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The jocks fatten up
Ryan was the football quaterback and matt was a star baseball player. They were both fit and had a six pack but soon enough that was going to change. Ryan and matt were good friends and they always hung out. During spring when they both played baseball they got injured and basically were in bed all summer. They had come back to school and were not able to hang out all summer ryan drove to school and so did matt they agreed to walk into the school together but when they got out of the car they had both put on 50 pounds over the summer and both weighed about 200 pounds. They were so embaressed that they were so fat they have let themselves go. Ryans went to the lunch table with matt and they went to go sit down both of their buttons burst and there big fat bellies bursted out and this is when ryan and matt soon realized that they wanted to be fat and get huge. Ryan went into the cafateria to get some doughnuts to scarf down before class and he and matt patted there bellies as they showed a dozed doughnuts in their mouth. It was finally lunch and ryan and matt were ready to stuff their faces. They got to the pizza places and ordered a pie each and got a two liter or soda. They went to go sit in the back. Thry made a contest whoever could finish their pizza and soda the fastest wins. So both of them scarfed the pizza down then ryan was right towards the end and picks up his soda he finished it in 30 second... Ryan was done he let out a couple of huge burps while Matt was almost done he finised and let out a huge burp. This was when ryan and matt realized they loved each other and were gonna get fat together. Ryan and matt kissed and they were happy. They walked back to school happy and fat. It was a couple weeks later and ryan and matt were fatter than ever they gained 30 pounds they were getting big. None of there clothes were fitting and thier jeans were tight. Matt and ryan were know going out and loved each other. They stuffed themselves every day afterschool and loved having a huge belly --- It was the start of a new year and ryan and matt got fattened up over the summer. They both squeezed into the car and they were huge they gained some serious weight over the summer. They went to dunkin doughnuts and got six dozen doughnuts. They waddled back to the car and scarfed down a ton of doughnuts down thier mouth and a coke and let out some burps. They parked the car and walked into school with their 315 pound bellies. They waddled to their lockers and gave each other a kiss befor going to homeroom. Ryan walked into home room and looks for a seat he goes to sit down and he barley fits into the desk his fat spilling over the sides. This was the same for ryan and pretty much the rest of the year. It got harder walking up and down the stairs and changing for gym. This was the the same for the whole year and it was time for summer. Ryan and matt spent every day stuffing their faces and it was finally time for senior year they wer so excited to go to college later in the year. Matt pulled up to ryans house and he saw how frekin huge ryan was. His fat jiggling up and down as he wedged into the car with his lard spilling all over. They pulled up to school and parked the car they both struggled to get out of the car and they had to stop after walking up the stairs and were sweating. They were starving and went to the cafeteria they got a ton of food and shoved it into their 400 pound bellies before class. They kissed and went on their way ryan was on his way to english which was on the other side of the school. He had to stop becaue he was getting tired every ten seconds. Everyone was looking as he took up half the hallway and his giant ass hitting everything in the hall. He got to class and went to sit down he went to go in the chair and he obviously needed two chairs his fat was spilling over the sides and his chair was so far back he could barley reach his pen. He was so tired and was always sweeting. He got up to leave class and it took him a while to lift all his fat up. He met matt for next period and they sat next to each other they were in history and just admired each other. It was finally time for study hall and ryan and matt had a couple of snacks. They finished the next two periods and it was time for lunch their favorite period LUNCH. They were ready to pig out they went to mc donalds to the drive through. They had another eating contest whoever could finish ten burgers and a soda wins. So ryan and matt shoved the burges down their mouths. Ryan was having a slow day so he was not going as fast as matt. Matt shoved the last burger down his mouth chugged his soda and let out a huge burp. He was waiting for ryan to finish as he rubbed Ryan's big belly as he finished the last sip of his drink. They did this everyday and by the time it was june almost graduation they both gained and extra 30 pounds. They pulled up to school even fatter than ever and it was the last couple days. They made plans to go to DXL afterschool to find a suit for graduation. The bell rang and it was time to shop and find clothes for the fatties. They went to dxl and the man had to measure their waist size ryan was a 68 and matt was a 75. They were really proud of these numbers they got their suits and tried them on. Ryan loved just how good mat looked and they made out in the dressing room. The cam out of the dressing room and bought their suits. It was the day of graduation and ryan and matt really wanted to pig out today. The didnt have to be in school until 11. They went to mc donalds and got some sandwitches it was a real pig out day. They got 20 sandwitches