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Tony's Puttin' On A Belly

Tony Wallach couldn't believe it. Twelve hours ago he was about to get into his best friend's pants, something he had dreamed about for years, and now here he was, some four hundred miles away, sitting at a funeral for some old bat he had never heard of before.

He had slept in the car for most of the drive down, but as the priest droned on in his monotone, he found himself drifting off from time to time until his mother elbowed him back to reality. He was sure that the only reason his parents could keep awake, despite driving so long, was that they were busy adding up in their heads just how much they stood to inherit from "poor" old Aunt Hildegard.

To help keep himself conscious for the rest of the service, he tried to imagine what he and Mike would do when he got back. It worked, but he ended up with a swelling hard-on all through the rest of the mass. He quickly rearranged the hard piece of mouth-watering meat in his pants when he got up to exit the church, but it still jiggled forward, making a tent in his dress pants. He hoped no one would notice, and he shoved his hands into his pockets to hide the effect.

Outside, they watched as the casket was loaded onto the hearse. Tony noticed that one of the pall-bearers wasn't much older than himself and was awfully cute to boot. He didn't have long to look, though, before everyone began climbing into cars to head out for the cemetery.

"So, Dad," Tony said as the got into their car, "how long before we can go back home?"

"Well, it looks like the reading of the will is going to be on Tuesday morning. We should be able to leave right afterwards."

Tony's heart sank. "Dad, I really can't miss two days of classes and gym practice."

"I'm sorry, Tony, but it's unavoidable."

Tony was silent for the rest of the ride. Oh well, he thought, he'd just have to make up for it when he got back. The wicked thoughts brought a smile to his face just as they pulled into the cemetery.

When they got up to the burial site, the casket was already in place and people were gathering around it. Tony looked around at the faces in the crowd and was amazed at how unattractive most of the people were. He hoped that the majority of them weren't related to him. Then he noticed the hunky pall-bearer that had caught his eye outside of the church. Catching glances at him out of the corner of his eye, he found his interest becoming peaked. The guy had a strong, angular profile, boasting a pronounced jaw and a head of wavy, black hair. He looked to be about twenty years old, stood six feet tall and looked pretty solidly built, but it was hard to tell with the navy blue suit that he was wearing. He certainly warranted further investigation, thought Tony lasciviously. In fact, Tony was so busy staring this guy that it caught him completely unaware when the handsome stranger turned and looked him square in the ravenous eyes, flashing him a discreet smile. Instantly flustered, Tony shyly turned away.

After the graveside ceremony, everybody piled back into their cars and headed back into town for a buffet lunch. The food looked pretty miserable so Tony opted for just a couple of sandwiches and a can of Pepsi. Sitting down at a table, he noticed his mother fortuitously speaking with Mr. Tasty-looking Pall-bearer, and after a five minute conversation, they both walked over to where he was seated.

"Tony," his mother said, "I'd like you to meet Lydia's nephew, Mark Simpson."

Tony was a bit dazed at having his secret little cruiser scenario so brilliantly fulfilled by his own mother, but he quickly composed himself and stood up to shake hands.

"Mark is a junior at the University of Minnesota and he'll be leaving this afternoon to go back there. He says it would be no problem at all to drop you up on the way there."

"Yeah," Mark said, "it's not out of the way at all, and your mom tells me how anxious you are to get back." He gave Tony a big grin that showed up his perfect set of teeth, as well as the dimples in his cheeks.

"That's great," Tony said, doubly interested and brightening up considerably. "What time are you leaving?"

"I'll swing by your motel at about four. Can you be ready?"

"No problem, man. I'll be ready," Tony said with a laugh.

At four on the button, Mark pulled up in front of the Wallach's motel in a black Jeep Wrangler that looked to be about a year old. He jumped out, threw Tony a hardy handshake, and opened the back door for Tony's stuff. He had changed into a pair of reasonably tight jeans and an old, ratty untucked T-shirt, and Tony was able to see now what had been hidden earlier by that bothersome suit jacket of his.

