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The Hungry Houseguest
Tim met Nick just outside Gram’s Bakery, a good bakery in a not-so-good area, where Nick had just been thrown—or rather pushed—out.

"I just want one more box! I can pay you later if you just—”
"You’ve had enough kid,” said Mr. Tremboli, the owner, pushing with both hands against Nick’s back, then finally closing the door on him. Try as he might, Nick was unable to hold back his tears, and as the gushers opened, he took solace in the only thing he could: a large bag of pastries and sweets.

Tim, who was watching from a distance, grew instantly hard as he watched this gentle giant plopping down on the pavement in an alley around the corner from the bakery, gorging himself through a stream of tears on éclairs and cream-filled donuts. Nick was pretty young—maybe 23—but easily one of the largest guys he’d seen in a long time. His clothes were a little tight on him, and Tim could make out a very large belly, big thighs, a rather large and round derriere spread out beneath him and against the wall, tears falling on his floppy cheeks as he stuffed his fat face.

"Hey, are you alright?” Tim said,
"Don’t look at me!” Nick said, his mouth full of éclairs as he tried to shove Tim away with his fatty paw.
"I just wanna help out. I was just headed over to the diner around the corner for a quick bite. You’re welcome to join me if you like. My treat.” Needless to say, Nick’s chubby face was all attentive at the mention of food, and before he knew it they were at a local diner, Nick ordering every fattening thing on the menu
Nick seemed to order at least one of every mouthwatering item on the menu, in between various platters, he told Tim his story.

