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The Dominant Feeder
At 24 I have always had the desire to grow bigger ever since I knew I was gay but struggled to act on it alone, spending the last eight years trying to erase the idea from my mind to no avail. I often wondered what it would be like to transform into a huge fat boy, with a body covered in soft lard housing sporadic stretchmarks that highlight my gluttonous appetite and decent into obesity. This desire formed the crux of my nightly wanking sessions. Over time the desire became more intense and had inevitably taken on a darker theme. At first my jack off sessions would involve me imaging myself sitting in my briefs stuffing myself until I fell asleep. Then they involved having a friend to help and lately they have evolved to require the assistance of a dominant feeder that would control every element of my gaining. The idea of a feeder taking charge struck a chord with my submissive personality and my orgasms became more intense and frequent. The idea started to consume more and more of my time. I started to spend countless hours at work sitting at my desk drifting into a dwam fantasising about being taken under the wing of an experienced feeder. Pretty soon after, the fantasy was not enough. My cock didn’t respond in the way it used to. After eight years of fantasy I needed more. I decided to become more active on gaining websites and communicate with encouragers nearby. One profile stood out to me and my cock. Johnathan or JP1982 in the online world had BDSM, edging, teasing and humiliation amongst other common kinks listed. He also wanted a growing pig of his very own. We started chatting frequently and shared stories about our common interests and gaining desires. A lot of those desires aligned. We agreed to meet. He said if I was serious about everything I had spoken about I would need to move in with him. Since leaving college and being unsuccessful at finding a job I agreed to spend six months living with Johnathan to see how things went. When I moved in with Johnathan I was weighed and measured so he could keep an accurate record of my growth, or achievements as he called it Height: 5”11 Weight: 165 pounds Waist: 32 inches Belly: 34 inches “You can remove all your clothing, there isn’t really any need for them anymore” Johnathan said with a slight grin. “Even my boxers” I said with slight concern. “Everything I said” Johnathan demanded. I did as I was told and walked to my new room. It was cold and dark. “It will get warmer with your body heat” Johnathan remarked as he switched on the light. The room was sparse. A recliner chair sat in the middle with several tubes surrounding it. The tubes disappeared into several vats and buckets surrounding the recliner. Each arm rest has a wrist restraint attached to it. A TV was attached to the wall and a set of headphones rested on the headrest of the recliner. “Well, sit down, get comfortable. This is your new home” Johnathan proclaimed. As I moved closer to the chair I realised the middle of the padded seat was carved out with a plastic funnel in its place that disappeared into the abyss under the chair. I gulped and must have looked worried as Johnathan patted me on the shoulder and reminded me this was my deepest desire, what I had always wanted finally coming to fruition. I sat down on the recliner which was surprisingly comfortable. Johnathan kissed my lips gently and smiled. He then placed my wrists into the restraints and tightened them. He then grabbed one of the tubes and placed it over my cock. “You piss into this, okay” he remarked. He pushed it right into my groin to make sure it was on tight. My feet sunk into the footrests and were placed into an ankle restraint. He walked over the left hand side of the room. The wall was covered in graph paper. “This will track your progress” he said excitedly. He logged my weight, 165 pounds on the 1 July 2012. He walked back over to me, played with my hair and then placed a blindfold over my eyes and the headphones over my head. I heard Johnathan walk to the door. He switched off the light and closed the door. My mind started racing. Fuck! What have I done, I need to get out of here, I can’t do this! The recording started. “You are my piggy to do with you as I please. You cannot escape. You will become the gluttonous hog you have always wanted to be…….” The words echoed in my head and repeated over and over again. I had no idea how long I was left alone for until I heard the door opening. Footsteps and wheels. “Hungry” Johnathan whispered once he removed the headphones. He cupped my chin with his left hand and brought a burger to my mouth. “Open and chew!” he demanded sternly. I did repeatedly for what felt like hours. Johnathan played with my nipples and expressed how impressed he was with my first feeding. “You are very promising piggy” he exclaimed. He removed the tube from my cock and started to tease it with his finger tips and then his tongue. “If you want more of this you need to do as I say and meet my targets piggy. No targets, no ejaculation”. He brought me to the edge of cumming and then placed the tube back over my cock. I moaned in pleasure and despair. He brought another tube to my mouth. “When I am not here you drink this and suck it until it’s dry! If I come back and it’s not empty there will be consequences”. I could tell he was serious from the tone in his voice. He grabbed some masking tape and stuck the tube to my chest so the head of the tube rested at my lips. “Lean forward and grab it with your lips he said”. “Good boy, now suck”. It tasted thick and creamy. “Empty remember”. He left the room. This continued indefinitely as I had lost all recollection of what time or day it is. I would eat, sleep, drink shakes, sleep, eat, sleep. It became my routine. One day Johnathan came in and removed the wrist constraints. It felt weird. I touched my wrist. It felt meaty, thick. He done the same with the leg restraints and the tube over my cock. He tore the masking tape holding the tube in place off my chest taking several chest hairs with it. I went to take my blindfold off but Johnathan prevented me from doing so, “Oh no you don’t” he remarked. “Right we are going to get you standing up” he said. “Lean on me as your legs are going to be weak”. My muscles were out of practice from the constant sitting down. I could feel the blood rushing to them and pins and needles began. “okay, step up, one foot at a time”. I could feel cold metal. “That’s a boy” Johnathan said rubbing my newly developed belly and softening chest. “Time to check your progress fat boy”. I was on the scales but couldn’t see the number. “I don’t get to see my weight?” “Eventually” Johnathan said. A cold measuring tape surrounded my waist as Johnathan proceeded to measure my waist, belly, thighs, arse, arms, neck and chest. He sat me down again and tightened the restraints once more. He walked to the weight gain wall. August 1st, 188 pounds. “You are settling in well piggy”. He hovered the tube over my lips “Suck this dry and I will suck you dry”. I came six times that night.
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