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Hello. My name is Sean. 

My life has changed so much in the past 5 years that a friend told me I should write about it, but I am not sure how to start off really. They do say that beginnings are always the trickiest bit. So please, bare with me.

Well, let’s see. I am 35. I was a successful professional and I lived for my work. Now I don’t anymore. I have learnt to be much more laid back. I am happy with that. It is good to have a stress free life.

I graduated top of my class. Leaving school and getting a job was easy. I was fortunate and I was doing very well. I was tired, but I was also earning a lot of money. I did not have any social life though; there was no time for it. For 5 long years I spent my time travelling from city to city, sleeping in hotel rooms and, when lucky, on occasion getting to spend the weekend in my own home. Not anymore, I sleep all my nights in my comfy big bed.

It was rather fortunate I did get to meet him, Darren. 

Darren is my partner and meeting him has really changed my life! 

We met online, where else? I did not have the time or the patience to go out and socialise in gay bars. It was never my thing. My friends were mostly straight and I was never into the scene. 

So, anyway, one of the few weekends I was at home I decided to go online. TV was crap that day and I went on Gaydar! I have never been too keen on online chatting, but I needed to chat to someone. And there he was, the man that has changed my life!

What can I say about Darren? Well Darren is intelligent. He is very self-confident and has a fantastic sense of humour. He is miles more sociable that I am and my friends and parents adored him from the moment they met him. Darren is also very handsome. He is tall (6’3) and pretty svelte. He works out some, not a lot, not obsessed with it, but he does lift some weights. His body is not overly toned or anything but he has a good build, which works just perfectly with his tanned features. He has Latino blood in there. He weighs just shy of 200 lbs. His eyes are magnificent; they are green, a piercing green, that draws your attention to them straight away. 

We spoke online that day and exchanged phone numbers after a few hours of chat. Something I have never done. We kept in touch through text and email and finally, 3 weeks afterwards (my next weekend at home), we went out on a date. It was a great night. We laughed, we talked and we even got to kiss at the end of the night. Future dates were agreed upon, whenever I was in town. He was so understanding of my maniac schedule!

Anyway, I don’t know how but we kept on seeing each other and in 6 months time he had moved in with me. Not that he saw that much of me but when we did we sure did make up for the lost time. 

It was fantastic coming back to someone. I longed more and more to be able to spend time at home rather than travelling all the time. Added bonus, Darren was a fantastic cook, so I always had a great meal waiting for me when I did come home. Now me, I was complete rubbish in the kitchen. I am the sort of person that is capable of setting fire to the kitchen whilst trying to cook an egg. But not him, he knows his way around the kitchen alright.

Now, I did say that my life has changed and well I told you about my partner but I have not told you yet why I am not travelling around the world anymore! My travels stopped just over a year ago. My job spec has changed a little bit. I still work loads, but now I do it from home and on occasion go into the office. Boss and I agreed it would be easier for all. I was getting far too big for an airline seat, even in business class and, well my mobility is not what it used to be.

I did tell you Darren does cook well. He cooks far too well and to make it even more interesting, he happens to be a feeder and encourager. Now you don’t need me to explain what is that all about. After all you are reading this tale on a gaining site! So it won’t come as any surprise to you that I am a gainer.

I had no clue what that was 5 years ago. Darren took me through the motions. And well had it been someone else I’d have said you’re nuts and stop the conversation right there. But not with Darren. It all came down to his bluntness and honesty about it. Shortly after we began chatting on Gaydar he told me all about his interest for bigger guys. He was articulate about it and explained it to me with all the details and his explanations were both consistent and made sense. Soon he was telling me that not only he was into big guys but he enjoyed growing them! All this astonished me, obviously. I did not have any clue that there were men into bigger guys or that there were such people as feeders or gainers! More so given the fact I was not fat I was stunned that that he was even talking with me if that was his thing. I was not big at all. but Darren explained that too, yes so I was on the thin side but he looked for more in a man than just his looks, he really appreciated our conversation and could see that he and I had a lot in common. He ended joking about it and said well you are not fat now, but that can be easily changed.

