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The F word....
"Oh fuck, oh FUCK!" I said out loud, mostly to my pants. The last pair of pants that fit me...didn't anymore. I was already late, with my first class starting in ten minutes. I glanced around my room and the only thing I had was a pair of sweat pants. I grabbed them, threw them on and headed to campus.
I guess I went a bit overboard when I came to college. I mean, who could resist? Beer everywhere, a dining hall where you could eat as much as you could get down, and a small campus where getting to classes was a cinch? Come on. I sat for most of the day, and read and played video games when I wasn't working or doing school stuff. Yeah, looking back, it's not really surprising that the pounds slid on like they did.
There was even a time my sophmore year where I knew I was getting bigger (when I outgrew my favorite shirt) and decided that it was time to make a few changes. I mean, eating was great and all, but I really liked that shirt! But like many new years resolutions, it didn't last longer than a week. I tried running, and kept getting stiches in my side. I tried weight lifting, but everything they had there was really heavy! The thing I liked about exercise, though, was how it felt when my body moved. It always took my fat a bit of time to catch up with me and made my gut and ass and even my chest jiggle and flow. A really wierd sensation, let me tell you, but it was cool at the same time. After multiple failed attempts, I decided working out wasn't for me.
I was certainly jiggling as I walked as fast as I could to campus. I was almost to the door and checked my phone. Class would be over in twenty minutes. I decided it wasn't worth it to rush to catch the last ten minutes, so I went to have breakfast instead.
After high school, I never could say no to food. I used to be skinny. Hey! Don't laugh! I was! Six feet and one fifty five! I was a twig. My family always made comments about it. I heard the term "put meat on your bones" so many times I thought my head would explode.
What changed? I think it was the job I took after high school, the summer before college. I worked in recieving at a retail store, unloading trucks, putting large pieces of freight away. I used up a lot of energy doing that job, and it must have kicked on my apptetite. I started eating larger meals, going from a quareter pounder meal at mcD's to a large double quarter pounder meal with a few burgers thrown in on top of that! I would come home after work and eat it all! And I started to grow. Most of it was muscle. After all, when you think about it, I was being paid to work out.
But my body got softer much quicker when I stopped working there. My lifestyle became sedentary, but my eating hadn't slowed at all. The pounds came easily enough, but my clothes were loose, so I didn't really notice at first. I guess what I did notice, was how easy sitting for longer periods became. I would come back to the dorm, and sit on my computer for a few hours at a time. School work or games, or the net, I would go to one thing, then another without lifting my butt from the chair.
The job I got in college to help out with food money allowed me to visit the food court, which really "put meat on my bones." Burgers, burritos, even whole pizzas were right on campus. So convenient. My weight started shooting up when I started bringing pizzas back to the dorm. My roommate was gone alot, and being a chem major, I don't blame him. He had tons of lab work to do, so I could lay my pizza on his bed, and I'd eat the whole thing. That's when my clothing became a problem.
I'd always liked baggy, almost sagger clothes, I liked the way they flowed and hung on me. I liked the bulk, but once I could afford the food court, that changed. Within a month, I filled out those clothes, the waists became tight enough that I couldn't sag them if I tried. I went up a higher size, same problem. I hit a waist size of forty by the end of that year, and a shirt size of XL. I started jiggling when I walked and actually had a pair of moobs sagging down. To make myself comfortable back in my room, I always had baggy sweat pants, or shorts handy, and changed into them when I could. It made eating easier, and lounging more comfortable. That was my junior year.
This was my senior year, waist 44 pants which I had now completely outgrown, and was wearing xl sweatpants that I didn't have to tie up. I was getting huge, and I knew it.
But didn't really care to stop it.

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