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What Luck
There comes a time in a person’s life when they realise what sort of, lets say ‘type’, person they’re into. Stephen was coming to accept that he was into guys and he wasn’t all to pleased with it. Stephen was 15 going on 16, 5’9, lived in South East England and was in a place where gaining was very rare although that has little to do with the story as of yet. He was the sort of guy that was in the Football (soccer for the Americans out there) and Rugby teams at school and did karate and was a very sporty guy, this really showed on his body he had a perfect physique chiselled abs, good strong arms and legs and was seen as one of the cooler kids at school. 

Obviously he was a bit afraid of his new feelings towards other guys and was trying to learn more about them on the internet and was on all the chat rooms for guys his age to talk about it and come to terms with it. There was this one guy called Chris who he talked to almost everyday online for a month and they’d come to realise that they were only a 10 minuet cycle from each other, and Stephen being the energetic type said he’d cycle over this weekend to meet Chris face to face. 

The weekend soon came and Stephen and Chris has been webcamed each other a lot, but Stephen had not realised different Chris was. So, he went up to Chris’s door rang the door bell and it wasn’t a long weight before the door swung open to reveal a 5’9 195lbs of Chris, and Stephen was quite put off by this he though how can u let yourself get like this, but thought ah well and walked in. The two sat for a while just making small talk most of the time but being mid July it was very hot and Chris said "Hey d’ you mind if I take my shirt of it boiling” Steve looked a bit embarrassed but being Chris’s house felt obliged to say yes, so Chris took off his tight T-shirt and out fell his gut making a slap noise on his lap as it had been stuck in his shirt. Stephen looked at this and just thought to himself that it’s not that bad and just kept making small talk. The Day came to an end and the two made there good byes and Steve went on home.

The two decided they got on quite well and met again the next weekend, Chris had made the offer for Steve to sleep round because he had a free house from Friday till Tuesday and Steve happily agreed. Chris cooked all the meals and the two didn’t go out at all they just stayed at Chris’s because he had everything from Video games to an indoor swimming pool. So the two sat ate and played games, Chris started making more and more references to Fat, and ultimately Steve started thinking does he like being fat and asked him, Chris was a bit taken back by this and went red and said " Well yea, I love it just feels right, why do you?” Steve looked and said "never really thought about it mate” and they carried on as if it didn’t happen.

Chris’s parent had to go away more and more because of work and Steve and Chris spent more days and nights together still just friends. But it was coming to the end of the summer and Steve had to start getting stuff ready for school, he went to put his trousers on and to his horror he couldn’t get them on at all, and he then realised that he doesn’t even have to put effort into getting to Chris’s and all they ever do is sit and eat, and this had an effect on his waist line, he had gone from a happy 30 to a rounder 34 and he looked in the mirror and thought Oh My God and started pulling and tugging at his new fat which was still nothing in comparison to Chris. What he didn’t realise was that as he was doing this he was getting harder and harder in his y-fronts. He looked down and thought what’s happening to me and put some of his new elasticised trousers on and went round to see Chris.

As usually Chris’s parents were out and Steve came running in saying look what’s happened to me. Chris looked at him sitting in just his boxers on the Sofa and said "What?” Steve gave him a look of disbelief and shouted "I’m Getting Fat!” Chris went up to him grabbed his arms and pressed his torso up against his and he said "Steve mate, this is fat ok, what you have is just a little summer weight there’s nothing wrong with it”, Steve looked at him pushed him away and said "that’s not what I’m complaining about”, he then looked down and stuttered saying "I..I think I like it” It was at this moment that Steve came to realise he liked fat and he wanted it more and more.

Summer ended and the two had both put on some weight, Stephen was no longer the chiselled slender sports player he was before he was now about 170lbs, a good 20 pounds heavier, Chris was about 5- 6lbs heavier and not caring too much about it. Steve had gone to school in his new school trouser, which he’d bought to be a 38inch expecting more girth to come, and quite every single sports group he was part of and all his friends were making fun of his new breast, stomach and small roll under his chin that had formed over the last few weeks of summer in which he had stuffed himself. He was finding it harder at school he had been dropped down to the lowest sports class and was constantly being teased about his new weight, although deep down it was making him want to be bigger and bigger just to prove to the bully’s it didn’t effect him. 

