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A Piggy for a Pet
Aaron felt his phone vibrate. He checked the notifications and saw that someone had sent him a message on Grommr. This wasn’t out of the norm for Aaron – after updating his weight he usually got a bevy of responses. He was happy to receive so many kind words of encouragement from the online gaining community he had grown so fond of.
He logged in quickly to find that the message had come from an encourager named Tom. His message read “Looking good, Tubbs.” And that was that.
Aaron thought about replying, but he had to get a move on if he didn’t want to be late returning from his lunch. He sighed deeply while he took a look at the McDonald’s wrappers and cartons piled up in his back seat. I should really clean this shit out, he thought to himself. He chuckled a bit, patted his belly, and then heaved himself out of his car, waddling back toward his office.

Lately, Aaron became more and more aware of his recent growth. He had packed on an incredible 50 pounds within the last few months, from 240 pounds to a whopping 290 – and it was taking its toll on his body. His once fast paced walk had dulled down to a defined waddle. His back had begun to naturally arch in his gait to accommodate the extra bulk of his belly. He felt his thighs rub together with every labored step. He became more easily winded at the minimal exertion of moving around and was now more prone to sweat in a shorter amount of time.

He finally reached his desk and plopped down into his chair, which creaked and moaned with Aaron’s added heft. As he wiped the sweat from his brow, he checked his email and crossed the last few items off of his to do list for the day. He absentmindedly rubbed his belly as he browsed the internet, then felt his phone vibrate again.

It was another message from the same encourager, Tom. “Damn, Tubbs. 50 pounds in just a few months? Someone’s been a piggy.” Aarons face flushed red at the gentle tease from Tom. He smiled and decided to scope out Tom’s profile. There wasn’t much to read, but Aaron discovered that Tom was local! … and happily married and only looking for friendship. Slightly disappointed, Aaron decided to respond. If anything, at least I could get a new friend out of it, he thought. “Haha, thanks man! I have been eating a lot lately.”
Almost immediately, Tom replied. “Clearly. It looks good on you, fatty. Have you ever hung out with any locals from here?” Aaron sighed heavily. Any local that contacted him in the recent months turned out to be a flake or would suddenly disappear from Grommr altogether. He replied to Tom, and shortly after, they arranged to meet for dinner.

Aaron got to the restaurant early, excited that he would finally be meeting someone from the gaining community. He went inside and put his name down on the list while he waited for Tom to arrive. As he looked around the lobby with anticipation, he noticed how many fat guys were there, taking a look over the menu, planning their dinners, which would inevitably wind up on their expanding midsections. As he reached for a menu himself, his phone vibrated, and he saw that it was a text from Tom. “I just parked, see you soon.”

