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The Greasy Hog
Brad was a very buff young male, he was practically always at the gym. Part of that reason, is that he didn't have a job! He's been searching but no one will hire him.
He was searching through the newspaper looking for possible job options when he saw an add for a restaurant called The Greasy Hog. The job didn't seem hard at all and it was great pay! He settled the paper on his kitchen table and decided to check the place out the next day.
Brad woke up and drove straight to The Greasy Hog. Brad would never step in this place if it wasn't for the job, all the fattening foods were horrifying to him! He finally found the manager and asked about the open job.
The manager practically handed him the job! Brad didn't even need to say anything and he got hired. The manager brought him into his office where they would talk schedule and rules.
"Now, we need someone who can be here for the majority of the day, so if you're interested come inform me. As for rules: it isn't very complicated just you must wear your uniform at all times during working hours and you may have any burgers, fries, etc. during lunch break or after your shift...for free."
Brad was fine with everything and agreed joyfully. Finally, the manager walked over to a big box filled with tons of uniforms. He handed Brad a uniform consisting of a shirt with a picture of a hog and the restaurants name, and black pants. It was a very easy little outfit so Brad was generally pleased. He then agreed to begin with hours from 6am to 7pm for all days of the week. His shift started the next day and he was excited to make some money.
Brad woke up bright and early, put on his uniform, which was a bit snug around the butt area which didn't bother him, and drove to work. Today he met the other workers and they all seemed to be very overweight. Brad thought to himself "I'd never let myself go like that"
His first day he did quite well, he did have to have fattening burgers, fries, and a coke for lunch and dinner, but it was free so it's fine.
The next day he actually made a friend with someone in the staff. His name was Aaron. Aaron was about 5'10 and very fat. His belly hung over his belt, which made Brad smile somewhat. When it came around to lunch and dinner, Brad sat with his new friend, who ate Monmouth proportions. He had seven double cheeseburgers, four large fries, and two large chocolate milkshakes. He didn't want his meal to seem too small compared to Brads so he moved up a bit to two burgers, a large fries, and a large milkshake.
This routine happened for two weeks. During then he tried to go to the gym as much as possible but it was just so hard! And when he got home he was so stuffed and exhausted he just crashed. All the free food, however, seemed to show off on his body. His shirt was a bit tighter and his pants were snug just about everywhere. He just shrugged it off and promised to lose it next week.
Next day Brad arrived at work, during lunch, Aaron decided to challenge Brad to a battle. He said that if he could finish 5 triple bacon cheeseburgers, fries and a coke before he eats the Winning Hog, which was a HUGE meal that only someone Aaron's size could take down, then he would wash the dishes tonight. He eagerly accepted this challenge.
He scarfed the food down his mouth and ate as fast as he could. I hated the dishes job and he'd do anything to trade it up. By his fourth burger, he was stuffed and almost ready to give up. However, he looked over to see Aaron nearly done so he quickly shoved both burgers down as fast as he could and finished just nearly before him. He was so happy and gave his huge, swollen belly a good pat. Although that wasn't the end of the feast that day, when their shifts ended, they decided to take nearly 20 to 30 burgers back to his place and have a burger buffet.
They dug in as soon as they stepped foot in the house. They pigged out so much last night his stomach seemed as if it was about to pop! When he woke up the next morning he was starving which was weird since how much he ate last night. So when he walked into work he ate 10 of the famous greasy hash browns! They were so delicious, yet so fattening, which he didn't even care about at the moment as he was starving! During the rest of the day, he ate nearly as much as yesterday!
After a while it really took a big toll on his figure. He was no longer a buff gym jock, he was now a buffet pig! He looked as if he hardly stepped foot in a gym before! As he stared in his full body mirror in his boxer briefs, he squeezed the good 30lbs of fat he'd accumulated over the past two months. The worst part was trying to fit in his uniform! The shirt hardly reached over his gut and the pants refused to button! However, he had to obey to the rules so he wore the very constricting outfit to work, displaying to work how much he'd truly gained. While he was in the kitchen, Aaron walked up to him.
"Man, you're really filling out, I mean look at that gut!"
He sighed. "I know I'll try and get rid of it as soon as possible"
"No no no, it suits you, it's just a few pounds it doesn't mean anything." 
He guessed he was right, he'd just get a bigger pair of work clothes what's the big deal? But when he asked for the next size up the manager said the next shipment comes in two days so if have to wait a while. He figured two days couldn't hurt anyone.