It was autumn holidays and Steve had decided, to no surprise, to spend it with Chris at his house because both sets of parents had gone on holiday away and the two kids decided to stay with each other. Steve was still a lot smaller then Chris and was sat next to him on the sofa playing on the Xbox whilst going through a large pizza each. By now both kids had started to ‘experiment’ with each other by playing with each others fat, feeding each other or just checking each other out. The two of them were sitting in the swimming pool chatting when Steve said "I bet I can floor you first” what left of his sport side coming out. So the two of them went on to the grass in the back garden in there swimming trunks and wrestled and Chris flattened Steve, literally fell on him, and Steve found it really hot but too embarrassed to admit it even though you could tell through his now over tight swimming trunks. Chris decided for loosing so easily Stephen had to be punished, his forfeit was he had to pay for both of them to have Pizza, and Chris ordered enough to fill each other 4 time over. Steve saw what Chris had ordered and was pleased his parent left him too much money. They both fed each other and ate until they felt unwell and fell asleep in front of the TV still in just there trunks. The next morning Steve woke up and looked down and was amazed, he couldn’t see his feet over his stomach and woke Chris up in shock. They both decided to weigh them selves because it was the end of the week and both came to the shock they had gained nearly 20lbs each, because of this they decided to celebrate on the last day before school started with a few drinks. The two of them got a bit drunk and decided to go swimming again but couldn’t be bothered to get there trunks and to Steve surprise he said "Who needs trunks anyway” and smiled, Chris looked at him a bit confused and smiled back stating to strip down both of the got to the boxers and they both saw on each other that there underwear was digging into the sides of there hips and legs and Steve chuckled saying "and to think these used to be baggy” he through them off and jumped into the water. Chris saws Steve and immediately became really hard, and embarrassed Steve came out the water to see what was wrong and Chris said "err, a u sure about this you know our trunks aren’t to far away” Steve leaned over and pulled Chris towards him and kissed him on the lips and at that second they both realised what they were doing and were loving it.

By next summer the two boys hadn’t done had an experience like that autumn, but both had kept gaining together Steve was now 5’10 and 200lbs, Chris was 5’10 and 230lbs and they were both very happy like it, but still felt no need to stop there. They were still spending there weekend together but had become slightly more distant. Stephen had been reading a lot into weight gain issues like health problems and was becoming more and more conscious of what could happen if he keeps getting fatter. One day Steve was sitting at the dinner table with his mum and she said "well you’ve changed a little over the last year haven’t you Hun” whilst staring at a picture of Steve holding a Rugby ball, Steve looked at her and said "I no but ill start going to the gym and sort it out after school it doesn’t matter right now does it” he had no intention of this and just hoped shed stop talking, he said he’s going to Chris and walked off. 

That weekend Stephen was forced by his mum to go to the doctors to try and make him loose weight the doctor said to him that he was over weight and had to loose some fat which made Stephen really think. Afterwards he went straight to Chris’s to tell him about this and no matter what Chris said he could change Steve’s mind he was determined to loose weight now after the shock from the doctor. They had an argument and left each other to do there own thing. Chris was really upset because Steve was the only gainer around he knew, and Steve just felt like he was missing something in his life.

It was that autumn holiday again, this year it been increased to two week and both sets of parent had gone on there holidays, and Chris was sitting thinking what he could do and thought of that week he spent with Steve and decided to call him to try and make up. Just as Chris waddled to the phone it rang, he picked it up thinking awful timing and on the other end was no one other the Steve, who explained how much he missed spending time with Chris and they decided to meet at Chris’s house again for the 2 week. Chris sat in anticipation of Steve coming and had stoked up on food just for him, the door bell rang and Chris moved as fast as he could to answer it he opened the door and Steve was about half the size of what he used to be, still no where near his leaner self but just rounded. Steve looked at Chris and laughed saying "Some ones been comfort eating” poking Chris in the belly and hugging into his now 260lbs belly nearly being submerged. The two of them start cooking and they make a banquet and Chris looks at Steve and says "Eat up come on” Steve looks at him and says oh no I’m not here for that I just wanted to spend time with you. This nearly gave Chris a heart attack and he looked really upset so Steve walked over rubbed his belly and started feed them, they ended up falling asleep with Steve using Chris as an enormous pillow.

The next day they are sitting both topless because they’ve only just woke up, and Chris is eating away and Steve start playing with his fat thinking he’s missed this. The day goes on and they eat there own weight in food, and Steve thinks that he’s getting back into his old habit and needs to stop, even though he’s enjoying it. Chris hadn’t been swimming for a while and new he’d grown out of his old trunks and before the holiday’s his mum had bought him some y-front swimming trunks and what she hadn’t realised is how big her son was. Steve heard Chris struggling in the bedroom and decided to go in and see what was wrong he saw Chris sitting on his bed naked, but it didn’t really matter because his over hang covered his private parts. Chris looked up and saw Steve and went red saying "I can’t reach down to get my trunks on, and I think they’re too small anyway”. Steve looked at him and laughed "You really have gained whilst I was gone don’t worry mate by the look of things you don’t need trunks” he walked up and rubbed Chris’s belly as he did this he immediately got hard down bellow and looked down, both boys noticed this and at this point Steve realised he never wanted to loose weight at all start to play with Chris’s rolls and pulled him up and brought him to the pool they both played for hours with each others fat and ended up feeding each other. 

By the end of the School year both guys had gained weight Chris only 20lbs but he had put a lot of effort into Steve, Steve had put nearly 80lbs on and had over took Chris by 3lbs. They both got a lot closer as time passed and came to live together but that’s another Chapter…

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