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Helpless, Nick was sprawled across the bed. At a whopping 887 pounds, breathing alone was enough to cause a wave of rippling through his bulging fat. Like an ocean, it shook and swayed with each breath, increasing with his heart rate; though that's not saying much, considering a dozen donuts is enough to make his heart race, or even trying to stand up these days. His heart was racing for a different reason, though. Above him stood a stocky, chubby, fuzzy man - naked, with a throbbing cock and every intent to fill this fat pigs mouth with thousands upon thousands of calories. This man was no stranger though. This man was Nick's feeder and boyfriend, Tim, and they have an interesting relationship to say the least. Nick is a complete submissive gainer who hands his whole body over to his feeder, and derives utter sexual pleasure from obliterating his body with lard. Tim enjoys watching Nick expand to the point where he can't wear clothes, and then takes Nick out in public to show off his pig to the world. Nick, though humiliated, is unbelievably turned on by the idea of being so big that people stare at him. Tim would force him to wear clothes far beyond their prime as to see every curve of his body out in public. Years and years ago he'd encourage tight pants to see his bulge, and as the years went on his bulge was no longer the bulge of his dick, but rather a fatpad so big that it buried his tiny excuse of a cock. As of now, at 887 pounds, Nick is so fat he can't see, and unfortunately enough, even reach his dick. Something Tim had been waiting years for, which brings us back to now. <br> Nick, sprawled on the bed with labored breathing, watched as Tim lifted a donut out of one of the many dozens on a table close by.<br>      "See this, Pig? This is the first of 72 Donuts you'll be eating tonight, and that's just appetizers. I've got so much in store for you."<br>     Excited and aroused, Nick grinned eagerly. Tim plunged the first in, followed immediately by another, and another after that. Quickly enough that the average person would have choked or suffocated, but as you can tell by the size of Nick, he was a professional when it came to inhaling food. As each Donut came and went, Nick's tiny cock was pouring a steady stream of precum. The idea of being as big as he is and still getting bigger was so unbelievably exciting. The idea that he may never leave the house again, to be bed ridden, fed and given endless opportunities of sex was constantly running rampant through his head. A goal, you could call it. <br>       Nick barely broke a sweat as 71 donuts passed over the last hour and a half. Tim pulled out the last glazed donut, and put it towards Nicks mouth. He stopped just as Nick pulled his head closer to get the donut from Tim's hand, and pulled it away. Nick was confused. <br>       "Hold your horses, Pig, this donut needs more glaze." <br> He then lowered the donut and began thrusting his cock into the donut hole. The mere sight of his 800+ pound creation, lying in a pool of his own sweat, precum, and donut crumbs was enough to ride him over the edge, and before long he dripped a load all over the same donut, and then forced it into Nicks mouth. Withoit hesitation,  Nick swallowed it nearly whole.<br> More and more feeding took place, hours and hours of it, and by the end of the night, Nick was laying next to empty soda cans and food containers of every sort, all the evidence of a 25,000+ Calorie massacre.<br> Panting and moaning, he was desperate for release. All of the eating and admiration, and of course seeing his boyfriend shoot a couple loads over those hours caused him an itch he needed to scratch. With no hesitation, Nick blurted "Now me, Tim. Make me cum."<br> Tim looked down at him and smiled. He walked alongside his bed, caressing his fingers along his mountain of lard, and making his way down to his lower region. His fingers danced lightly on the skin as to cause a tingle and chills down Nick's enormous body. Nick leaned his head back, barely able to move and ready to give himself over to pure pleasure, and just as he felt Tim's fingers make their way along his fatpad, and just into the crevas that once had a dick sticking out of it, he noticed the fingers stop in their tracks. After a couple seconds with his eyes closed, hoping they'd make their way to his buried member, he realized those fingers weren't going anywhere. He opened his eyes and struggled to lift his head to see over his rotund tits stomach. At the foot of his bed, he saw Tim look from Nick's insanely large fatpad up to his face, lift his fingers away from his dick, and silently shake his head.<br>        "What, why? I ate everything. I did everything you wanted, and you even came 3 times. I need this, Tim please. It's been months."<br> Nick pleaded, hoping at least some sort of sympathy would crack him. Tim was already erect again, just watching his Pig lay so vulnerable, begging. <br>       "No. I won't." Tim said softly, looking back down at Nick's pooling precum in his crotch. "Not for another 50 pounds. I want you well over 900 before I'll let my pig squeal with pleasure."