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Blogging Part 2

‘Glad you all like the pictures I posted. Just you wait until I take some new pictures - He’s fattening-up a treat! 

Thanks for all your Valentine’s day tips. Can’t wait to see what Steve makes of your recipe Oink76!’

Having finished keeping up with his blog for the day, Gary returned to the kitchen. He’d had a wonderful morning with Steve serving him breakfast in bed…a rather hefty breakfast in bed. He also gave Steve a little extra treat in his milkshake this morning; Steve was going to be loaded with appetite stimulant because this was going to be a big day for him.

Gary and Steve had agreed to spend the entire day together not leaving the house. Gary was never going to give someone else the chance to feed Steve now he was fattening-up so nicely. He seemed to be looking more bloated every day and his stomach would stretch to greater capacities every consecutive night. 

Steve lounged around the house wearing nothing but his underwear. Gary turned the heating up to make sure Steve didn’t get cold and feel the need to get dressed. He lay on the sofa watching the TV with his hand resting on his bloated little stomach. He was starving and couldn’t wait for Gary to finish cooking. He went into the bedroom and grabbed a chocolate bar he had in his work trousers, making sure that Gary didn’t see, just to keep him going until supper.

‘Ah Gary this looks wonderful’ said Steve reaching over to hug Gary.
‘Well you’re worth it’ replied Gary having a quick rub of Steve’s chunkier backside and giving it a quick pat.

Gary had truly outdone himself. Oink76’s ‘top secret family recipe’ had worked a treat on Steve.
‘This is gorgeous Gary. How come you’ve never made this before?’
‘It’s a new recipe I wanted to try out. I’ll make it a lot more now I know you like it.’

Of course, all these fattening meals were starting to take their toll on Gary as well. While Steve was the one who was growing the cutest little belly, Gary had gained about 4lbs himself. He loved the meals he cooked for Steve but knew how loaded with fat they were. He also didn’t want to eat too much food so that Steve had enough for seconds and thirds…and fourths, as was becoming a regular occurance.

Gary had not placed a sleeping pill in any of Steve’s food tonight as he usually did to make sure he got that nice long nap after all his food. However, 20 minutes after eating, Steve was asleep on the sofa just like normal. It had obviously become a habit Steve enjoyed after a heavy meal. Gary went into his bag to collect the lotion he had bought to fight stretch marks. He put some on his hand and began rubbing his boyfriend’s gut. His stomach felt rock-hard with all the food he had crammed in that night. Gary loved the feel of it as he began to gently massage Steve’s new fat. He moved up to his pecks feeling how much softer they had become. Steve had remained asleep for most of Gary’s fun, however, by the time Gary was rubbing his chunky thighs, one part of Steve was certainly wide awake.
‘Happy Valentine’s baby’ said Gary as he went back to massaging Steve’s stomach with one hand and gently rubbing Steve’s penis with his other hand. Steve groaned heavily as he lay back enjoying what Gary was doing to him. He pulled down his underpants leaving Steve now completely naked in the living room. He could see that even the new underwear was starting to mark Steve’s skin. Fat-boy was going to need the next size up. He rubbed it better with the lotion and moved to sit on top of him. He continued to massage Steve in the strange oil that made his skin look shiny and greasy. 

Gary reached down beside him to collect Steve’s favourite chocolate milkshake. It was his special recipe and had well over 2000 calories to keep his boyfriend nice and plump. He passed it to him and Steve politely drank it all up in one while Gary continued oiling him up. The belly massage seemed to be working because Steve didn’t even grumble about drinking it all. Luckily Gary had prepared another milkshake and Steve happily drank another 2000 calories. 

Steve looked ready to come at any moment. He spread his legs further apart and Gary graciously went down to service him.
‘Happy Valentine’s day big guy’ said Gary just before placing Steve’s erupting penis into his throat.

10 minutes later and Steve was again asleep, spread eagled and naked on the sofa. Gary stepped back to admire his boyfriend’s tight body. Steve’s pecks seemed to look a little pointed in this light. Time to get the camera! Everyone’s favourite porker-boy had just reached the next underwear size up.

JackJock: Oh wow, Steve looks amazing! Thank you so much for posting those!

