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Stuck in the Middle Part 2

Mike pulled Dylan down on top of him as he sank down into the bed, pulling off his shirt and letting his hands roam all over Dylan’s hard torso. Dylan’s mouth went straight for his neck as he started to unbutton Mike’s shirt. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Mike saw Trent sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, lighting up a cigarette and sipping his beer thoughtfully. He seemed content to watch for now, so Mike decided to give him something worth watching. He felt the confidence surging back into him as Dylan bit down on his shoulder and helped Dylan get the shirt off before moving his fingers down to his own jeans, kicking off his shoes and socks as he wriggled out of them. 

Dylan moved back and straddled Mike as he took in the sight in front of him. "Aw, fuck.” Mike was half-convinced he was going to find out there and then that the whole thing had just been one cruel joke. 

Then Dylan scrambled back down the bed and ran his tongue over one of Mike’s soft pecs, nibbling, sucking and biting whilst his left hand cupped his other breast and the right one clamped onto Mike’s shoulder. Mike groaned and arched into Dylan’s touch. Dylan’s left hand drifted down and caressed Mike’s stomach, fingers disappearing into the folds of fat and reaching around to squeeze his lovehandle. Meanwhile, Dylan’s left knee found it’s way between Mike’s chubby thighs and grazed his balls. 

Mike glanced over at Trent, who smiled back at him and licked his lips. 

Dylan shifted over to the other side of Mike’s torso and switched to the other breast, biting down hard and reaching round to squeeze Mike’s ass. Dylan’s breathing was harsh and rapid against his chest and it was obvious from the erection against Mike’s thigh that Dylan wasn’t faking his arousal. 

Dylan’s left hand was rubbing Mike’s belly as Dylan shifted to whisper in his ear. "You look so fucking hot with all this extra weight. You’ve got no idea, have you?”

"I’m beginning to get it.” Mike pulled Dylan closer and kissed him deeply, probing his mouth with his tongue. Dylan pulled away after a few moments and started spreading kisses downwards, along Mike’s throat, chest and stomach. He sucked at the flesh on Mike’s belly and dug his fingers into the sides. Mike had never had anyone make him so aware of all the extra flab he was carrying, and strangely enough it wasn’t turning him off at all. 

Dylan was leaving a trail of bite marks and hickeys across Mike’s stomach. He slapped the side of it gently and watched the flab jiggle. Mike was already turned on beyond belief and Dylan hadn’t even touched his genitals yet. Apparently, that was about to change.

Dylan looked up at him with eyes full of hunger. "Can I suck your cock?”

Mike glanced at Trent then looked back at Dylan. "Only if I can suck yours.”

Dylan grinned slyly and pulled off his jeans. He swung his legs around and wrapped his lips around Mike’s cock, whilst Mike pulled Dylan’s ass down towards him and licked along his shaft. He moaned as Dylan’s lips moved up and down his cock, sucking faster and faster, then easing off and working his speed up again. Mike leaned forwards to take as much of Dylan’s cock into his mouth as possible. As he did, he felt Dylan’s hard torso press into his soft underbelly. The contrast in their bodies felt amazing, with Mike’s soft flab jiggling against Dylan’s hard chest.

Mike gasped as Dylan’s fingers brushed against his balls, rubbing slowly and moving his other hand round to grab Mike’s ass and pull him closer. Mike’s cock was pulled further into Dylan’s mouth, causing Mike to groan around Dylan’s cock. 

"Do something for me,” said Dylan, breathlessly, moving his mouth away from Mike’s cock. 

”Don’t stop,” Mike panted. 

"Promise me you’ll keep getting fatter,” said Dylan, teasing Mike’s shaft with licks and kisses. 

Mike kissed the head of Dylan’s cock and moved his head back. "I don’t know.”

"Come on,” said Dylan. "You telling me you don’t like this?” He pushed down onto Mike’s stomach and took his entire cock into his mouth. 

Mike whimpered, as Dylan sucked and licked. "God. Fuck. Yeah.”

