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The Office boy becomes a man
No one at the office said any thing to him about his rapid weight gain, in fact the opposite. His mates would slap his big bum, joke about rubbing his belly for luck, these boys he worked with all carried a little extra weight, so most would compare bellies with him, brag of how many beers its taken to get their paunches. 

And commend one another and how much their increasing size costs to maintain their invested ballooning bodies. They gave him their scraps at lunch to finish off, he said that no one should ever waste food, and that he should gladly eat anything, they had spare. Some of his big-bellied mates would bring extras especially for him. 

At work his mates noticed that his suit pants were filling out, and his butt started to pull tight, and his shirts, and vest started make him look a bit stuffed in his clothes. When he wore a white shirt and black tie with a belt last, everyone gasped at the straining shirt buttons, and what a spare tire he had grown around his middle. 
He liked the attention and wore bolder prints to show off his balloon belly. He could only see the size in his belly growing, and focused just on that, any wonder his size 34” trousers were far too small and he was as size too small for a size 40” trouser, that was a bit scary he thought. And that’s all he did about it, and reached for the next plate of cake.

He became the eating machine in Armani at work. As he would make his weigh home, he would visit various drives thru fast food outlets for constant fried cravings, and a hunger for meat of any form. He would sit back on his large plush leather couch, his waist released by the trousers strained confining waistband.

His boyfriend would rub his full tummy as he watched TV, munching on MM’s, bringing his suited stud, beers and treats to warm him up for dinner. His full belly would poke out further and harder after each days work, he liked the feel, and so too did his plump boy. Who spends most of his time cooking, and basting and roasting all day for his well paid Bellied Business Bear. His hard dick was no longer visible to him, but he was happy to play with his beloved belly while his chunky boy would loving play with his manhood. 

His boy would serve him up a feast for his big businessman upon his eighth beer. At end the night’s gourmet banquet, his boy would keep him satisfied with beers until he was fast asleep in his work clothes. Suited up in his sleep he would find himself more comfortable in his corporate attire than his other clothes. 

One morning after his boy washed him down in their large shower, he found that his trousers he had just bought were tighter; in fact, he could not bring them above his thunderous thighs. This brought about some panic and arousal that was a turn on for them both. His boy retrieved, at the back of his wardrobe, a suit bag from his past, which he now dreaded. He found a panic pulsing within him as he looked at the 3 piece navy double-breasted suit from his past; he began a dread at the thought of his weight. However, it was not quite fear he felt, but curiosity. He was a big boy he knew, and he knew that this suit was from when he was the heaviest time of his life. At 19, he used weigh 185lbs when he wore his navy suit to his university classes at Business College. As his boy placed slipped over a shirt that was within the suit bag and began fastening its buttons to his collar. As they lifted the pants, and raised its braces over his shoulders, he found that they fitted perfectly, in fact too perfectly. 

They were loose when he was that tubby teenager, now 6 years later, they were a tailored fit. As he knotted his tie, his boy buttoned the vest over the Italian silk length. His belly filled the vest tightly, he had too weighed himself. However, his hunger growled in his belly, and his boy had prepared his breakfast from the smell of things. He found himself turning to the dinning table rather than the bathroom. He sat a head of the table, sleeves white, clasped with 24-carat cufflinks. His navy pin striped vest filled out to cause the buttons to strain lines across his belly. His red and gold striped tie of silk knotted in a half Windsor contrasted well with the crisp white shirt collar. As he ate his weigh thru breakfast and began his drive thru snacking on his weigh to work, he forgot about his panic at his size. In fact, he rather liked the idea of this suit being tight on him. He wanted to get bigger to outgrow this suit, and fill into another larger suit. He stopped at the men’s wear store on his weigh to Mac Donald’s. They only had clothes for men with waistlines below 46”. They referred him to a clothing store near his work. He passed by a few more drive thru’s and entered the clothing store half a block from his office. He finished his Mc Muffin as he entered. A large man came to his attention,
"Good morning sir can I assist you with something?” he asked wide eyed, attentively.
"Yes mate, I need a few new suits for work,” he asked looking over the handsome young man in a grey suit vest and white shirt with a satin shinning silk gold and black with white checked square pattern
"What size are you?” he asked with eagerness.
"I’m not too sure, you’d better measure me up!?” he wanted to know the size of this belly he’d grown.
As the young assistant wrapped a tape measure around his girth, an erection began creep up on both of them.
"So what’s it say?” he was hanging to know…………
"Not as much as you’d hope, ha, its only a 52” waist, but that gut’s getting bigger , and more noticed lately…..” and he stroked his belly as he ended his words. 
"what do you mean more noticed” he liked the idea people have seen his recent ballooning, were of inspiration to other people, or if they were disgusted.

