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The Houseguest
"Now don’t give Uncle John any problems,” said Bill, leaving the last of his son’s luggage on the living room floor. "Be a good kid and have a great summer. I’ll be back to get you the end of August. 

"Okay, Dad – you can go now.” Scott didn’t like being fused over as though he were still ten. He would miss his father while he was away on sabbatical in Africa for the summer, but at the same time, he’d been looking forward to four months with his Dad’s best friend, John, all winter. Not only was John way cool and incredibly fun, but he lived in the city, which fascinated the just turned nineteen year old. 

He didn’t fully understand why he couldn’t just stay home alone, given his recent birthday, but it didn’t much matter. John and Scott had always gotten along. 

"Just watch what he eats. He’s getting a little…” and Bill made a gesture to his own midsection, curving his hand outward, thinking Scott was out of earshot, which of course he wasn’t. 

Goodbyes were exchanged all around, and soon it was just Scott and John in the living room, alone. 

"Well, why don’t you go and settle into your room and I’ll get dinner started.” Perfect, thought Scott. Not only did the two of them have a great deal in common, but John was an excellent cook and baker, which he knew from many shared meals of years past. 

John certainly didn’t disappoint with an enormous welcome dinner of chicken parmesan and crusty garlic bread, to which Scott helped himself to two servings. Then, as a special surprise, John appeared with a freshly baked carrot cake just for the occasion, which Scott devoured and then asked for more. 

"It’s good that you like to eat, you’ve come to the right house for that,” said John. 

"Oh, I know. I’ve been looking forward to this all winter.” 

"Well, it’s nice to have the company actually; and nice to have someone to cook for.” 

"By all means, cook away! You won’t hear me complaining.” It was about this time that John could see what Bill had meant. Scott stood about 5’10”, had nice sandy blonde hair and beautiful features, but was definitely filling out around the middle nicely. He had a nice set of small love handles bulging out on either side, and a definite belly sneaking out a bit from under his t-shirt. "You keep cooking like this and I’ll weigh 300 pounds by the end of summer.” And this thought did not entirely disappoint John. In fact, a rush of excitement swept through his body. 

The two settled in the living room to watch a movie. Scott helped himself to lots of ice cream and it was an altogether lovely evening. The two headed upstairs to get ready for bed. John came into Scott’s room to check on him before turning in, and that’s when he saw it. Scott was sitting on the bed in nothing but pajama bottoms. His girth had been rather hidden by his clothes. His skin was tan and totally smooth, but he was definitely getting wide and what John had thought to be a small belly, was significantly larger and rolled forward between his chunky legs. 

"My dad told you I was getting fat, didn’t he?” asked Scott. 

"He did.” 

"Well – now you can see, it’s true.” 

"You look great. Just curious, but what do you weigh these days?” 

"Got a scale?” 

The two went into the bathroom, John noticed Scott’s belly jiggling as he walked. When the chubby teenager climbed onto the scale, John could take in the roundness of his plump butt. The digital scale climbed to 180 and kept going…. 188, 190, 198 pounds. 

"Wow, I guess you have plumped up a bit,” said John, laying a hand on Scott’s new, quivering belly and giving it a little shake. John saw something stir inside of Scott’s pajama bottoms and turned his head to avoid embarrassing the boy. "Looks good on you.” 

"I can’t help it, I just love food. Especially your food. Guess this thing isn’t going anywhere this summer,” said Scott, slapping his own extra poundage. 

John drifted to sleep with thoughts of Scott’s chubby body in his head, a head which was hatching a definite plan. 

# # # 

Scott awakend to the smell of frying bacon. Upon entering the kitchen, he could see that John had outdone himself: pancakes, sausage – nearly every breakfast food imaginable. Scott thanked John and set to work plowing though everything and savoring each bite. Scott’s enormous breakfast was topped off with the remainder of the carrot cake from the night previous. Even John was surprised that his best friend’s son had managed to eat an entire cake with his first 15 hours at his home. 

