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You’ll Get It In The End Part 3

Part 2

Chapter 4

Livin’ Large


Brick awoke the next morning with a feeling of satisfaction and relief. He was glad Steve had enjoyed his birthday and relieved that it seemed he wouldn’t have to persuade Steve to step down from competing. He believed last night’s binge a good indication Steve was resigned to not worrying about being in competitive shape in the future. His thoughts did shift to thinking about himself now that he obviously wouldn’t be working out with Steve in the same capacity anymore. He had watched the ‘Big Boys’ continue to grow much heavier, and Brick had to admit, fatter. They all still had great muscle in their arms, chests, and legs but they each surely were now carrying at least 300+ lbs of beef. Now he expected Steve would be joining their ranks graduating to the bulky side. All this made Brick wonder what he would do to maintain his premium condition as he would turn 30 in just less than a year. He stood before the mirror admiring his 230lbs of burnished clay and mortar that composed the "Brick Wall”. He was ready to strive for an unprecedented 250lbs of completely lean, dense, cut muscle. But how was he going to achieve it?


Steve awoke and rolled over watching the ice cream carton fall off his gut, still tasting the rich chocolate lingering on his lips as he remembered drifting into a sleepy stupor to end his birthday blowout. He made a futile attempt to sit up and decided to roll over out of bed instead. He shuffled over to the mirror to view the damage. He laughed as he saw the plummeting curve to which his briefs had mercilessly retreated underneath his big belly. He turned slightly to view the flip side to see his ample rear more than escaping the confines of the stretched width of the seat of his briefs and spied a new crease at each side of his lower back where his gut seemed to have pushed outwards laterally.

"Damn! I really did bow it out last night” Steve remarked cupping his lower hanging rounded front.

"Definitely some time needed at the gym today.” Steve’s thoughts were interrupted by a long low growl from his gut. Looking down at the monster, Steve grunted "Yeah, I know, I know! Fuck You!” Steve picked up the phone.


"Hey Jack, how about headin’ over to the gym with me today?” Steve sounded chipper.


"Ha! I knew you’d have a freakout Stevie! What’s the matter, step on the scale this morning’ HogBoy?!” Jack cackled.


"No, I haven’t you lughead! Just thought you’d like to hit the irons with me for a while today. We can grab some breakfast at "FlapJack’s” on the way, whatdya’ say?”


After a short pause, Jack bellowed back "You’re on Stevie! **HaHaHaHa!** Its barking at ya already this early in the morning, huh??!!”


"Fuck You! Just get over here” Steve ordered.


"Sure thing, I’ll even bring you some of my sweats. That belly’s gonna need some tlc today Man!” Jack replied and hung up.


Brick had made some decisions to change some habits to make sure he would reach his goal. He had never followed a particular change in training cycle or diet as his body always retained prime condition regardless of how he trained or ate. He would now however, eliminate outings at Luther’s during competitive season and train more intensely during that time and see if that would help develop him further.

At the gym, Brick whirled away on the cardio bike to complete his 45min cardio requirement for the day when he looked up to see Steve and Jack walk out of the locker room. Brick began to worry, thinking Steve was regretting last night’s indulgence and prepared to endure the bitching and complaining as the two approached.


"What’s up Brick? Sweatin’ your ass off as usual, huh?” Steve remarked throwing a towel over Brick’s drenched head.

"Guess you’re in need of the same, huh, PartyBoy?” Brick reached over in mid-pedal and squeezed Steve’s bouncing, billowing buttocks as Steve maneuvered between the bikes. "I see you’re in disguise today” Brick pointed to the oversize sweats Steve was managing to fill out too well.


"Those are mine.” Jack piped in. "LardAss here couldn’t come close to squeezing into anything he had in his locker without looking like an overfilled water balloon! At least not after scarfin’ two orders of "The Stupendous Stack” AND packin’ away the special of the day, "Beggin’ for Bacon” at FlapJack’s. He was unreal. I don’t know where you put it Stevie!


"I do!” Brick giggled as he watched Steve laboring on the bike next to him. Steve’s full belly was peeping out, already dripping gobs of sweat, and hanging down from beneath the loose drape of the oversize sweatshirt while swaying in rhythm with Steve’s slow pedaling.


