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The Office Healthfair

As I peer out my office door I can't help but notice my two office assistants in front of the copy machine. With their backs towards my door, it was the first time I noticed the distinct contrast in the size of their asses. Craig on the right in his Dockers and plaid work shirt is probably a size 34 waist. Tim while also wearing Dockers was pushing towards a size 38. I became fascinated by the difference in their bodies while they were relatively the same height and shared a similar preppy office look.

That night at home I fell asleep dreaming about these three guys and how much fun it would be to get them on a scale and take measurements. The next morning I noticed a sign in the lobby of our building promoting today's healthfair. After a brief conversation with Steve, the stocky personal trainer running the healthfair, I made arrangements to hold a private healthfair for the guys in my office next Tuesday.

Tuesday morning. Steve and I are busily converting my office into a makeshift health club. In one corner is the scale with a capacity of 300 pounds. There are also assorted measuring devices and a changing area complete with clothing in a wide range of sizes. My special contribution is a buffet table with a selection of healthy foods including raw vegetables, pasta salads, lean cold cuts and fruit salad.

Promptly at 8:00 a.m. my staff arrived. There was John, Craig and Tim. Jim also made the trip in from the field. I don't get to see him that often. Jim who has always been a bigger guy had definitely packed on at least 30 more pounds since his last visit.

The gang gathered in my office and Steve, the fitness buff, gave everyone a run down of the day's activities. Craig jokingly poked John in his gut and said, its getting harder to suck it in now, isn't it? John responded by saying, yeah but I could still pin you down, Donut Boy.

John was wearing a loose fitting cotton sweater and casual pants. Steve asked John to remove his clothes and step on the scale. John joked with the group that if he weighs more than 185 pounds it would only be because of some extra margaritas on his recent Mexican vacation. Steve smiled as he pushed the weights on the scale. 175, 190, 205. Until finally it balanced at 217 pounds. John looked down and used his right hand to grab the love handle that had grown on his previously toned body. Steve chuckled and said, it looks like you don't weigh 185 pounds anymore. Craig chimed in, whose the Donut Boy now? I'll tell you what, responded Steve, we'll share dieting tips with the group later on.

Jim was next up. He was wearing boxer shorts that sagged around his ass and allowed for his belly to hangover its waistband. Steve asked Jim to pull up his tee shirt in order to do a body fat analysis. Jim seemed to enjoy the opportunity to display his ample gut to his co-workers. John didn't stop munching on his fruit salad when he managed to get a look at Jim's large round ass and say, look's like a full moon tonight!!! They group chuckled as Jim said to John, listen, fat ass, you'll be wearing these size 52 boxers by Valentine's Day. Steve calmed the group down as he approached Jim with a caliper to measure body fat. Turning to the group, John said, Any bets on the percentage? Steve completed the test and shared with the group that Jim's body fat content proved to be just under 55 percent. That compares with an average percentage of 15 percent for most men.

Steve calls Tim and Craig to the platform at the front of the office. As Steve unwraps his tape measure he smirkingly says to the group, you're about to see an example of what happens when you let yourself go. He begins with chest measurements. Craig is a solid 42 inch chest while Tim's fleshy tits help bring him up to a 44 inch chest measurement. Now for the waist. Steve announced to the group, who became increasingly curious as to where this is leading, that Craig's flat stomach and waist measure 34 inches, which gives him a nice v-shape. Tim, on the other hand, has more of a pear shape given his 40 inch waist and 52 inch gut. Craig while looking at the group, slapped Tim's soft ass and said, watch this wiggle. As the guys stepped down from the platform Tim, noticing Craig's stomach softening into a belly remarked, must have been sucking it in, huh?

O.K., guys, Steve says, it's time for a healthy lunch. The guy's approach the buffet table just as Steve shouts, wait a minute. Something's missing. At which point he motioned for me to bring out my special sauce which I proceeded to spread over all the food. I told the guys that this was a new recipe that was very tasty, but very low in calories. They began lapping up the food like pigs at a trough.

Shortly thereafter, Steve dismissed the group and encouraged them to stick to their weight plans. John began to dress. As he slipped his pants over his thighs it was apparent that he would have trouble buttoning them. He then put on his sweater which was no longer loose fitting. As a matter of fact, his tits and gut were easily identifiable. It was soon obvious that Craig needed bigger clothes as well. The waistband of his pants began cutting into his fleshy gut. Both guys were a little surprised to find their ass stretching out the seams in the back of their pants.

I stood in the background wondering if I should share my recipe with the group.

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