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Trailer 1
i started off as kind of a big guy not huge but big, i liked lifting and i loved greasy food and mass builder shakes, and i was never all that bright, but growing up in a suburb i never fit in. i was one of those misfit kids, never fitting in anywhere especially not with the damn A&F preppy douchebags.

i never really got along with my parents all that much, they liked everything cleaned and proper, i couldn't stand it.

then i came out to them, well they kicked me out. i had nothing but my truck and a duffel bag of clothes. i didn't exactly have many options i never had many friends, most people didn't like me much.

so after a few nights of sleeping in the truck i went to the only place i could think of, unfortunately my best friend had decided to join the army, his parents divorced he had been living with his dad Joe, but they never really got along all that much. i didn't really know his father that well but it was the only place i could turn to, so thats where i went.

fortunately i still had his dads number, i called and told him what had happened, and thank god he said i could come and stay for a while.

i prayed that i had enough gas to get my big beat up truck out to his place, cause of where this place was. the town was about two hours away. his mom had gotten the house in town after the divorce. so all his dad had was his disability check so he had moved back out to a trailer down south in a small town in the foot hills of appalachia.

after the long drive i found the place. i drove up the long drive way and found the place. and i remembered why i always got along with him so well, the place was a stye, beat up rusted out monte-carlo in the dirt yard, all the junk just lying around.

i had always had kind of a crush on the guy, i loved the burly fat white trash men. the last time i saw him was when he left town, he had short scruffy beard graying, beer gut, and he always smelled like cigarettes and B/O. i was thankful it seemed he hadn't changed.

i got out and walked up to the door and knocked.

"that you Levi?"
"well come on in boy, its open"

as i opened the door the smell was amazing, it was so raunchy, even better than i remember, the perfect white trash combination of cigarette smoke, B/O and stale cheep beer.

the place was filthy; empty beer cans, fast food wrappers, pizza boxes, you name it, i felt right at home.

then i saw Joe, it was like some kinda dream come true. there he was in nothing but his under pants, smoking a cig and drinking a beer. and he was enormous probably 350-400lbs. covered in even more tattoos that before. his dirty matted beard reaching down to his hairy tits and he now had a mullet that was gray and greasy like he'd never washed it, well it looked like he hadn't bathed in years.

"hey bub how ya been" he said
"ive been better, looks like you've been good"
"hell yeah, that bitch outa the way i can live how i want" as he slapped his gut
"hell yeah"
"you hungry bub, yer lookin kinda skinny there"
"well lets go"

he slipped on a huge beer stained wife beater that didn't even come down to his deep belly button and stained sweat pants that looked like they hadn't been washed ever and waddled out to his car which also was full of trash and stunk of man.

"get in bub"

he took up almost the whole inside of the car.

"whatcha hungry for bub"
"im good with anythin"
"well good; i got a hankerin for KFC, good thing too looks like we need to put some meat on those bones" he said patting my small belly.
"its kinda late are they even open they are for me, im friends with the night manager he gives me all the left overs"

as we pulled in to the drive through the guy on the other end of the speaker said "sorry were closed"
"hey its me frank"
"sorry joe come on around"

as we pulled around i saw frank, he was a skinny guy, greasy hair tattoos and smokin a cig.

"the usual then"
"up, everything ya got"
"great yer savin me a trip to the dumpster"
"im gonna give it a good home" joe said shaking his gut

frank started handing us the food, the number of boxes and buckets seemed endless. eventually it seemed the whole care was full of greasy food.

"thanks frank"
"its nothin bubba"

as we pulled out of the lot

"hand me one o them buckets"

joe wedged the bucked between his gut and the door and started eating. i couldnt help myself but watching. it was the greatest thing i'd ever seen.

"its one of the perks of bein my size"


"the bigger you get, the easier it is to get bigger; eat up bub" he said and handed me a bucket.

by the time we got back to the trailer a third of the food was already gone. we got the rest inside and sat down on the couch, and dug in. the amount of food he was able to eat was astonishing.

"BURRRP; ah, that hit the spot"
"fuck yeah it did"

we both lit a smoke

"would you mind givin me a belly rub; its much more relaxing when someone else does it"

as i started rubbing he massive gut, it felt so soft and warm, it was hairy and almost a little slimy with all his sweat and hair.

"i know Levi"

"know what"

"how you feel about me what you want; ive known for years"

"what are you talking about"

"how you felt about me, how you feel about me now, what you want; i saw how you looked at me all those years ago, and i saw it one your face when you walked in here, come on"

he heaved him self up from the couch "come with me"

i followed his enormous ass down the narrow hallway to the bedroom. there was a filthy mattress laying on the floor with a huge dent in the middle.

"lay down"

i stripped off my clothes my rock hard dick springing out and got down on the mattress, it smelled like stale urine and cum. i looked up at joe as he stripped down, it was an awe inspiring site, his dirty cock half buried in his fat, big thick and hard as a rock, his massive gut and tits almost obscuring his face. he got down and i was buried underneath his mass he started kissing me, his breath tasted like old cigarettes and his nasty breath tasted amazing. i moved lower sucking on his fat hairy nipples. just then i felt him spreading my legs, fingering my nasty hole with his chubby fingers.

he slobbered all over his fingers and started lubing up my hole. i saw him lift up his huge gut and he jammed his thick meat into my ass hole. the fucking started, it was the best sensation ive ever experienced, as he plowed my ass, his soft gut was resting on my cock; jacking me off with his soft underbelly, everything was buried in his gut it looked like a mountain of flesh jiggling and bouncing, and i could feel every motion in my cock. i came twice while he was fucking me. then he blew, it was so much cum it felt like it was filling me up, it was a seemingly never-ending flow, eventually it stopped and he pulled out.

"fuck boy, i gotta take a leak, hope your ready"

and i was
as i lay there he straddled my face, all i could see was his thick tool and fatty flesh everywhere. then it started the acrid smell of his piss filled my nose i drank as much of it as i could get i could feel myself getting harder and harder, eventually all i could do was start beating off again. Joe's ass was so big. i stuck my cock between his ass cheeks and started beating off inside. i came and rubbed the cum into his sweaty hairy ass crack.

"fuck" was all i could say
"fuck yeah boy, im gonna make a real man out of you"

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