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Thanksgiving Vacation

Jay woke up to the sound of the phone on his night stand ringing. He turned over in bed to answer it, his gut flopping over with a pleasant sound.

"Hello?" Jay answered, still groggy.

"Happy Thanksgiving , my wonderful growing guy!" a very familiar voice on the other end said with a smile.

"Bill!!!!" Jay almost shouted, immediately wide-awake, and horny to boot. "Happy Thanksgiving to you, too."

"So, my Hot Stud Muffin," Bill said, obviously excited too, "How much have you grown for me in the two weeks since you've been back home?"

Jay was suddenly depressed. "Three pounds," he answered sheepishly. It was much harder than he had thought it would be to gain once he was at home, especially without someone there to encourage him, and stuff him, not to mention the other pleasurable benefits of having Bill there.

"Only three pounds?" Bill said dubiously. "Jay, you could do that in a day when you were here."

Jay was miserable. "It hasn't been easy without you here, to encourage me," he offered.

"Well, perhaps I'll have to come out there and take things in hand, so to speak," Bill said gruffly.

"God, that would be great!" Jay said, suddenly horny again. "Anytime you want, just do it," he said, rubbing his belly, watching his dick engorge with blood at the stimulation.

"I'll try to make it soon," Bill said sincerely, "but in the meantime, I can't have you wasting away. Today is Thanksgiving, your national Holiday. I want you to go for a record gain of 5 pounds today!" Bill said, his breathing ragged. He was obviously turned on by the idea, and from the sound of a zipper being undone, he was doing something about it.

"Tell me more," Jay said, starting to stroke himself while rubbing his belly.

"No time for that!" Bill said. "If you're going to gain five pounds today, you'd better start now. I want you to go make yourself a huge breakfast, and keep stuffing yourself all day. We'll talk tonight, and see how you've done."

Jay was a little dismayed. Even with Bill's help in Connecticut, the most he had ever gained in a day was probably three pounds. "I don't know if I can, Bill..."

"But you'll certainly try, right?" Bill said with a grin.

Jay couldn't help smiling too, and Bill's enthusiasm was infectious. "All right, I will!" he said, excitement in his voice. It would be a sort of personal best that he could use to get Bill worked up and horny any time he wanted to, which would be all the time if Bill were here.

"That's my boy," Bill said. "Well, go get started on that breakfast. We'll talk again soon."

"Bye." Jay said, and hung up the phone. He sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed for his robe, then thought better of it. If he was going to grow his belly today, he was going to let it hang out, at least while he was alone at home. Remembering how turned on Bill had been by seeing him in tight clothes, he decided to put on an old pair of Calvin Klein jockeys, size 32. He groaned and tugged at the fabric which tried to stretch to accommodate his new, impressive bulk, and he found himself getting turned on and hard as he did so, and that was the last straw for the poor old Calvin's. The increased size of his engorged member was too much, and the elastic split with a POP! Jay had to laugh, and decided that perhaps 34's (11 inches smaller than his actual waist size) was probably as close as he could push it.

Walking down the hall to the kitchen in his size 36 Calvin's (the 34's couldn't handle his new bulk either), Jay enjoyed the sensation of his belly moving up and down, side to side as he walked, and he wondered that he had ever fought his weight. He loved the way his belly looked, and as long as a hot stud like Bill liked it this way too, there would be no stopping him! His stomach growled in agreement, and he entered the kitchen and got to work.

At first he made a weight gaining shake to sip on while making breakfast, making it with ice cream and half-and-half, as well as the weight gaining powder. He also made it double big for today. He loved that creamy smooth feeling the half and half gave to it; he'd have to try it with just plain heavy cream later today. He whipped up the largest breakfast he had ever made for himself. A dozen scrambled eggs, 2 pounds of bacon, biscuits and gravy, and of course, 20 or sopancakes dripping with tons of butter, syrup, and whipped cream. As he finished eating, he leaned back in the chair and groaned with delight. He was so full he didn't want to move, and he was horny too. But he forced himself to eat even more, and for dessert, he had another weight gainer shake and polished off the dozen creme-filled donuts he had planned to take to the volunteers at his Aunt Judy's church pancake breakfast this morning. This Morning!

