mouth until my lips closed on his fingers, and then I sucked the meat off each one. Each time he forced a bone into my mouth and it came out clean, his own bone gave a jump. There was a sizeable spattering of his precum on the floor between his bare feet and I felt my own cock twitch back to life at the sight.
I felt utterly full inside, that there wasn't an inch of room anywhere left in my gut for Master to store his leftovers. I stared at him pleadingly with my mouth closed as he brought another rib down to my mouth. When I didn't open my mouth, he immediately lifted on huge foot and firmly pressed my balls to the floor. I gasped in pain and he shoved the rib into my mouth. Reluctantly with my gut groaning and straining, I slowly stripped the meat from the bone and forced myself to swallow it.
That's it, I thought groggily. That has to be all of it. It was getting hard to think and even sitting on the cold tile in front of the fridge, I could feel sweat beginning to bead all over my body and I swore I could see heat waves coming off my poor, abused gut.
Master reached down to stroke my head, then leaned down to lick sauce off my face. He touched his cool forehead to my own hot sweaty one. I closed my eyes. He moved to my ear and bit the lobe lightly. His bite and breath on my ear made me shudder. He whispered to me , "good job, pup. You've made me so proud tonight." I felt myself flush with pleasure and I went limp with relief. I was done and just wanted to fall asleep right there on the floor. My body had hit critical mass a while back and I was about to pass out.
"You're almost done."
My eyes flew open in horror as he straightened up and pulled out a carton of risotto that had been hiding in the back. I started at it as if it were a poisonous snake. The thing was the size of a mixing bowl. Master made me change positions so that I was sitting with my ass on the cool floor, legs spread with my gut cradled between my thighs. Somewhere below I could feel my cock and balls touch the floor, but I'd never be able to reach them unless Master lifted my gut.
Master knelt on one knee before me, his belly firmly pressing against mine. He set the carton on the newly expanded shelf of my gut and from its weight I knew it was full. He grinned that fucking grin at me again and started using his three middle fingers to shovel smooth, creamy risotto into my face. With each scoop he pushed his fingers into my mouth to pack each bite down my throat. He was actually packing my gut, like he was building a stuffed animal. I surrendered and went limp, letting my Master has his way with me. My belly skin was so taut it was shiny and I could see faint veins just underneath the skin. It seemed like it took forever to empty that fucking carton and I sorta grayed out. After a while I realized there was nothing going in my mouth. My throat muscles were sore from all my swallowing. I blinked stupidly at the huge man standing over me. He was smiling down at me this time, a real smile. His cock was huge and swollen, he had drooled precum into a small puddle underneath him.
"Look." He pointed into the fridge. I slowly rolled my head and tried to focus my eyes into the blinding light. There wasn't anything left inside except a box of baking soda and a few near-empty condiment bottles. Master tapped the fridge with one finger, then slowly pointed that finger at me. At my gut. A wave of realization kicked me in the gut, and the stretch, the distention, the absolute excess hit me and I'd never felt so totally filled in my entire life. I lay slumped against the cabinets, unable to even lift my arms. Master leaned down and with a huge effort, grabbed my arms and slowly, laboriously pulled me, swaying, to my feet and I fell back to lean against the wall with a thud.
"Listen to me, pup." I barely heard him. Stars burst across my eyes as he slapped my face a few times.
"I never explain myself, you know that. But tonight I'm making an exception just this once. I think it'll really drive home how much you failed me tonight and that will be so much worse than.. this." He roughed a paw over the taut skin of my belly and then slapped it. The solid boom sounded like he'd just whacked a three-foot long watermelon. I moaned in agony and arousal.
My Master held one thick finger in front of my face until I could force my bleary eyes to focus on it. Slowly he moved his hand toward the fridge door and then stopped, pointing. My eyes still wouldn't focus completely so it took me a moment to see what this final punishment was. It was a flyer stuck to the door. I had to read it twice before my gluttony-scrambled brain could comprehend what it said.
Eagle Bar - Annual Bear Bust Competition Next Month. All You Can Hold. Winner Eat Free For a Year!