each they were so hungry they shoved them down and rubbed each others bellies they stood in the car and made out a little. They were on the way to school and stopped at dunkin doughnuts the got 8 dozen doughnuts and pigged out all morning. It was finally time to head to the field for graduation. They went inside to change and walked to their seats. They requested two seats because their ass didnt fit on one chair. Matt got called and in a little bit ryan got called,matt was aroused by the size of ryans fat as he walked up on stage. After it was over they went home to chill. They were stting on the couch rubbing each others bellies snacking they were ready to have the biggest dinner off their lives. It was 7 and they were off to the chinese buffet. They got their and tried to sit in a booth but they were to fat they had to sit at a table. They reserved the place just to themselves. They went up to the food and stacked their food up really high. They did this ten more times amd filled their 500 pound bellies they finished their last couple sodas let out some burps and undid their pants ryan went to the bathroom, he came back to sit down and his shirt button flew off. A few seconds later matts buttons flew off and his huge lard came spilling out. It was finally time for college... ---- Ryan and matt were ready for college it was a time where there were not parents so they could stuff themselves all the time. Matt got outside ryans house and beeped. He waddled to the car and squeezed in. Ryan was happy they could do whatever they wanted they were free. They did good, matt picked up food right before and they had more than enough for two fatties. Ryan asked matt what he got. He got 1,000 doughnuts, 2 chockate cakes,boxes of cookies and 10 2liter sodas. Ryan said time to pig out. So ge picked up the boxes of doughnuts put 4 in his hand and shoved it down his mouth. He fed matt and rubbed his huge belly as he was driving. They finished about 100 doughnuts in just the first hour. Then they continued to drive stuffing their faces. They were able to be in the same dorm room and on the first floor. Matt and ryan arrived they got the food and ther bags. Everyone looked at them as the barley sqeezed through the door straight. The opened their door and saw there room. The pushed there beds together becase the could not fit on one each. They stocked the mini fridge and were ready for college. They were usually able to gain fast, but since the could eat what they want they constantly pigged out. Ryan and matt everyday ate breakfast, lunch and dineer they pigged out ordering multipe pizzas and loads of ice cream. By the end of their first year they were 600 pounds. They just got wider and wider. It was the last week of school amd ryan and matt woke up for breakfast. Their clothes were so tight the could barley breath. Matt was going for a new record he put 5 doughnuts in his hand and shived them in his mouth. He chugged some choclate milk. He burped and boom his buttons flew off and his giant belly came out of his shirt. He dropped a doughnut and he went to bend down and his jeans split. Ryan was so aroused to see just how fat they were. The got new clothes and were ready for the rest of college. Ryan and matt got even fatter. Matt gained 200 pounds and ryan gained 250 pounds. It was time for graduation the got their specially made suits and barley made it through the door. The graduated and were ready to embark on the rest of their lives. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Beep Beep! The alarm went off and matt hit the snooze button. He tapped ryan to wake up. They both prepared to get their now hugley fat bodies out of bead They both Helped each other up and it was time to stand up it was so difficult that they both started to sweat and were losing their breath. The walked downstairs to their first pigout of the day they both had a pound of bacon stacks of pancakes and lots of choclate milk. Ryan got his food and sat down he scarfed it down and had a couple dozen doughnuts because he was still hungry. At this time ryan was 850 pounds and he loved everysecond of it. Matt didnt weigh as much he was 800 but the were still huge people. They went ate Mc donalds everyday. They were constantly snacking and superfat and loved each other ryan was over a size hundred waiste and so was matt their bellies were huge and they had many chins. It was lunch and time for their pizza pig out this was a huge lunch. The lunch consisted of 5 pizzas each and 10 liters and a whole choclate cale. They began to eat ryan was shoving two slices down at a time and matt picked up the cake and shoved it in his mouth he got it all over him and kept shoving slices and slices into him. He was done and ryan finished right behind him they both let out some burps and started to make out. Since matt was the winner he got the extra choclate cake. Ryan cut it into slices and fed to matt and he rubbed his fat. Over the next few months matt blew up he ate 5 choclate cakes a day and he beat ryan and weighed more than him he was 950 pound and ryan was still 885. Matt woke up and got his cakes and shoved them into his mouth he ate 8 cakes if he continues he will be 1000 pounds soon. Summer came and it happened matt was 1050 pound he gave up life and ate everything. One day he was sitting on the couch with a couple cakes he took his time scarfed them down and finished a two liter. He let out a nice burp...boom the couch collapsed and he was on the floor he called for ryan. Ryan came and helped him up. They got some more cakes and knew this was just the beginning of their weight gain journey.
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