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The Beauty of Travel Part 2

"What do you think?” Jay asked when he finally came up for air. 

Niall just grinned and bit down on one corner of his bottom lip. He pulled Jay close enough that their cocks nuzzled against each other, but Jay was too busy feeling self-conscious about his stomach again to fully appreciate the moment. He relaxed a little when Niall didn’t appear to react to the soft abundant flesh pressed against his own perfectly sculpted body. Maybe Niall was just pretending it wasn’t there. 

"What’s up?” Niall asked, and Jay realised he must be frowning. 


"We don’t have to do anything-" Niall started to let go and move away and if anything Jay just felt more exposed because now Niall was far enough away to get a good look at him…

"No, I want to.” Jay put his hand on Niall’s waist and pulled him closer but he was still tense and he knew Niall could see it. He thought fast. "It’s just… this is the first time sober. Seemed a lot easier last night.” 

Niall seemed to accept that. He smiled reassuringly. "Lay back,” he said and Jay complied, opening his mouth as Niall leaned over and kissed him again. Niall sucked gently on Jay’s lower lip and started rolling one of his nipples between his fingers. Jay placed his hands on Niall’s hips, simultaneously caressing them and trying to keep a slight distance between Niall’s taught body and his own flab. 

He couldn’t maintain that distance for long, as Niall settled his weight on top of him, causing their cocks to graze against one another. Jay moaned into the kiss, pulling Niall down so he could kiss him more deeply, their tongues mingling inside his mouth. It was Niall who broke it off first, moving slightly further up the bed so he could nibble on Jay’s ear. His cock rested on Jay’s stomach and for a second Jay panicked, before Niall ground against him suddenly and Jay was too lost in pleasure to be self-conscious anymore. 

Jay’s hands roamed all over Niall’s body, eventually resting on his ass to give his cheeks a firm squeeze. Niall sniggered into Jay’s neck and started grinding against his stomach again. Jay briefly wondered why his gut wasn’t turning Niall off but he was having too much fun to give it much serious thought. 

"You’re so fuckin’ sexy,” Niall murmured, as he kissed his way down Jay’s neck. "I could just sit and look at you all day. This is more fun though,” he added with a smirk.

Jay snorted in response. "When was the last time you had your eyes checked?”

Niall moved down the bed, licking and placing kisses along Jay’s body as he went. "Nah, you’re perfect.” 

Jay chuckled at the ludicrous nature of this response before gasping sharply as Niall’s tongue came into contact with the soft side of his underbelly. 

"You like that?” Niall teased. "How about this?” Niall sucked on a patch of flesh at the bottom of Jay’s stomach and sucked hard. Jay squirmed with pleasure, pushing his stomach up into Niall’s mouth and growling in delight. 

Niall licked all over Jay’s stomach, nibbling and kissing every inch of flab whilst his hands firmly gripped Jay’s lovehandles. Jay had never felt so intensely aroused in his entire life. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew it was slightly weird to be getting off on something like this, but Niall seemed to be enjoying this as much as he was. He was stroking the top of Jay’s stomach and moaning as he ravenously sucked on his gut. 

"Jesus…” Jay murmured as Niall’s hand brushed along his stomach and grasped his cock, stroking gently at first but slowly building up momentum. By the time Jay neared his climax, his stomach was covered in hickeys and Niall was tonguing his navel. 

"I’m gonna come,” Jay exclaimed, grasping the bedsheets between his fingers as Niall moved away slightly and watched him ejaculate over his stomach. Niall licked up the semen slowly, evidently enjoying every moment. 

Jay laughed as the wave of sensations throughout his body gently subsided and looked down to see Niall still licking at his gut. 

"You can’t actually like that,” Jay said curiously. 

Niall shrugged. "You taste good.”

"I didn’t mean that,” Jay told him, whilst feeling curiously proud in response to Niall’s compliment. "I meant… y’know… that thing you were doing…”

"You mean this?” Niall asked, sucking at Jay’s belly again. "Does it look like I’m having a bad time?” he added, taking one of Jay’s hands and placing it on his own erect cock.

"Guess not,” Jay replied, still slightly perplexed. "I was gonna join a gym on Monday. Work it all off…” 

Niall’s expression suddenly became very serious. "Don’t. You. Dare.” He crawled up the bed, resting his cock against Jay’s stomach and tilting up Jay’s head to kiss him again. 

"Okay,” Jay smirked, when they finally stopped for air. "Whatever you say.”

Niall looked at him with a quizzical expression for a moment. "Will you do something for me?”

Jay grinned. "Anything.”

"Will you eat while I fuck you?”

Jay was gobsmacked. Who would have thought the object of his affections would get off on seeing his two favourite past-times combined?

"Have you got any ice cream?” he asked hopefully.

* * * 

Two months into the relationship, Niall got a phonecall saying his father was in hospital in Dublin after suffering a stroke. Three weeks later, Jay was in bed alone, missing his boyfriend and wishing he was here to give him a stomach rub after a big meal, when he heard a key unlocking in the front door. 

"Niall?” he called out. His first instinct was to get up and rush over to him to greet him, but he decided it would be better to surprise him in bed. 

"Hey gorgeous.” Niall dropped his bag in the doorway, leaving the bedroom light turned off but switching on a bedside lamp whilst he got undressed. 