"Very funny. Hey, you said I should eat what I want. Anyway. Brick, Man, I have not had a breakfast like that since I was a kid! Come to think of it I haven’t had pancakes in at least 8 years. Brick, they baste their pancakes in buttermilk after they’re cooked and have 6 different flavors of maple syrup. And the bacon! God, I forgot what it tasted like. Brick, you should come with us next time, it was the best Man!” Steve was animated as he described the meal.


"Glad you liked it Stevie! I go there a lot myself. You just about packed away an 8 year supply of those flapjacks so I guess you haven’t really missed anything Buddy!” Jack had butted in while he was sitting on a bench nearby doing some heavyweight bicep curls.


"Yeah, you should eat what you want. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m just going to make sure I keep my plate far away from you, Greedy Gut!” Brick teased, reaching under Steve’s exposed bare belly with a towel to dry Steve’s already drenched pendulous porkgut. "But count me out. FlapJack’s and Luther’s will be forbidden for me for a while. I’m going to step up my training over the next months and land 250lbs cut for my next competition.”


"Suit yourself. I can’t wait to go back. It was so damn good! You in with me Jack?” Steve asked, looking over at his friendly Fireplug who was planted on the bench nearby.


"Absolutely. I never pass a good meal in the morning! Can’t you tell?! Ha!” Jack replied as he lifted his towel off his inflated, round shelf, which nestled between his tree trunk legs, and dried his sweaty ‘ball o’ flapjacks’.


Steve lifted himself off the cardio bike after only 15minutes of slow pedaling and lumbered over toward the scale.


Watching Steve, Brick held his tongue for a moment as he noticed for the first time that Jack’s belly had actually grown so much that when sitting, it spilled out just about as far as his knees and appeared as if it hung lower than the bench seat Jack was planted on. Then, the  **clink** of the scale distracted Brick.


"Hey HogMan! You think 15minutes on the cardio bike is going to get you any results after what you’ve pile-driven down your gullet?” Brick couldn’t resist the tease as he watched Steve’s slightly wider, much fuller buttocks bounce as he stepped onto the scale.


"Aw Man, I’m too full to stay on the bike today. I’ll do more tomorrow. I just want to see the damage I’m workin’ with here.” Steve groaned while he watched the needle bob back and forth hovering over 286lbs.


"Guess you don’t have to worry about having enough to work with there. Those Buttermilk Buns of yours have risen quite well!” Brick patted Steve’s tush and made his way to the steamroom.


"Jack, whatdya say we call it a day until tomorrow and head to the sports store so I can pick up some decent new workout gear?” Steve announced stepping off the scale. "If I’m gonna be a ‘Big Boy’, I might as well get Big Boy gear.”


"Why don’t you just take some of my old gear I can’t get into anymore and save a few bucks?” Jack offered.


"Jeez Jack, I ain’t that fuckin’ big, are you nuts?” Steve queried.


"Hmmpf! If you ain’t now, it sure won’t be long, LardAss!” Jack mumbled, observing Steve’s sweats grab and cling to every round curve of Steve’s ass as his butt shifted and bounced up and down. Steve huffed down the hallway rubbing his full belly and licking his lips trying to catch his breath after the brief bike workout.


Steve trailed on like a zombie daydreaming. "Did you say something Jack? Damn those pancakes were awesome! I just can’t get that taste off my mind”


"Nah, nevermind. It was nothing.” Jack smiled. "…And you’ll never get those ‘cakes off your ass either!” Jack covered his mouth as he mumbled out of Steve’s range.



Brick stood in the locker room in front of the mirror practicing a few poses proud of the way his cherry red microfiber nylon square cut posing briefs bunched up at the top of his explosive quads creating a pronounced V pocket that positioned his generous package of manhood front and center for a picture perfect magazine cover shot. His tawny skin was dark tanned and always had the perfect glint when glazed with sugar infused coconut oil. A bit of gel dripping from his spiky jet black hair would be the final touch to accent his bright crystal blue eyes and gleaming ivory smile for the cover shot for Musclemag next week. He had found the right posing trunks and pose for the shoot.




