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Tyler's Gain
Tyler had always been a lean muscular guy. His weight fluctuated, but he was never fat a day in his life. I had always loved him for who he was, but I wanted to see more in our relationship. Literally speaking, I wanted to see it grow.

Let me explain myself more throughly. Ever since I was a young boy I've been attracted to bigger men. Thats what attracted me to Tyler in the first place. He's a very tall guy and a very muscular guy, but he wasn't big in the sense that he wasn't fat.

I had never told Tyler my attraction to fatter men. I thought he wouldn't accept my beliefs, so I kept them hidden from him. I loved Tyler as a person, and for now that was all that mattered.

But as time passed, I kept fantasizing how Tyler would look with a bit more weight on him, with a large belly and soft breats that hung low on his chest. With fuller arms and legs, a larger ass and chubby cheeks. Maybe even a double chin. All I knew was that I wanted to see Tyler fat.

One morning I watched Tyler enter the kicthen, with his pajamas on and a sleepy look on his face. He smiled at me, and I approached him.

"Ty, what would you say to having a little fun at the breakfast table."

"Oh?" He smiled. He must have thought we were going to do it.

"No . . not that. Just a little playful carressing while we eat." I winked. He seemed very interested.

"Yeah . . . sure . . . whatever . . . I'm willing to try something new!"

I told him to lay down on the couch and he did. I brought a large plate of pancakes, waffles, and maple syrup to the couch, and began feeding him the sweet delicious food. After about half an hour had gone by, he began to speak.

"Oh. . . " he moaned. "I'm too full to contiune.

"Please honey . . . I'm getting so turned on by this, lets keep going Tyler!" I encouraged him to contiune.

"I know, I am too! But my stomach feels as though it is going to burst!"

I smiled inwardly, but carressed his stomach, and we began feeding again. This contiuned on for another 20 minutes of so, untill I agreed to stop. Tyler fell asleep and began to snore.

I watched his breathe in and out, watched his bloated beach ball belly shift up and down. I was amazingly turned on by this, and I wanted to see him get truly fat.

Tyler woke up again, about 2 hours later, famished.

"I'm so hungry! Lets do that again!" He smiled as I brought him his lunch, and we began the process all over again. He seemed to be turned on by this as well, which could only be a good sign!

Hours later, I had feed Tyler breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the couch. He had not gotten up the entire day from this spot, and I knew he should probably go to sleep by now.

"Ufff!" He struggled to his feet, a little shaky at first. He wobbled onto his feet and found his way to our bed.

This contiuned on for another couple of weeks. I noticed that Tyler was actually gaining a couple pounds, just like I had wanted. There was a small roll of fat on his belly, and his chest seemed to be a little bit softer. But it wasn't enough. I knew I needed to do something more, so I could see some real changes in his body.

I reasearched it on the internet, and came across a site about Weight Gain Powder. It seemed that the effects could be miraculous, expecially on Tyler. I went to the nearest body builder store and bought about 5 tubs of the stuff.

The next week I began slowly introducing the weight gain powder into Tyler's food, and the results were tremndous. After about only 2 weeks on the stuff, I noticed quite alot of changes.

Tyler's face was no longer as bony as it had been before. It had rounded out and become a chubby face, nice and round, with a small flab of fat hanging down on his chin. When he smiled his cheeks would plump up and that lovely growing double chin would become even more noticeably!

The next thing I noticed was his softer chest. There were now 2 blugs in his T-shirt, as his tits were beginning to swell out. His stomach was definently starting to bulge out, like a beer belly. Wherever he walked that ball belly stuck out about half a foot in front him, making him very noticeably fat.

My most enjoyable part of Tyler's gain, second to his double chin, would have to be his ass. It was starting to swell out, and stick out behind him. His pants were getting too tight in the rear, and chairs were becoming a bit too small for him. His thighs had also swelled, becoming two round blobs of lard. They rubbed together as he walked, and I loved it.

That afternoon I noticed Tyler staring at himself in the mirror.

"I'm getting fat." He annouced.


"No, don't say a word. It's not your fault. I loved our eating binges-it got me so turned on. But I don't want you to leave me for it. I mean look at me-my hands are even getting plump." And it was true. His once thin fingers were now becoming round little sausuges, and his hands were plump little balls of flesh.

"Tyler-I like you better this way."


"I like a bigger man, if you know what I mean." I began again.

He stared at me. He couldn't belive it.

"Really? Because this whole feeding thing has been getting me so turned on, like I never have been before!"

I nodded. "Me too."

He just smiled. "Well come on, what are you waiting for! Lets do it some more!"

I just nodded. We had a long and growing road ahead of us.

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