Leaning back in his chair, Scott patted his distended belly while John looked on with admiration. "You must have been hungry,” he said. 

"I’m always hungry.” 

"That’s what I like to hear.” 

The first week was beyond enjoyable. John worked from home, so was free to bake during the afternoon for his eager houseguest, who amused himself watching videos and exploring the city. The two of them went to the theatre, to baseball games, and to some truly great restaurants. Scott outdid himself at the Brazillian place on 54th Street, where the waiters bring an enormous array of meats, never leaving an empty plate. Scott and John ate more than either of them could have ever imagined that day, and waddled home together. John had a small belly of his own. At 6’3”, he weighed in at a healthy 230 pounds, or so he thought before he stepped on the scale that night. 

"Do some damage to the waistline today?” Scott had startled John in the bathroom. He was totally naked on the scale, dealing with the shock of having gained twelve pounds, most of it likely in the past week of Scott’s visit. He decided it was fine that he was naked, Scott was a grown young man and they had nothing to hide from each other. 

Scott took in the beauty of John’s big body, which he had always wanted to see unclothed. He had thick, gorgeous legs which lead to a beautiful, full ass with plenty of fat. His small belly was cute and jutted out over his beer bottle thick cock, which, at the look of Scott’s chubby body in the doorway, he was straining to hold back. John’s broad chest only accentuated his beautiful face. 

"Yeah – you’re not helping, young man,” he said, bouncing his belly up and down. "Hop on – let’s see if all that eating has had an effect on you, big guy.” 

Scott needed no further invitation. Removing his pajama bottoms so that he too was now completely naked, he lumbered his bulk onto the scale, his flab shaking a bit as he did. "Wow.” 

"Wow indeed,” laughed an amused John, who stood behind his husky young houseguest and bounced his belly up and down several times. "212,… you’ve crossed the 200 mark.” 

Scott could not have hidden his arousal if he tried, and finally John gave in, as well. "Look at the size of your fat ass, Scott… you’re really getting big,” said John, as he massaged the fat boy’s wide ass cheeks with delight. "All this extra weight on you… soon you’re going to weigh as much as me.” 

"I hope so.” 


"Yeah – I think I’d look great at 243.” 

"Well why stop there?” Scott thought he was in heaven as he moved closer to John and, standing on tip toe, kissed him dead on the lips. "Let’s really blow you up this summer. Your dad will kill me but so what?” 

Needing no further invitation, Scott ran his hands all over the hot body of his dad’s best friend. They made it into the bedroom and Scott proved himself a very able little cocksucker. John was in delight as he looked down at the chubby, smooth blonde boy taking his thick nine inches like a pro, his newly forming tits jiggling as he did so. John’s own belly jiggled as the young man stroked his cock. Finally, John could resist no longer and laid the fattening young man on his back. Straddling him, he lowered his own manly weight on top of him and felt his hard cock sink into the soft expanse of Scott’s overly stuffed belly. 

"Ohh!” Scott was beside himself, John had clearly found the chubby stud’s erogenous zone. John’s thick cock sunk into Scott’s added pounds and was in absolute luxury. Turning him around, he had almost as much fun as he sunk his meat into the fat boy’s softening, plump ass cheeks. 

"You’re getting so fat, Scott.” 

"I know… I know… you’re getting me huge.” 

"Look at all these extra pounds on you. Two hundred and twelve pounds….” 

"It’s just the start.” Half an hour of fondling each other’s bellies and round, plump butts later, they each exploded onto each other’s fattening bodies, and drifted to sleep atop the creaking bed in John’s room. 

# # # 

A week later, Scott called John into his room. John entered to find him struggling with a pair of jeans. Despite all of his efforts, he just couldn’t get them fastened around the expanse of his bulging midsection. John dropped to his knees and they both tugged and struggled together, but they simply refused to fasten over Scott’s newly doughy stomach. Then, John had an idea. 