Aaron looked up, and began to scan the crowd of people. He recognized Tom’s chiseled face through them all and waved him over. Tom approached him, a devilish grin on his face. “Nice to finally meet you in person, Tubbs,” he said as they shared a brief hug. “Yeah, it’s pretty cool to finally meet up with someone from Grommr. I almost thought you weren’t a real person,” Aaron chuckled. Tom looked at Aaron’s belly while it shook and jiggled with his laughter. The hostess called out Aaron’s name and she led them to their table. Tom and Aaron chatted, got to know each other a little bit better while they looked over the menu. When the waitress came to take their order, Tom asked for the smoked salmon. Aaron, on the other hand, ordered the fried calamari and mozzarella sticks for his appetizer. For his main course, he ordered a deluxe double cheeseburger with fries and a side of onion rings. He had already demolished the complementary bread basket and asked for another as the waitress left to put in their order.
“Someone’s hungry,” Tom teased. “You plan on eating all of that?”
“Of course,” Aaron replied, “I’m a growing boy. I need all the food that I can get!”
They laughed a bit and talked some more, but before they knew it, the appetizers had arrived. Aaron dug in while Tom watched, captivated. In just 10 minutes, he had inhaled everything in front of him.
“Damn, Tubbs. No wonder you’ve been packing on the pounds,” Tom observed.
“Hehe, yeah,” Aaron said sheepishly as he rubbed his belly. “And I’m just getting started.”
The main course came out, and like the appetizers, Aaron finished with ease. He leaned back in his chair and let out a sizeable belch as he patted his stuffed gut.
“You gentlemen save room for dessert?” the waitress asked when she came to clear the plates.
“I’m good, but Tubbs here might want something,” Tom laughed. The waitress did a double take at Tom’s comment, but went to fetch a dessert menu. “You eat just like my husband,” Tom noticed.
“Is he a gainer too?” Aaron asked.
“Not technically. But ever since we’ve been together, I opened up to him about my… kink. He agreed to pack on some pounds for me, and it’s been incredible.”
“Oh that’s awesome! I bet it’s been a lot of fun for you guys,” Aaron said with a wink.
They both chuckled as the waitress returned. Aaron ordered a slice of chocolate cheesecake and an ice cream sundae. He ate the ice cream quickly before it melted, but when he got to the cheesecake, he began to slow down.
“What’s the matter, fatty?” Tom asked.
“Ugh, I’m so damn full. I don’t know if I can finish,” Aaron said in between forced bites.
“Sure you can, fat ass. In fact, we’re not leaving here until you do,” Tom said a little darkly. Aaron met his gaze and saw how Tom’s face had shifted from relaxed to stern. Aaron brushed it off – all encouragers get a little over zealous every now and then. With a struggle, Aaron forced down the last bit of cheesecake and leaned back in his chair, his belly taught with the smorgasbord of food he had packed in.
“Good job, piggy,” Tom said calmly with a warm smile. “We should probably head out, it looks like they’re about to close the place down.”
Aaron gripped the sides of his chair firmly as he hoisted himself up. As he struggled to put on his coat, Tom got up from his seat, and they set off to the parking lot.
“Damn, where did I park?” Aaron said, groggy from the food. He waddled around, Tom at his side, until they found Aaron’s car. Tom gave Aaron a quick hug and then they were off.
Too bad he’s married, Aaron thought to himself. As he drove down the freeway, he saw his phone screen light up in the empty passenger seat. It was a text from Tom – “It was great to finally meet you, Tubbs. We should get together again soon!”
Aaron smiled at the thought. When he got home, he sent Tom a reply. “Yeah, it was awesome to finally meet a fellow Grommr member! I’m down to hang out whenever!”
I’ll just have to keep reminding myself that you are taken, Aaron thought to himself.