He glanced at the clock which read 8 AM. He was supposed to be there in a half an hour. Jay jumped (well, actually, walked was more accurate; he was too stuffed to do more than that) in the shower and got cleaned up, although he couldn't resist taking some extra time soaping and massaging his belly. He just wished he had time to jack off before he left. Stuffing his belly like he just had always left him with a raging hard on, and he was more stuffed than he had been since coming back from Connecticut. Ignoring the hard on, he went to his closet and gasped. He had put all of his large shirts in the wash last night, and now he remembered that he had intended to put them in the dryer this morning, but he had forgotten to with all the excitement of talking to Bill. Well, his size-46 pants at least were clean. He was sure he had a sweatshirt or something that would fit him. He tried on every sweatshirt in his closet, and was starting to panic when he finally found one that would fit--well, sort of. He had found a large white one that would fit, and even it didn't cover his belly if he lifted his arms above his head even a little, although he thought that it did show off the tanned belly nicely. Well, it would have to do.

He arrived at the church just a little late. He had had to stop and get more donuts for the volunteers (and an extra dozen for himself, which he finished on the way to the church.) Man! He was just an unstoppable eating machine today, and he smiled with satisfaction. His Aunt Judy was busy making pancake batter when he entered the church kitchen. She had organized this pancake breakfast for those church members who didn't have families 10 years ago, and had overseen it's operation every year since. And of course, Jay, being her favorite nephew, had been hauled in to help every year. In fact, he would be joining her at her house for dinner later that evening.

She suddenly stopped mixing and sniffed the air, then turned around with a big smile on her face. "Jay!" she cried, coming over and giving him a big hug. "I can always pick out your cologne when you walk in a room, no matter where I am." She stood back and looked at him. "Well, I'm glad to see you're finally over that anorexic phase you were going through for all those years. It's about time you looked like a healthy man! Now bring those donuts over here and help me with these pancakes!"

Jay smiled. That was Aunt Judy for you; a hurricane of love in his otherwise orderly world. Jay walked over and began stirring the batter to help his Aunt. He glanced around the kitchen at the other volunteers, his gaze resting on one in particular; a tall, muscular Asian boy with a tiny waist, who looked like he couldn't me older than sixteen. His Aunt came back and took over the stirring again. "Jay, would you go outside and help Jiro unload some bags of oranges from the truck?" she asked, indicating the young Asian.

"Sure, Aunt Judy. Who is he?" Jay asked, trying to be nonchalant.

"Oh, he's Rebecca Natabe's boy. You remember--she used to sing in the choir? He's just home from college for the weekend."

A college boy. Hmmmm, that meant definitely over 18. Jay saw that Jiro had already gone out to the truck, and hurried to follow him. When he got there, Jiro had already climbed up into the bed. "You're Jay?" he asked, smiling.

"Yeah," Jay said. "How did you know?"

"Ohh, I asked who you were," Jiro said cryptically. "Why don't I just hand the bags down to you? It'll go a lot faster than each of us climbing up and down."

"Sure," Jay replied, and reached up to take the first bag of oranges, his barely large enough sweatshirt riding up as he did, leaving his gut hanging out uncovered. Jay blushed, but couldn't do anything about it with this arms full of a large bag of oranges. He saw Jiro's eyes widen, and a small smile creep on his face. Jay took the bag of oranges inside, pulled his shirt back down, and came out for the next bag. Jiro held the next bag of oranges a little higher, so that Jay had to reach even more for them, and more of his belly was uncovered as a result. Jay also noticed, his eyes being at Jiro's crotch level, that the Asian boy was getting hard watching Jay's belly.

