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Training Dylan - Part 1
Training Dylan Part 1
Dylan took a quick shower to get rid of all the grime from the night before. He rubbed the soap on his massive pecs slowly as if he enjoyed the feeling which made him as hard as ever. Therefore, he decided to jack himself off in the shower. After all the gym could wait a couple of minutes for him. Jacking off was a different feeling for Dylan this time. It was more enjoyable than it was ever before. He sprung his load all over the shower tile as he leaned against the wall with one hand, exhausted. He wiped the wall clean, turned off the water and dried off. The tight briefs snapped to his bubble butt along with his gym shorts. A dark blue muscle shirt, which was cut on both sides to make the arm holes longer, slid tightly along his round pecs and six pack. He slipped on his sneaker and rushed to the gym.
Dylan went to the gym regularly. Well, it was more than that. It was every single day. He just was not big enough. The desire to be huge surrounded his thoughts and his weight of 205 lbs simply was not enough for his 5’11 frame. He wanted to be thick and huge; the biggest guy in the gym that everyone would talk about.
I’m tired of waiting to get bigger. All this working out is getting me nowhere and I’m in a rut. Perhaps one of their trainers can get me bigger? Dylan thought as he entered the gym doors.
Dylan walked to the front desk to ask the man, who was working at the time, if they had any trainers available to suit his needs.
“I need someone that will push me to get bigger. I want to be huge. The biggest person in this gym. I’ll pay anything.” Dylan stammered about as he tried to draw a picture to the employee by showing him how big he wanted his muscles to be.
“I think I have just the person for you. He isn’t one of our more requested trainers but I believe he will be perfect for you. There is just a couple of tasks that you have to do before your session with him tomorrow.” The blond stud stated as he eyed the muscle jock in front of him with a sly smile.
“And what would that be? I’m up for anything!” Dylan stated with a bit of excitement.
The blond reached under the desk searching for something. He brought out a tub of protein powder that had the gyms name on it along with the name and phone number of a person. “This is what you will have to drink today and tomorrow before your session according to your new trainer. His name and phone number are on the container also.”
Dylan thanked the stud, took the bottle and decided to skip the gym today. After all, he now had a trainer that would make his wildest wishes come true. He drove back home and decided to start making one of the protein shakes now. He put the powder and milk together in a blender, to make sure that it would all blend together, and figured that he would just drink it out of that. Half of the powder went into that blender. More than what he wanted but he needed to make his trainer believe that he could do this. He brought the blender cup with him to the couch and sat in a jock-ish style with his legs apart as the television blared. The shake was thick but had a delicious taste of vanilla and mint to it. Dylan began to chug the contents down. It was easier than he thought and the shake was addicting. He chugged all of it down in less than a minute. A growing feeling was starting in his stomach that he could not ignore. This feeling was making him drowsy. In a matter of minutes he blacked out.
When Dylan woke up the sky had turned to night and he felt weak.
Ugh… What the fuck happened to me. I feel weird… Dylan was laying on the couch and could barely move but he slowly pushed himself up and off of the couch. As he stood, he stumbled a bit. The television was off and Dylan was left in the dark with only the light coming in from the window. He cautiously padded his way to the bathroom and turned on the light. The bathroom was littered with beer cans, fast food bags and other items.
What the hell happened tonight? Dylan soon found his answer when his gaze switched to the full length mirror on his right that hung on the wall. The shock filled his body completely and he almost fell to his knees. Dylan got big, but not with muscle. His belly ballooned in his work out shirt. He rubbed it and was surprised at how firm it was. His pecs were thicker also forming a set of man boobs. His arms were thicker and his fingers were a bit chunkier. Dylan’s ass rounded perfectly to go along with his thickening thighs which led to full calves. His gym shorts were at their limit. Any more weight would make them split in two. His giant gut already ripped the sides of his muscle shirt thus allowing his belly to hang out from underneath it. Dylan gazed into the mirror looking at the ex-jock he has become. A full bellied ex-jock who looks like he does nothing but eat all day long because he cannot relive his glory days.
Dylan remembered the number on the bottle of protein powder that he received. He quickly dialed the number.
“Hello. This is Matt.” The deep voice boomed into the phone.
“Hi. We haven’t met but I’m going to be training with you starting tomorrow.”
“Ah yes! Dylan! How’s the protein working for you?”
“Well, in simpler terms, I’m a fucking fatty!”
“You did state that you wanted to be the biggest guy at the gym. I’ve noticed you around. There is so much potential for you which is why I was exciting and surprised that you wanted me as your trainer. I train guys to gain big muscle but ones that also want a round belly to match. That is what you signed up for.”
