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The Subway - Part 2
Jeremy’s suggestion made total sense. After all how hard could it be for Michael to go up to the guy and say hi, aren’t you this guy I used to go school with? 

In theory it seemed quite simple, now would Michael be able to do it? That was the real question!

Would the next day be the day for that to happen? 

Sleep called and Michael had to go to sleep, he did need to get up early the next day and it was already 1 am. 

"Damn!” - Michael cursed, looking at the time - "I overslept again!”

A new day would begin and Michael had to rush to get to work on time. It was the usual drill though. He’d always oversleep and then rush and rush! Maybe that helped him keep his slimmish figure! That and a fast metabolism that age had not slowed down, yet.

So he took a quick shower, a quick breakfast, got dressed and ran out the door into the subway station which was about a five minute walk from his apartment.

Of course his mind wondered if he was going to find the hot guy again, the thought had filled his dreams all night long! And in his dreams Jeremy’s plan and went great... but, of course, those were dreams. 

"That would be too much luck I guess” - he though! 

And he was somewhat right. The odds of that happening regularly were not that big. A new subway train would pass every 3 minutes and catching the next one would be enough to prevent that encounter to happen once again. 

As soon as Michael got inside the train he tried to look and check for the hot guy but he had no luck. It was crowded with people but it didn’t seem as if the guy was there, unfortunatelly.

And he wasn’t the next day either, or the one after, or the week after. Slowly Michael began to lose any hope that he’d find this guy again. Seemed like it wasn’t meant to happen. 


"Just great!” - he said after he heard the news. The subway line was broke and they didn’t know how long it would take for it to get working back again. In the meantime he could do nothing but sit inside the subway car and wait for the problem to get solved - "This shit always has to happen when I am the most late!” - he complained!

Around him other people were thinking exactly the same. It was 9 am and most of the people over there were taking the subway to go to work or school.

His mood was just getting worst and worst as time passed. It had been well over 15 minutes and everyone would keeping listening to that annoying recorded message that the line was down, that the subway people were trying to solve the problem and that they were sorry but it would still take a few more minutes.

"Is this seat taken?” - a male voice asked politely, to Michael.

"No, it’s not” - Michael replied, not paying much attention the person, at first.

"Seems this is going to last! And as long as we’re can’t do nothing but wait I might just as well sit down.”- the person said again.

Michael looked to his right side to reply to the person and he was simply astonished! It was him! He was over there right next to him and talking to him!

"It seems that way yah...” - Michael replied, trying not to look too excited, nervous and agitated - "And the worst is I am really late and my boss will be on my back the whole day if I get late!”

"Yeah same here!” - the guy replied - "I’d walk to work, it’s close from my home, but it’s kinda obvious I don’t do that too often” - he said, patting his belly!

That completely aroused Michael who tried very hard to keep his calm! There was this hot guy standing right next to him patting him belly with all his coolness! And that belly seemed bigger than ever! It had been about 1 month since he had seen the guy and it was obvious he was bigger than before.

He was wearing a very very tight green tshirt that revealed completely his round shape.

He smiled sheepishly and then said: "Well not everyone can be a gym rat!”

"You’re right there! The thing is I was one of those!! Hehehe!” - the guy said - "Last year at this time I was around 80 kg = 176 lbs and I had a muscular built. Now I am 108kg = 238 lbs and I the only muscle I do have is this large paunch!”

The guy didn’t look too ashamed of it though, since he kept on playing with his fat!

And Michael was simply in heaven! This hot stud was laying right next to him and he was a very pleasant person, it seemed. Now, would he be gay? Wouldn’t that be the cherry on top of the cake?

"Oh really?” - Michael asked.

That confession aroused Michael even more than he was. After all he did love gainers and the way they changed their bodies. More so if they had gone from a thin build to a fat build.

"Yeah… I was in a car accident about a year ago and I got hurt really bad and broke both of my legs. I was in cast for ages. And as you can imagine I couldn’t do much more than watch tv and eat!” - explained the guy - " The result of all those months of letargy was this huge paunch I have now!”

"Guess it will be really hard for you to lose the weight again uh?”