"Let’s try this,” he said, and, reaching into John pants, he lifted the lower section of Scott’s growing belly out and let it hang over the fat young stud’s underwear. The jeans fastened underneath his belly, which now stood quivering over the button. 

"Thanks. Good idea,” said Scott, bouncing up and down a little on his toes to point out his flabbiness. 

"That out to buy you a week or so, the rate you’re eating.” And they left the apartment for their days’ adventure in the city, John stopping every few blocks to purchase pastries and other fattening delicacies to feed to his eager young chub, who devoured everything with glee. 

Needless to say, those jeans gave way, even under the expanse of his soft belly, in less than a week. One morning, despite their best efforts, the two simply could not get squeeze Scott’s fat body into his jeans, or indeed any of his pants. Borrowing a pair of sweats from John, which were far too long, they headed for the mall for a new wardrobe, stopping first at the food court, of course, where Scott indulged several lunches. 

Scott’s last pair had been 34’s, 36’s were tried first. Scott couldn’t even get them fastened underneath his belly, and sent John out into the store to bring in some 38’s. While the 38’s would fasten, they were a bit snug, thought Scott, who called John into the fitting room for a second opinion. 

Entering the small room, John’s cock lept to attention as he saw his fat boy reflected in the three way mirror, his body larger than he had ever seen it in those snug fitting pants. Who would have ever thought that little Scott, whom he had known since he was at least ten years old, would one day turn out to be the beautiful, gorgeous, nineteen year old chub he now saw before him? 

"See what you think?” And John tried to put two fingers between Scott’s soft love handle and the jeans, which would barely slide in. 

"You mean to tell me that you need a 40?” And now Scott’s cock sprang to action, which was all too obvious in the snug pants he was wearing. "That’s my size.” 

"Really?” and Scott slapped John belly, larger than he remembered it. 

"I cannot believe you got this fat, Scott, I really can’t.” And with that he underdid the button underneath Scott’s round, smooth belly which, unrestrained, bounded forward and quivered. John could resist no more and kissed Scott long and hard, his large, beefy body smashing against Scott’s soft, round fat one. Then pushing the fat boy up against the three way mirror, he put his tounge to Scott’s plump tits and slid his finger into his deepening navel, then buried his face in Scott’s soft, flabby gut. Scott leaned against the mirrors, large belly hanging out of his jeans, and finally their clothes were off and John’s thick cock was all over Scott’s huge stomach, his hands caressing his fat ass. 

# # # 

The weeks flew by. John enjoyed introducing the city to Scott, who ate his way from neighborhood to neighborhood. John was proud of his work, he was forced to admit. Yet, their nightly weigh-ins had proven that John’s physique had undergone a bit of transformation, as well. He had gone from merely beefy with a belly to fat; his once small belly now hung lower and his thighs rubbed together constantly. While he had porked up nowhere near as much as Scott had, it was obvious that he had grown considerably. His own gut now jutted into Scott’s when they made love, and Scott enjoyed climbing on top of John’s soft belly to feel his own cock against it. 

A mid-July weigh in was a special milestone. John’s newly fattened body now registered 273 pounds on the scale – proportioned with his considerable height, but definitely beyond just a little chubby. Scott, on the other hand, was now up to 246 pounds, 48 pounds added to his waist since May. It made them both constantly hard to watch as Scott’s belly swayed when he walked, looking disproportionate on his 5’10” frame. He had outgrown his 40’s, and they were now frequenting big men’s stores for his clothes, as well as for John’s. 

The sales people in the Big and Tall Stores were always a bit taken aback to see such a young man carrying so much extra weight; John was sure a few of them took special pleasure in measuring his fat ward, running a tape measure underneath what was becoming an enormous belly. 