"Say it,” Dylan whispered.

"I wanna get fatter,” said Mike. "I wanna keep getting bigger. God, don’t stop.”

Dylan grabbed Mike’s ass and pulled it up sharply, deep-throating his cock and sucking like crazy. Mike pulled Dylan down so he could get his cock even deeper into his mouth, giving him a quick bite with his teeth. That was the trigger. He felt Dylan’s balls get tighter against his double chin and braced himself to swallow. A stream of hot liquid hit the back of his throat and he coughed a little and kissed Dylan’s cock gently. 

Dylan gave Mike’s cock one last lick and sucked the head, before moving away. Mike was stunned that he’d stopped. "You bastard!” he spat in disbelief. 

"Sorry, fatboy,” said Dylan, patting Mike’s soft stomach. "Promised I’d save some.”

Mike looked over at Trent, who smiled from his chair and pulled his shirt off over his head. The doorbell rang.

”That’ll be the pizza,” said Trent, without breaking eye contact with Mike. 

"I’ll get it.” Dylan scrambled off the bed, grabbed a dressing gown from the back of the door and ran downstairs to answer the door. 

Trent stood up from his chair, unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to the floor. 

Mike smiled coyly. "Guess I’ll have to take care of it myself.” His hand slid down to his cock and started jerking off gently, eyes inviting Trent to join in. 

Trent sauntered over to the bed and pulled Mike’s hand away, taking both of Mike’s wrists in his hands and pushing them up above his head. He straddled Mike’s belly and pushed Mike’s arms back into the bed. 

"We’ve got a way to go yet,” Trent told him. He pulled Mike’s lower lip into his mouth and sucked gently. "I love it when fat boys are just beginning to realise how sexy they are.”

Dylan came back in with the pizza and sat cross-legged on the bed, opening the pizza box and smiling at Trent excitedly. 

"Open up, blubberboy,” said Trent, taking the first slice of pizza in his hand and holding it towards Mike. 

Mike smiled teasingly and opened his mouth slowly. Trent pushed the pizza in and Mike started chewing quickly.

"Slow down there, handsome, you’re gonna choke,” Dylan told him.

"He’s not gonna choke,” said Trent. "You know what you’re doing, don’t you?” 

Mike nodded and opened his mouth as Trent pushed the pizza further in. He chewed enthusiastically, drinking in the lustful stares from Trent and Dylan. Trent reached around behind him and grabbed Mike’s cock, giving it a quick twist that made Mike gasp. 

Trent picked up another slice from the box and held it underneath Mike’s nose. Mike opened his mouth wide and put the entire thing in his mouth at once. Chewing as quickly as he could, Mike savoured the pizza almost as much as the look of admiration on Dylan’s face and Trent’s satisfied expression. 

Trent fed him three more large slices before Mike felt the pressure on his stomach again. He moaned in discomfort. Trent placed a hand on Mike’s stomach and started rubbing, softly massaging his bloated midsection. "You’re not done yet, are you?” It wasn’t a question. 

Mike exhaled slowly and opened his mouth for the next slice. This one took more chewing and a short break after he’d finished. He soon forgot about resting when Trent reached behind him again to fondle his cock. It was aching now. He needed release and he knew he wasn’t going to get it until he finished that pizza. 

"C’mon,” Mike breathed heavily. "Keep it going.”

Dylan grinned at Trent, who picked up another slice and fed it to Mike slowly. Dylan moved closer and whispered in Mike’s ear. "Come on gorgeous, you can do it.”

Trent fed the last pizza slice to Mike torturously slowly. Mike chewed it quickly and smiled triumphantly at the end. Trent pushed the pizza box off the bed, moved further down the bed and pulled Mike’s thighs wide apart. He took the tube of lubricant from Dylan’s outstretched hand and smeared the contents on Mike’s asshole, working a couple of fingers inside. He stared into Mike’s eyes and said "Ready, fatboy?”

"Fuck me,” Mike whispered.