Nick had just gotten out of a two year relationship with a guy he had known from high school. Nick had always been fat, and until recently, so had his boyfriend. When they graduated, both were over 200lbs, though Emanuel, Nick’s boyfriend, had always been the lighter of the two. Things seemed to be going fine until couple of years ago, when Emanuel started complaining about his weight, and decided to start trying to get slim. It was slow going at first, though eventually, the weight melted right off of Emanuel. He worked out everyday, losing fat and gaining more muscle on his frame; he started feeling rather good about himself after a while. Nick had less luck. He lost some weight at first, though Nick had always liked food a lot, and found himself gaining back whatever he lost, always with an extra ten pounds or so. This went on for a year, until Nick, frustrated with constantly feeling like he was starving himself, his weight bouncing up and down, gave into his cravings. Disappointed that he had let his boyfriend down, that Emanuel was so much more successful than he was, he paradoxically began to eat even more, binging day and night, and gained sixty pounds in a matter of months. Emanuel was thinner than ever, however, and soon moved out of their apartment, leaving Nick for a middle-aged lawyer who worked late but had a thing for fucking cute young guys in his spare time. Emanuel tried to leave on good terms, paying the final three months left on the lease so that Nick could look for a new place to live. Unfortunately, Nick did not save any money; he lost his temp job and spent most of his unemployment money on food. Earlier that day he had been kicked out of his apartment, having been unable to pay the down-payment to resign the lease. This is how Tim found him at Gram’s Bakery, his weight now well over 300 pounds and skyrocketing, his clothes ill-fitted. He had scrounged the last of his money on the pastries now long gone from the bag he left the bakery with; the bag lay forgotten now, trapped between his second order of hamburgers, and third plate of French fries.
"I don’t know what to do,” Nick said, grabbing the last large handful of fries off the plate, stuffing them into his mouth, and squirting a large amount of ketchup straight from the bottle down his throat. 
"Well you’re welcome to stay at my place for a while. At least until you get on your feet and find a new job and a place to stay. I live with my cousin in a pretty large house on the outskirts of town. He’s on vacation right now, but even when he gets back, there will be more than enough room for all of us.”
Nick’s eyes shot up from his plate of greasy fried chicken. "Really? Are you sure?”
Tim laughed at his shy response. "Of course you can stay. I insist. I’m the only person there right now, and the house feels kind of empty with just one person in it most of the time.”
Tim was not exaggerating. He lived in a large house on the outskirts of town. It was off the main highway, and hidden from view by large evergreens and maples, but the vantage from the driveway showed a freshly manicured lawn and a very large Georgian façade; the driveway led around the house to a four car garage. Tim worked from home as a freelance illustrator, though he and his Vaughn both had large trust funds, and they had inherited the estate and a lot of money from their grandfather, who had run a mid-sized banking firm in the city. His uncle was now in charge of the business. Both Tim and his cousin had inherited the same amount, but Vaughn was currently the most active with the firm, working as a consultant when he wasn’t on vacation (something that was happening less and less of late). 
Nick settled into the guest room on the first floor. Tim, always the gentleman, had gone back to Nick’s old apartment building to get all of his things. By the time he got back, he found Nick in the guest room, watching TV and finishing off what had been a full gallon of chocolate fudge ice cream. "Mmm, this is so good,” he said, shoveling the ice cream down his throat with a large soup spoon.
Tim smiled. "Make yourself at home. Whatever you want, it’s yours while you’re here.”
"Mmm,” Nick said, rubbing his extremely bloated belly. His t-shirt, two sizes too small even when he wasn’t bloated, was very taut and had been ridding up on him all evening, exposing his barely concealed belly fat. Still, as Nick lifted his shirt over his belly ledge, and undid the buttons on his pants to better relieve his corpulence, Tim was struck bow how big his belly actually was, all round and soft, resting atop Nick’s fat thighs as if for Tim’s personal benefit. "I’m so full,” he said, sprawled out on the bed, rubbing his belly with his eyes closed. "Please, come rub my belly. It feels so good when someone else does it.” Tim, who was practically drooling in lust by now, needed no more incentive to walk over toward Nick, placing his hand on Nick’s belly, tentatively glazing the surface in small circles across his wide expansive gut. Nick inhaled sharply at the first touch, his breath then deepening and quickening in pace. "More,” he said, grabbing Tim’s hand and pushing it harder into his stomach. Tim started using both hands, kneading Nick’s belly fat, poking his belly button with his index finger. Nick started moaning, licking his lips and pulling fiercely on his nipples. 
"You like that huh? Tim said, moving his hand and replacing it with his lips. He ripped the rest of Nick’s shirt off, his hand massaging one giant man breast while sucking and biting the other. Tim unbuckled his pants, also managing to get Nick’s shorts over his extra-chubby thighs. Soon they were both down to their underwear, Nick still running his hands over his body and licking his lips. Tim grabbed hold of his manhood. "You wanna taste this?” he said, pulling all eight inches out of his pants. Nick’s mouth hung open, his tongue sliding out; longing to taste what was swinging between Tim’s legs. 
They switched positions, Tim lying on top of Nick, straddling his belly and sucking on his fat-covered dick, as Nick swallowed as much of Tim’s stick as he could. Tim started playing with Nick’s balls, then moving lower towards his crossroad. Nick started moaning deep, his desire for Tim increasing by the moment.
"Fuck me,” Nick said. "I want to feel you inside of me.” Tim needed no more invitation, lifting Nick’s fat legs up so that his thighs were resting on his belly, and shoving his dick into Nick.
"Ahh!” Nick winced as Tim thrust himself into Nick. Soon however, the pain was overcome by waves of pleasure coursing through his entire body. He grabbed Tim’s ass, pushing him further into his corpulence. "More, more,” he begged, his hands gripped tightly around to Tim’s cheeks.
Tim started thrusting faster, deeper and more aggressively into Nick, who’s fat was quivering all over. Nick was lost in the moment. "Right there, right there, ahh!” he screamed, cumming all over his belly. Tim pulled out and started straddling Nick’s belly, jacking himself on the rocky tide of Nick’s fat, and soon it was all over, both Nick and Tim passed out on the bed. 

Tim was fast asleep when he was pulled from dreamless oblivion by someone nudging he groin. He looked down and saw Nick, his face covered in chocolate, his fat tongue now licking at the imprint of his dick through his pants. 
"Suck it,” Tim said, grinding his hips into Nick’s face. And Nick’s stubby fingers took off Tim’s underwear, and he did just that.

