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The Gaining Statue

Tom and Michael who were in their late twenties were a happy thin couple that were living for the last two years in the suburbs. They lived in a lovely two bedroom house and hoped to own it someday. They both had middle-class jobs and kept up with the rent and bills. Then, last month something unusual happened.

"Tom, I noticed you've been putting on some weight in the last few weeks," said Michael.

"What's wrong with a few inches? Do I always have to look like a GQ man?!" replied Tom angrily.

"Don't you want our friends to think favorably about us? What would they think if they saw you like that. You're beginning to look like a blimp. You'll never get lucky at the bars with that figure."

"Get off my case! Stop being so shallow!"

"Speaking of bars, how come we haven't had any fun recently. You know I only go out when I'm with you on weekends. You leave me at home watching television," explained Michael.

"But I have to work."

"I know for a fact that you haven't been at your office. I checked several times."

"So, you've been spying on me!"

"Tom, we've known each other for a while now, right?"


"If you're dating someone else, why not be honest about it? If you want me out of your life, just say so," Michael explained angrily.

Tom holds Michael and reassures their relationship.

"Michael, you have my word that their is no one else. We're a couple. We both like to fool around sometimes, but it's just sex. I would never let myself get romantically involved with another man."

"I love you, Tom, but those love handles have got to go."

A week later Michael was searching for his best nightclub shirt hoping he'd get Tom to go clubbing that weekend when he discovered a strange statue on the closet floor. It was marble and was a little larger than his hand. It was in the shape of a huge fat man. He proudly sat on a thrown with a huge golden crown on his head. He had a wonderful smile and was totally naked. His belly reached beyond his knees, almost like it had a destiny of its own. Michael stood there. He had never seen this grotesque statue before. Maybe it was a tourist item that Tom never told him about.

Tom arrived home that Thursday from work an hour later at 6pm. As soon as he stepped inside, Michael confronted him about the statue.

"Tom, where did you get this weird ugly thing?"

Tom was surprised and didn't know what to say.

"Hello! Earth to Tom! Have you been to China without me? Is this a Buddha or something?"

"Give me that you insulting bitch!" yelled Tom as he takes it away from Michael. "Sit your prima donna ass down and I guess I'll have to explain."

Michael sat down while Tom collected his thoughts.

"No, it's not a tourist item. I received this from a friend a few weeks ago. What's wrong with it?"

"Well, nothing, if you're on a diet. It's a good incentive to lose weight," Michael said as he winked at Tom.

"Do you have to know everything about me, Michael? Control me in every way? You see one unusual thing in this house that you haven't approved of and you have a girlish fit!"

"I've also noticed that are bank account is low. Where is all of this money that you're making going to?"

"I work a lot, so I need energy. I use the money to buy food," explained Tom.

"Of course, I thought that's where our money was going - to your expanding stomach!"

"That's it! This weekend I'm taking you somewhere special."

"You mean to a disco?! What about the new one downtown?"

"No, fairyboy, somewhere you've never been to before."

That Saturday night around 10pm they took an hour's drive north to a densely wooded area. It was a warm August night. They parked in a lot next to this area and began a trek into the woods with flashlights. This trek would last for several miles.

"So this is your idea of fun, Tom. At this rate, I'd rather be watching television. Give me some more of that bug spray," said Michael.

"I told you that since I've always been honest with you, I wanted to show you what that statue was all about."

"Couldn't you have explained it all at home instead of in these woods. You know I was never cut out to be a Boy Scout. Although I would have loved to have gotten it on with a scoutmaster."

"It's only two or three more miles," said Tom.

They continued their trek along a flat wide path and in the distance suddenly saw several campfires in an open area between the trees and bushes.

"Is this a queer barbecue? I smell food. Or is it one of those straight middle-age men's survival groups? Are you trying to get me straight, Tom? Won't work, honey."

"Sshh! Keep it down," said Tom.

"How were you able to get the night off work?" asked Michael.

"I'll explain later."

"Sure. You seem like you've been here before, quite a few times."

They finally approached their destination and Michael went into shock. There in front of him were twelve large men who sat on steel chairs in a wide circle and they all wore robes with hoods. The circle started and ended with the same statue, only much larger, that Tom had back home. In the middle of this circle was a great amount of food. Steaks, pork chops, hot dogs, hamburgers that cooked on a grill. Next to the grill was bread, pastries and condiments. There was even a large cooler filled with soda, alcohol and lots of ice cream and cheesecake.

The large figures all started to chant while facing the large statue.

They chanted, "I-weel-be-cum-wal-te-hud-sun," over and over again.

Tom and Michael waited until after the ceremony to make themselves known.

Michael whispered to Tom. "What the hell is this Tom? Do you belong to this weird cult?"

"Yes I do. And these are the people I've been spending my weekends with for the past month."

"You've been lying to me about this?"

