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The chub sauna
Come discover our aquatic and gastronomic space for men who want to put on weight or who want to encourage them to cut off any network. Our establishment and on 2000m2 with three pool don one with ramp xxl a Jacuzzi Xxl a sauna and steam room, two living room, a massage room, a backroom, love room for some minutes, 4 bedroom two restaurants at will h24 and 7/7. We also offer 20 room with extra large bed with all amenities and a dressing room. Upon your arrival we ask you to leave your cell and any other camera in the locker room held for the sheath will be a red nude slip with towel (3m larger size) and more to your size to encourage a blue slip. Presentation of the sauna Gainer If you want to gain weight you have to knock on the right door we can offer you several formulas: -bears: if you want to put on weight the time of an afternoon you can come and enjoy our mix gain that will make you swell + 1kg pars liter -chub: come and take refuge at our place for 2 to 7 days cut from the outside world your only leisure will be to eat sleep. we guarantee your weight gain and we offer you clothes at your size at the exit of the sauna. -fat: more 7 to 10 days but before we will make a medical visit to make sure that it goes well and we ask you to try the lower version before. -porc: you can not leave our establishment the time that your breeder does not extime that you are fat enough, he can use our maintenance table, identical to the others a medical visit will be done before after. encourager If you want to have fun with men who wants to put on weight you have to hit the right door here are our menu: Chaser: help a bear to support the winter offers him a good meal in one of our restaurant at will and supplement with a gain shaker that slows down his metabolism while taking away his idea of ​​throwing up ideal to finish the evening. Chub: after choosing this option and after finding your mate you will be tied to him if he stays 3 days you will stay 3 days help him to push back those limit keeps to the optics that has the choice to stop if it goes too far Fat: the like these write it chose to be the one to gain weight after that medical visit establish a sheath plan and the work starts you can be two on the same person Breeder: after having received are consent you are are breeder choose if it remains fixed or mobile and even his diet sheath shaker at will or other and it is you who decide his departure and are weight within the limit of 1 month max.
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