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The Mountain and the Jock: Part 1
The Mountain and the Jock: Part 1 I met the Mountain and the Jock outside a bar one night. It was a bar downtown that I usually didn’t go to, but I had decided to try my luck. It was loud and didn’t have a very big gay crowd, but I needed to switch things up- I hadn’t been having very much luck lately. There had been plenty of hot guys, but none that would be interested in me. Several drunken women had propositioned me, but I wasn’t interested. Now at 2:00 A.M. I was just waiting on the corner for a taxi to take me home. It was while I was waiting there that I properly met them for the first time. The Mountain’s real name was Chad. He was an imposing 6’7” with a wide frame to match. His button-up shirt was straining to contain his large pecs and a swollen belly. His shirt was tucked into a tight pair of dark jeans that somehow packed in his tree trunk legs. Two monstrous arms hung at his sides occasionally brushing his growing love handles. I had seen him throughout the night towering above the crowd and pounding drinks. He had also been devouring some wings. The Jock was an equally imposing figure. His real name was Ray and he was every bit a chiseled Greek god. He had a big strong jaw and a handsome boyish face. A thick neck lead into a hugely muscled body that made his designer clothes seem painted on. At 6’4” he was only slightly shorter than his best friend Chad. The two stumbled out of the bar with Ray helping Chad walk. Their car was parked only half a block from the entrance of the club. I watched closely while they made their way the short distance. Chad was stomping around with heavy and clumsy footsteps. Ray had one strong arm wrapped around Chad’s midsection and grabbing onto his opposite love handle. The other hand he used to steady Chad’s own meaty arm draped over his shoulder. After a huge effort on both their part they made it to the car. Ray unlocked the door while Chad leaned against the SUV making it tilt slightly. Ray tried to help Chad into the back seat, but the large man could not squeeze himself inside. Ray looked around and that’s when he made eye contact with me. “Hey come give us a hand?” he asked. I looked around as well, but there was no one else and it was clear he must be talking to me. I made my way over to them and stopped a few feet short. “Help me get this fat fucker into the car would ya?” asked Ray. “Sure,” I said. I positioned myself behind the man nearly a foot taller than myself and pushed on his expansive side until he finally collapsed into the back seat. He lay across the whole row and rubbed his stomach. “Too much to drink?” I asked. “Him? Nah, he can drink way more than that. He just ate too much,” said Ray. “No shit,” I joked. Ray laughed and flashed his pearly whites. “Actually I could use some help getting him home too. You seem pretty sober, think you could drive us back?” asked Ray. I was taken aback. Guys as hot as Ray never spoke to me. “You could crash at our place too if you wanted,” said Ray. I should have been suspicious of a total stranger offering a bed so openly, but it was a hot stranger so I accepted. I climbed behind the wheel and started driving while Ray gave me directions. Most of the way there Chad simply moaned and rubbed his stomach. I listened to Ray’s husky voice guide me the way and felt myself getting hard. Ray’s bulging bicep and forearm were resting only inches from my own. At one point Ray reached down and adjusted himself and I could make out the outline of a huge dick beneath his tight fabric. “This is it,” said Ray. We pulled up into the driveway of a mansion. The house must have been worth millions and I was sure there must have been some mistake. Together Ray and I managed to hoist up Chad and get him walking. I wrapped both my arms around Chad to help him steady himself and they didn’t quite meet. When we reached the door Ray shifted most of Chad’s weight onto me as he pulled out a key and unlocked the house. For a few moments I felt myself beginning to get crushed under Chad’s frame pushing me down. Then Ray opened the door and we got him inside. Chad’s room was on the first floor and finally we managed to get him lying in bed. To my surprise Ray began to remove Chad’s clothes. “Let’s get you settled in fatboy,” he said. He undid the buttons on Chad’s shirt and Chad’s belly breathed in relief. A sphere of hairy fat was exposed with a thick patch of hair on his chest. Ray took off his shoes and socks and then unfastened his belt. He unbuttoned and unzipped Chad’s jeans and again the huge belly expanded in relief. Ray wiggled the jeans off and surveyed his work. Chad lay with his chest heaving, a massive mountain of flesh. Ray placed a hand on his belly and gave Chad a gentle pat. “Sleep it off big guy,” he said. I just stood there and watched the whole time growing harder and harder until I could feel myself starting to precum in my briefs. “So where do I sleep?” I asked as we left Chad’s room. “We sleep up here,” said Ray. I was shocked again, but followed behind obediently. We wandered up the stairs and through the house until we arrived at a huge master bedroom. Without another word Ray started to strip. I stood with my mouth ajar as Ray’s thickly muscled naked body was revealed to me. It was even better than I could have imagined. He didn’t seem to have an ounce of fat on his body and every bit of him exuded strength and masculinity. “Well are you just going to stand there?” he asked. I hurriedly stripped as well and approached the beefy man. We kissed briefly and I ran my hands over every bit of his body I could. His long muscled back, his massive arms, his rounded pecs. Suddenly he threw me onto the bed. I lay face down breathing heavily and completely overwhelmed with lust. I watched him open a condom and slather his perfect cock in lube. He climbed up on the bed behind me and slid a finger into my asshole. I let loose a moan of pleasure. One finger became two and then three. There was a pause and then I was penetrated by the biggest rock hard dick I had ever experienced. I moaned out of pain and pleasure. “Like that bitch?” he said smacking my ass. He pushed me down and pinned me beneath him. Reaching around he wrapped me in one strong arm and flipped me on my side. With the other hand he grabbed my dick and began to stroke while he fucked me. After only a few strokes I could take no more and I shot further than I had since I was a young boy. “Fuck yeah,” said Ray. He fucked me even harder in a passionate frenzy and I felt his dick pump inside me as he came. We lay for a minute and then he removed his condom and I went to the master bath. When I returned the bed was clean and Ray was waiting with outstretched arms. I crawled up beside him and he cuddled me tightly. I could feel his warm body behind mine, and his still huge dick on my ass. Before long we both drifted into sleep. I had no idea what I had stumbled into.
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