Trent pulled out his fingers and thrust his cock into Mike’s asshole. Mike moaned in ecstasy, experiencing an unprecedented feeling of fullness as Trent thrust in and out of him. His full stomach wobbled with each push and the sight of Trent’s tight, trim body on top of his own drove Mike crazy. 

"God. I should’ve got fat years ago,” Mike panted. 

"Plenty of time left to pork up,” Dylan whispered in his ear. 

Trent moaned gently as his thrusts became faster and harder. "So fucking hot,” he cursed, staring Mike in the eyes again. "Can’t believe you got so fat so quickly.”

Mike reached for Trent and pulled him down, closer to him so they were belly to belly. The contrast in their bodies was immediately evident and it made Mike’s desire levels soar. His cock was trapped between his belly and Trent’s groin, feeling that contrast between soft and hard with every nerve. 

Dylan snaked out his tongue, licked Mike’s ear and glanced at Trent. "He’s gonna be a lot fatter by the time we’re finished.”

That sent Mike over the edge and he felt the warm liquid on his stomach, as Trent’s thrusts became faster and faster. He sucked in his breath and moaned softly as he came inside Mike. 

Mike exhaled quietly as Trent pulled out of him and collapsed to his side, leaving Mike lying between Trent and Dylan. 

"So…” said Mike when he finally stopped panting. "Is this the part when you tie me up and take photos to blackmail me with?”

Dylan grinned. "Is that what you thought we were gonna do?”

Mike shrugged. "Maybe.”

"We can do that if you want,” Trent said. "Wouldn’t wanna disappoint you.”

Mike smiled lazily. "Maybe in the morning.” He jerked his eyes fully open suddenly, realising he’d been presumptuous. "I mean, unless you want me to go.”

"Nah, stay.” Dylan slung one of his arms around Mike’s stomach. "Trent cooks an amazing breakfast.”

Mike grinned as Trent shifted closer. Before long, exhaustion caught up to him and he fell asleep with his stomach full and a smile on his face. 

Mike woke up to the smell of bacon and the sound of sizzling drifting in from the kitchen. The first thing he noticed was that Trent was gone. The second thing was Dylan’s erection poking between the cheeks of his ass. 

Mike smiled and shifted backwards, pushing his ass against Dylan’s cock. He heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a small whimpering sound. Mike ran a hand across his bloated belly thoughtfully. It was a long time since he’d stopped and looked at himself while naked. Now he knew what power his larger frame gave him, he was seeing it in a completely different light. He watched the curve of his stomach as it rose and fell with his breathing, partially obscuring his erect cock. What would it be like, he wondered, to wake up one morning and not be able to see his cock at all? To find it blocked out by a huge apron of fat hanging down from his stomach?

That thought sent a rush of blood towards the area in question and Mike was suddenly compelled to roll over and pull Dylan towards him. Dylan’s cock grazed the underside of his belly and a slow, cocky smile spread over Dylan’s face. 

"Fuck me,” Mike whispered. "I’ll eat anything you want, get as fat as you want me to. Just fuck me.”

Dylan exhaled slowly, pulling Mike’s head forward and leaning in for a kiss. His tongue snaked out into Mike’s mouth and Mike sucked it eagerly. Dylan ran a hand down Mike’s back, slowing to a stop at his ass and squeezing gently. Mike broke away from the kiss to make an impassioned plea.

"Please,” he begged, giving Dylan his best puppy dog eyes expression.

Dylan just kept smiling and said nothing. He moved his hand to Mike’s side and indicated for him to roll over onto his front. Mike did so and moaned softly as Dylan left a trail of kisses down a sensitive area of his back. Mike felt his muscles becoming more and more tense as Dylan’s lips moved downwards. Just as those lips were about to reach his ass, Mike heard someone shout from another room.

"Breakfast!” Trent called.

Dylan scrambled off the bed, giving Mike’s ass a playful slap as he said "Come on, he’ll be pissed if we keep him waiting.”

Mike cursed under his breath as he grabbed his jeans, pulled them on and followed Dylan to the kitchen. 