GainerJoe: OMG, so hot!

Moobs23: He looks like he’s starting to grow his moobs pretty early on. Another few lbs should make all the difference to those babies!

GutagainerB: Wish he was my boyfriend…you’re so lucky.

Gary had literally spent the last half an hour reading comments on his blog about the new pictures he had put up of Steve. He didn’t have time to reply to any of them before Steve got home from work.

It had been a fortnight since Gary had posted the pictures of his Valentine’s day activities on ‘Porker Boys’ and literally hadn’t had time to go online since. Steve had had a week off work and Gary, not wanting to leave him all on his own, had thrown a couple of sick days in to keep him company. 

The time was well spent and Steve continued to impress Gary with his more than healthy appetite. It had been such a blissful time full of lazy days where the two of them just hung around the house all day, not even getting dressed, that Gary had completely forgotten about buying Steve some new larger clothes. Steve had gone off to work that morning wearing a pretty snug outfit. Gary cringed as he watched Steve suck in his stomach to get into his work trousers that morning. So far he had been fairly oblivious to the weight he had gained. Gary always made sure he was wearing something with an elasticated waist or just loose underwear during heavy meals so he didn’t feel the tug of his clothes against his swelling gut. As it was, Steve walked out to work looking very obviously like a guy who had recently piled on a few pounds. His buttocks looked round and juicy as they squeezed against the tight fabric. His shirts looked tight on him and the beginnings of Steve’s belly pushed against the buttons.

Steve decided to go shopping for him during his lunch hour. He would buy just the same as Steve already had but in a larger size. Then he would replace them without Steve ever knowing of the swap, just like GainerJoe had told him to do; apparently that’s how his ex wife managed to fatten him up.

Gary signed off the computer and went into the living room as he heard Steve come through the door. Steve dropped his bag in the kitchen and went into the bedroom to change. Gary had a quick look at Steve’s lunchbox to see how much he had eaten. Surprisingly, Steve hadn’t left a crumb despite how painfully tight his clothes must have been on him all day.

‘Hey Steve. How was your first day back?’ Steve was just climbing out of his trousers and stood there in his thankfully well-sized underwear. Gary had a good view of his boyfriend’s body. Moobs23 had been right about Steve’s gain, a few more lbs was all he needed to get some life into his man boobs. They looked round and ready to droop any day. His belly looked pale and vibrated slightly as he spoke. Steve was growing his first roll of fat that looked just ready to sneak over the top of his underwear. Steve’s face was rounder and there was now a fairly clear double chin forming. Overall, Steve looked hot.

‘Hey baby. I had an okay day thanks. I would rather be at home with you though.’ And with that Steve moved over to kiss Gary, pressing his body up against him in a way Steve knew Gary couldn’t resist. As a bonus, it seemed the extra weight was doing wonders for Steve’s libido. Gary loved feeling the sweat pouring off his boyfriend’s now fatter body and hearing him pant as he rolled off Gary’s body after the best sex he had ever had.

Gary went to collect Steve’s clothes off the floor, ready to replace them with the new ones he had bought that day. He noticed Steve’s pockets were rather heavy. He reached inside them only to find a rich chocolate bar in each. He also found five empty chocolate bar wrappers and a McDonalds receipt. It looked like porker boy had been indulging in some extra curricular activities!

Gary chuckled to himself as he rolled up Gary’s retired work clothes. If he wasn’t too fat for them already, he certainly would be by the end of tonight!

Then Gary stopped, a horrible thought struck him. What if he wasn’t Steve’s only feeder?

‘Steve asked me to take some more pictures of him now his hair has grown out so here they are. He’s getting pretty chubby now. Hope u guys enjoy them.’

Gary was putting less effort into his blog now. He hadn’t posted anything for 3 weeks and hardly bothered reading all the messages people were leaving. Maybe he had made a mistake in putting Steve out there to the world. Steve was gaining more weight than he should have been and Gary’s mind was constantly trying to work out if someone else was involved.

