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Three Wishes
The door opens and he walks through. An attractive one, blue eyes, lightly tanned skin and black pointed hair. And nicely toned, unlike my pudgey appearance. I wave and say hi. "Hey, you must be... Mike, correct? " My new rommate asked. I nod in agreement. "That's me. You are? "
"Kyle. "
"Ah, well, nice to meet you. " He puts his things down and instantly starts to unpack.

A few hours past and we make small talk. From what I got so far, he is a lot better than my old roommate. We actually have stuff in common. What I found weird is that we both have a huge appetite, but yet he's so thin compared to me. Then again, I don't work out as much as he does.
"I should hit the gym more often, work off this extra luggage. "
"Nah, you're fine. "
"Fine? " I get up and giggle by gut. "You think this is fine? "
"It's barely noticeable. "
I shrug and lye down on my bed. "What ever. I'm going to hit the sack. G'night. " I fall asleep.

Later in that night I was woken up by a strange feeling. Something rubbing against my gut. I was half asleep, but I manage to look out a figure. "Kyle? " I ask sleeply. The rubbing stops. "What are you doing? "
"Oh.. I'm so sorry! I was dreaming of a genie and a lamp... I must have slept walk. " He chuckles nervously.
I was too tired to care. "Ah... thought my gut was the lamp? Keep rubbing it and you'll get three wishes. " I yawn and slowly fall back asleep.
"Three wishes... I'll remember that. " were the last word I heard, but I though I was dreaming.

The next morning... I wish haven't woken up. I wake up to the smell of eggs. They smelt so good, I woke up instantly and flowed them to the kitchen area. There, cooking the eggs, is my new room mate in his tight blue undergarments. I stare at him for a while before asking, "what are you cooking that involves you being half naked? "
"Ah, you're awake! " he puts the eggs on a plate and puts it on the table at a spot near me. He sits at the other end. "Eat, it's a welcoming gift. "

I sit down and look at the eggs, then him, and start to eat. "So.. why are you" I pause at the taste of the eggs. "so good tasting? " Kyle laughed. "You've tasted me before? " I shake my head.
"No, these eggs! There so good! "
"Yup. made them just for you. "
"But why? " My voice is muffled as i stuff my face with the eggs.
"Last night you promised me three wishes. My first wish is to see you eat in pleasure. "

I pause and look at him. "Pleasure? "
"Those are good, aren't they? "
"Yes... "
"And do you feel any different? "
"No, should I? " I ask partly scared.
"Soon, keep eating. " Kyle gets up from the chair. "Come see me in the bedroom when you've finished. There's more on the stove if you want it." he walks away.

I must have had more than five helpings of the eggs. I moan and look at my stuffed gut, the shirt that I was wearing for bed was stretching out. I moan and burp loudly. "Kyle. " I yell. "I don't think I can get up. " within seconds Kyle is back in the kitchen. He stares at me. "Well, did you enjoy that? " I nod.
"And do you feel different? "

"Now that you mention it... my gut feels warm and nice. " Kyle walks over and pulls off my shirt. I've never seen my gut so big. The tight, warm feeling excites me. Kyle's staring at my gut, and he starts rubbing it. I moan and let out another burp. I've never felt like this before. 

Just then I felt a small ticking on my gut. I looked down and saw Kyle's face pressed up against my belly. He's rubbing it with one of his hands still, I ask him "What are you doing?" Kyle pauses. "Making another wish."

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