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Thanksgiving with Chad
Happy Thanksgiving Jacob had always loved Thanksgiving, especially the parts where he'd gorge himself silly on large turkeys and giant bowls of mashed potatoes. He guessed it was all of his binging that led him to what he was today, 450lbs with a giant, rounded, doughy belly, thighs so fat they rubbed together when he walked and jiggled as much as his belly did and a hugely fat ass. Jacob could barely walk, and when he did he was left panting and sweaty. Nothing fit him anymore, so he was left to wear clothes that were always a size or two small, it just made his piggy-like frame more obvious. He had moved away from home a year ago, so, he decided that he and his best friend (Chad) would just sit in together and have a proper thanksgiving meal. As Chad was alone too and was a professional chef he was more than happy to come to Jacob’s for food. In fact, he wanted to see how much Jacob could cram down his throat and into his chubby belly. When thanksgiving finally came around Chad came over and began cooking a delicious (and fatty) meal for the two of them, even though he had no intentions of eating it himself and was going to push Jacob to eat it all. “Hey man.” Jacob responded when Chad had first walked through the door. The sight of Jacob’s fat, soft body shoved into the tight clothes made Chad fill with the urge to make him so fat, it would all rip. “Hey. You don’t mind me cooking, do you?” He asked walking in. “No, not at all. As long as you make enough food for this gut.” Jacob slapped his belly and made it wobble. Chad knew he had to plump Jacob up, and make him his piggy. A few hours later Jacob sat down at the able, the chair squeaking a bit as he sat, while Chad started to bring food in. Chad laid the table with a large turkey, two bowls of mashed potatoes, three bowls of stuffing, and enough bottles of beer to make a person’s stomach swell to twice the size. “Woah, you think both of us can eat this all?” Jacob asked, just as his hungry eyes watched the food get set down in front of him and is belly growled eagerly. “I think so, but you feel free to eat as much as you want.” Chad replied. “Oh, thanks dude.” Jacob happily began tucking into the fattening mashed potatoes that Chad had ruffied with ‘Hunger Increasment Powder’ which only made Jacob’s already big appetite bigger. Not soon after he had finished both potatoes (showing no signs of slowing down) and with his tubby fingers grabbed a drumstick from the turkey. Chad watched in awe, not touching any of the food, as Jacob ate and ate, and he grew and grew. Jacob’s white shirt was stained with grease marks and pieces of mashed potatoes. His shirt’s buttons looked as if they were going to give up any minute, his growing gut only pushed on them and poked out. The buttons were now gaping at least 2 inches as he finished the entire turkey. “Man, that’s good…You not gonna eat any?” He mumbled as he greedily grabbed for stuffing. “Nah, I’m fine, you seem to be getting along quite nicely eating all that.” He couldn’t hear chad, Jacob was too focused on eating. He shoved handful after handful of food into his fat face until his buttons finally gave up and popped. The first popped straight off, then the second, then the third, the others still holding on for life. Jacob’s fat belly spilled out onto his big and large thighs. “Oops…” Jacob mumbled as he looked down at himself. Chad felt himself go hard at the sight of Jacob, he was such a slob, he was such a pig, and Chad loved it. “You best finish the rest of this, I’ll get desert.” Chad saw Jacob’s eyes light up at the thought of more food and he quickly began devouring the rest of the food. His thighs felt so tight against his dress pants, his fat ass did too. Speaking of his ass, it had grown so much. It spilled out when he sat (along with his blubbery thighs) and made the chair creak more and more. Jacob must’ve gained at least 15 pounds when he finished the meal. Chad heard a large belch come from the table as he brung in dessert, it was a large pecan pie, followed with enough ice cream to fill three tubs. Jacob moaned as he rubbed his large belly. “You ok there?” Chad asked, secretly enjoying Jacob being bloated. “Y-yeah. Ugh. I ate like a pig…” Jacob moaned. He was sprawled against the creaking chair, his stomach covering his crotch as well as his blubbery thighs. Jacob’s last buttons that were keeping his much bigger moobs from spilling out were slowly giving away. “Do you want me to un-do those buttons? They look so tight.” Chad walked over (not giving Jacob a choice) and undid his buttons. Jacob’s moobs spilled out and onto his giant belly. “I brought some pie.” Chad said…almost mockingly. “You think you can fit it in?” Jacob’s eyes lit up again as he muttered “P-pie?” Chad smiled as Jacob clearly wanted more food. “Lemme get you more comfortable.” With much effort, he slowly got Jacob up from his chair and he waddled over to the couch. Jacob got himself comfy, and his belly covered most of his knees when he sat down. Chad climbed next to him (or rather on top of his belly as it took up that much room) and handed Jacob the food. “I-I…um…well I can’t reach. Do you mind feeding me it?” Jacob asked as he reached for the pie that was placed on his stomach. He had grown so much he cold barely reach anything. “Of course not.” Chad replied, winking. For some reason as Chad fed Jacob spoonful after spoonful of pie, Jacob found himself being turned on. He was turned on about he was so fat he could barely move, and that he had to be fed and was pretty much helpless to whatever Chad could do to him. Jacob liked being fat and fed and vulnerable. “God, I’m so fucking huge.” Jacob laughed as he devoured every piece of piece and ice cream and sat back, feeling his stomach. “Yeah you are a little piggy.” Chad replied, getting harder and harder, and wanting to massage his throbbing dick- as did Jacob. He smiled and grabbed at his belly. “God…how much do I weigh?” Jacob tried to get up, but one: he couldn’t and two: Chad put his hand on Jacob’s thighs which left him lying on the couch. “C-chad. What are you doing?” “I’m treating you like the hog you are, fattening you up and then playing with my piggy.” Jacob instantly felt his dick throb at these words. Chad traced his fingers up Jacob’s unbelievably fat thighs and under Jacob’s belly to his crotch. Jacob’s dress pants had split a long time ago, so he was left with the tightest underwear, no pants or shirt. Chad tickled, and stroked Jacob’s erection and he heard Jacob’s moan of pleasure. “Yeah, you like that don’t you fatty.” Chad teased as he did it again, and just like the first time, Jacob moaned again. Chad immediately striped of his shirt and pants, and turned Jacob over (with much effort) “Chad?” Jacob asked again, he was trying to act as though he didn’t enjoy Chad taking control over him. “Yes piggy.” Chad growled, and he slapped Jacob’s giant bubble butt. “W-what are you- “Jacob was interrupted by his own moaning as Chad put his throbbing dick inside of him. “I’m pleasing you, my hog. And you’re pleasing your master.” Chad thrust again. It felt so rough and horrid but Jacob wanted Chad so bad. Chad placed his hands of Jacob’s new love handles and one on his giant moobs. “M-master…” Jacob stuttered. “Yes, I’m you’re master now. You’re my pet piggy. You’re my fat little bitch to play with when I’m bored. I’ll feed you tile you’re immobile and then I’ll fuck you like you’re the best thing on earth.” Chad told him and used his hands to squeeze his giant tits then his small little cock. Jacob moaned in utter and shear pleasure as Chad thrust again and came inside of him. “And you’ll like it wont you, you big, fat oinker?” “Yes, master.” Jacob smiled.

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