“No, no, no, no! I don’t want to be fat. I want huge muscles. My shorts are so tight that I’m afraid they’re going to rip at any moment!”
“Hey now. Don’t worry about it. Just finish the rest of the powder and come in at your scheduled time. Everything is going to be alright. I promise.”
Even though I wanted to throw away the rest of the shake, there was a part of me that desired to finish it. I drifted into the kitchen to make another. Powder, milk, blend and then down my throat. The night became a blur for Dylan after he finished the rest of the shake. He woke up to the sun shining on his tan belly. More beer cans and bags of food surrounding his bed. Dylan rolled out of bed and waddled, yes waddled, into the bathroom. He saw his bigger belly dominating him. It was so round, yet firm, as it rounded out and started to hang. His pecs were now sitting on top of his gut with nipples round and erect. Dylan was only in his briefs that somehow managed to fit his growing body. Even though the briefs cover half of his ass. He turned around to look at his newly curved back that made his gut look bigger. There were a few roles that appeared when he moved. This fat jock was getting a bit hard from looking at his newly formed body but Dylan ignored that erection that was throbbing against his underbelly. He looked at the time and realized that his training session would start soon and decided to take a quick shower. Jacking off was different this time. He latched onto his dick and started to play a bit but quickly noticed that while doing so his belly was moving along with the movements. The faster he jacked the more his belly jiggled until he shot on the underside of his belly. He cleaned up and dried off, once again looking into the mirror at his growing body. Finding clothes that would fit was also troubling. The gym shorts that he wore the day before was lying next to the muscle shirt. He struggled to get the shorts on but ripped once he bent down for the shirt. The shirt fit him but his belly hung out below thus showing off his belly button. This was switched out for a bigger shirt he had that fit him but still had a bit of belly hanging out below. He also found another pair of gym shorts that managed to hold against his thick body.
Entering through the gym doors was a new Dylan. A much, much larger Dylan. Dylan’s belly swayed from side to side and his thighs brushed up against each other. He leaned on the desk to talk to the hot blond stud that made him the appointment yesterday.
“Um… Hi. I’m here for an appointment with Matt.” Dylan was nervous at what this stud would say.
The blond stud looked up and a smirk started on his face.
“Ah yes. You’re looking a bit fuller today. Nice to see that you got what you wanted.” The blond gave Dylan a wink and preceded to lead him to his new trainer.
The blond, whose name was Nathan, walked Dylan to the back of the gym. Dylan noticed how the other men working out there were staring at the new man he had become. Most of them looked surprised as their muscles flexed. Other gave his ballooning belly hard slaps which only turned Dylan on. Nathan opened a door and let Dylan go in and shut it behind him. The room had some basic exercise equipment along with some unusual devices. Dylan walked around the room until he heard some grunting and turned around to see his new trainer. This guy was super buff. He looked like he was on steroids. No ounce of fat on him. It made Dylan wonder why he had to be the fat jock.
“Hello Dylan. As you know I’m Matt and I will be your trainer. I am really glad to see that you followed my instructions. You have blown up nicely my friend. Now strip naked so we can take some measurements.”
Dylan wanted to protest but once again the gruffness in Matt’s voice was controlling and he did exactly what he wanted. He stood there naked. His big belly hanging out for Matt to see.
“Hmmm. Nice belly you’ve put on. You gained more than I thought you would. Let us see if you truly are the biggest guy here.”
Matt took Dylan’s measurements. He wrapped the tape measure around his thighs, arms, pecs, waist and belly. Dylan’s waist was 43 inches and his belly was 52 inches around. The scale showed that he now weighed 289 lbs. Dylan could not believe it. The thought of how big he has gotten was stuck in his head and it was turning him on. Dylan got what he wanted he was huge but he was unsure if this was truly what he wanted. He never ever wanted to be fat. Matt came over and pushed his huge abs into Dylan’s round gut. The two looked at the mirror on the wall at the difference. It was astonishing.
“So you help people get fat? Is that it? I wanted muscles like yours. Not this fucking gut!” Dylan said as he slapped his belly.
“No. I show men their true potential. These are guys like you. The guys who want to have huge muscles and be the biggest around but not all of them can be big like that. Most of these guys can get their desires by gaining weight a different way. Just look at you. You’re huge like you wanted. Your muscles are bigger but then again so is everything else. Yes, your belly is going to keep getting bigger but so will you. By the end of all this you are gonna want more. I promise you that.”
Dylan looked in the mirror and pushed his belly to its complete roundness. Matt came up behind him, rubbed his gut and then reached for his erect dick.
“This is gonna be fun boy. You better get ready to grow into the biggest guy here.”
There was a knock at the door. Dylan’s face filled with worry at what was going to happen next.
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