"Hope you brought your appetite,” Trent greeted Mike as he entered the kitchen. Mike stood there hesitantly, still dumbfounded from Dylan’s tease-and-run antics. 

Trent glanced down and noticed the erection that was preventing Mike from fastening his jeans. "Dylan, what did we say about teasing before breakfast?”

"He started it,” Dylan retorted, biting into a piece of toast and grinning at Mike slyly. 

"You’re still a cocktease,” Mike glared, sitting down on the chair nearest to him. He was aware of Dylan staring at his half-naked body, admiring his stretchmarked stomach and manboobs. 

Trent smiled at him sympathetically, setting down an empty plate in front of him and sitting on Mike’s lap whilst he caressed one of his lovehandles. "You think you can focus enough to eat breakfast?”

"If I eat, I get fucked right?” Mike grinned. 

Trent nodded. "Anything you want.”

"So where’s the food?” 

Trent rubbed Mike’s belly, kissed him on the forehead and went over to the oven where he was using all four spaces on the stove top to cook breakfast. Mike watched him avidly, wondering how much he was going to be able to manage. Dylan’s foot brushing against his legs and working it’s way up between his thighs soon refocused his attention. He made up his mind there and then to eat every goddamn thing that was put in front of him before he got up from the table. 

Trent grabbed Mike’s plate and filled it with bacon, fried and scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns, fried mushrooms, fried tomatoes and french toast. Mike felt himself drooling a little as the plate was set down in front of him. It was a while since anyone had actually cooked him a proper breakfast – his weight gain had mostly come about as a result of all the takeout foods he’d indulged in. Knowing someone had gone to all this trouble to see him get just that little bit fatter stoked up his appetite enormously. He knew he had to give them something worth watching. 

He started eating before Trent could even hand him a knife and fork, dipping his first sausage in ketchup and shovelling the whole thing into his mouth in one go. Dylan’s foot was playing with his balls and Trent was already back at the oven, watching Mike eat as he opened another pack of bacon and emptied it into the frying pan. Mike continually shovelled the food into his mouth as fast as he could, chewing and swallowing quickly, stopping only to take quick gulps of orange juice. Dylan seemed to be in a kind of trance watching him and Trent almost let the remaining eggs get burnt because he wasn’t paying attention to the oven. 

Within a few minutes, he had finished off the first plateload. He exhaled slowly, stretching his arms back and feeling the extra pull of weight in his stomach. "God I needed that,” he murmured, stretching out his arms and reflecting on how much better he felt with his belly full. 

"Think you’re ready for more?” Trent challenged. Mike grinned and pushed his plate towards him. Once again, Trent filled his plate with food, although Mike had finished so quickly that the second packet bacon hadn’t even been cooked yet. Mike made a slower start on his second plateload, as his attention was partly distracted by Dylan’s more insistent foot movements. 

"How am I supposed to concentrate when you’re doing that?” Mike asked with an expression of mock annoyance on his face.

Dylan’s foot found it’s way under the fold of Mike’s belly. "You want me to stop?”

Mike smiled. "It’s distracting. Don’t you want me to get fatter?”

Dylan’s foot dropped to the floor abruptly. He shifted his chair closer to Mike’s. "I’ll show you what I want.” He took Mike’s fork and started shovelling food straight from the plate into Mike’s mouth. Mike struggled to keep up at first but soon found his rhythm, chewing and swallowing as fast as Dylan could feed him. Mike glanced over towards the oven and Trent staring quietly, the unmistakable outline of an erection showing beneath his white boxers. 

Dylan noticed his distraction and used his free hand to caress Mike’s stomach, fingers slipping between the folds of fat and rubbing gently. Mike’s senses were overloaded. Between the food in his mouth, the sensations in his stomach, the sights before him and the blood pounding in his cock, he felt like he was about to explode. 