John continued to bake – cakes, cookies, pies, breads, all of which Scott gobbled down, knowing how much the extra pounds would arouse John that night. He never went to bed anything but completely stuffed in John’s bed, which squeeked and growned as the two went at it, Scott stuffed full and beyond aroused at his own enormity, his belly rising into the air. 

Scott’s ass shook as he fucked John’s now ample belly. John could no longer reach around the fat boy to feel it, but he knew Scott’s ass checks were now broad, wide, smooth globes that shook up and down as he thrust. His belly bowed out so far in front of him now and his face sported a definite double chin. John’s own belly had slacked off growing, but at 6’3” and now 280 pounds, it was obvious he was a very large man, and Scott still got exciting seeing him climb onto the scale and peer over his belly to see the larger number. 

One night, while being seated for dinner in the village, the pair were directed toward a booth by a waiter who hadn’t properly accessed the situation. John fit in ok, but the waiter returned instantly, realizing his mistake, as Scott tried to slide in, his belly not quite allowing him entrance. 

"Apologies,” said the waiter, and relocated them to a table, glancing backward at Scott in definite admiration. It came as no surprise to John when Scott’s order of country fried stake and fries seemed to be doubled. The two ate their fill, particularly Scott. When they left, his belly hung out from beneath his t-shirt, allowing other diners a glimpse at the smooth, tan, hairless skin of his belly. The tight t-shirt hugged Scott’s belly so closely that it was clear to all what a deep, deep navel he had. They waddled home where Scott devoured one of John’s delectable pastries, his second dessert of the evening, which was of course followed by a third. John grabbed a bag of cookies, and the two headed upstairs to John’s room. Having gained so much weight, Scott could of course eat more and more, and so what if it took that fat boy longer to get up the stairs? 

Cookie after cookie was devoured by Scott, who stood while John lifted the chub’s now enormous belly to suck his swollen cock. Scott moaned in pleasure as he ate and ate, and his belly, expanding by the minute, now rested on top of John’s head, whose own belly hung toward the floor while he worked. 

When Scott slept, John reached his meaty arms around him to rest his hands around Scott’s soft, bulging midsection, his cock against the chub’s wide ass. Morning always brought an enormous homemade breakfast, or sometimes John would just send out for pizza and Scott would gorge himself for the better part of the morning. His weight had ballooned to 268 pounds, and he was on the verge of catching up to John. 

August, their final month together, was spent mostly indoors at home. Occasionally, the pair would venture out to the movies or to the theatre where, to John’s delight, it became apparent that Scott could barely fit into the seats. Of course, at the movies, this didn’t stop Scott from devouring large buckets of popcorn and lots of candy until he had to undo his tight pants, John’s approving hand on his chunky thigh throughout the film. On the way home, the two were so fat that they could barely fit in the bus seats, having to raise both armrests and let their large bodies spread out. 

In their final stretch prior to the end of summer, Scott’s body exploded with fat. John outdid himself in the kitchen, and frequent calls for takeout never went unanswered by increasingly suspicious and intrigued delivery boys, one of whom stuck around one afternoon for an hour of amazing sex. The two large men sandwiched the thin latin delivery boy between them, who practically squeeled in pleasure, having two such large men to play with: the nearly obese Scott and the enormity of John. He ran his hands all over their large, fat bodies and told them what fat men they were, and how he had enjoyed watching them plump up throughout the summer, his hand now slapping John’s wide and fat ass. 

Neither men had ever experienced such eroticism as Scott’s weight crept up to 270, then 275… In the shower, John would stand behind the chunky, wet teenager and play with his slick belly and plump ass, marveling at how large Scott had really become and never letting him forget it… "Such a fat boy, now… look at all this belly. You got so fat, DAMN you gained a lot of weight.” What his father would say when he came to pick Scott up in a few weeks he could only imagine, but was forced to admit he didn’t much care. Seeing Scott’s naked, fat body outgrow all of the clothes they had bought and climb, nightly, onto his groaning scale was too much of a turn on. Scott couldn’t even weigh himself alone anymore, unable to see the numbers on the scale past his enormous girth. 