At 30 years of age I was a mere 180 lbs, which for 6’1 is not exactly fat. I had never been fat in my life at all. All my trips had actually lead me to pack on a good 30 or 40 lbs since I began working for the company, which basically provided me with a more healthy look as I was rather lanky before hand. But that was over 5 years, so it wasn’t all that astonishing or life changing. What was to come after Darren moved in with me was though.

Soon I had turned into a gainer and he was my feeder. In the first year of our relationship I grew 90 lbs. On our one-year anniversary I was a 270 lbs man, sporting a sizeable gut, which was obviously impossible to conceal. As you can imagine the comments from close friends and family erupted. All that travelling, all the junk food I had to eat were the explanations for it. The fact I was now 30 and that metabolisms change also made complete sense to explain this condition and even married life was brought upon to explain my changes in physique. What they did not know was all about our erotic and long feeding sessions and how sex and food could be such an interesting combination.

Year 2 brought about 70 more lbs. At 340 lbs travelling was becoming interesting. You know how those airline seats are damn small. Fortunately I had plenty of air miles, so most of the time I was upgraded into business class, which was just fine and did not pose a problem to me or to the poor person that would have to sit next to me. Not so in economy though, I always did pity who was left sitting next to my round self, I did hog up my own seat and a bit of theirs!

Fears about my physical health were getting raised. Have you gone to the doctor? Have you checked your cholesterol? What about diabetes? Blood pressure? Should you not go on a diet? You are not getting any younger you know!

All was well though. Yes the doctor was startled with my gains, yes he did suggest me to go on a diet and the hypothesis of gastric bypass was raised, but I dismissed it all! I had a clean bill of health, for starters and I was more than happy with my size. I had no problems at all about it and I made it very clear to the doctor, to friends and to family.

Darren of course, loved the changes and so did I. I had no idea how much I was going to love it all. He could not keep his hands off my sexy big body as he called it and I could not keep away from his superb food. 

Our relationship was strong, the sex was great and above it all we were the best of friends and could converse about every single thing. Had we not become lovers I can honestly tell you that we would have surely been best friends. You might not believe me, but in our 5 years together we have only had probably 3 major rows and all about fairly meaningless issues.

Year 3 brought upon the extension belt on flights. Once I got to 360 it just had to be, my waistline was simply to big for airline belts, I need to supersize it! At the beginning yes, I will admit I was embarrassed to ask for one, but they it just became routine and you just get used it. More and more I was just flying business class. Economy was just not big enough. I was wide, very wide and my gut was getting gigantic. I was also told that I could not seat on emergency exit seats, something to do with security and evacuation procedures. The real message was, you are far too fat and you won’t be fast and mobile enough to get going if we happen to have an emergency on board. Of course I was told all this in a much nicer way, but I was the first to admit it and realise it. I was in no condition of running any major marathons. I was fully mobile and I walked a lot and insisted on doing it, but the reality was I was getting much slower and would be getting even slower.

Small spaces were interesting. I had not fully grasped yet how big I was and on occasion I would assume I could squeeze in through things and people and well, at this size I was just not capable of doing it. I did knock down a few items from shelves and pushed some people about before I realised it though. It was time to wake up and realize that I was a very fat boy. I was now twice the man I had been just 3 years ago and as you can figure out, I was also on my third or fourth new wardrobe. 

At the end of year 3, I was just 10 lbs shy of 400 lbs. 

We celebrated 400 lbs with my largest feeding feast to date. Boy did I overindulge and boy did Darren excel that night with his cooking. My gut was completely full. I was so stuffed after the whole ordeal I was temporaly immobilised in bed. I had to wait a couple of hours until I was able to get up and even then Darren had to help me up.