"We’ll” replied the assistant " When you last came in and bought a Hugo boss grey 3 piece pinstriped suit, and blue Zenga tie. A few men who were larger men then selves, remarked on how well dressed you were for a man with a well shaped physique…” and bought some clothe much the same you had on that day, so I have been watching what you were, and sell clothes much like that”, "YOU GOT STYLE MISTER” he said with a very pleased grin.
Were half the men in the Business world gay fat suit and tie lovers????

" you mean to say people are talking about me, because of this,” he rubbed his big round belly… WOW maybe time to accept this role he was growing into a bit more seriously.
"Of course men are always comparing themselves with the ones how have put on weight, and those who haven’t, it’s like, women, but more subtle, the only time men talk about their weight is at meals times, or at the gym, or when buying clothes. Most guys have this thing about not knowing their size, so most guys buy a bigger size when they do buy them, and eventually a guy with a 28” waist ends up, like me, or you, or like that guy over there…” he pointed over to a huge man in white and blue checked shirt and jeans who looked a lot like Nick Lachey…
This guy was so cute, and was a dead ringer for Nick lachey.
" he’s been blowing up like a balloon for ages now, he works like two buildings away, has a hidden stash of m&m’s in his pockets, and is married, but is always checking out guys, particularly, the fit muscular tradesmen that occasionally pass, so he’s gay and comfort eating his way into the closet. He can’t wear his wedding ring because he’s gotten too fat.” the assistant fastened his new trousers, and had him already tucked in with his hard on pronounced all to see. He couldn’t take his eye’s of that Nick lackey dead ringer….he couldn’t stop looking at his belly in that shirt, and noticed that this shop sold that specific shirt.

"I want a shirt like his", he pointed to ones on the hangers that looked the same as the man looking in the knitwear, and at some casual pants. 
"sure” the assistant was a bit blown away by this and went and packed up the same shirt, and made sure the big guy wearing the shirt was watching….
"this will look great at work, or with a pair of chino’s,” 
"Thank you”, and on his way out our man didn’t notice the size he was wearing or the size the shirt was. 

That set up a bad routine of getting clothes at that shop, and soon he started to meet other men who were getting measured up, 
But how sexy was this guy, he kept thinking of the Nick Lachey man, and how nice he looked. Our big man walked over to the wardrobe and took out his favourite shirt, and began to button it up, and had a bit of trouble when he got to around his girth, he looked down, and saw what he saw himself becoming more fuller and buttoned up to the last top button and left his collar unbuttoned. He slid on a pair of chinos underneath, and hide the waist band under his shirt, as he tied the belt he noticed he was on his last belt notch, that was a bit of a surprise. This is when reality started to hit in when he couldn’t get up one day with out a hand, from his bed, and waddled to the scales."oh well…. Here goes nothing”
And with a proud thump he stood on the scales for the first time in three years of solid eating and hard corporate work, and his beautiful boyfriend.
WOW, 385lbs, "looks like I am just 15lbs from a promotion,,haha, oh no I have I put on too much weight!!!!” 

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