The night Scott hit 284 pounds they had the most explosive sex ever. Scott had literally outgrown all of his clothes and had nothing to wear, so spent most afternoons in nothing but tight shorts, his flab hanging out and spilling onto the sofa as he stuffed himself with ice cream and doughnuts. He waddled around the apartment, and was a constant and welcome distraction as John tried to work in his study. John didn’t get much work done that summer, but it didn’t much matter: he had the fat stud of his dreams in his house, who only seemed to get fatter by the hour. 

# # # 

It was chicken parmesan for their last dinner together, same as their first. John had baked a special carrot cake for the occasion, which Scott finished off that very night. They laid together on the living room floor, leaned up against the sofa, John caressing his fat lover and rubbing his belly, occasionally feeding him a cookie or two. It was a sight to behold; Scott’s belly bulged out so far in front of him that he needed help getting up, and John’s own belly providing such a nice cushion for Scott’s head. The pair were wide, soft, overweight, content and happy. 

The final weigh-in was a welcome surprise. Although he had vowed not to get much bigger, John now tipped the scales at 290 pounds. The moment of truth came when Scott climbed, naked, onto the scale and it read 294 pounds. 

"Damn! I really wanted to get to 300 this summer.” But it didn’t much matter, they were both so turned on, looking at their fat bodies in the mirror, that they made love like never before that night, candles all around, Scott’s big belly flopping all over the place and John’s sexy, wide and fattened ass shaking up and down. 

There was a chill in the air the following morning as they both realized that Scott’s father would be there any moment. They piled Scott’s clothes, new and old, into two suitcases, and Scott squeezed into a tight pair of pants from the big men’s store, wearing them underneath his flabby belly to accentuate his girth. 

"No use pretending I haven’t gotten huge,” he told John, who was saddened as he prepared their final enormous breakfast, the kitchen chairs letting out a groan. 

The buzzer sounded and they both looked at each other. "Well, here goes.” 

The door opened and Scott’s father stood there, gifts from Africa in his arms which blocked his view. "Scott! Missed you son,” and he laid his things down. "Look what I’ve brought…” and his voice trailed off, taking in the site of his enormous son for the first time. "Oh my…” 

"Nice to see you, Ben,” said John, offering his hand. Ben could not take his eyes off of his rotund son. "What happened?” 

"What do you mean?” asked Scott. 

"You’re huge.” 

"Really? Hmm. I guess maybe I put on a few pounds over the summer… John’s such a great cook.” 

"A few pounds? You’re huge! Look at that belly on you… and John? Looks like the summer’s been good to you, too,” he said, and slapped John’s belly over his shirt. "What did you guys do, just spend the summer eating?” 

"Something like that,” said Scott. 

"Listen, Ben, I’m sorry – I guess I got a little out of control in the kitchen. Just so nice to have someone to cook for like this guy here,” and he patted Scott’s belly in a non-erotic fashion, so as not to give away the secret the two shared. 

"Well… let’s get your things in the car… if you can still fit in the car.” The three of them loaded the car full of John’s things and goodbyes were exchanged all around. When Scott and John hugged goodbye, their clothed bellies smashed against each other for the last time. John reached around to stroke the fat teen’s love handles once more… 

"Keep this up, chubby,” he whispered in Scott’s ear. "Wanna see you over 300 the next time your fat ass climbs onto my scale.” 

"Oh, it’s a deal. Didn’t dad tell you?” 

"Tell me what?” 

"Dad said I could come back next summer and explore the city, maybe go to school out here.” 

John’s cock shot up in his pants as Scott got into his father’s car, which slanted a bit to the right as his large body sat down. The two drove off, leaving a definitely plumped John behind on the street, who suddenly felt a little hungry.

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