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What Sam did to Alex
What Sam did to Alex Alex looked up past the bartender and saw a dream. He had just turned 21; dreams were bound to happen, but this, this was a fantasy. He was perfect. His body was perfect. His face was perfect, and… Alex walked over to him, almost hypnotized by his good looks… His personality was perfect. “Hey…” said Alex awkwardly, and saw he had a nametag, “…Sam.” “Hi,” said Sam. “I–Well, I–“ stuttered Alex, entranced by his dreamy blue eyes, “I’d like to have a drink with you… Not to be creepy or anything!” “Yeah, that’ll do, I think,” said Sam with a smile, “I think you’re pretty damn hot, and you obviously think I am, so, it feels like we’ve made a connection. A connection! A little rush of happiness fluttered around Alex’s heart. “So… what do you want?” asked Sam with another smile. “How about,” said Alex, “just plain old shots? I still haven’t done 21 yet. Sam ordered 21 shots and a sex on the beach. After drinking five shots, Alex was very drunk. He was seeing double. He was so not ready for alcohol. His mom had always said: “21 drops, not 21 shots” but he was over his parents. They’d had some “conflict” that ultimately ended up with Alex being kicked out, but it was the month before college, so it was better than tenth grade, when his friend Chris got kicked out of his house. The rest of the night was a blur, but Alex was happy. Then, he woke up. He couldn’t move, and he was blindfolded. His hands were tied, and he felt something huge in his stomach. No, that was his stomach. A hand shoved food into his mouth and he felt himself swallowing it. He fell back asleep. He woke up again in his bed, feeling fine. His belly felt bloated, so he reached down to pat it and reached it before he thought he would. It was… squishy. “Good morning,” said Sam happily, and Alex felt calm. Sam was here. He’d fix everything, “looking good. I cooked up a little breakfast for you.” He grabbed Alex’s hand and hoisted him up. Dragged him down a hallway. Sat him down in a chair in front of a curtain. Tied him up. And he pulled the curtain. There sat a mountain of pastries. Cake, cookies, donuts, cinnamon rolls, and so much more. It all looked unhealthy. Sam took a few donuts and started feeding Alex. It was he. After the food was mostly gone, Sam dragged Alex into a bed and tied him there. Alex fell asleep. He was tired. He woke up again, and felt his sore belly on instinct. It had at least two inches of fat on it. Alex wasn’t unhappy. He was with Sam. The same thing happened every day. Alex woke up, Sam tied him down, fed him pastries, tied him to the bed, and he fell asleep. The bed must turn the calories into fat, what with all the not moving. Every day, a new layer of fat reached Alex’s midsection, and went down to his calves and butt, and up to his man boobs. After at least a month, Alex was weighed. Sam pushed him on to a scale, and his face lit up with joy. 279 pounds! Alex had gained at least 150 pounds, and had doubled in weight. Sam smiled, satisfied. He proceeded to rub Alex’s belly fat. That was when Alex knew he wasn’t in a nightmare, not like most fitness maniacs and just regular college students would think of it. Just like on his 21st birthday, He was in a dream. He loved Sam, and Sam loved him. Sam stopped feeding him at 300, saying this was a good weight. They grew up happily together, even after what Sam did to Alex.

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