A couple of weeks passed, and Aaron had plateaued. As he read the scale, at 290 still, he stepped off in a huff and waddled back to his bed. His phone vibrated and he saw a text from Tom. “Wanna hang out?”
“Sure. Where you want to meet up?” Aaron replied.
“Well, I’m a little buzzed at the moment, can’t really drive. Wanna come over to my place?” Tom asked.
“Alright, sure,” Aaron replied, a little hesitant. He got Tom’s address and he was on his way.
Aaron rang the doorbell and Tom answered the door in his pajamas. “Come on in, welcome!” he greeted warmly. Aaron waddled in, looking around Tom’s apartment as Tom led him to the living room. He saw portrait after portrait of Tom and his husband, Larry. They looked like such a happy couple. Aaron sighed to himself, envious that he was still single. He brushed it off quickly before Tom could notice and plopped on to the couch.
“What are you in the mood for?” Tom asked.
“Like what?” Aaron asked.
“Food, Tubbs, food! I made a cake and a gainer shake for you for later, but what do you want for dinner?” Tom asked.
“I don’t know, pizza sounds good.” Before he could even finish his thought, Aaron saw Tom whip out his phone and press a button. The pizza place must be on speed dial, Aaron thought.
“Hello, I’d like to place an order for delivery! Yes, Bob, the usual will do, thanks!” Tom said as he tossed his phone casually on the couch. “Should be here in about 30 minutes, you think you can last that long?” Tom asked with a haughty laugh.
“Yeah, I should be okay hehe,” Aaron chuckled.
Tom picked up a nearby remote and turned the TV on. “Alright, sounds like now is a good time to binge watch a miniseries.” Tom cued it up on Netflix as they waited for the pizza to arrive.
“Nice place you’ve got,” Aaron said. “I love the pictures of you and Larry. You look so great together!” And he meant it. Tom wasn’t more than a slim 160, and his tall frame made him look even leaner. It was an incredible contrast to the 300 pound butterball that was Larry.
“Hehe thanks!” Tom chuckled. “I love him to death. But he doesn’t want to get any bigger. I won’t push him, but man! It would be great. I may just have to find a piggy of my own to fatten up as a pet,” Tom said, trailing off a bit. He looked as though he was thinking to himself for a moment, contemplating something. He shook himself out of it, brightened up, and said “Alright, you hang tight, I’m going to go frost the cake I made you for dessert later!”
Aaron nodded, and began to play on his phone while he waited on the couch. He absentmindedly rubbed his belly as he thought to himself Damn. I’m only 10 pounds away. I’m so close to 300…
His train of thought was interrupted as he heard the doorbell ring. “Don’t get up, I’ll get it,” Tom shouted from the kitchen. “Hey Bob, you can just set it down right here. Thanks!”
A few moments later, Aaron attempted to get himself up off the deep plush couch, but he heard Tom walking in and planted himself instead. Aaron’s eyes widened as he saw Tom’s arms filled with 5 large boxes and two large bags. Maybe I’ll get to 300 sooner than I thought, Aaron chuckled to himself. “What is all of that?” Aaron asked timidly.
“Well, I’ve got 5 large super supreme pizzas with extra cheese, 5 bags of breadsticks, and a chicken Cesar salad,” Tom replied nonchalantly. “Oh, but don’t worry, the salad is for me, Tubbs,” Tom laughed. He set everything down on the coffee table and sat on the chair. “All for you, Tubbs,” he said looking over.
“All for me?” Aaron asked incredulously.
“Yup. And you’re going to eat every last bite,” Tom said in a cool tone, a devilish grin on his face.
Aaron looked skeptically at the pile in front of him and hesitantly reached for the top box.
“That’s it, there’s a good piggy,” Tom whispered.
Slowly but surely, Aaron dug into the pizza and bread sticks. He kept a good pace for awhile, but when he hit the third pizza, he slowed down significantly.
“It’s too much food,” he said with a burp.
“Oh come on, you still have two pizzas left. Suck it up fat boy,” Tom laughed as he slapped Aaron’s swollen belly.
Aaron groaned with pleasure - Tom’s momentary contact with his belly sent a wave of euphoria through him. He took a deep breath and went back to it.
That’s it, pig. Keep at it. It’s going into you one way or another, thought Tom to himself as he watched Aaron struggle through the rest. You like being fat, and I’m going to help make you grow to your full potential. I’ll get my pet piggy one way or another, Tom thought with a short laugh to himself.
Aaron shoved the last slice into his face, and with that, Tom got up from his chair and sat right next to him. He rubbed Aaron’s belly, feeling how tight it was stretched out. “Damn, pig. You really can put it away. And now, it’s time for dessert!”

Aaron groaned in disbelief. He had forgotten that Tom had the gainer shake and the cake ready for him. Before Aaron could open his mouth to protest, Tom came rushing in with the cake and the brown concoction of gainer shake. “Here’s piggy’s reward,” Tom said with a sadistic laugh.
Tom scooped up a slice of cake and held it up to Aaron’s mouth. Aaron refused at first, but the smell of the delicious vanilla buttercream frosting made his mouth water. He opened up, and Tom shoved the slice in. It was a parade of cake, slice after slice, after slice. Aaron began to squirm, but he couldn’t get himself up. Tom was a feeding machine, packing Aaron’s mouth full every time it opened, gently massaging Aaron’s belly with his free hand.
After what felt like an eternity, Aaron felt the rim of the blender that held his gainer shake reach his lips. It was delicious and velvety smooth, and went down so easily.
“That’s it pig, you love this, don’t you,” Tom whispered into Aaron’s ear as he continued to pour the shake. “That’s all you have to do for me, pig. Eat and grow.” With that last phrase uttered, Aaron felt his eyelids droop and his vision blur. He thought he was drifting into a food induced slumber as he drifted off, but little did he know what would await him when he woke up.