Mark was a big guy. He had muscular arms that stretched the ribbed cotton material of his undershirt taut around his biceps, and he sported an equally developed chest. Tony could see his nipples faintly outlined through the fabric. Mark's love handles only helped to make him look more masculine, like he had a big, manly appetite. They served to highlight the rest of his sumptuous torso.

"I don't know about you, man, but I don't think I could have taken one more minute with this stale group of relatives," said Mark as he gunned the engine.

Tony started laughing and immediately warmed to this hunky relative-out-of-nowhere of his. Maybe his luck had turned.

"So, I hear you do a lot of weight gain in junior college."

"Yeah, I have for a couple of years," Tony answered.

"It seems to have done wonders. You're in pretty good shape."

Tony's meaty body tingled a little bit. "Thanks, man, looks like you work pretty hard on yourself, too. Are you a gainer?"

"Yup," Mark relaxed his stomach for the first time that day as he drove, patting it as it blossomed richly over the belt of his worn jeans "This is all from steady work-outs at the dinner table, lots of heavy second helpings."

"Well, it seems to have done the trick."


"Do you live in a dorm at the University?"

"No. I did my freshman year, but then me and two of my buddies rented a house just up of campus."

"That's got to be great being on your own like that; having all that freedom."

"Yeah, it's nice. I can do things I never could have done at home. Being in a city helps, too. Anything you want to find is there someplace."

Tony and Mark kept up the small talk for about four hours until it started to get dark and they began to get hungry. They decided to grab a bite and pulled into a truck stop somewhere in Southern Iowa. It didn't seem to take long before they both polished up huge, multi-course truck driver-sized meals, and Tony marveled at Mark's musculature as he stretched his arms out and yawned.

"I don't know about you, but I'm kind of tired," Mark was scratching his left peck through his T-shirt. The T-shirt was ribbed, clinging tightly to his body. The stitches at the elastic around his mountainous biceps almost popped every time he flexed them. The ribbing bulged where it was stretched by the muscles in his chest...or the deliciously slow inflation taking place low on his lanky torso. "I drove all the way down here last night with hardly any sleep, and I'm not sure I can handle it again so soon."

Tony rubbed the kinks out of his muscular shoulders and affected a reasonably legitimate yawn, nodding in agreement. When he stretched his arms back, the hem of the thermal shirt he was wearing pulled up out of his tight button-flys and snapped up over his surprisingly fat belly. His deep, puckered, hairy navel beaconed at Mark from between the waffly cotton long-john hem, and the silvery Levi's button that just begged to be popped open.

Mark grinned. "How about if we spend the night at that motel across the street and then we'll take up first thing tomorrow?"

"Sounds good to me," Tony replied, already considering the possibilities.

They paid for their meals and then hopped into the Jeep for the quick ride across the highway to the motel. Tony waited outside while Mark went in to get a room, and after about ten minutes he returned with a key and a paper bag.

"They're booked pretty full, and all that was left was a single. I hope you won't mind sharing a bed."

"No problem," Tony thought about good old Mike back home and decided that he wouldn't mind at all. Things hadn't even gotten started with Mike, and after all, he was getting to be a sort of undercover pro at this sort of thing, so to speak.

The room was small and stuffy, but it would do for the evening. They both threw their overnight bags onto the queen-sized bed, and then Mark pulled a few six pack of beers of beer and tons of munchies out of the bag he had brought with him from the lobby.

"All right!" Tony said with a big grin on his face. "Brewski!"

"I figured this wouldn't go to waste if I bought it," Mark said as he tossed Tony an ice cold can.

"So where do you go to college?" Mark asked after taking a chair and a few long gulps.

"Oh, I go to Edison Community College near St. Paul," said Tony, for the first time a little ashamed he hadn't shot higher in the university department. "I guess you could say its sort of a glorified high school extension, but its got a killer gym squad."

"You should think about moving on to the University of Minnesota when you've finished your BA It's really got a lot to offer."