Three weeks ago, Steve’s parents had made a ‘surprise’ visit to see there son and had stayed for entire week. Gary’s face filled with horror at his mother’s first words to her son.
‘You’ve put some weight on since I last saw you.’ Steve looked taken aback by the comment but then his mother simply continued ‘Good. You were always far too skinny’. Neither she, nor Steve’s dad then mentioned it again for the entire visit.

Steve came to Gary a couple of hours later.
‘Do you think I’ve put on weight as well? Well, I know I’ve out on a bit of weight since Christmas, I’m not stupid. But is it that noticeable?’ Steve then rubbed his stomach, contemplating. Gary had dreaded this conversation ever since Steve’s weight gain started to have some results. Do what Pigboy86 told you to say in this situation, thought Gary – don’t lie.
‘Yeah, you have put on a bit of weight Steve. But I think you’re mum is right, you look so much better.’ Gary raised an eyebrow and pulled Steve towards him by his belt. ‘I think you’re hot.’ Gary began kissing Steve and led him into the bedroom. Hopefully a bit of fun in there would distract him from asking too many more questions.

Of course, having Steve’s parents in the house meant Gary had to tone down his fattening efforts on Steve. They were forced to go out to restaurants most nights which left Steve feeling less than full and Steve’s mum felt obliged to cook the rest of the time. By the end of the week however, Steve looked as if he had continued to gain weight at the same rate he always had. Gary’s fears that Steve was being fattened-up elsewhere began to look and sound more realistic.

Two weeks after that and Gary was sat in his chair posting new pictures of Steve’s gain on ‘Porker Boys’. Despite his worries, Gary had to admit that however Steve was gaining those extra few lbs, he looked pretty hot. The pictures showed Steve once again just in his underwear. His hair was slightly longer of course, looking untidy and slightly greasy. His face displayed a new roundness that showed he was being well fed. His moobs were worthy of a small bra and his arms now lacked any muscular definition. Steve’s belly was now officially in the making. It advanced beyond his underwear, a nice first roll of fat casting a slight shadow underneath. It looked full and round, forming definite love handles that were even more obvious from the picture taken from behind. Steve’s backside looked like it had grown considerably and was now round and well padded. His thighs also looked larger and fleshier, filling out any larger clothes Gary had bought him, a treat. 

Steve now had that little gut Gary had dreamed about, but the thought of making Steve even bigger was so exciting. Gary loved watching Steve get too fat for clothes, then wear even larger clothes and watch those get slowly tighter on him with each day. Steve may have gotten a little chubby, but with a bit more help, Steve could be a very big boy indeed.

GainerJoe: I’d love to Steve pigging out on all your food one of these days. Any chance of a video upload?

HairyBiker: Could you put Steve in something a little tighter for his next photos. That would be hot!

Gary skimmed past all the comments and endless suggestions on his blog. He had recently gained back some of his old enthusiasm for the blog, however, he didn’t have any time to play about on ‘Porker Boys’ tonight. Steve had been invited to a restaurant by some of his work colleagues and Gary had been nagged by Steve to go along as well. It meant of course that Steve would have to have a night-off Gary’s wonderful cooking, and that didn’t please Gary at all.

Steve met Gary at the Pizza restaurant straight from work, walking in with the rest of the people who worked in his office. He introduced Gary to Emily, a surprisingly attractive young blonde girl who had started in the office about the same time as Steve as an assistant. Steve’s boss, Andy also came along. He was a rather large man in his early forties with a large round gut. He was just how Gary had begun to imagine Steve looking like one day. Also with them was Josh, a very sexy young man who had just started working at the company a few months ago, but had very quickly made lots of friends. He was as slim as Steve had once been, but with a little more muscle that showed underneath his tight, expensive-looking shirt. 

Everyone was so pleased to meet Gary. 
‘Steve talks about you all the time’ commented Josh as they all sat down.
‘You look exactly as I imagined you’ said Andy squeezing behind the table. 
Gary was certainly relieved that Steve liked to talk about him so much at work but it was a bit uncomfortable having all Steve’s friends looking at him like the answer to some great riddle.

After some more tedious small-talk they all ordered and relaxed with a few beers. Steve was well trained and decided to go for the ‘all you can eat’ buffet just like Gary would have expected. Steve was wearing his uncomfortable work clothes that quickly got very tight around the waist whenever Steve gorged on a lot of food and so Gary wasn’t expecting great things tonight. 