Tim had always been an early riser, and despite the long, relatively sleepless night, he woke up around 7:00 the next morning. After taking a shower and getting dressed, he called Eric, who was kind of a personal assistant for the whole family. He handled travel schedules, made sure the house clean, making sure all the bills were paid, the kitchen was stocked, and pretty much anything else Tim, Vaughn, or the rest of the family needed.
"Hey, Tim, getting an early start huh?” He said, having just gotten ready himself. 
"Yeah, I was wondering if you could call the bakery and get them to send down some breakfast pastries. And . . . chocolate chip and raspberry muffins. And some bagels and cream cheese too.
"Definitely not on Atkins huh? Eric chided”
"I have a guest.”
"Oh, oh right, right,” he said in an unnaturally high pitched voice. "I’ll make sure they run that up to you right away,”
"Okay. See you around.”
"Bye sir,”
Tim knew that Nick would be hungry when he woke up, so he got to work right away on whipping up a little over a dozen pancakes, scrambled eggs, and toast. Eric came by with the muffins and pastries from Gram’s, and then Tim started on the bacon, waking up Nick in the process. 
Nick was wearing one of those "Rub My Tummy For Good Luck” shirts, his stomach appearing from around the corner before the rest of him walked into the kitchen.
"Mmm, that smells good,” he said, rubbing his big belly as he walked toward the stove, his thighs rubbing together sensuously through the stretched material of his boxer briefs. 
"The bacon’s not quite done yet.”
"But I’m hungry. I’ve gotta eat something now,” he said, taking the spatula out of Tim’s hand, and throwing his weight on him so that he was pressed against the countertop . Nick started by grinding into Tim body, then suddenly tore off his pajama pants, giving Tim one of the best blowjobs of his life.

