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Weight Shocked!
Weight Shocked!

I was most oftenly known as one of the most popular kids in High School. I was the head swimmer on the team and packed huge muscle tone. All the girls fell over for me and my body. I wouldn't say I was the "head" of the group because the popular group we were all equal, no leader. I guess that wasn't the best idea.
My school year was going absolutely perfect...until my mother passed. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and lost the battle after two hard years. After she died, I lost concentration in school. My grades plummeted as well as my enthusiasm. My coach gave me numerous warnings that if I didn't keep my grades up I'd be kicked off the team. I guess I was too unappreciative to even listen.
Eventually, actions were taken into place.
"Brad, can you stay after practice so we can talk?" Coach Vanderstorm requested.
"Sure Coach," i said as I walked in the dressing room awaiting the conversation. I quickly changed into some sweats and a t-shirt. I walked over to the coach's office and knocked lightly on the door.
"Ah, Brad! Come in, close the door behind you too."
"What did you need me for sir." I questioned.
"As I've notified you about numerous occasions, if you did not keep up your grades in classes I would have to kick you off the team. Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that you have failed to complete these requests. So, it pains me to say this, but you will have to leave the team."
Those dreaded words... I was actually kicked off the team. I didn't even respond to him. I just stood up and left his office in a rage. It was all my fault, I was warned and didn't listen. But denial always hurts no matter what.
The next day I was the topic of conversation. Everyone was gossiping of my boot from the team. What surprised me the most is that no one really acted the same around me. No girls around me, none of my friends swarming around each other. The worst was when it came to lunch and I walked over to the table I always sit at with all my usual friends.
"What do you think you're doing?" a kid at the table said as I approachedbthe table.
"Um, eating here? Like I usually do?"
He let out a little laugh. "Brad, just leave. You're not apart of us anymore. You're just a regular, don make it worse than it already is."
I was outraged. How could my "friends" kick me out of my own table! I didn't know what to do, where to sit, I was just so confused.
Then someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see a very hefty, regular brighter male. His stomach almost poured out of his cheap old t-shirt and his pants were practically skin tight seeming as if they were about to rip. He had reasonably long black wavy hair and a pudgy face.
"Here, sit at our table." he said as he gestured to an empty seat next to him.
I slowly moved to the available spot and took a seat. I usually wouldn't even dare to make eye contact with anyone at this table. Everyone around me was...well in no other word tense...FAT! Then the pudgy kid next to me stuck out his hand.
"Hi, my names John."
I reached out my hand and shook his. "Hey, I'm Brad"
When I shook his hand I thought that was it. It was just one day I'll be gone from you guys for good. I was wrong. For the next week I was sitting at that table and actually talking to them in classes and in the halls. Nothing really changed until I got even closer to John than I intended.
I was at my locker at the end of the school day when John approached me.
"Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out for dinner today. Maybe at my house?"
I didn't know what I was thinking at the moment but I hesitantly responded with a "sure".
He then exchanged his address with me and waddled away to his bus.
That afternoon I drove to house wearing a button down shirt and some skinny jeans. Not too classy, just a normal outfit choice to hang out. When I arrived at his house I quickly rang the doorbell a few times until he answered the door. John invited me into his home and into the kitchen.
His mother turned around and visually examined me head to toe. "Hello Brad, I'm Steph. John's mother!" She then proceeded to grab my arm. "My you are one skinny young man! You need some meat on those bones!" She laughed.
I laughed back with her, but in an uncomfortable sort of way. I glanced over at the table to see a huge feast. I was astounded someone could make so much food in one day!
"Sit down at the table, dinner is ready boys!" Steph said excitedly.
We both sat down and I was going to go treat myself, until John's mom snatched the plate from my hands. She then started piling a heap of food on my plate. She then placed the mountain of food in front of me and said, "Dig in!"
I didn't want to disappoint her, so I ate everything in front of me. It wasn't that difficult in fact, the food was absolutely delicious! I looked down at my belly and the buttons on my shirt were strained and seemed as if they were about to pop!
Steph then smiled, "Seconds? Please I don't want you to starve!"
The food was so good after all, and it was free, why wouldn't I say yes? So she started heaping food back on my plate like she had done before. I started eating almost immediately.
Mid-way of eating I felt an uncomfortable sensation by my thighs and sneakily unbuttoned my jeans at the dinner table without anyone noticing. I had so much more room and finished my meal. When I was officially done, my stomach ballooned so much it almost hit the table and I had to unbutton my shirt a bit.
As I left, they thanked me with some leftovers and told me I was welcome anytime. And oh boy, I wanted to come back!
I kept returning to John's house for dinner every night for about two whole weeks! John and I were growing a very close friendship, in fact. After the two weeks I recognised a change in my appearance. I seemed to have grown a layer of fat over my abs, makingnthem a bit unnoticeable, and not as much of a muscle tone. It didn't even phase me that this was a problem, I just moved on with my life.
My father told me that he was going away to Arizona for a business trip, so I could either go with him or stay with someone, so I went to go stay with John for a month.
It was most likely the best month of my life! Every meal was like a gourmet meal I ate every ounce of food on my plate. And when we weren't eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner, John and I were always snacking on something. We would just sit in our underwear every night playing video games or watching TV eating snacks.
After a week at John's house my pants were a struggle to get on. John said that he had some old jeans that might fit me. He went to the deep corner of his closet and pulled out some jeans that I never would have thought of trying on. He threw them at me and I put them on right away. It was practically a perfect fit, I was stunned! They were a bit baggy but they fit so well. I ran to the bathroom and looked in the full body mirror. My abs were totally gone! I was officially chubby, my pecs were beginning to become moobs and I had a slight double chin forming. I didn't know how I could let this slip by me, how I was so oblivious to the obvious.
