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The Subway - Part 1

Once again he saw him!!

"Wow!” - he though - "what a great way to start my day!!”

Michael was really euphoric!! Though he couldn’t do or say a thing. 

He was too shy to do anything at all but look, and look in a rush... He didn’t know what to say or do if the guy caught him staring at him. That surely would be an embaracing thing.

One thing Michael knew for sure, that guy was HOT!

It was the second or third time he had seen him in the past 2 weeks, and each time Michael would get completely aroused and in heaven. The encounters were pure luck. In between millions of daily users of the subway system they just had the luck of using the same subway car and then get off at the same subway station. 

To Michael this guy was simply a god!!! 

The guy was in his late twenties, was tall (about 1,83 m or 6’) and was obviously husky (around 100 kg = 220 lbs) with a very nice ball belly. He had brown short hair and brown deep eyes, his skin was a little tanned and the face was somewhat chubby but not fat.

"Damn, this guy is so darn cute!! I wish I had the courage to go up to him and introduce myself” - he thought - "But no, I am too damn shy to do that! Sometimes I just hate myself and my indecisions!”

Michael had always loved bigger guys. Ever since he admited to himself that he was gay he knew that, even though, he’d go for the smaller type of guy, what really worked for him was a bigger, rounder sort of guy.

Michael had always been a thin guy. Too thing during most of his life. Only around age 16 he started to get beefier but still, now with 25, he was just a normal lean guy. He was around 1,75 m = 5’9’’ and weighed around 70 kg = 155 lbs.

And this guy he had spotted on the subway for the third time was really it, he seemed to have it all!! He was young, good looking and round! That round, obviously visible gut on him looked purely marvellous!! 

The subway arrived at the terminal station and everyone got off it. Michael slowed his pace to let this guy pass first. A few good seconds where he could discreetly observe him. 

Then he rushed a little bit and passed through this guy and, once again, looked a little bit at him and that was it. He didn’t have the courage to do more than that.

Soon the momentum was gone and the guy vanished from Michael’s sight. After the subway exit, each of them would follow a different path. Another day was beggining and Michael did have to go to work... after all he wouldn’t pay his bills if he didn’t and boy did he have them!! 

"Oh God, how I’d wish to see this guy more often!!” - he thought, while walking to his work place. 


Michael was surely glad another work day had terminated! It had been a really tiring day and all he now wanted was to go home, get into the bathtub and enjoy a long and relaxing bath! And so he did. He arrived home a little after 6. Put the water running and spent the next 45 mins in the bathtub! He loved to do that! After the long bath, it was about time to start getting dinner set and so he did! He had no idea what to do! He was an OK cook but he was also quite a lazy guy and didn’t want to bother having to cook most of the time so microwave stuff always was a big part of his groceries list. And it seemed that such would occur today once again. 

He ended up choosing a frozen pizza that he had bought 2 days ago and 15 minutes later dinner was served. As usual he was eating alone. There was no one to share his thoughts, his meals, his love with. Often he would get somewhat nostalgic over that... but he was also a dual person... he loved his space, his things, his independance. Eventually he’d like to have a long term relationship but, for now that wasn’t likely to happen. So, it was him, the tv set and the computer.

After dinner he did the dishes, as usual. Then another night would be spent online. Once again he was turning on his PC!! And that meant the next long hours would be spent in front of it!! Michael really had a thing for the net... a real addiction most would say. He wouldn’t put it that way. To him the net was an escape! A good escape! A way to find people with the same interests he had, some of them that he thought no one would have as well. 

Two years ago Michael got his PC hooked up to the web and since that day on new horizons got into his world!! Now and after this time spent he was feeling a more fulfilled man! And at peace with himself.

For a while Michael had know he was gay... and that was something that he needed to deal with. His family was somewhat conservative and he feared how they would take it and he also had no friends that were gay. 

Having gotten online provided him many answers. 

But what was amasing to him was discovering the whole gaining community! And he was just thrilled!!! He wasn’t alone in the world!

Over these two years he had made a few friends online. People he knew he could count on whenever he needed them... it might sounds weird but he knew that even he had never seen them in real life, some of those people he talked to were real friends.

As was his habit, he got on to the chatroom about gaining. As usual he recognised most of the people online at the moment. 

"I guess that’s what happens when you spend so much time online!” - he thought, smiling.

His friend Jeremy was there! So he chatted to him for over 2 hours. And tonight the main issue was the hot boy in the subway, whatelse could it be!

Patiently Jeremy listened to the very complete and accurate description of the guy, the event and of Michael’s thoughts!

"Well and now what?” - Jeremy asked!

"I don’t know man! Now nothing I guess. You know I don’t have the courage to do anything. And besides what are the chances of this guy being gay?”

”True! But if you are so interested in this guy you oughta try something, no?”

"I guess, but what?” - Michael asked.

"Oh I don’t know... accidently bump into him, or mistake him for an old colleague or something like that! At least this way you can get to talk to the guy... and from then on something can occur... who knows!” - Jeremy suggested.

"Would you have the courage to do that man?”

"Sure, why not? People get confused all the time. I mean haven’t you ever had someone come up to you mistaking you for some old friend?” - Jeremy asked.

"Yeah, that has happened!” - agreed Michael - "I guess in your case than won’t happen a lot, uh! I mean you sure have gotten way different!!”

"I have no idea what you mean!” - Jeremy said, joking - "I am the same guy I was 2 years ago!”

" Yeah, the exact same cute, handsome, sweet one. Just 100 lbs bigger, that’s all! Something almost unnoticeable!” - Michael teased.

"Oh, you mean that? LOL” - Jeremy replied - "Man it’s always a lot of fun to find some old friend that hasn’t seem me in a few months! The reactions are always interesting to observe! And the belly patting is just the best!”

"Oh I bet!! I wish I could pat that belly of yours man! To bad I am so damn far away.” - Michael complain!

"Well somehow, I think you’d rather touch some cute subway guy’s belly these days! LOL” 

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