<br>        Though unbelievably upset and unsatisfied, it only make Nick hornier. He laid back almost next to tears in his eyes from the unrelenting build up of cum over the last few months that he's begged to be released. He thought for sure he'd be big enough by now to satisfy Tim enough to let him cum, but not quite. Tim took his hand, careful as to not touch Nick's cock to any capacity, and scooped up some of Nick's precum that had built up in that crevas around his buried dick where the tip just barely poked through, and used that to strike his cock once again.<br>       "Come here." Nick muttered, with a plan that might possibly lead to him getting off tonight. Tim obliged and walked back around the bedside to Nick's face. Nick began to open his mouth and pull his head towards Tim's pulsating cock, and with complete surprise, Tim had Nick's mouth entirely enveloping his shaft. Tim leaned his head back and enjoyed as Nick treated him like a king. After a few moments, with Tim breathing loudly, he shouted "Ugh fuck, I'm gonna bust." And with those magic words, Nick stopped immediately. Tim immediately shot a glare at Nick. Nick laughed, and muttered "Not until I cum first."<br>        Tim made his way back around the bed, and leaned forward onto the bed. Nick leaned his head back once again, ready to finally feel orgasm once again, and to his surprise instead felt Tim climb up on top of him, stick his cock in between Nicks fatpad and belly fold, and thrusted vigorously. He looked Nick in the eyes with a smile as he then backed down toward his crotch, and with a few strokes of his cock, Tim blasted a load into that precum soaked crevas of Nicks'.<br>         Nick let out a sigh of frustration as that continuously growing urge continued to strengthen. Tim slapped Nick's mass, and said "50 more pounds pig."<br> Nick, left naked and unsatisfied, closed his eyes and tried to think about anything to take his mind off of the unbelievable urge he couldn't satisfy.<br> <br>  *Several months and feedings later*<br> <br> Nick lay sprawled out vulnerable and desperate again on the bed. Completely naked and exposing all 956 pounds of pure lard and blubber all over the bed. His dick buried to the point where Tim can't even see it anymore. Tim pulls the last donut out from the last carton, and shoves it into Nicks mouth. Nick inhales it faster than any donut before, because he knows what follows tonight. He knows that he achieved his goal, and tonight is his reward. His cock is throbbing, with a thick, steady stream of precum spilling out. With the only energy he could muster, he softly says "Please." And closes his eyes.<br> <br> "...No." Tim said in a soft, almost cold tone. With a defeated expression, Nick closes his eyes and drops his head back onto the bed. He was ready to hear those words. After a moment of silence, he felt a his entire body shake as Tim's hand plunged through his blubber, through his precum filled hole, and grabbed the semblance of pathetic cock that Nick had left. His body jolted to this almost unfamiliar sensation, as it's been almost a hundred pounds since he last felt this feeling. His entire body sloshed and shook as Tim thrusted his fist back and forth with a handful of erect cock. <br>       As you can imagine, after a good couple years of not feeling orgasm despite constantly edging, it doesn't take much to cause an eruption. In just a few seconds, Nick let out the loudest yelp Tim had ever heard, followed immediately by "FUCK I'M GONNA BURST!"<br> Tim stroked even faster with an almost sinister grin, and just as he was about to climax, Tim let go and pulled his hand out. Nick let out a scream, as his entire body tingled with that near-cum feeling, but subsided with no payoff. It took a second for the feeling to subside before Nick realized he wasn't going to feel that feeling he wanted to desperately. He wanted nothing in more in the world at this point, he'd give anything in the world just to feel it, even if it was the last time he'd ever feel it. <br> "FOR FUCK'S SAKE TIM, PLEASE. PLEASE, JUST MAKE ME BLOW. I NEED THIS. MORE THAN ANYTHING. I'LL DO ANYTHING."<br> <br>          Tim once again grinned, almost eerily. "Anything?..."<br> Nick lifted his head slowly and looked at him, almost regretting his previous words. <br> <br> "Nevermind, I take it back, I'll just do it myself."<br> Nick shuffled around on the bed, bending and twisting his body in strange ways to try and reach his tiny buried cock. He squirmed and adjusted, but no matter how much he tried, his hand couldn't even make it to  his fatpad let alone to his actual dick. He struggled and struggled which only caused him to become increasingly more and more turned on. But he accepted defeat as he fell back down.<br> <br> From the end of his bed, all he heard was. <br> "50 more pounds. Your final 50 pounds, and we'll see if your body can handle the eruption of cum. We'll see if this heart can handle that much pleasure underneath all that massive, heaping pile of lard. An orgasm so good you'll shoot hot load after hot load, and because of the build up, it will be the most intense orgasm you could ever feel. You'll never want it to end, until your heart finally gives out, and you can no longer take it. You'll feel orgasm again, not for a while, but you will feel it. Though it may be the last thing you ever feel."<br> <br>
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