"Thought you weren’t getting back ‘til the weekend?”

"I got an early flight,” Niall explained. "Only it was delayed for four hours so… here I am.”

He kicked off his shoes and socks, wiggled out of his jeans and pulled off his shirt in record time before clambering into bed. "Miss me?” he asked hopefully. 

Jay responded by pulling him closer and kissing him like there was no tomorrow, waiting excitedly for Niall to reach out and touch his stomach. It didn’t take too long. Niall froze mid-kiss. 

"Oh my God,” he said, breathlessly.

"Problem?” Jay teased.

"You’ve grown,” Niall observed.

Jay shrugged playfully. "Maybe a little.” 

"A little?” Niall moved his hands along Jay’s enlarged belly, admiring the extra heft to his gut, the extra width of his lovehandles and the small fold of fat beginning to appear above the main protrusion of his gut. "Wow…” he exclaimed. "You’ve been busy while I’ve been away…”

"I’m not done yet,” Jay told him. 

"C’mere.” Niall pulled Jay towards him so his hard torso was pressed tight against Jay’s soft, warm stomach and the manboobs that had recently started to form on his chest. Kissing him passionately, Niall groped a lovehandle with one hand whilst exploring Jay’s ass with the other. 

Jay was in heaven. Every day he’d spoken to Niall on the phone and heard the worry in his voice when he talked about his father’s health. He’d wanted to do something special for him when he got back, but the response was better than he’d dared hope. 

Jay wanted Niall to know exactly how much he’d gained, so he pushed him onto his back and shifted his weight on top of him. Niall gasped into the kiss and pulled Jay down on top of him, pushing up into his stomach. Jay started kissing Niall’s neck and shifted down his body, wanting Niall’s cock against his gut. 

Niall’s hands were all over his body, groping his manboobs, caressing his belly fat and squeezing his ass. Jay pushed his stomach down onto Niall’s cock, revelling in the contrast between the hard erection and his own soft belly. It felt so good, he thrust down against Niall’s cock again and again and before long Niall was moaning and grinding upwards against him. 

Jay could see Niall was going over the edge and it was intoxicating to know that his belly alone could have this effect on him. He pushed down harder and harder until Niall squeezed his ass hard and groaned through gritted teeth as Jay felt the warm semen gushing onto his stomach. 

Jay kissed Niall on the forehead and reached for some tissue to wipe off his stomach, whilst Niall admired his body in the lamplight. 

"You look amazing,” Niall said, gazing up at Jay reverently. 

"It’s all for you babe,” Jay told him, slipping a hand in his hair to ruffle it gently. 

"Yeah, but it’s what you want too, right?” 

"Oh yeah. It was weird at first but… " Jay rubbed a hand along his stomach thoughtfully. "…This is what I want.”

A slow smile spread across Niall’s face. "I brought cake back from Dublin. Chocolate muffins…”

"Mmm… I was just thinking I could go for something sweet…” Jay kissed Niall tenderly then leaned back to let him move. "Go get ‘em.”

Niall scrambled out of bed and rustled through his back, until he found what he was looking for. Jay took the box of muffins, opened them and placed them next to him on the bed, noting approvingly that they were soft and large, with black and white chocolate blocks in them. As he pulled off the cake wrapper, Niall opened a cupboard near the bed and retrieved a tube of lubricant, squeezing some onto his hands and smearing it onto Jay’s still-hard cock. 

Jay’s eyes locked onto Niall’s as he opened his mouth wide and crammed almost all of the first muffin into his mouth in one bite. Niall scooted up the bed and lowered himself slowly onto Jay’s cock, exhaling slowly and deeply as he was stretched open. Jay moaned around the mouthful of cake and pushed upwards as Niall’s hands roamed over Jay’s stomach, pinching, slapping, squeezing and caressing. 

Jay’s brain was flooded with sensation – the chocolate in his mouth, the strong hands on his stomach and the electrifying feelings in his cock. He maintained eye contact with Niall the whole time, seeing the admiration in his eyes as Jay continued to stuff the muffins into his mouth, gradually working his way through the box. Niall worked up a steady rhythm, sliding up and down Jay’s cock and gripping his lovehandles for support. 

Niall slammed down hard as Jay shoved the last muffin into his mouth and pushed up towards Niall’s ass. He swallowed the last of the cake and gasped as he climaxed, Niall’s fingernails digging into his gut and heightening the intensity of his orgasm. Time stopped for a moment as Jay’s body arched then relaxed, his flab jiggling as he relaxed back into the bed. 

Niall eased himself off Jay’s cock and kissed him on his stomach, working his way up Jay’s body and resting himself on top of him. They kissed slowly and embraced. 

"So… do you know how much weight you gained?”

"Fifteen pounds,” Jay answered with a smirk. 

"Wow. Seems like… whenever one of us goes away, you end up gaining a lot of weight…” Niall mused thoughtfully. 

Jay pouted a little. "You’re not going away again, are you?”

"No… but I’ve still got another week before I have to go back to work, and you’ve got some time off saved up…” Niall raised an eyebrow suggestively.

"Interesting. So where do you wanna go?”

Niall grinned. "Anywhere you want. So long as you bring your appetite.”


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