I didn't want to tell John what's going on because his mom might find out and I don't want her to feel bad, so I just walked out and said that I had to fix my hair. As much as I tried to resist myself from gaining anymore weight, I couldn't. I was so accustomed to eating so much and I couldn't help myself, the food was delicious.
Two weeks passed and my weight gain was a bit more noticeable, I had gained 9 pounds and now my belly was straining my shirts and I was snug in John's old jeans. In fact the other day John did something that shocked me so much! We were eating pringles, watching man vs food and he ripped a huge fart.
"What the hell was that about?" I yelped.
"What? Were both hefty guys, when we gotta fart, we gotta fart," He smirked.
"what do you mean were both hefty guys." I questioned.
"Oh come on!" he said as he smacked my gut, "No skinny man can fit in my old jeans!" he chucked "But it's not even noticeable, you wear it well."
I guess he had a point there, and let's be honest, he probably only noticed my gains because we were always shirtless around each other! After all, his mom never commented on anything! By the end of that week, my father called me up and said I'm going to have to stay with John's family for another month. He claimed that this work was more important than he intended it to be. I was upset I wasn't going to see hi, for another month, but I just said okay. Anyway, I'm fine at John's house. I'm well fed (maybe a little more than well), I have roof to live under, and I'm having a blast with John.
One more week had passed and my weight gain went out of control. I had gained 8 pounds in one week! Maybe it was because I was upset about my dad, or because I kept going for seconds at dinner without thinking, but it happened. I didnt say a word about it to John because I was a tad embarrassed about it.
I got fed up with how tight John's old jeans were so I just started wearing sweatpants instead. Also I got a little tired asking John for a size up every week or so. John asked me why I went to sweatpants and I just said "because they're stylish and comfortable." I really hope he bought that stupid excuse!
That week something I wish never did, happened. I always tried my hardest hiding my newly grown belly from John's mom Steph with baggy shirts and sweatshirts. I even hid when she was around and i wasnt wearing anything but underwear, but that week she realised the truth. We were having breakfast and she was pouring me orange juice, but she flinched and poured it all over my shirt, soaking me. She was repeatedly apologising grabbing all the paper towels she could in one hand. Then, she told me to take off my shirt and she'll dry me off and clean the shirt. Of course, I refused trying to guard my newly found weight. However, she grabbed me and took off my shirt for me. Once she took it off, my belly jiggled up and down and she said "Wow, brad you've really grown, you're not such a skinny guy anymore!"
I was so embarrassed and I just stuttered "I...I...I"
"Don't be embarrassed Brad! That's hardly anything! You wear it well"
I seemed to hear that a lot recently, but at least now she's aware of my physical condition. After all, I am living under her roof.
Two days passed and dinner changed a bit for all of us. Steph was feeling a bit sick so she decided to bring us out for a fancy dinner. I was upset because I had to pull out my old jeans and button down shirt. My jeans were really snug and my shirt buttons were already strained! I had to manage though because oh boy, was I hungry!
We drove to the restaurant El Pizzero and were seated straight away. I ordered a steak with macaroni and a baked potato. We all dug in straight away. Mid-meal I dropped my fork on the ground, so naturally, I went to go pick it up. I bent down and my jeans split right down the back letting my butt spill out. I was so embarrassed, so we ordered them as left overs and left right away. I've never ripped a pair of pants in my life, have I really gained that much weight?
One week passes and the weather outside is perfect and warm, so John suggested we go swimming. Of course I was hesitant since it's been so long since I've swam or even been in a swimming suit
"well somethings need to happen again" John chuckled with a smirk.
We drove back to my house to pick up a bathing suit, of course all I had were speedos. So we opened up Johns backyard pool and changed into our bathing suits. I squeezed my tight speedo on my meaty thighs and sighed when I finally got them on. I walked out and John seemed shocked!
"It looks like you're gonna cut off your circulation!"
I went straight to the mirror and saw what he meant. The fabric was stretched out so far you could see my skin! My belly and thighs were spilling out of it like they were gasping for air. John said that he had some extra bathing suits so I quickly took him up on the offer. When I changed, it was such a relief and we went straight to the pool. I was nothing of a swimmer like I used to be. I'm much slower and I sink much easier than I used to! I rushed out of the pool after 10 minutes because I was so hungry. I stepped out of the pool and water ran down my belly and my belly jiggled as I walked. I walked to the outdoor table and grabbed a hot dog, doused it with ketchup and mustard, and engulfed it.
I must admit, as much as I was disgusted with the sudden gain in weight at first, I'm starting to like it. I don't know, like when I'm taking a shower and I feel my fat, I get hard. Maybe I'm a freak or something for saying this, but I like being fat!
For the whole next week I ate much more than usual being as motivated as I was with gaining weight. I wanted to be as big as John. Having squeezable love handles, a fat butt, a squishy belly, and chunky man boobs. With this goal on my mind I never let food out of my sight helping me gain a whopping 16 pounds in one week! I was so impressed with myself! I couldn't believe how much of a transformation I've made since just a few months ago.my father returned from Arizona, however I refused to return home. I loved living with John and Steph so much and college was just about to start so why g back home now? I stayed with Steph and John until college began, gaining all the weight I could stuff in.
Currently, John and I are college roommates encouraging each other and stuffing each others faces. In fact, I'm bigger than him now! I'm known as the "big kid on campus". People always smack my gut when they pass me in the hallways, I love when they do it! I am planning on moving in with John permanently and continuing my future for gaining.

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