In his slumber, Aaron dreamed. When his eyes opened in his dream world, he took in his surroundings. Wherever he was, it was dimly lit. He looked down at himself and realized he was on all fours. His belly was at least twice the size he remembered it being when he fell asleep. It dragged on the ground where his supple buttery flesh felt something bristly touch him. He looked closer and realized it was hay. He lifted his head back up and he saw a trough in the distance. From it arose the most intoxicating aroma of all of his favorite foods. As he crawled towards it, he heard a door slam open and Tom and Larry came striding in towards him. 
“Looks like the piggy found his trough,” Tom said to Larry.
“Good thing. His face is going to be buried in it nonstop!” Larry shouted, laughing maniacally. Tom joined in the laughter as he and Larry started slapping and pinching Aaron’s supple flesh. The laughter grew louder and louder, filling the entire room. Aaron tried to look up from his trough, but he couldn’t pull himself away from the food. The feeling of being so full made him feel complete. The laughter came to a piercing roar, and Aaron shouted “STOP!”
With that, Aaron was back. His body shook himself awake. Everything was black, even with his eyes opened. He went to remove the obstruction when he realized that his hands were restrained. He heard chains clinking against something and he quickly realized he was not on the couch where he had fallen asleep.
He heard footsteps approach him, and the sound of Tom’s voice calling out to someone. “Looks like the pig is awake, sweetheart,” Tom’s voice echoed. Aaron tried to speak, but he realized there was a tube in his throat. His weakened vocal chords gasped, and Aaron’s mind went into a spiral of thought. Where am I? Why am I tied up? How long was I asleep?…
“It’s about time, he was out for awhile,” he heard a second voice he figured belonged to Larry.
“Yeah, that stuff I slipped into his shake really knocked him out cold. It’s been just about six months now.”
Six months! Aaron thought to himself. How on earth could I have been out for that long? He tried to wriggle himself free of his chains, but it was no use. He heard Tom’s voice next to him.
“It’s no use pig, you won’t get out. Don’t waste your energy.” Aaron could feel Tom moving in close to him and felt him slide off the blindfold that had kept him in the dark. Slowly, Tom came into focus.
“Welcome back, piggy,” Tom said with a smile.
Aaron looked to his left and his right. What used to be his average sized arms now looked like large sacks of lard, stretched out and chained to each side of a headboard. He centered himself and looked out in front of him. All he saw was a mountain of flab where his once modest belly had been. Tom walked to the edge of the bed and pressed a button. Aaron heard some beeping noises going off as he noticed Larry walking into the room.
The beeping from the foot of his bed finally came to a stop with one loud beep. “563 pounds. Not bad for six months of tube feeding,” Tyler laughed. “You’ve certainly fattened up nicely, pig.”
Aaron lay there in disbelief. 563 pounds. That’s what I am now. Instantly he felt his cock harden at the sheer thought of his new size. He gurgled around his feeding tube as Tom came up to the head of the bed. “Brace yourself pig, this won’t feel pleasant.” With a gentle jerk, Tom began to pull the feeding tube out of Aaron.
After a coughing fit from the shock, Aaron was finally able to speak.
“What have you done to me?” he exclaimed.
“It’s simple really. I knocked you out to turn you into my pet piggy. I told you I’ve always wanted since Larry didn’t want to grow for me any more. So we decided to capture our own piggy to force feed and play with,” he said in a very matter-of-fact tone.
“You can’t do this to someone,” Aaron said, exasperated.
“Of course we can. And we did,” Tom said as he slapped the mountain of flesh that was Aaron’s belly.
