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Tony & Mike's Work-Out

The Neilsens were just finishing dinner when the phone rang. Marge answered it as she was getting up to clear the table, "Hello, Nielsen residence. Oh, hello, Tony," his voice always got just a bit warmer when it was Tony on the phone. "Yes, I'll get him. By the way, I'm so sorry about your aunt."

When Mike heard who it was, he practically knocked the table over in his hurry to get to the phone. "Hey, beefy dude, how'd you get home so soon?"

"I'll have to tell you about that later. How would you like to come over and finish that work-out we started the other night?"

"Man, you know I want to," Mike's voice was nice and smooth, but he was actually damned relieved. It had been so long, he almost started thinking maybe he'd imagined their little close encounter in the garage.

"I was hoping so. By the way, my parents are still way outta town, and they're gonna stay that way for a little while."

"No shit!" The implications boggled Mike's mind.

"No shit, beefy dude, so you'll be staying overnight, is that right?"

"I think that can be arranged," Mike wanted to scream, but he kept his cool in front of his snooping mother.

"One more thing, beefy dude. Don't bother bringing pajamas."

"You can count on it."

Mike was a bundle of contained ecstasy as he hung up the phone. He told his parents he'd be spending the night at Tony's, and Kevin just gave him a shit-eating grin. As he opened the back door, Mike grinned back to confirm his cousin's every horny suspicion.

He practically ran the half mile to Tony's, but he was barely out of breath as he rang the Wallach's doorbell. That kind of run would have winded him this time last year; he was improving and things had never been better. With that romp in Jason Carmichael's van the other day, in fact, he figured he'd be ready for anything.

Tony answered the door wearing only a tank-top and a pair of running shorts so tight that Mike could plainly see his belly outlined over the silky, black material.

"Hey, beefy dude, come on in. Lookin' good."

Mike followed him, eyeing that perfect ass barely hidden by the shorts. The house as was deserted as Tony said it would be, and only a few lights had been left on. Mike thought it gave the place a sort of romantic feel.

"Take off your jacket, get comfortable. If you like, you can switch to shorts. I brought down an extra pair just in case."

"Thanks, man."

Tony sat down on the couch and watched as Mike slipped out of everything but his T-shirt and jock before pulling on the pair of red running shorts. Mike looked down at his belly, smiled and slapped it a few times with the palm of his hand. It wasn't nearly as flat as it used to be. In fact, it was becoming downright round these days. He realized that the shorts were at least as tight as the pair that Tony was wearing, when they came to a complete stop at mid-thigh. Grinning sheepishly, he wriggled his sumptuous torso and swiveled his legs a bit, inching the worn fabric slowly up over his plump ass. When he tugged them up over his butt, he heard a stitch pop and blushed as Tony cracked a broad grin.

"Where'd you get these shorts, beefy dude-our tenth grade gym lockers?" Mike joked, blushing and making a meager attempt to suppress a great deal of embarrassment.

"How'd you guess, buddy?" laughed Tony.

"Don't you think we've gotten a little too fat for them? Look at this-they're ready to split open on me!"

"Well, I'd say you've gotten a little soft around the edges there, buddy. These force-feedings are finally starting to make you fatter! I like what I see. I think they make you look totally delicious, Mike. Incredible."

Mike's belly showed plainly over the shorts. He was proud of his muscular meaty body, though, so he made no effort to hide it as he sat down on the opposite end of the couch from where Tony had sat to enjoy the show.

They sat facing each other with their legs slightly spread, smiling at one another. There was an uncomfortable silence as each waited for the other to speak first.

"Gettin' a bit of a paunch there, bud." said Tony, finally, teasing Mike as some of the other guys had been doing over the past week. "Pretty soon your teammate's will be checkin' you out for good eatin'. A little more flab on that hard-body and we're all gonna have us a fat jock in the pot and stew you up for supper, dude!

"You know, Mike, I've always thought you were the most tasty-looking guy I knew," Tony confessed. "Ever since we both started putting on weight at Jefferson. I'm just sorry I waited so long to tell you."

Mike suddenly felt warmer towards his best friend than he had ever felt before. "Me too, man. I've wanted to tell you how turned on I get just thinking about you for over two years now. You're getting a little bit of a paunch on you there yourself, buddy, aren't you? Whew! Hey, you've gained weight on your ass and sides, too, haven't you? Puttin' almost as much of a strain on the waistband of those old shorts as I am, huh?"

"I guess we wasted a lot of precious time, beefy dude. But it's all yours now, you know," said Tony, hungrily noticing the small hole in Mike's shorts widening as he leaned back and put his hands back behind his head.