Seeing the strain he was under, Dylan put down the fork and pulled Mike towards him, leaning in to kiss him softly and slowly whilst rubbing his belly firmly. Mike heard Trent pull up a chair behind him and felt a warm pair of lips on his shoulders, working their way down his back. Trent’s fingers sank into Mike’s love handles and started to massage him gently. Dylan’s mouth locked onto Mike’s neck and Mike closed his eyes and let sensation take him over. 

He felt something at his lips and opened up his mouth obediently as Dylan pushed the food inside. Mike didn’t care whether his stomach could handle it or not. He hadn’t felt anything like this since he was a nervous teenager touching himself for the first time. And all he had to do to keep it going was to keep eating. 

Mike felt something cold and wet on Trent’s fingers as they worked their way into a fold of fat under Mike’s softened pecs. It smelt like cooking oil and it made Mike feel like he was melting into the touch. Dylan continued to feed him slowly as Trent massaged his stomach. Mike felt his own cock grazing against his flabby stomach and moaned happily. He started chewing faster, knowing that he needed release and wouldn’t obtain it until he’d finished eating. 

He heard a chair move and opened his eyes to see Dylan going over to the counter and picking up a plate. "You like waffles?” he asked, with a look of mischief in his eyes. 

"Depends. You got syrup?” Mike asked, inhaling sharply as Trent bit into his shoulder. 

Dylan found the syrup and brought the waffles over to the table, feeding Mike by hand as Trent continued massaging and kissing him all over. Mike’s breathing became heavier as he ate more and more, struggling to keep up his former pace. 

"You’re doing great, gorgeous,” Trent whispered in his ear. "Never seen anyone with so much potential for eating. Keep going. You’re getting so deliciously fat.”

Mike leaned back into Trent’s touch, closing his eyes as he chewed the waffles, concentrating now on every mouthful in turn. He had to make it through everything on that plate. He wasn’t even sure why, but he knew somehow that it would be so much better if he did. 

He was gasping for air as he finished the last mouthful. He opened his eyes to see Dylan grinning with satisfaction. "You said something about fucking?” he enquired casually. 

Mike smiled sheepishly. "Not sure I can make it upstairs.”

"Not a problem.” Dylan helped Mike to his feet and pulled him in for a kiss, hands finding his way down to Mike’s belly and massaging softly. Mike became aware for the first time of just how heavy his stomach was, dragging down against Dylan’s touch. He pulled Dylan closer, wanting to feel his erection against the underside of his stomach. Dylan unzipped Mike’s jeans and grabbed Mike’s balls between his fingers. Mike gasped into the kiss and pushed down Dylan’s boxers.

Mike felt a pair of hands on his lovehandles pressing into his waist, as Trent moved behind him and kissed the back of his neck. Mike was intoxicated by it all. He had two gorgeous guys competing for his attention and all he had to do was eat up and enjoy it. 

Dylan broke the kiss and whispered "Get on the table.” 

Mike looked at the table, slightly worried that it wasn’t strong enough to support him, but Trent’s encouraging slap on his ass convinced him not to worry about that. He moved his plate out of his way and leaned against the wooden table tentatively. Dylan pushed him on further and positioned himself behind him. Mike felt the edge of Dylan’s erection pushing against him and bit his lip as it entered him. He moaned gently, before looking up to see Trent standing naked in front of him with the bottle of syrup in his hand and a wicked smile on his face. 

"Think you can fit anything else in that gorgeous mouth of yours?” he asked. 

Mike nodded and licked his lips. Trent opened the syrup bottle and let the warm, gooey liquid drip down onto his cock. Mike reached out for Trent’s ass and pulled him closer, wrapping his mouth around Trent’s cock and licking it all off. He moved his lips up and down the shaft, making certain to get all the syrup, jerking Trent off with his lips whilst his tongue licked the syrupy underside. 

Dylan was pounding against his ass now and Mike felt the pressure on his stomach increase as he was pushed into the table. It felt so good to have his stomach full and heavy. Dylan’s hands were grasping his lovehandles and Trent was jerking off into his mouth. He’d never been wanted this badly before and he was going to do anything he could to extend the experience. 