"Hey Brick, would you sign my magazine?” John squealed, rushing over as Brick walked out of the locker room clad only in his posing trunks heading for the weightroom. Today was the release date for the Musclemag issue with Brick on the cover, now his 5th cover in five years. Somehow the excitement had already come and gone for Brick on the day of the shoot. He had attained the pinnacle. Brick signed the copy not surprised that John was probably the first to purchase one. Brick proceeded with his workout as normal after dispensing with all the hoopla everyone was making over him and was feeling down for some reason. He had no reason to feel that way, however. Everything had fallen right into place for him so he couldn’t figure what was wrong with him. Perhaps he missed spending time with his pals since he had restricted himself from Luther’s and the like avoiding the ‘Big Boys’ feasts while he stuck to his super-intense workout regimen. Or maybe he was just impatient since he had hit a plateau at 255lbs for more than a few months now still missing his 265lb goal. Brick did not know what to do. He had grown bored with the competition circuit finding it little challenge to secure titles. He now only entered a few top shows in order to retain his reign over other builders and only occasionally agreed to do a few posing shows just to keep his name prevalent in the media. All his endorsements had ensured a secure financial position a few ago so money was not a concern.

All he had left were his own personal goals and so far he had failed to attain them. Brick seemed aimless. Was there nothing to look forward to at the young age of 34?


Then Brick heard a voice at the registration counter that mesmerized him. It sounded as if a tiger were loudly purring the way the gravely voice traveled through the room. The voice absorbed Brick’s attention and drew him nearer. As he turned around he saw a tanned, statuesque back of a toned and decently muscled guy standing at the counter filling out a membership form while talking to another member and obviously looking for John who was missing from his reception post.


"Maybe I can help?” Brick ventured. The guy turned around and awkwardly looked up from his 5’9” frame to meet Brick’s gaze from the altitude above. Fiery pale green eyes flashed as a friendly smile revealed icy-white teeth framed by waxy, succulent pink lips against bronzed skin topped off with close cut locks of a golden mane. "Name’s Brick, uh sorry, Brad Wall.” Brick felt dumb calling himself "Brick” and didn’t want to scare this guy off with his celebrity. Brick extended his large hand.


"Hi. Its nice to meet you. Jason Brogan. I was looking for someone to take my membership form, but there appears to be no one around.” The guy replied. "I just came from the pool with my sister and decided to join as well. I didn’t expect to wait this long or I’d have changed into my clothes first.” He removed the towel from around his neck, began drying the water dripping from his nicely formed pecs covered in a light blonde fur and continued to blot a stream flowing down the small valley between his pecs through his grilled midsection directly into his nicely packed black speedo suit.


Brick’s glazed, fixed stare seemed to follow that water somewhere past where it disappeared into that speedo suit.


"Did I drop something?” the guy asked as he looked down his front confused as to what Brick was so intently focused upon.


"Uh, no. No, not at all. Sorry.  I can get that application to John. He’s probably in the laundry room getting more towels. Here, I’ll take care of that.” Brick took the towel from the guy’s hand and knelt down on one knee next to the guy’s taut, sinewy, lightly furry legs to mop up the small puddle that had formed around his feet.


"Oh, you don’t need to bother with that Mr. Wall, I can clean that up.” The guy urged.


As he knelt, Brick’s gaze was now VERY close to the destination of that disappearing stream of water. He felt so close he could almost see this guy’s veins pumping blood up those nicely curved and just slightly cut, tanned thighs. Brick crooked his neck, looking up with a goofy, moronic smile involuntarily plastered across his face.

Eyes fixated, Brick stammered,

"M, M, My    p le a s u r e!”


"...I..I..I mean glad to do you…I…I mean.. to do IT.


Brick felt the one foot supporting his weight slide on the wet marble he had obviously done a poor job trying to dry during his distraction, and before he could steady himself, he slipped backwards landing square on his over-muscled, posing briefs clad, round ass.


"Are you alright Mr. Wall?” the guy asked, his eyes narrowing as he extended his hand to help Brick up.


Brick recovered himself to his former kneeling position and again couldn’t help the location of his magnetized stare.


"Uh, yeah, I’m greaaat… Fine that is. Just fine thanks. I’m sorry what’s your name again?”


 Brick felt he could hear those veins pumping again as the breath from his nose slightly rustled the sun bleached hair on the guy’s luscious legs. Just then, the clip board with the completed membership application attached accompanied by a finger pointing to the "name” line slowly descended inserting itself between Brick’s near cross-eyed gaze and his focused target.

Brick shook himself out of his stupor, gingerly received the clipboard and    ...erected…      himself into a standing position.


"I’m glad you’re alright Mr. Wall. It appears obvious to me that everything is still… fully functional.” The guy replied with a glare and pursed up lips glancing down.