He was so very wrong. That morning he woke up, pulled up his briefs, squeezed on his shirt, which rose higher than yesterday, and when he tried to put on my pants, something bad happened. He squished his fat ass in them and managed to button them this time! But when he knelt down to tie my shoe, he heard a huge RIIIIPPPPP! He felt a sudden draft and realized he just split my pants wide open! He struggled to find a new pair and quick but that was his only pair left! He had to put on loose fitting sweat pants, ready to face the consequences from the boss.
During work, whilst his break snacking on a super size sloppy joe, their special today, he was called into the managers office. He walked in with grease stains covering his shirt from his lunch he had just eaten.
"Yes boss?"
"What are you wearing?" He questioned as he pointed at my sweatpants.
"I'm sorry sir it just I seemed to have put on a few pounds and I split the back open of my pants so this what all I had left, I'll try and lose the weight sir"
"I don't care about the weight, it's about the uniform. No matter what you come into work with the given uniform even if it has a huge rip, do you understand?"
"Yes sir" He said and walked out his office. Whew! That was a close one he thought he was gonna get fired!
The following day he got his new, XL uniform from his manager and tried it on right away. He didn't really recognize the extents of his gain till now. His tits sagged down as his jiggly belly rested over his belt. He glanced down and realized he couldn't see his feet! Brad used to laugh at people like him! He was without a doubt extremely unfit. Over the past few months he's worked here, he's gained a good 45 pounds.
Brad tried to lose the weight by watching his calories but he just couldn't stay away from the greasy burgers. In fact, he recently had to just buy a whole new wardrobe because he out grew all of his old clothes. Now his clothing mainly consisted of sweatpants, baggy t shirts, and sweatshirts. He was no longer the jock who could sport off skinny jeans and a muscle shirt.
Yesterday at work, Aaron invited brad over to his place for some dinner. Brad eagerly said yes to one of his new good friend from work. Aaron advised brad just to wear something casual since they were just gonna watch the game and eat.
So, Brad sported sweatpants, and a nice shirt which seemed to show off Brads newly protruding gut.
When he arrived to Aaron's house, he was greeted by numerous delicious aromas.
"Want some beers?" Aaron asked
"Yeah sure" Brad replied as he planted his chunky ass on the couch.
Aaron came into the room with four beers in his hands and handed to to brad. He chugged them down while waiting for what Aaron had in store for them. While waiting for the food, Brad was scratching his belly which stemmed to have lifted his shirt up showing his belly.
"Looks like I'm not the only husky one here anymore" Aaron chuckled, poking brads soft belly.
"It's not that big, not compared to you!" Brad yelled slapping Aaron's gut.
"You're right, mine is better proving I'm more of a man and can eat way more than you" he said poking brad soft chest.
"I'd like to see about that"
When the food was ready brad was ready to dig in. It was practically a buffet for 20 people! They both piles food on their plates and stuffed them selves on the couch watching the game. After continuous second helpings and eating, there was no more food. They were both bloated sprawled out against the couch.
Brads decided to relieve some of the stress and ripped a huge fart. "So who's more of a man now?" Brad laughed.
"You must do one thing to prove to me you truly are a man first! You must eat Winning Hog"
"Now?! I can hardly eat anymore!"
"It's okay, I'll help" said Aaron.
He pulled the big burger out of the fridge and started rubbing brads belly relieving the strain of his belly. Then brad practically was inhaling the burger. He would take bite after bite like it was nothing. After about 20 minutes of stuffing, brad was exhausted. They were both hot and uncomfortable so they stripped down to their boxers and passed out on each other's bodies.
When they woke up, brad looked up and remembered all that happened that night. He ran straight for te bathroom and looked at his gut in the mirror. He must've gained around 5 pounds in just one night! He had a distinctive double chin and his gut protruded much more! Then Aaron stepped in and squeezed brads gut then massaged it.
"You look sexier than ever before!"
"You find THIS sexy?! I'm a hog, a couch potato, a slob!" Brad yelped.
"Exactly, it looks so good on you, I knew you'd look great with an extra 50 pounds! You have such a good appetite"
"Wait so...you like this?"
"So much, and I want you to keep going you haven't went reached the peak of indulgence yet! What do you say you fatty?"
"Okay, but only if you get fat with me"

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