The invitation wasn't lost on Mike. "Tony?"

"Yeah, buddy?"

"Would you like to mess around with me?"

Tony broke into a smile as he moved over to Mike's end of the couch and into Mike's arms. Mike pulled the handsome stud muffin towards him and they came together in a brief but heated, passionate clinch. First, they kissed just once on the lips, and then their lips met a bit harder, a little deeper. Mike pulled Tony closer and ran his hands up the back of his tank-top as his tongue worked its way even further into Tony's delicious mouth.

Tony sank deeper into Mike's embrace as he opened his mouth wider to let in his buddy's tongue. He responded with his own as his hands cradled the back of Mike's head and his fingers ran through his short, blond hair. Their kisses grew longer, more delicious, each one lasting for endless moments. They each became oblivious to everything except their urgent desires.

Mike finally broke free. "I've wanted to feel your delicious meaty body against mine for so long, man..."

"Me too, beefy dude. Why don't you slip your shirt up so you can feel it better."

Tony's gaze was fixed upon the blond stud muffin as Mike pulled up his tight T-shirt, exposing his broad chest and muscular sumptuous torso, all the way down to where the beef low on his love handles was pinched by those silky, super snug shorts.

Tony then proceeded to remove his own tank-top, and the two young men began to kiss again as their powerful chests rubbed together, flesh against savory flesh, and their mouth-wateringly succulent tummies pressed against each other, hanging thickly over the shining fabric of their shorts. Mike ran his hands up and down the sculpted back of his buddy and then slipped them down to squeeze the awesome globes of Tony Wallach's ass. Mike had always thought that Tony's ass was the sexiest part of him. He could hardly believe that he was laying there with his hands and mouth feeling up every inch of Tony's incredible meaty body.

Well, thought Mike wildly, not every inch! His lips glistened as he slipped his hands around his handsome buddy's sexy jock torso and gave it a soft squeeze. He slid his hands reluctantly from Tony's ass and attempted to work them between their bodies in order to get a grip on his buddy's fat love handles. Though there was barely any give to the elastic of Tony's running shorts, Mike's right hand pushed past his T-shirt and got a grip on that belly as it rose amidst the sweaty, matted pubic hair in the tight confines.

"Here, beefy dude, let me help." whispered Tony. "I want to get a look at what you got there, too."

He rose to his knees as he slid Mike's tightly packed shorts up over his engorged penis and muscular thighs and then tossed them aside. As Mike lay there naked he watched Tony struggle out of his own shorts. He had been over-eating on purpose recently, he'd been gorging himself for weeks now, intentionally making himself fat, and he was incredibly handsome. A faint layer of sweat covered his meaty body. His dark hair hung over his dreamy eyes in a disheveled state and the dim light of the room, leaving them hidden in shadow.

He lay back down on top of Mike, making total meaty body to meaty body contact. The two naked jock boys ground their sweaty, muscular bodies against one another as their tongues explored each other's mouths, and before too long, they were bucking against each other like two wild, rutting animals as their passion reached a crescendo. They were lost, completely gone from any kind of rational thought as their hips pounded together and their minds focused only on the fattened up flesh they each embraced. Sweat was flowing freely now and all Mike could think about was this gorgeous meaty body pressed so tightly against his own. The fact that this was also his best friend, made everything about what was happening, the most intense, wonderful experience of his life. As he pushed his tongue once more into Tony's frantically chomping mouth, Mike reached down, grabbing Tony's buttery ass, and ground against him one last time before shooting his first delicious load between their soft bellies to mix with their sweat.

When Tony felt the searing ball-juice on his skin he was pushed over the edge and unloaded his own gut wrenching jism to mix with Mike's.

Neither of the boys moved for a few silent moments as they each caught their breath. To their surprise, even after their explosive orgasms their undeniably meaty middles remained sticking out and pressed against each other.

"That was the greatest, Tony," choked Mike. "It was better than I ever imagined it would be."

"We haven't even started, beefy dude, and, from the stiffness of your cock, I'd say it agrees."

With that, Tony got up and moved his head to the slimy mixture of the their cum as it began to slide down over Mike's sexy beer belly.

"Man, look at that meaty body on you, dude, I could just eat you up," he grinned, a glint of mischief in those gorgeous eyes of his. "Hey, dude, I think you've been living a bit too much of the high life. What's with this stomach on you?" he grabbed his hunky jock buddy around his waistline and grinned handsomely at the way it bulged. "Gettin' a bit too juicy there, dude. Gettin' fat. I can't imagine how long I've wanted to taste your meaty body," Tony said as he began to lap up the cream that lay there.