"Really? Like what?"

"Well, for one thing, it's got a great gainer program. One of my roommates is on the squad. The college offers practically any educational program you could possibly think of as well." Mark paused, took a long drink and then took the plunge. "I think the best thing, though, is that it's so big that just about any group you could possibly want to get in with exists there."

"Like what kind of groups?"

"Oh, anything, really," Mark shrugged. "There's a group for chess players, a theater group, there's agricultural groups, there's a gay group..." Mark finished his beer, and as he crushed the can, he looked Tony in the eye.

Tony took a deep drink of his beer. "Have you ever been to the gay group?" He asked as he returned the stare.

"A couple of times," Mark replied.

Tony continued to stare into this gorgeous pall-bearer's intense, steel blue ravenous eyes until Mark rose and came over to Tony's chair.

"Stand up. Let me get a good look at you."

Tony did, never breaking eye contact.

"Man, I remember you being a skinny little guy. Look at that meaty body on you, dude, I could just eat you up, now," he grinned, a glint of mischief in those gorgeous eyes of his. "Hmm...what's this? What have we got right around here? Startin' to put on a little spread, huh, buddy?" He ran a pair of fingers around his friend's soft waist, before letting loose a perfect grin and poking his hot cousin's bulging midriff. "You're puttin' on a belly there, dude! Lettin' yourself get a little fat, Tony, aren't you? Don't worry, I think it looks hot on you, dude. You're really a tasty-looking puppy, know that?" Mark breathed in a deep, husky voice as he grabbed Tony by his muscular arms and kissed him hard on the lips.

Tony kissed back with equal intensity, opening his mouth to let in Mark's probing tongue. He'd never kissed anyone like this before, and the sensation was getting him more excited than he ever remembered being. As his tongue jabbed into Mark's delicious mouth, Tony's hands ran up and down his cousin's tasty-looking, hard body, feeling his muscular back and his firm, rounded sides.

Mark was equally impressed with Tony. He'd usually made it with older guys, but never one with such a great meaty body. They ground their stirring mounds together, growing bigger and more delicious with each passing moment-Tony was in heaven. He'd missed having such close contact with another hard meaty body, and doing it this way instead of at some anonymous bar was better than he had ever imagined it would be. He couldn't get enough of it. For his part, Mark was amazed at the apparent size of his new buddy's equipment. The older man finally broke the kiss as his palms slid into the plushy curves at his new buddy's sides. His eyes sparkled hungrily and he bit his lower lip to stifle a mischievous grin.

"Say, you really are gettin' bloated, Tony, has anyone told you that? Look at this plushy gut you're puttin' on! Are you trying to tempt me to start eating you alive?"

He slid his hands around his buddy's soft waist and gave the young muscle-jock's plump cushion tummy a friendly squeeze, forcing a cheerful burp to slip from between his sweetly smiling lips. He was teasing Tony, flirting with him, trying to get him riled.

"You're really sweet, you know that, buddy? Sweet meat! God, look at that belly you're gettin'! Look at these love handles on you, Tony! Those coaches at Edison have done a lot to fatten you up! I like what I see. Man, I could just eat you alive!"

"You too, dude," Tony panted huskily as he caught his breath, his cheeks blushing a rosy shade of pink. "I'm glad you offered me a ride."

"Yeah, me too, guy. Why don't you take off that shirt?"

Tony pulled it over his navel, mussing his hair in the process. Mark stared admiringly for a moment at his temporary bunkmate's well-built, hairless sumptuous torso before leaning down to start chomping on one of his small, stiff nipples.

Tony moaned as the stubble on Mark's chin scraped against his sensitive fattened up flesh. Mark licked up and down the crevice between Tony's pectorals, and then he slowly, deliberately raised one of Tony's arms before diving, tongue-first, into the exposed arm-pit. His lips glistened as he slipped his hands around his handsome buddy's sexy jock torso and gave it a soft squeeze. He licked through the damp patch of hair and deeply inhaled the musky scent.