Speechless, eyes wide, mouth slightly agape and with all of the blood from his brain having been apparently redirected elsewhere, Brick slowly lowered the clipboard clenched in front of his chest downward until he held it as if a fig leaf just below waist level. With a small shrug of his mounded, beefed-out shoulders and with a half-hearted, cat-that-ate-the-canary, guilty as sin grin, Brick slowly and supplicantly extended his other held possession to the guy and squeaked,




The guy snatched the towel whipping it away from Brick.


"I trust you’ll take care of that for me?!” The guy soured back, motioning at the clipboard that, at that moment, poorly shielded the one raging pumped ‘muscle’ Brick had not exercised for a long time. As the guy turned and huffed off down the hallway, Brick again was intoxicated by every stride as his eyes telescoped in on the fine, tight hind-side contained in that black speedo. 


Before the opportunity was gone, Brick shouted from behind to the guy:


"You betcha! I’ll put it in ya!…*shit* ...in FOR ya! …I mean…I’ll take good care of it!!…”


Brick absentmindedly removed his shield and held out the clipboard emphasizing the application. The guy halted and without turning around, briefly placed his hands on his hips, shook his head and then disappeared through the doorway.


Still holding the Clipboard in the air and with his sight still fixed on the now vacant doorway Brick was brought out of his anesthetic stupor by John’s voice.


"Anything I can…help you with… Brick?” John stuttered, his eyes bigger than golf balls as he gaped at Brick’s now exposed, overburdened posing briefs like a child seeing his parent naked for the first time.


Brick bent over as if in excruciating pain, spun around in a circle while beating his head and agonizing, "BRAD!!! You big meathead! You are suuuuch an IDIOT! Shiiiit! What the fuck is wrong with me?!” 


"Everything looks good to me…” John added still awestruck.


Returning to consciousness, Brick snatched a towel from the counter to cover his lasting impression of his new acquaintance and with a spring-like action smacked the clipboard into John’s feeble chest nearly knocking him down.


While still focused hopefully on the vacant doorway Brick growled to John, "Do me a favor, sign me up for him.”  Again beating his skull, Brick stammered, "I mean sign him up for me… I mean… Just sign him up, OK?!” Brick barked now frustrated with himself.


"Uh, Ok. Anything you say Brick. I’ll do it right now!” John speedily replied in a subservient manner as Brick wrapped the small towel as best he could around this waist and hunched off into the locker room.


Brick’s pulse was still churning as he sat in the locker room agonizing over the encounter. Why did the guy call him Mr. Wall?  Brick wondered. Surely I didn’t look that old Brick thought. He figured the guy had to be at least in his early to mid twenties. He sat there trying to mastermind a way he could possibly recover from his history-making blunder when John flitted through the locker room with both arms full of folded towels.


"Oh! Brick. I processed Jason’s membership application and I got his card printed up here. He’s still outside at the pool so I’ll bring it to him when I head out there in a second.” John hurried over to the shower area to drop his load of towels.


A light bulb seemed to appear over Brick’s head. "Hey John, give me his card. I was gonna head out to the pool deck to catch some rays. I’ll save you a trip and give it to him when I go out there.”


"That’s Ok, I’m going out there anyway.” John answered in his most hospitable voice. He turned around to make his way back to the pool and nearly fell backwards as he crashed into Brick’s impassable frame.


Standing with his legs spread apart, arms folded and looking like a very angry Zeus, Brick looked down and motioned with his thick fingers to John’s diminutive, 5’8”, 150lb frame. "Hand over the card, John.”


Instincts took over and John submitted the card to Brick’s impatient, intimidating open hand. "Sure, Brick, I appreciate… the help.” John’s voice wavered.  " Jason’s waiting for some drinks he ordered. Can you pick those up from the bar and bring them to him too? I don’t want to get in trouble. "


"Sure. Anything for you Johnny boy.” Brick’s ivory smile appeared as he answered sinisterly.


John awkwardly maneuvered past Brick’s hulking frame and hopped away like a terrified little pond frog. Brick quickly changed into his best red squarecut trunks conscious of wanting a little more coverage/control for his now calmer, yet still attentive package. He then made his way to the bar ready to pour on the charm and suave, savy charismatic personality for which he was infamous.


"Hey Rico, you have some drinks ready to go out to the pool on Jason Brogan’s account?” Brick asked the bartender.