“And now, all you have to do is eat and grow and please us. It’s your only purpose in life, pig. Get used to it. You are bound to this bed here on out!” Tom said with a haughty laugh as he came in to kiss Aaron’s forehead. Aaron felt his cock throb at Tom’s proclamation.
“And please us you shall,” Larry chimed in. Larry was completely naked as he walked close to the headboard. Tom looked down at Aaron and said, “Suck my husband’s cock, pig.”
Larry slapped Aaron’s face with his beer can sized cock as he forced it into the pig’s mouth. Aaron obliged and tears welled in his eyes as he realized he was to fulfill his new purpose in life.
Tom leaned into Aaron’s ear and whispered “Do you need to cum, piggy?”
All Aaron could do was nod while he sucked on Larry’s cock.
“Then you need to be a good piggy and do what your told,” and with that, Tom left the room. He came back shortly with a plate of something yellow, plied neatly on a plate. Larry pulled his cock out of Aaron’s mouth as Tom approached the pig and said “Open up.”
Aaron felt something soft and creamy with a hint of salt being shoved into his mouth. As he gulped it down, he realized it was butter. Tom had shoved a brick of butter into him, and it became clear that he expected Aaron to consume the rest.
“Eat it all, and I’ll let you cum, pig,” Tom said as he shoved another brick into Aaron’s mouth. Each brick hit the pit of Aaron’s stomach like a bomb. He felt beads of sweat form at his brow as Tom kept going. “That’s it pig. Turn this into even more blubber,” Tom said coldly. “That’s all you are going to be pig, soft buttery, flabby blubber.”
As Tom shoved the last brick in, Larry started slapping his dick on Aaron’s lips. “You’ll get this next,” Larry said as Tom set the empty plate on the nightstand.
“That’s it, pig. Suck my husband’s cock,” Tom said as he ran his hands over Aaron’s body. Tom leaned in and began sucking at Aaron’s stretched out nipple. “Is piggy horny?” Tom asked with a laugh. Aaron could only whimper in response. Tom kissed his way down Aaron’s blubbery belly down to his enormous fat pad. “A little help, babe?” Tom looked at Larry. “Oh, right,” Larry said. He reached his arms over to lift up Aaron’s belly for Tom.
“You deserve this, pig,” Tom said as his fingers delved into Aaron’s fat pad, searching for the pig’s tiny depleted cock. With some careful exploration, Tom successfully exposed the tiny head of Aaron’s cock and buried his face deep in to the fat pad. His tongue frantically worked and flicked the head of exposed cock and within seconds, a wave of pleasure rippled through Aaron. He felt Tom’s face ramming into his fat pad as he worked Aaron’s tiny dick. With a loud “UMF,” Aaron felt his balls heave a huge load deep into Tom’s throat as his blubbery body quaked in ecstasy.
Tom slurped down every last drop, licking and kissing at the pig’s underbelly so that he didn’t miss any of it. Tom began to climb on top of Aaron and locked his mouth tightly on Aaron’s, his tongue exploring deep into Aaron’s mouth. 
Larry pulled Tom’s head away and slapped his cock back into Aaron’s mouth. Tom licked Aaron’s nipple, then slid his cock into the deep pocket that had become Aaron’s belly button. Dripping with precum, Tom’s cock began to slide in and out of Aaron’s deep belly button. As he forcefully bucked his hips, Tom thrusted his cock deeper and deeper, turning Aaron’s body into an unstoppable ocean of jiggling flab. Aaron groaned in pleasure as he felt Tom fuck his fleshy body. Larry groaned with pleasure as he pulled out of Aaron’s mouth and shot his huge load onto Aaron’s belly. Tom lapped at his husband’s cum while he continued to fuck Aaron’s belly, and with that, he shot a forceful load into the pig’s flab.
Tom collapsed on top of Aaron and slapped the enormous belly as he climbed of.
“Good job pig. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.”
Tom shoved the feeding tube back into his pig as he and Larry left their pet to sleep and grow.
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1 williamround   (2016-06-13 12:46:03) [Eintrag]
This has been a fantasy of mine sine I realized I wanted to be fat

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