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What are friends for? Pt. 1
Its 2011, and a full blown come over for the night was going on! Mark came over as usual but in something odd, he was in tighter cloths. I already knew he was fat, but I saw his belly hanging out by like 5 inches and jiggling!! Mark and I were the best of friends and we always did everything together! That night I had to ask, "Mark how did you get to your size?" He responded with, "I wanted to gain, so I did." I didn't know what a gainer was, but I always liked fat. Mark lets me play with his belly for a while, the next day he told me, "TODAY you start your journey to getting BIG!" So for breakfast we went to the diner that was down the street. I was forced to fit 10 pieces of toast 15 waffles and 20 pancakes in my belly. But then he said now lets go get some sleep at my house, we went over to find loads of cookies! He made 3 batches of cookies for me! Then he sat me in a chair and I fell asleep. The next 8 hours later, I woke up and something was different, it was hard to get out of the chair and i felt HEAVY like anvils on me. I looked in the mirror to see a forming double chin and a big belly,
with some moobs coming on to it. 3 weeks passed of the same thing just more food each time like this:
Breakfast: 20 toast, 30 pancakes,25 waffles
Lunch: 60 Chicken McNuggets and 5 large fries
Dinner everything we can find
Snacks: Anything!

After 2 months of that I went from 95 lbs to 207 and I kept growing to this day I keep gaining and mark still gives me lots of food, now I bet your wondering what happened with my parents leave that for Part 2!

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