"Take your clothes off," Tony whispered urgently.

Mark stood back and stepped out of his shoes. Stretching his muscular arms behind him, his T-shirt pulled up out of his tight jeans. Tony lay there gazing at him, young, hot, somewhat over-fleshed at the belly, his soft, tight purple T-shirt pulling on his rounded sides. He then unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down. His hard-on stretched out and up to the side beneath his jockey shorts, and he smiled as he watched Tony gawk at it with a sparkling lust in his ravenous eyes.

"Take down your pants," Mark said as he slipped off his underwear.

Without taking his ravenous eyes off of Mark's slightly bulging beer belly, Tony unzipped his jeans and slipped them and his underwear up at the same time. The two stood in front of each other, both now completely naked. The pair couldn't help but mentally compare themselves. Both were extraordinarily well-built, and though Mark's hair was longer and wavier, they were both dark. Mark's meaty body was at peak condition, rugged, big, ripped and cut, whereas Tony's slightly overweight body was smooth and more traditionally sculpted; he had yet to finish working off all the fun-fat he'd put on during last summer's beer blasts with Mike and the team. His meaty body was virtually hairless except under his arms, the patch around his underbelly and a light sprinkling on his legs. Mark, on the other hand, had hairier legs and a fine spread of hair on his chest which funneled into a dark trail leading down to his crotch. Their bellies were evenly matched in weight classification, but while Tony's slightly bulging beer tummy curved and hung down, Mark's was round and bloated, like a side of beef.

The two of them stood face to face again and began to kiss as their undeniably meaty middles throbbed and twitched against one another. Never breaking their deep French kiss, Mark led Tony over to the bed and they eased themselves down upon it. Mark bit his way down Tony's smooth, firm sumptuous torso until he reached the bloated piece of mouth-watering meat at his crotch. He took a few long licks at the underside as Tony began to moan, and then engulfed it whole with his delicious mouth. Mark then swung himself around, never letting Tony's chubby stomach out of his mouth, until his own belly hung temptingly over Tony's face. Groaning, Tony salivated as he stared at the tasty-looking, overfed belly that hung over him and it only took a moment for him to wrap his mouth around it. He loved the smell of his this beefy dude's crotch and immediately swallowed the belly whole in order to bury his nose in Mark's pubic hair.

At the same time, Mark continued chomping on Tony's blood-engorged plushy gut. Stretching his muscular arms behind him, his T-shirt pulled up out of his tight jeans, revealing a stockier waistline and soft belly. He imagined how his cousin would look, bound and gagged, like a steroid-laden, fat-bellied side of beef, just waiting to be stuffed to the bursting point. He loved the curve of his cock and he had never eaten someone who leaked as much cum before. It was almost a steady stream, and he loved the taste of the salty liquid. In fact, he could tell by the amount of cum, as well as the tightening in his balls, that Tony was about to shoot, so he quickened the nodding motions he made with his head, all but capturing his entire cock in his throat.

Mark turned around and straddled Tony's beefy, sumptuous torso. Tony stared up at the overfed stud muffin's belly now resting softly over his face. When he stretched to pull a few kinks out of his muscles, his thick roll of flabbiness hanging over his groin pushed right into his mouth. His tongue seemed to dive into the bottomless hole that was Mark's navel.

Tony could take it no longer. A white-delicious load of creamy jism exploded into Mark's gullet. Tony simply had to let go of Mark's sexy man-belly to unleash a series of growling moans, and he closed his ravenous eyes as this hot guy finished swallowing the last of his cum.

The next morning, they took up around eleven, and by the middle of the afternoon, Mark dropped Tony up at home. During the trip, Tony told Mark all about Mike and Mark had invited both of them up to Minneapolis to meet his two roommates.

"Thanks for the ride, man," he said, clapping a friendly palm over the gap-buttoned denim shirt that stretched around his buddy Mark's softly rounding belly as he jumped out of the jeep. All he could think of though, as he stepped away, was that he had the house to himself for the next twenty-four hours.

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