"Could it be?" Jay wondered to himself. He had never been much of a Rice Queen himself, but watching the growing bulge in Jiro's tight 501's, Jay wondered if this might be worth exploring. Jiro noticed Jay watching his basket, and they both blushed, Jay leaving to take the oranges into the kitchen. This time when he returned, however, he did not pull the shirt back down, and actually stuck out his gut by arching his back slightly, making it look even larger. The effect on Jiro was electric, and the large bulge in his pants got even larger. He teased Jay by holding the last bag or oranges slightly out of reach, making Jay reach higher and higher, uncovering even more of that glorious gut. He finally handed the bag of oranges to Jay, and smiled. He hopped down from the pickup and followed Jay inside. Jay put down the oranges, then turned around to have Jiro walk right into him, and stand there belly to belly.

"Whoops! Sorry," Jiro said, but made no move to leave, and looked directly into Jay's eyes and smiled.

"Uhhh, no problem," Jay said back, returning his gaze, moving to push his belly into Jiro even more. Jiro gasped, and they were close enough that he could feel Jiro's cock grow even more against his own.

"I don't suppose you'd like to go somewhere and get something to eat after we're done here, would you?" Jiro asked hopefully, his eyes pleading.

"You must have read my mind," Jay said smiling, and they got back to work.

They finished at the church at 11:30, and Jay's Aunt reminded him that dinner was at her house at 4:00. Jay and Jiro agreed to meet at an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Jiro had to be at his parents house at 2:00, but that left them plenty of time to . . . eat. They pulled up at the same time, and Jiro walked over to open Jay's door.

"I can't believe we never met before," Jay commented as they walked inside.

"Well, I was pretty scrawny for a while, so you probably weren't inclined to notice me," Jiro said, flexing his now well-developed arms and chest, "and while I can say I noticed you, I know you were never this . . . err, impressive before."

Jay blushed, then covered it by saying, "so you were scrawny, eh? What happened?"

"Well," Jiro began, "I've lifted weights for quite a while, but I couldn't gain; my metabolism is so high. But I finally just forced myself to start eating more and more, and you can see the results. I bet I could even eat you under the table . . .so to speak," he added archly.

"We'll just have to see about that," Jay said grinning, and they were shown to their table, then went to the buffet. Jay and Jiro both loaded their plates to overflowing with country fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken nuggets and popcorn shrimp, and sat down and began putting it away like there was no tomorrow. Jiro finished his plate and was back at the buffet before Jay was even half done. "Geez that kid can eat!" Jay thought to himself, and doubled his efforts. Jay was back up to the buffet just as Jiro sat down with another overloaded plate, but by the time Jiro was finished this time, so was Jay.

They continued on, the spirit of the contest overwhelming anything else between them, although both were now constantly hard from having their bellies stuffed so full. As the contest continued, it began to be apparent that Jay was indeed the better man. Jiro's abdomen was swollen, bulging out through his tight T-shirt over his 501's, even though the top two buttons were undone. Although his waist was only 30 inches, his belly was probably 35 or 36 now, and that was without any rolls of fat. That was just the distention caused by the food inside the kid's gut. Jay looked at him with wonder. That kid's stomach must be huge!

Jay's own stomach was stuffed also, and the 46-inch pants now actually felt a little tight, although nothing like Jiro's 501's. Jay looked at Jiro sitting back and groaning as he shoveled another mouthful of mashed potatoes into his gut. "You ready to give up kid?" he asked, smiling.

Jiro looked at him stubbornly. "No way! I have never lost an eating contest, and I'm not about to start now." He began shoveling the food in at his former pace. Jay looked at him in wonder, but kept pace. He was starting to get uncomfortably full as well, approaching as stuffed as he had ever been with Bill, and he wondered if he could indeed win.