The endless chatter continued as Emily, Andy and Josh informed Gary about all the delightfully dull aspects of office politics and antics. Who knew that Bernice was such a riot? 

Steve however, had fallen silent and was busy munching his way through his second plate of food. None of the others had even seemed to notice and just carried on talking. Steve quickly got through a lot of food even before everyone else’s food had arrived. The waiter put the plates down on the table and then seemed to linger over Steve. Steve was in the process of unbuckling his belt as well as couple of his top buttons. Gary had only bought him those new trousers 4 weeks ago! Feeling embarrassed for staring at Steve he soon snapped out of it and asked Steve politely if there was anything else they could get him. Steve shook his head and adjusted some more to make himself more comfortable. 

Gary had a small sideways smile as he watched Steve’s greedy antics on full display for all to see. He put his hand on Steve’s thigh, slowly stroking it feeling how tight the cheap material was getting as Steve’s legs continued to get fatter.

Still, the rest of them on the table seemed oblivious to Steve’s gluttenous habbits and as the buttons on Steve shirt got ever closer to popping, Gary distracted them with his fake enthusiasm for all their office-stories.
The waiter came back, seeming quite taken by Steve as he smiled down shyly at him.
‘Can I get you some of this new meatball pizza Sir? Freshly Baked!’
Steve sat back for a second rubbing his pleasing middle. He seemed to forget that his trousers were undone as he gave the waiter a nice view of his exposed gut. The waiter’s eyes darted quickly to get a quick look before returning to look Steve squarely in the face.
‘Oh go on then, you’ve persuaded me!’

Despite feeling a pang of anger, Gary loved to see someone else getting turned on by Steve’s bloated form.
‘I’ve baked you a special treat for dessert at home’ whispered Gary into Steve’s ear as the rest of them on the table laughed about something boring Josh had done to someone really boring on a really boring day. He took his hand seductively off Steve’s thigh and began to rub Steve’s swollen gut moving southwards to give his penis a quick stroke.

Steve certainly didn’t need telling twice and within 20 minutes Gary was at home, sat on Steve’s lap feeding him a freshly baked apple pie while also rubbing some more ‘anti-stretch-marks’ lotion on Steve’s solid belly. 

In the corner Gary had set up a secret video recorder to capture the whole feeding on tape. Another ‘Porker Boys’ request fulfilled!

Moobs 23: Hey, how come no updates? How’s he doing? We’re all dying to know!

Gary had continued to check the blog daily but hadn’t posted or replied to anyone for about a month now. Everyday he had a new request for the next photo or video of Steve and he was getting a little sick of it. Gary liked everyone enjoying his chubby boyfriend, but was it too much to ask to keep him all to himself for just a little bit longer?

Thankfully, Gary was going to get just that opportunity as the pair were about to go off on their annual holiday. This year they were off to visit Italy in the most expensive hotel Gary could afford for Steve. What had really swung it for him was the ‘all you can eat’ buffet available throughout the day. Yes, it probably meant that Steve wouldn’t gain as much as he would if he spent the week at home with Gary pampering him and feeding him all his glorious favourites and potions of gainer shakes, but still, a week away being sluggish and lazy was just what he needed.

Gary had ‘accidently’ lost Steve’s old swim shorts when they moved into the flat almost a year ago and so marched him off to buy a new pair. Steve’s gut continued to march forward and there was no way Gary wanted to let Steve attempt to put on his old swimming shorts. His belly was beginning to develop into a round ball and his pecks had become pointed and already sagged. Steve looked the sexiest that he ever had in his life. Gary admired his pale skin as he walked around to have a look at the ‘large’ swimming trunks Steve was trying on. 
‘Lovely. They look so sexy Steve.’
‘Yeh, the colour is nice huh?’
The colour did suit him, but Gary was unable to move his eyes away from Steve’s chunky backside. It had grown out into a large, meaty, solid globe that was costing Gary a fortune in larger underwear for Steve. Worth every penny..!

‘I’m really looking forward to this holiday Gary’ said Steve, turning away from the mirror. 
‘Me too Steve. Me too…’

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