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Training Dylan - Part 2
Training Dylan - Part 2
The blond stud, Nathan, walked through the door with that sly smile of his. He gave Dylan a full body scan and enjoyed every minute of it. Nathan leaned against the wall as he watched Matt jack Dylan off. Dylan’s belly was jiggling crazily as Matt went faster and faster. Dylan felt Matt fumbling his shorts with his free hand and soon, with a slight yelp, felt Matt’s dick forcefully enter his ass. There was no protesting from Dylan though. Deep down inside he was enjoying this more than he could realize at the moment. While Matt had both hands on Dylan’s meaty hips, Nathan kneeled down and started to suck on his thick dick. Dylan was in pure heaven. This was better than yesterday when he jacked himself in the shower when he had his old body. Matt was rocking himself in and out of Dylan harder and harder. The slapping of Matt’s muscled thighs against Dylan’s round fat ass made both of them hornier. Matt released himself into Dylan and as soon as that happened, Dylan cummed all in Nathan’s mouth. Nathan was having a hard time keeping up with how much cum Dylan was supplying him. He began to swallow and fell back from all the erotic heat flowing through his body.
Dylan just stood there as Matt went to clean up the mess. The ex-jock felt week and if he moved he surely would have fallen down. Matt and Nathan proceeded to lead Dylan to one of the devices. Matt held Dylan by the shoulders as Nathan strapped his wrists in place. He then brought down a nozzle and stuck it in Dylan’s mouth and strapped it to his head.
“There ya go my big guy. This is where we blow you up huge. No more thoughts about growing muscles now. Just keep up with the flow and your results will soon follow.” Matt said as his strong, hairy hand rubbed Dylan’s smooth round gut.
As much as Dylan wanted to deny it he couldn’t. He loved the feeling of Matt inside him. The feeling of his steroid induced muscle bound body against his ballooning body was hot. He enjoyed how Matt’s deep but loud voice seemed to take over and control him. Now he was definitely getting what he wished for. He was going to be the biggest guy in the gym. The only thing that worried him was how big.
Nathan started to program the machine to do all that they wanted. The machine started to buzz and a churning sound as heard. As Dylan assumed, this must have been whatever they were going to force inside him. He saw the thick, cream colored shake swiftly coming through the tube in the ceiling. Before he could anticipate its arrival, the shake was already forcing its way into his mouth. Dylan could barely keep up with the thickness of the shake. All he could do was try to balance his breathing with his swallowing.
Dylan could feel his belly getting full like a pile of bricks stacking up on one another. Matt started to rub some lotion on Dylan’s to help with the growing. The rubbing of Dylan’s gut made both moan with pleasure. After an hour Nathan decided to up the intake of shake into Dylan’s belly. It was coming in faster and was really filling up his gut. His belly started to slowly inflate more and more as the feeding went on. Dylan’s legs started to spread apart in order to make room for his growing belly. He felt his gut pushing against his raging hard on.
This went on for two more hours until Matt said that Dylan had enough for now. Dylan was twice the man he used to be. Matt and Nathan help the fattened stud get to his feet. They slowly lured him to the scale. Dylan’s belly was too round to see the numbers. Every part of Dylan fattened up so much. His ass was round but flabby, his belly stuck our round but was also wide and hung low over his crotch, his man boobs were even bigger and drooped on the top of his belly, his arms were still muscular but the fat took over and made them bigger, his thighs really brushed together now and jiggled a bit, his calves where super thick. Even his feet had thickened a bit along with his fingers. His face now had a double chin with rounding cheeks.
“Oh my god fatboy. I really did a number on you….” Matt said apologetically.
“What?! What is it?” Dylan demanded to know the end results.
“You now weigh 423 lbs., you fucking fat ass.” Matt couldn’t get his hands off of his new possession.
“There’s no possible way. I am so far from the man I used to be.” Dylan was rubbing his extra-large belly. He was truly an ex-jock now. Nathan left to go man the front desk again. It was just Matt and Dylan now.
“Put these clothes on fatty. It’s time to go.”
Dylan surveyed the clothing. There was a pair of gym shorts and an underarmor shirt for him to wear. He slipped on the shorts that fit perfectly. The under shirt however had part of his belly hanging out from below. Of course Dylan now expected this from most of the clothing that he would be wearing.
Matt ordered Dylan to follow him as they left the room. Dylan waddled slowly through the gym as he caught the gazes of all the men who saw him earlier. He could hear them speak as they discussed how fat he got in the last couple of days. Some men began to walk towards him to rub his new belly. They were amazing at how firm it still was even though he was so big. Once they got to the main desk Nathan gave Dylan a bright smile as they left.
“So where are we going Matt?”
“To your place. I hope you don’t mind but I’m moving in. Better plan on getting bigger stud.”
Dylan felt himself getting hard as he thought about the further growing experience he was going to experience with Matt and he couldn’t wait. After all, he was the biggest guy in the gym.
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