"This," he rubbed my straining gut again "was going to win that prize with me. I already signed us both up to pig out and win. I was training you, pup. You weren't gonna to eat unless I told you, cum unless I let you. You were gonna be so fucking hungry and horny that you'd clean the place out." His eyes took on a faraway look of total lust as he pictured us gorging in public on bar food and winning a year's worth of endless food. "Now we gotta start all over. We're gonna do this again tomorrow night, pup. And the night after that until that trash can of yours is stretched out enough to win. You'll eat until you think you're gonna pop. When you're so packed you won't want to even look at food, then I'll starve you until you beg me to feed you again. He paused to milk my weeping cock. Even through the fear of being utter overfed again and again I was rock hard and dripping. I groaned softly and felt my shoulders slump.
"Soon, you'll just be a walking, horny appetite. Then you're gonna win all that free food." I swear I heard him swallow in greedy anticipation. Whether of endless food for himself at his favorite bar or the thought of force feeding it to me, I couldn't tell. Knowing my Master, it was probably both.
"C'mon, pup," he said with a suddenly jaw-cracking yawn. Let's go."
Master licked my precum off his hand and took me firmly by the wrist. I started to lead him back to the bedroom. I was suddenly bone-weary and was already staggering from the insane overload of food I was carrying. My eyes kept trying to slide shut and my body just wanted to lie down and start trying, somehow, to process the entire contents of a refrigerator. Sleep was all I could think of now. I was rudely jerked back when Master's hand didn't move with mine. He had started to walk in the opposite direction. We both looked at each other in surprise.
"Where do you think you're going, pup?" he laughed. I briefly glanced at the hall to the bedroom in confusion. Master started to laugh, his own massive tank jumping solidly and his monstrously fat cock swinging like a side of beef.
"You got me up tonight pup, right in the middle of a great dream." Unconsciously he gave his dick a brief tug. He pulled back to the island in the middle of the kitchen and pushed against it facing the wooden surface. Master stepped behind me and slotted his tank into the small of my back. The soft fur scratching that sensitive lower back area and just the feel of his bulk against me made my cock drip again. He reached under my arms and I thought he was going to bear hug me and squeeze my dangerously taut gut, but all he did was run his hands underneath it and feel the heft of me with his hands. I moaned at the suddenly erotic turn of moods he had taken. Master cupped my underbelly in his huge hands and with a grunt lifted my belly up and pushed it onto the island's surface. I gasped as the weight of my distended gut was supported on the surface now instead of my back.
"Oh, thank you, man," I whispered. "That feels so mu..."
"Shut up," he cut across me. "Man? I'm not fucking making you comfortable. Who do you think you are to me? Who do you think I am to you? You serve me. Tonight has shown me that the boys are right; I've given you too much leeway lately and you're forgetting yourself."
He roughly seized my shoulders and yanked me away from the island. My gut dragged across the wood and then dropped with nothing to support it. The sudden return of the weight of my gluttony made me gasp and then moan loudly as I grabbed my belly with both hands to stop it from bouncing.
"Hands! Face me!" Master barked. I spun as fast as my new circumference would let me. I stepped toward Master, arms locked behind my back forcing my gut out uncomfortably. "Forward," he whispered. Despite the sweat all over my body from consuming innumerable calories, a chill scraped my spine as I waddled closer to him. My abused belly jutted outward into space before me. I couldn't even see the floor in front of me, just a huge pale semi-sphere coated in dark brown fur that was wet and flattened down. The smells of sweat, musk and maleness filled the kitchen and made my head swim. Master snapped his fingers to draw my complete attention back to him and only him.
"You left bed without permission. You stole food. You tried to hide your disobedience. For that, I gave you this." With a huge calloused palm, he slapped my gut right on the belly button. I heard the dull, solid thud but kept my eyes locked on his.
"You assumed I was taking you back to bed. That you assumed anything is bad enough. But that you referred to me as anything other than Sir or Master..." His words halted in fury. Unbelievably, his anger evaporated.
"I haven't been training you properly pup. A dog that misbehaves is the fault of his master, not the dog." I couldn't believe it. He was actually apologizing?
"So, tonight, I'll fix this error and correct you. I want you to know, pup, that this will hurt me more a lot more than you," he said evenly. His lips twitched.
That evil grin bloomed across his face.
"Thank god I'm a masochist."
In utter horror, my Master opened the freezer door. A cloud of vapor wafted out. When it cleared, I saw it was stocked full of buckets of ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, containers of frozen whipped cream, cheesecakes.
"Sit down, pup," he rumbled. My gut, seeming to know what was coming, gave a long growling moan.
Grunting, I sat on the floor, my swollen belly rising before me and resting on my thighs, and waited for my Master to begin my new training.
"Thank you, Master," I whispered softly.

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