They both cleaned their plates (for the sixth time) and then headed for the desserts; Jay loading up on ice cream, Jiro on pies. Jiro's fat-free abdomen kept growing and growing, until his belly must have been 38 or 39 inches, and still he kept shoveling the food in. Jay was in awe, and although he managed to keep pace too, His own abdomen was showing signs of distention. The 46-inch pants were VERY tight now; he would have to undo the top button any minute, and his sweatshirt could no longer contain that belly; it just kept pushing out, propelled by all of that food in his stomach. He didn't know how much longer he could keep this up. He knew that he had never been this stuffed before in his life, even in Connecticut.

After the next trip to the dessert bar, which Jiro could barely walk to, Jay asked, "How long can you keep this up? I'm worried you're going to hurt something internally."

Between bites of banana cream pie, Jiro smiled and said, "I can do this for, oh," and he glanced at his watch. "Shit!" he exclaimed.

"What is it?" Jay asked, afraid that there was something physically wrong with his amazing, eating friend.

"I was supposed to be at my parents' house 5 minutes ago, and it'll take me at least 45 minutes to drive there from here." He glanced at his now-probably 40 inch belly and moaned. "And this will not be the easiest thing to explain."

Jay glanced at the belly too, and felt himself get even harder. He wondered if this was what Bill had felt seeing his belly. "Don't worry too much, Jiro. The way you've been packing it away, I'm sure it'll move out of your stomach by the time you get to your folks', especially if you drive slow. Just say the traffic was bad; I'm sure they don't want you to risk getting in an accident."

Jiro smiled back at Jay. "You're probably right. And although I have to go back to school tomorrow, I'll call you when I'm home for Christmas break. We haven't decided who's the eating champ--in either department," he added archly.

Jay walked Jiro out to the smaller man's black Toyota Celica. There was a bond between the two of them which had been created by the eating contest, one which neither of them had experienced before. They hugged good-bye, over-stuffed bellies rubbing against each other, and both felt a familiar electric charge in their groins.

Jiro smiled as he got into his Celica, his belly briefly scraping the steering wheel as he slid in. "Man, I can't wait until Christmas!" and the growing bulge in his crotch indicated that he was telling the truth.

Jay smiled back and reached in to fasten Jiro's seat-belt, sliding his hand across the distended belly as he did. Jiro stiffened and said, "Jesus! I feel like I'm gonna cum right here!" Jay smiled wickedly and continued to massage Jiro's swollen belly, and then moved down to the rock-hard bulge in his pants. He Heard Jiro moan with pleasure, and felt something wet in the 501's. Jiro looked at him in awe. "That was fantastic! I can't believe you were able to make me cum just by massaging my belly!"

Jay smiled back. "It's a little secret a good friend taught me. We'll do it again at Christmas."

Jiro blew him a kiss as he pulled out of the parking lot, and Jay had to laugh to himself. With as much a that boy loved eating, and now that he knew how hot sex was when he had stuffed his belly, he doubted Jiro would have that same small waist when he came back home for Christmas. Jay tried, unsuccessfully, to pull the sweatshirt down over his own swollen belly, and smiled. He just might be able to gain 5 pounds for Bill today after all.

Driving to his Aunt's house, Jay wondered at how much his sex life had improved since he had decided to go for it and grow his belly. Meeting Bill last month, and then Jiro today, he had scored more in the last month than he had in two years! And they had both cruised for him! He laughed when he remembered trying to keep the weight off. What he had really been doing was keeping the men away. Well, no longer! He looked at his gut and felt a warm, contented feeling inside. It was like he had found what had been missing in his life for years, and it had been right underneath his nose, or rather, his shirt. And now it wasn't even underneath that, he thought, as he looked at it, still unable to be contained by the sweatshirt, although he imagined it would be by the time he reached his aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner. His stomach growled in anticipation, and he laughed, as his foot stepped a little harder on the gas. He didn't want his stomach empty for a minute today!