Mike gazed upwards and saw Trent biting down on his bottom lip, clearly nearing his climax. He sucked harder on Trent’s shaft, feeling his balls get harder. Then he stopped. 

"What? I’m not there yet…” Trent panted, confused. 

"I’m still hungry,” Mike bit his lip and gazed pleadingly at Trent.

"Jesus.” Dylan was pumping harder and harder. 

"Stop,” Trent ordered him. 

Dylan pulled out of Mike with a sigh of exasperation. Mike felt a hand roughly grab one of his lovehandles and flip him over. "You better not be teasing me, tubby,” Dylan said with a smirk. 

Mike smiled devilishly. "Try me.”

Trent looked at Dylan. "Freezer,” he instructed. 

Dylan went over to the chest freezer in the corner of the room. "Chocolate brownie or cookie dough?” he asked. 

"I couldn’t care less,” Mike told him. "Just feed me.”

"Chocolate brownie it is.” Dylan bounded over with the tub of ice cream and eagerly took the spoon that Trent held out. Mike pushed himself upright on the table and leaned back against Trent as Dylan scooped up a large amount of ice cream and shovelled it into Mike’s open mouth. Mike gulped it down and opened his mouth again for a second mouthful. The ice cream in his throat was an amazing contrast to the heat in his stomach and the rest of his body and he gulped it all down as quickly as he could. 

Trent scraped his teeth along the back of Mike’s neck as Dylan kept shovelling the ice cream in. Mike suddenly shivered as a slither of ice cream missed his mouth and dripped onto this chest. As it dribbled down his stomach, he suddenly got an idea.

"You got a microwave?” he asked around a mouthful of ice cream.

"What?” Dylan hadn’t been expecting to be asked that. 

"It’s gonna go down quicker…” Mike said between gulps, "if it’s melted.”

Dylan and Trent were looking at each other as if they’d suddenly discovered gold under their kitchen table. "You’re gonna be so good at this,” Trent murmured, as Dylan headed for the microwave.

Mike watched Dylan as he quickly tapped the buttons and stared at the ice cream tub impatiently. It was amazing, how easily he could reduce these sexy, confident guys to drooling idiots just by eating until every inch of his stomach was full to bursting. 

But he was most amazed by the effect it was having on himself. He hadn’t felt so alive in years. 

Dylan was staring at him as he handed back the ice cream tub. The substance inside was liquid but still cold. Mike felt Trent’s breathing quicken on the back of his neck. He grabbed the tub and greedily slurped back its entire contents, throwing the empty tub on the floor and grinning lazily at Dylan. "What are you staring at?” he asked smugly. 

Dylan reached forward and looped his arms around Mike’s thighs, pulling him towards the edge of the table and twisting him around. This time, Dylan grabbed onto his lovehandles as he fucked Mike’s ass furiously, whilst Trent pushed his cock back towards Mike’s lips. Mike sucked as if his life depended on it, wanting to give back somehow the intense pleasure he was getting as his cock rubbed against the underside of his stomach. 

Dylan slapped his ass hard as he came inside Mike and Trent growled as the warm cum shot down Mike’s throat. Meanwhile, Mike’s whole body shuddered and jiggled as his body was wracked with the most intense orgasm he’d ever experienced. 

Dylan collapsed on top of Mike, not hurrying to pull out. Trent ruffled Mike’s hair and sat down on a chair near the table, watching the scene before him with interest. 

Mike moaned happily and tried to stifle a yawn. 

"Sleepy?” Trent asked. 

"Mmmm.” Mike’s eyes suddenly fell on the clock on the kitchen wall. "Shit. I should be making a move.” 

"Or…” Trent murmured. "You could take a nap here, then stay for lunch… and dinner… and supper…” 

Mike knew this couldn’t last forever. But he was sleepy. He could barely keep his eyes open. 

"We’ll see,” he said. 

Trent’s self-assured grin was the last thing he saw before he drifted off. 

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