"Oh yah man, I guess it will! I gotta admit that I haven’t made much effort lately though, as you can well see hehe!”

This line of conversation was making Michael crazy!! He loved to see a cute guy getting a belly, but it really got him excited to talk about it! 

He hoped the handsome stranger didn't notice as he slyly shifted positions to cover the growing bulge in his khakis.

"Well, hey, " Michael told him, forcing his voice to remain steady and conversational, "happens to the best of us. You got more important things to worry about, I guess. How long have you been out of the casts?"

"Almost 6 months -- getting back in the routine, you know, Work, school. I am trying to end up my degree in computer science… but it’s hell and I never have time to do anything."

"Well there seems to be time for a few snacks!” - Michael said, with a smile.

"Hehe. True!”

The guy flashed his dazzling smile yet again and chuckled in a charmingly self-deprecating way. 

This guy was not ashamed of the few extra pounds around his middle, and could it be that he had picked up on the fact that Michael was attracted to him, either because of his belly, or in spite of it?

They sat side by side on the train for 40 more minutes, chatting more or less comfortably about this and that, mostly the handsome stranger's accident and his ensuing recovery, their boring jobs, and how school was going to make their jobs better (or at least more lucrative!). 

By the time the train started moving again, Michael had begun to perspire from the lack of circulation in the tunnel and the train, but his new friend was sweating profusely and expressed his relief when the train started moving again and air was blown through the windows. A side effect of the weight, Michael guessed -- damn, thinking about that made him harden up again.

This was too much for Michael. This guy was devastatingly handsome, with an easy, beautiful smile and fabulous eyes. 

He was funny and clever and obviously very at ease with himself, which was great. Michael envied that. They seemed to have similar interests and were close in age. 

Before hearing the accident story, he would have written the belly off more as baby fat the kid had never gotten rid of than a new belly he'd never had even a year ago. Wow, what a hot idea that was! 

What was making Michael crazy about the whole exchange was that he knew he would never find the nerve to ask the guy out. 

"I mean, come on…” he was telling himself, "how hard can it be to ask a guy out for coffee? What's the worst that could happen?” 

But Michael had only recently come out to himself, none of his offline friends even knew and he knew this was more than he was up to. He'd let the guy just walk out of his life and wonder for weeks, "what if...?" He didn't even know for a fact if this guy was gay, although he seemed remarkably outgoing and charming for a straight guy. But he was terrible at spotting who was gay and who was straight.

After 2 stops and a couple more minutes of small talk and joking around, they finally reached their mutual stop. Now that he knew the history, Michael noticed the slightest trace of a limp when his new friend stood and moved with him towards the doors. Not even a noticeable limp, really, so much as the remnants of months of disuse of his legs (which were filling out those slacks quite snugly, Michael couldn't help but notice...). 
The train stopped and, as they were both running late for work, Michael and the guy hurried onto the platform and hustled towards the exit. They passed through adjacent turnstiles and rode up the escalator to the street together, although not really chatting anymore. 

Michael was planning his excuse speech for John, his supervisor, and the guy obviously had his mind elsewhere, too, now that they were on the move. Michael had actually already relegated the whole experience to the That-Was-Fun part of his memory when the guy turned to him at the top of the escalator.

"My name's Anthony, by the way." he announced, extending his meaty hand for a shake. Michael was thrilled to grab it and said his own name: 

"Mine’s Michael.”

One more flash of that brilliant smile and Anthony turned to walk the opposite way. 

"See you around, Mike."

Michael stood on the corner and watched him walk away (what was 2 more minutes at this point? Hopefully John will have heard about the train breakdown by now, anyway...). 

Michael smiled to himself as he watched Anthony's meaty butt bounce as he walked away.

The guy had said his name was Anthony, and a straight guy probably would have said Anthony, but he also turned Michael into Mike without being invited to do so, which was more of a straight guy trait. He was much heavier than most of the young gay men of Michael's acquaintance, but awfully smiley for a hetero guy. Why did this have to be so confusing?!

He turned absently and headed for his office, and he was still smiling when he got there. 

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