Four hours later, Jay pulled up in front of his house and moaned, honestly not knowing if it was pain or pleasure that prompted the sound.

He opened the door to the car and just sat there for a minute, not sure if he would be able to move. He wondered if his Aunt was maybe a closet feeder. It had just been him and her for the meal, but she had cooked enough for a family of eight, and had made sure that Jay didn't leave until it was all gone. He had had to beg her to let him take the 4 pies she had made for dessert with him instead of eating them there.

He looked down at his swollen, distended gut, rubbing it absently while his cock grew hard again. The size 46 pants were unbuttoned and would stay that way. Jay had popped the button off while eating dinner with his Aunt. She had just laughed and filled his plate again, saying that he was a growing boy, and boys grew out of their clothes; it was only natural.

Loading up the 4 pies in his arms, he waddled to the door, feeling all the food inside his massive gut sloshing around, unbalancing him slightly. And he loved it! As full as he was, he wanted even more! He wanted to see just how big he could stuff his belly. And he did need to train for the contests he and Jiro would undoubtedly have during Christmas break.

He unlocked the door, and the first thing that greeted him as he stepped inside was the smell of pizza. He looked at the dining room table, and there were 6 huge pizza boxes sitting there, with two romantically lit candles sitting next to them. He closed the door behind him and said, "What in the world..."

"Happy Thanksgiving, stud," a familiar voice said, and Jay turned to see Bill walking out of the kitchen, wearing nothing but a maitre 'D's towel on his arm. He gestured to the table and said, "Dinner is served."

Jay was shocked, surprised, pleased, horny, and hungry all at the same time. "How..What..." was all he could stammer.

Bill came over and took the pies from the stunned Jay's arms, and kissed him on the neck, whispering, "We'll need these later." He guided Jay to the table and helped him off with his pants and sweatshirt, and his dick got even harder as he noticed Jay was wearing size 36 Calvin's. He smiled and said, "OK, I guess you do deserve an explanation. But why don't you tear into one of those pizzas while I do."

Jay nodded enthusiastically, opened one of the boxes and took out a steaming slice of pepperoni pizza, dripping with cheese, stuffed it into his mouth, and watched Bill's cock stand even more at attention as he ate. He didn't understand how, but he was hungry again. Starving!

Bill smiled as he watched Jay become an eating machine, then started talking. "I've been wanting to come see you ever since you left Connecticut, in fact I made my plane reservations the day after you left. I just happened to get lucky and be able to get a flight out a couple days before Thanksgiving."

"But why didn't, you call, if you've been here a couple of days?" Jay mumbled through a mouth full of pizza.

"Well I wanted to, but I've been having such a good time secretly watching you and getting hornier doing it. And also, it gave me a chance to find out more about the town where you live, and meet some of your family..."

It struck him like a ton of bricks. "You and my Aunt Judy were in on this together!"

Bill smiled widely. "Yep. You talked so much about her when you were back visiting me, I know she'd be great about us too, and so I called her when I decided to come out for Thanksgiving. I was originally going to surprise you by being at her house when you got there, but she suggested meeting you here after dinner, and who was I to argue?" While he had been talking, Bill went into the kitchen, and he brought back a pitcher full of weight gainer shake, which Jay anxiously began to guzzle down. There was no stopping him today!

Bill knelt down and began massaging Jay's belly, feeling how tightly it was stretched and getting even more horny because of the sensation. "I thought you might be a little sick of turkey and the like, so I ordered pizza, because it was different, and because it was the first meal we ever ate together."

Just then Jay finished the first box of pizza. Bill was amazed. "I don't think there will be any problem for me to gain 5 lbs. today," Jay said, grinning, "But you might want to order more pizza. I'd hate for us to be in the bedroom and run out..."

Bill's large cock went rock hard, and he grabbed for the phone. He was breathing heavily as he started dialing Pizza Hut. He wondered if they had ever delivered 10 Bigfoot Pizza's to one house before...

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