"Yeah, they’re ready, here.” Rico pointed to two large pina coladas loaded with whipped cream and cherries on top.


Considering they were pina coladas, Brick now felt he wouldn’t be trying to climb up a tree on the wrong side of the fence.


"Put them on my tab, Rico.” Brick impatiently grabbed the big glasses and headed for the pool having fixed in his sights his glistening, tan target lounged in a chaise next to his sister in the bright sun. 


Brick carefully balanced the full glasses while holding the new membership card in his hand as he approached the two sunbathers.


"Hey Jason, I wanted to bring you your membership card and give you a more formal welcome to the club. I hope you can forgive me for acting like such a dope earlier. I can only imagine what you must have thought. My mind was completely somewhere else when I introduced myself." Brock looked over to Jason’s sister and launched into his media persona. "I’m sorry, we haven’t met either. I’m glad to make your acquaintance, I’m Brad Wall.” Brick produced his best sexy, cover shot smile since he couldn’t shake hands while holding the drinks. Brick looked back to Jason and widened his smile more. "I took the liberty of bringing your drinks over for you and in hopes of making up for our first meeting, I hope you will enjoy these drinks with my compliments!” Brick flexed his pecs and tightened his sexy, grilled midsection to advertise his goods to their full potential while feeling very proud of his smooth recovery. Remembering to be a gentleman, Brick leaned over Jason to first hand his sister her drink. In doing so, he carefully made sure to thrust his striated, pumped up coconut oil basted pecs close enough to Jason’s face that the sweet aroma might tempt his lounging prey as he kept Jason’s drink clenched close to his chest.


"That’s very nice of you.” Jason’s sister thanked him.


"Think nothing of it. They’re on me.” Brick beamed having perfectly played out his plan.


As Brick released the glass to Jason’s sister he wasn’t paying close attention that the other full glass he was holding had tipped a bit too much and with a slurpy **plop**, the whipped cream and cherry slid off the top of Jason’s drink landing on Jason’s navel along with some of the frozen pina colada spilling onto Jason’s crotch. 

"Yow, that’s cold!” Jason hissed and squirmed, recoiling from the cold spill.


Brick jerked himself upright in shock over his accident.


"O gosh! I’m REALLLY sorry!” Brick blurted as his mouth dropped open and he unconsciously took a few steps back watching his suave efforts disintegrate before his eyes.


"Looks like the drink is on ME!” Jason sneered, as he lay stunned, lowering his sunglasses to glare over them up at Brick.


"I’m really sorry, I… I’ll get some water to wash you off.” Brick fumbled for words to say taking a few more steps backing away from his embarrassment until on the last step, his big feet unexpectedly met the nearby pool’s edge.


Brick’s mouth and eyes opened up to canyon size as his towering form hopelessly wavered back and forth for a split second followed by a thunderous  "OOOOO  SHIIIIIIIT!” which resonated across the pool deck just before his feet launched into the air and the behemoth plunged backwards into the pool generating a tsunami splash that more than washed the pina colada from Jason’s otherwise dry body completely drenching him. Brick’s head slowly emerged from beneath the water and peeped up over the pool’s edge to survey the damage. Directly in front of his face at the pool’s edge were two handsome feet and a pair of familiar sexy, slightly furry legs. Brick slowly looked up at the shadowy form standing before him.  Dripping from head to toe Jason addressed the Merman at his feet.


"I don’t think I’ll be needing that water.” Jason deadpanned, releasing a few drips from his head onto Brick’s face. Jason spun a 360 and marched towards the clubhouse locker room.


"You big oaf!” Brick garbled to himself. "I am SUUUCCCHH   AN   IDIIIOOOTTT  !!!” Brick began beating himself in the head again.


Then from a distance away Brick heard that unmistakable tiger’s voice. Brick quickly looked up.


"But I will be needing someone to join me for dinner if you promise not to throw it on me. Know anyplace to grab some good chow? Your choice!” Jason grinned back from behind his jet black sunglasses as he disappeared inside the clubhouse.


"Hey, Hey!!!  Wait a second!” Brick fumbled, trying to hoist his bulk out of the pool. "You’re on! I’m coming.”  Once out of the pool, Brick clumsily broke into a sprint, not having run so fast since his football days in his first year of college.


"Hey Man, hold on there, wait for me!”


Brick’s 240lbs thundered across the pool deck as he grabbed his soaked trunks to keep them from falling off.

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