"Yes, but not without good reason. These are my kind of people, Michael."

"You've really flipped out, Tom. I thought I knew you better than this."

"See, that statue is of Walhudson, the great god of fat. He is a gainer and is happy to be fat. All of these men, including myself, are gainers and we worship our god, Walhudson."

"You're a gainer? You worship this fat guy and have been porking out to look like him?" Michael asked.

"You got it."

"What kind of drug are you on?"

"The only drug I'm on is food, food and sex! What a wonderful combination."

"What about my body? Are you saying you get hot over fat guys and suddenly don't care for my GQ looks?!"

"Since I was a boy, I've always loved big men. It's just up until last month, I haven't let that part of me out of the closet. Then I read about the Walhudson religion in a gay fat men's magazine,"explained Tom.

"So you have no use for me anymore? Is that it?"

"Not exactly, Michael. I have some unique plans for us tonight."

Then the low-pitched chanting stopped. The group leader spoke to Tom and Michael who were visible several feet away on the outskirts of the circular worship site.

"Welcome, Tom, we've been expecting you and your lover Michael. Come join our group," said Robert Hughes, the 800 lb. Grand Master Superchub.

Tom and Michael were handed chairs by a beautiful 700 lb. member.

"Let me introduce myself, Michael. I am the Grand Master Superchub Robert Hughes and the leader of our group called The Church of Gainers," he said while holding his massive arms outward in acknowledgment of the group. "You may have heard of us. We're known in our local gay community as the two-ton- club," said the fat mountain man.

Michael sat silently in shock. It was the first time the motor-mouth kept his trap shut. He didn't dare try to insult some of these fat men by telling them to go on a diet. He was afraid they might sit on him.

"The Church of Gainers has been in existence for the past five years. Myself and Senior Master Superchub, Burt Pernitsch, founded the church and we've been meeting here and at our nearby church every weekend since then. Our purpose is to provide a religion for those gay men who have been alienated from the rest of the gay community because of who they are - men who like fat men and want to get fat. Whether that means 300 lb. or 1000 lb., the weight goal is your decision. We worship the great fat god Walhudson and currently all of our members aspire to become as big as him which according to church legend, he weighed in at one ton or 2000 lb."

Michael looked at Tom in disbelief as he noticed his dick bulging through his jeans as he passionately rubbed his new fat belly.

Then, Grandmaster Hughes let Senior Master Pernitsch speak to their potential new member, Michael. "Unlike many other religions that see gluttony as something negative and associate guilt with the natural act of eating, we require that our members have only two qualities - to truly love gluttony and becoming obese."

"We have a ranking system within the church which provides encouragement and reward for our members' achievements. Starting from our lowest: 200 - 300 lb. is a junior chub 300 - 400 lb. is a seniorchub 400 - 500 lb. is a masterchub 500 - 600 lbs. is a juniormaster superchub 600 - 700 lbs. is a seniormaster superchub and 700 plus members receive the honorary title Grandmaster Superchub."

"How long one is a member also is considered when determining one's rank. However, to make the lowest rank, we require that one be at least 200 lb.," the Senior Master explained.

"What is your weight, Michael?" said Senior Master.

"My weight? I'm a slender 170 lb." said Michael.

"Would you like to be heavier?" said the Senior Master as he looks around the group to suggest the beauty of obesity.

Michael looked around the circle of huge robed men who were already feasting on the delicious meats and wine in front of him.

"Members, please remove your robes and show Michael your beautiful bodies," said the Senior Master.

As the huge fat men helped each other to remove their robes, Michael stared with sexual intrigue at the men's enormous bellies that were so large most of them touched their knees! Most members were 500 lb. or more.

By now everyone was naked except for Michael and Tom. The orgy of food continued and soon became a sexual feast of massive flesh.

"How about it, Michael? Once you're fat, you'll never go back," said the Senior Master Hughes as he eagerly stuffed his face with hot dogs and chips.

Michael turned to Tom and smiled. He put his hand on his bulging crotch.

"Tom, I'm very sorry about criticizing you about your body. I've just discovered that obesity is wonderful. I've been around those clones with washboard stomachs for too long. I want to encourage you to achieve your weight gain goal. I want you to top your god Walhudson," said Michael sincerely.

"I love you, Michael. I'm glad you finally considered my feelings," Tom said as Michael stuffed an eclair into his mouth.

Grandmaster Superchub and the Seniormaster offered the once again happy couple several boxes of eclairs and donuts. They all took turns feeding Tom as Michael serviced his swelling dick.

"Are you a gainer, too, Michael?," asked the Grandmaster.

"No. I have a lot of encouraging to do, though. I've got to get Tom up to massive proportions. I've got quite a food bill ahead of me," Michael said as he removed his hard dick from his pants and began getting off while grabbing the dozen donuts to feed Tom.

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