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The Connection - A Poem
thinking about the connection
the incredible connection they have 
between food and fat
those jiggling wobbling huge hot
food-addicted fat boys
the ones on the street
some people look on in pity
yet all I feel is lust and longing
knowing soon they'll disappear from view
is a constant torture i must face
how I suppressed the urge this long
the one they continuously give into
the boys who live for that next piece of cake
or that last lick of the icing off the knife
thinking about appeasing these desires
practically every waking hour
satisfying their oral fixations
and orgasm arousing cravings
addictions to these all-consuming desires
too lost in the feeding frenzy
to be concerned about the looks of pity
and disgust
which exist for me
as feelings of pure adorement utter lust
people tend to stare at the bizarre
it's a fear of that which goes against the grain
yet no more free have I felt
then when I finally let go and allowed myself to gain
I contemplate the future as the masses scrutinize
frowning upon my transcendence
into an unacceptable way to live and look
seems we rarely
let ourselves completely go
more than anything I want to know
what it will feel like
to take it to the limit with another
a place few dare to go
you and I in our ultimate surrendering
to dionysus the god of pleasure
as we let go completely
widening softening stretching
slowing down to an ecstatic high
in the perfect combination of flavours
in a quantity fit for a king's feast
intertwining food and sex so seductively
descending slowly 
into the ultimate indulgent state
of intoxicating obesity

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