The bacon almost burned, though Nick had no problem with slightly crispy bacon, and ate more than a dozen thick strips of it, along with extra syrupy pancakes and eggs, buttery toast, muffins, cream cheese bagels, and pastries. He ate everything set in front of him, and even then didn’t really seem sated until taking another one of Tim’s loads down his greedy throat, then cumming twice himself while Tim was inside of him, thrusting hard and deep into his soft, round ass.
Things went on like this for a few weeks. Since Vaughn wasn’t around, Eric was too busy helping run the family business to bring Nick meals three times a day. Tim had to start ordering from a catering company, sometimes hiding food in the old servant’s kitchens so that Nick wouldn’t clean out the house before suppertime. Sometimes, when Tim didn’t feel like cooking, they would go to the all-you-can-eat restaurant, Tim bringing Nick tray after tray of macaroni and cheese, pasta, chicken, steak, potatoes, and a decent helping of every tasty desert they had set up for the night. Nick ate it all, stretching his fat belly past its limits, and only stopping when either he or Tim was too horny to be in public anymore, rushing home to suck each other off, Tim usually giving Nick a good fuck before the night was done.
The average restaurant fare couldn’t really satiate Nick’s appetite at this point, though Tim sometimes took Nick out to eat for a between meal snack. Depending on the type of restaurant, Nick would gorge himself on chicken parmesan and linguini pasta, or hamburgers, chicken fingers, and French fries, always saving room for desert. Tim would almost always make another dinner for Nick when they got back home, which Nick would devour before another hot rump in the sack.
Despite the large amounts of food he puts away, Nick actually had a pretty good metabolism, and since he was already so big, it wasn’t clear how much weight he had gained in the first week or so. After spending about three weeks at Tim’s place, however, it became more and more apparent that Nick was packing on the pounds. The "Rub My Tummy” shirt, which used to be a tight fit over his whole belly, could now only make it to his bellybutton. His ass and waist had also grown, and the tight jeans he arrived in the house with could no longer button all the way to the top. This didn’t seem to bother Nick, however, who went out of the house several times with the top button of his jeans unfastened, his belly exposed where his shirts stopped covering it, pushing the pants zipper down further and further as he gorged himself on food. 
Hardly any work got done in those weeks, and Tim missed a couple of deadlines, telling his editor he was swamped with "other commitments” and just needed a little extra time.
Eventually however, the time came when he had to either finish his assignments, or risk losing his job (not that he needed to work, of course, but he couldn’t very well tell people that he didn’t do anything, could he?), and after a busy night of feeding Nick several trays of baked ziti, pan-fried chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, apple pie, and ice cream (as well as fucking him until he came and passed out), he decided he was going to have to go into his office the next day and actually get some work done. He called the catering company to make sure they were going to put together a full breakfast, as well as dinner, for the next day. He then called the pizza delivery and scheduled him to drop off the order ahead of time, ordering three meat lovers, a couple of plain pizzas with extra-cheese, and one of everything that sounded interesting, including a buffalo chicken pizza.
Over dinner, Tim had made an extra pot of spaghetti and meatballs, and he now transferred this over to four big Tupperware bowls, so that Nick could have in-between meal snacks throughout the day. Just in case he wasn’t able to get home until late, however, he went into the basement and brought up several of super family size bags of chips, cookies, donuts, and snack cakes (Twinkies, Swiss Cake Rolls, Oatmeal Crème Pies, etc). He also called the local Chinese place and placed an advance order of several of their largest containers of fried rice, General Tso’s Chicken, lo mein, dumplings, and other Chinese takeout delicacies. He also left the fridge stocked with ham, bread, and mayonnaise so that Nick could make ham sandwiches.
Tim really meant to go to bed – for once – in his own room, but as he passed by Nick’s door, he couldn’t help but peek in and, seeing Nick’s large cherubic body sprawled out across the bed, he couldn’t help but go in and snuggle up next to Nick, and fall asleep wrapped in the warm comfort of his fat body.
Well into the night, however, Tim awoke to the pleasurable surprise of being trapped between Nick’s large thighs, his body grinding against him as Nick nuzzled his lower stomach and crotch.
"What is it?” Tim asked.
"I wanna suck it,” Nick said, pulling Tim’s pajama pants down and licking the base of his shaft. Tim was already hard, and Nick put it in his mouth, taking as much of the big, thick dick as he could put down his greedy throat. He started shoving his ass closer and closer to Tim’s face, already wanting to feel Tim inside of him. Tim wrapped his arms around Nick’s thick thighs, pulling Nick into his face to start working his hole.
"Oh God, that feels good,” Nick said,
"You like that?”
"Yeah,” he said, his breath coming short. "Keep doin that, please keep doin that,” he begged, humping Tim’s tongue, smothering his face with his fat ass cheeks. After a few more minutes of eating his ass, Tim took his tongue out, and started rubbing Nick’s hole with his finger. That sent Nick over the edge. He started humping it wildly, desperately wanting it inside him. Soon he was overwhelmed with desire, desperate for Tim to fill his hungry hole.
"Fuck me,” he whispered, turning around so that he was face to face with Tim. "I want you inside of me,” he pleaded, kissing Tim’s neck, his fat belly grinding on Tim’s hard cock. Still on top of Tim, Nick sat up, taking his dick and massaging his hole with it. It felt good, Tim’s big dick rubbing against his hole, but he wanted more. Nick flexed his hole, opening it, and began to sit on the head. 
"Oh!” he cried. The feeling was intense, overwhelming. Soon the pain began to subside, however, and he took the rest of Tim’s shaft down his greedy asshole. Tim hands were gripped firmly on Nick’s hips, holding on for dear life as Nick rode his manhood. Nick bounced up and down, pounding Tim’s cock and driving it as deep as he could inside of him, his ass cheeks and belly enveloping Tim’s body.
After a while, Nick wanted to change positions. He got on his arms and knees doggy style, his ass facing Tim. "Fuck me,” he said, "Pound it into me”. Tim, always the helpful chaser, stood on his knees and grabbed Nick’s ass, squeezing it and playing with his fat cheeks. He opened them up, teasing his hole with his shaft. Anticipation started to drive Nick over the edge.
"Oh God! come on,” he pleaded. "Put it in . . . put it in.” Tim started playing with Nick’s hole with his cock head, and his begging turned into more desperate groans. "Fuck me!” he screamed. "Pound me deep!” Tim took him by surprise, switching in an instant from teasing to slamming his rod into Nick all at once. Nick was ecstatic, screaming, his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Tim started fucking harder, throwing all of his weight into Nick, pushing his cock deep and hard into him.
"Fuck me!” Nick screamed, pinching his nipples with his fists. "I’m getting close, I’m getting close. Don’t stop. Don’t Stop! FUCK ME!”
Nick came for what seemed like hours, all over the bed, and Tim shortly after him. He was so exhausted he passed out almost right away, falling into a deep sleep. Tim felt like doing the same, but the sun was already starting to rise, and he had to get ready for work.

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