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Now Jack and I have been together for years. We were always going to be together. And now that they have passed the equal marriage act we have been talking about making it official and getting married.

Jack is a muscle man. And I like that but I never understood what he saw in me. I am short and not obese but a bit round and when I look in the mirror I see someone that by all gay standards I should be living my life alone hoping to get or give a blow job from some drunk at the bars.

But Jack loves me and I love Jack.

Well this has got to be a party I said.

Jack wasn’t that interested in it but he always went along with what I wanted.

Well we have to have suits. Tuxes. A big cake. And a fancy sit down dinner.

Will you help me?

Of course. Jack always went along with my little schemes.

Now in order for me to fit into that tux and look good next to you I am going to have to go on a diet.

Yea! Yea! Jack said figuring that I was going to go off of it before I ever started.

As the week went on I started my diet. And I was pretty good at it too.

I am headed out to get the tuxes ordered.

No problem. Jack called out. Did you want me to go with you?

No I got your measurements. I have been ordering all of Jack’s clothes for years I didn’t need to know what his measurements were.

So off I went.

After looking at suits all night long I couldn’t find the one I wanted. The one I thought I would look best in next to Jack.

I came back home depressed. Headed to the kitchen and to the fridge and pulled out the mint chocolate ice cream. Jack being the wonderful person that he was took it from me and sent me to bed.

The next week I was still in search of a nice tux and so asked Jack to go and check out the cakes. Jack isn’t the biggest sweet eater but when he likes something you know it is good. He wasn’t thrilled with this idea but he agreed. I had a different bakery scheduled for every night and told Jack I know you might like something from the first but try them all and then let me know.

I headed off to check on more suits and he headed out to his first baker.

When we met back home I asked him to review the baker. He had copious notes about the different cakes and pros and cons about each one. I asked him to rate them and he said he like the strawberry poke cake with cream cheese frosting. He limited his description to a short synopsis. I think that he was trying to spare me the mouth watering descriptions. But I was doing ok.

I told him I didn’t find the right tux yet.

Every night that week I went in search of a tux and he went in search of a baker. And every night we talked about our research and his reviews got worse and worse. His reviews were well noted and listed with benefits but nothing that made him fall head over heals.

I still had problems with the tux and thought maybe if I talked with a tailor he might have some suggestions about what to look for.

I hadn’t thought about it but Jack suggested something similar about the cakes. He suggested that he doesn’t know enough about baking to make an informed decision and suggested he take a baking class to help himself learn what to look for.

The next few weeks we did just that. Jack was gone most of the night and on the weekends he would be trying out his recipes. Not one of them found their way to my waistline. I don’t know what he was doing with them, probably dumping them in the trash but in the morning they would be gone.

I found a tailor named Carl who seemed well versed in formal wear and we sat and talked at length what sort of image I was looking for.

I came home wearing a nice tux, the form we had come to feel would look good on us and I brought home another one for Jack. This one was tight because it was a sample and he didn’t have time to make either of our tuxes for the ceremony. I had Jack put his on and it looked comically small on him but he looked at mine which seemed overly large. I explained to him that these were just samples and being Jack he agreed to everything.

How goes the baking class I asked.

Well I think that you know how it is going you smell the work all the time.

Which I did.

And what do you think?

From the smell I think you are doing wonderfully but you are the only one tasting them what do you think? Have you figured out what you want?

Not yet but I am working on it.

Well I think I have found a tux so I am going to start working on a venue.

Jack continued on his baking and was almost ecstatic about one that he and his instructor came up with. He said he wasn’t going to tell me so I would be surprised.

Now Jack continued to bake and I could tell on his body that not every calorie had been dumped but I was enjoying the added cushion.

I had Jack checking out meals and as he was working on that I noticed that I was having to have his clothes let out. He was really enjoying his responsibilities.

As he looked for the proper meals to offer he took some cooking classes and I don’t think he was really looking at himself since I was making sure his clothes were being let out. Not that I was trying to deceive him but he needed the added room and he was enjoying his cooking.

I had found the proper venue and Jack had decided on a menu and soon the day came for our joining. As I brought out the formal wear I pulled out Jack’s and he said almost instantly that will look wonderful on you honey.

This one is for you dear. I said.

Jack looked at me quizzically. I was comically large. The white shirt looked like a tablecloth and the coat and pants were huge.

You’ve put on a bit of weight dear.

No I haven’t. He looked down at himself and realized he could no longer see his feet let alone his cock.

How did this happen?

I think you found your passion. I responded.

Jack looked at me.

I patted his tummy and said you like to cook. And you are good at it.

But I just had a little here and there.

And here and there and there and there.

As I took out my tux it was less than half the size of his.

Well you sure have kept to your diet.

I know. I have worked hard.

When we headed to the hall I could see Jack go to the kitchen immediately to check on his plans and that now very pronounced waddle was oh so adorable.

My diet had become such a habit that I ate very little but Jack was right it was wonderful. And although I would have devoured that cake at the start of this I took one little bite and he had the rest of my helping as well as his.

When all the guest had gone I found him, like a kid sneaking several pieces of the cake and finishing off what was left of the dinner.

Jack had become quite a good cook and he had gone from a muscular 255 pound 6’ man to an exceedingly portly 500 pound man in a bit over a year while I had gone from a portly 250 pound man to a svelte 150 pound well built man.

Jack kept cooking and kept growing and I loved every pound of him.

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