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Trailer 2

this life is perfect, i love living with joe, i fucking love living like a hog
i went out got a bunch of new piercings 3 rings in my eyebrows 8 ear rings, a septum ring, bridge piercings and my nipples too. got some sick new tattoos as well.

i haven't showered or shaved in weeks.
my new 'diet' is starting to show my gut and ass are stickin out more than usual, it feels like we've been eatin non stop, fuckin feels good, no way in hell i can keep up with joe though, he says its good to have a buddy to eat with.

the sex is fuckin hot as hell, getting plowed by him burried under his gut.

i wouldn't trade this for anything


god damn im big, i thought to my self looking in the rearview mirror of the truck and i fucking loved it. living with joe ive really ballooned i'm up to 290 if the scale is to be believed. and i,m filthy i'm starting to feel like a true hog my hair is long and pulled back in a greasy pony tail. my beard is scruffy and dirty, my teeth are yellow from the cigarettes, and i wouldn't change a damn thing. i put my smoke out in the overflowing ash tray, the floor of the truck is covered with empty cigarette packs and empty fast food bags.

i walked up and tapped on the door of the pizza place

"hey Frank, its me"
"sup Levi"
"like the new neck tattoo"
"hell yeah, hurt like a mother fuck but it was worth it, got yer food right here"
"fuck yeah, ya liken this place more that KFC"
"fuck yeah, manager don't give a shit what i do back here"
"see ya man"

i walked back out to the truck with the stack of leftover large pizza frank had saved for me and Joe. i snuck a couple of sliced on the way back to our trailer.

when i got home walked in and there was Joe, fuck he had gotten fat, with me around he'd bloated up to 550 he almost never left the trailer now, sittin there on that filthy couch, gorging on anything he could get, only takin breaks for sex and sleep.

"fuck yeah bub im starved"

i sat the stack of pizzas down and he dug in, i went into the kitchen to grab some beers and by the time i came back he'd damn near finished the first one.

"hey, save some for me"
"well hurry up and dig in boy" he said between mouthfuls

in no time we'd finished all the pizza, laid back stuffed and lit up

"ya know boy"
"im guessing by know ya figured out i like being big n' fat" as he slapped his monster belly
"and by the looks of it you like getting big too" he said poking my gut
"yeah i guess so"
"i wanna see just how big i can get, im talkin immobile boy"
"fuck yeah, i wanna be massive sweatin stinking filthy hog, you in boy"
"fuck yeah i am"

i rolled over on top of his already massive bulk and kissed him through our filthy beards.

i could feel myself getting hard in my grimy crusty jeans

"atta boy" joe said "fuck my belly"

i unzipped my jeans and pulled out my nasty sweaty cock leaking precut and stuck it in he deep belly button and began to pump. i could feel his hard cock under his gut getting beat off by the motion, as i fucked his gut it was beatin he cubby cock, until we both came.

vie never been so happy in my whole life.

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