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What are friends for Pt. 2
After being Super Skinny me I turned into Liv'n Large Me, I forgot one thing! WHAT WILL MOM AND DAD SAY!?! Well going back to the house was weird I was so used to living with mark that I lost track. No big meals, no nothing, Fat and hungry :/ When my parents saw me they didn't recognize me, but things went well they asked what happened, my dad was stunned and my mom was saying its fine because its the way you are but I have 100 extra pounds of flesh just hanging over my belt, and nothing will feed it!!! (I was 11 at this point) And everything was disgusting like cabbage and carrots But that's when my dad took me into my room to see BOXES upon BOXES of junk food and it was gone in the first week and in school I'm now "Fatty fatty 2x4 but I didn't care because when I'm sad i look down and see what I achieved! The boobs and belly the penile growth the fat meaty legs the fat that go out 2 inches every step the 3 chins the wing arms and the HUGE butt it was all perfect on me and my belly hung out of my shirt, its all I wanted in this dream... Mark is real and he helped me put on 20 lbs but not 100 and also the rest of this is the future!

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