Mike couldn't believe how incredibly turned on he got as he watched his best friend swallowing their mixed loads. His cock stiffened right back to its full plumpness.

"Yeah, swallow that cum, beefy dude! You're gettin' fat too, Tony, know that? Makin' me so hungry. Feed my juicy stomach. I've wanted to see your hungry teeth sinking into my belly for so long, man."

After getting the last of the gore up of his belly, Tony switched his attention to Mike's mouth-wateringly plump meat. He licked the last few drops of cum out of his navel and then lowered his mouth over the bulging jelly roll. His tongue immediately began to slide over the entire surface, tasting every salty square inch of Mike's ever bulging belly.

Mike leaned back and enjoyed the sight of Tony's handsome face sinking his hungry teeth into his undeniably meaty middle. It was amazing how quickly he was rushing back to life. "Whoa, beefy dude! I'm going to shoot if you keep that up and I'd rather save it for awhile."

Tony, smiled slyly as he pulled away from his buddy's belly, and leaned back to rest against the arm of the couch.

Mike continued. "You mess around pretty well. Almost too well. Have you ever done this with anybody else?"

"This weekend was the first time," Tony lied. Well, maybe it was a half-lie. He had always been a top, but he didn't know how Mike would react if he started telling him about cruising bars on the other side of town for the past couple of years. Giving head to older men in seedy bathrooms didn't count tonight. Then he proceeded to tell Mike all about that long lost distant relative of his, Mark Simpson and everything that had happened on the trip home from the funeral.

"Man, he could be the poster hunk for those Wate-On ads in comic books! Wow, this guy sounds great. Is he...you know... putting on a gut?"

"Good looking? Yeah, he's a real stud muffin."

Mike almost swooned at being able to talk so openly about other guys for the fist time in his life. Up until now, he had barely thought about men outside of his own fantasies, let alone discuss what it was he'd been feeling since he could remember. Now there they were, talking about horse-hung stud muffins as if they were at a bar rapping about girls with the other guys on the team. This was great!

"But, hey, I forgot to tell you," Tony said excitedly, "you're going to get a chance to meet him and his roommates at the state tournament next weekend in Minneapolis. He's got a cute stomach, I like the way its starting to bulge a little over his jocks, and how he tries to suck in his fat little plushy gut when the girls show up. He's not fooling them. The other day I saw Jenny and her friends gathering around him, poking him in the belly and teasing him about how fat he was getting. l invited you and me to spend Saturday night and Sunday with them."

"Far out! I hope his roommates are hot-looking."

"Yeah, beefy dude so do I," Tony said, "but no matter how delicious they are, you'll always be my special fuck-buddy. That is, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all, Tony, that is, so long as you're mine." Mike replied as the two puppy boys stared lovingly into each other's ravenous eyes.

"So tell me, beefy dude," Tony said, breaking the silence, "have you ever made it with anyone before?"

"Yeah," Mike answered shyly, "three people, and they were all just this weekend, too."

"Three people! Holy shit! You're uncontrollable! So tell me, who were they?"

Mike proceeded to tell him about his encounter with his Kevin and Gino Gorseth after leaving his place Friday night.

"Oh man! Your own cousin. I've thought he was pretty tasty-looking for a younger beefy dude. He's really built himself up since he moved in with your family. Gino Gorseth; isn't he that really cute looking guy on the fattening squad?"

"He sure is, and you wouldn't believe the belly he has on him. In fact, his belly had fattened out so well, he blew out the seam in his gym-thong the other day. Turns out it was holding in his gut-but he just let himself go lately, and the stitching on the seam just gave out! It popped while he was laughing at some joke Dave Sommer's made. Damn he's hot when his face turns all red. His fat little love handle just pushed out of there! It was wild!"

"No shit! But that's only two. Who's the third?"

"You won't believe me."

"Try me."

"On Saturday morning I ran into Jason Carmichael. We got stoned on some excellent weed, and-I don't know, man-he asked me to force feed him!"

Tony couldn't believe what he had heard. "You stuffed Jason Carmichael?"

"Right there in the back of his van."

"Holy fuck. I can hardly believe it."

"Believe it, beefy dude, he even sucked me off for desert! Despite his reputation, Jason digs guys obviously as much as he does girls."

"So you force-fed Jason Carmichael. Have you ever been jammed with food yourself?"

"No, man, but I've been curious about it since Saturday."

"You wanna find out what it's like?"

"Yeah, sure," Mike smiled.

"Follow me upstairs...!"

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