I had to go and speak to my boss that year. This travelling business was getting just too difficult to me. I was blatantly honest and candid about it, I needed a change. I was tired of all the travelling, I had added on a whole load of weight and I did point out that the poor lifestyle caused by the constant travelling and poor eating habits had something to do with it. I did fully admit that I was not blaming it on the job and that the responsibility for my body change was solely mine and that I liked food far too much to be dieting all the time. So I asked could I please be given another job or would I have to resign and look for a job elsewhere.

Resigning was out of the question! I was told straight away. I was a valuable contribution to the team and I was highly regarded in the company and, as such, I was going no where! I will admit that made me feel proud about myself. Often you work yourself to death and get no recognition and are treated like shit. Not in this case, I had a good salary, I had a generous benefits package and I was now being told by my boss I that they recognised my contribution and efforts to the business. 

So yes, I did change jobs. Instead of getting fired, I was promoted! And rather than having to travel all around the world I would now be overseeing the sales division thus deciding on all the strategy and planning for it. So I was now telling others where to go, whilst I got to sit my fat behind in a nice cosy chair at the main office! 

Throughout the year I discovered the benefits of working from home. By the end of it I was doing about 50% of the work week at home. 

It was great! I did not have to deal with the maniac traffic. My belly was not hitting the steering wheel (and yes I did push the seat all the way to the back, there was simply not enough room for me. I tell you this much, when your belly starts hitting the wheel, it sure brings a whole new meaning to the word driving! I did not even have to get dressed and could just work in my underwear. What freedom that was, all my rolls of fat could just spread themselves freely. I could sure save a bit of money on new shirts and trousers that I would just overgrow a few months down the line. Ah yes, and of course I was just by the kitchen, so snacks were always on offer. Unsurprisingly, by the end of year 4 I had gone from 390 lbs to 470lbs. My second best year so far!

My gut is not big, big was many pounds ago, right now it is simply enormous. It started off round and quite solid but now it is not like that anymore, it is saggy and deliciously soft. It fills my lap fully and I need to spread my legs. My thighs have grown, my butt has grown and man, my boobs have grown! Darren loves to play with them and I love to have them played with. My face hasn't though. If you were to see just a face pic of me you would never figure out my true weight.

Have you tried getting up from a sofa when you weigh as much as I do? It is a challenge. What about putting shoes or socks on? Another challenge. But one adapts to the changes. One has to! And I do it all by myself. I love Darren and he has volunteered to help but I value my independence far too much even if it means I take 5 times as long to put on a pair of socks than the normal person does. I have learnt that when it comes to gaining you must be willing to learn to adapt to the new challenges your size poses.

Today is our 5th anniversary! Yes, we will have a large meal. Yes we will have great sex afterwards and yes I will continue on gaining, but the bulk of it has stopped. We have agreed on it. I am satisfied with my weight, Darren is more than happy with it. From now on my weight will change little.

It was a matter of time until health issues started cropping up and they really have sent their alarm bells loud and clear. I have developed high blood pressure and I will need to be more careful with what I eat. My cholesterol could be lower but it is not overly high. The biggest problem is my back, I have developed back aches and they are no treat! When you carry about a gut the size of mine something has to give, there's no other way around it. Doctor gave me some meds, told me to exercise but made it quite clear, the only way to get rid of them is to lose some weight. Unless I really really really have to, I won't lose the weight.

Staying at home is great, but it has also made me very lazy and I really do need to work on my mobility, I am getting to be far too lethargic and I don’t like it. I am 35, I want to be able to go out and see the world out there and I will admit it I want to be able to show off my massive body! It gives me great thrill having people staring, whilst trying not to stare at the massive man that is feet away from them!

Darren will be home in about a hour. I wonder what will he cooking tonight? He didn’t want to let me know, it is supposed to be a surprise. I am sure whatever it is it will be delicious!

So, there you go, that’s my story. Probably bored you to tears by now and am sure many of your stopped reading halfway through it. Thank you for the ones of you that have read it all the way until the end! Maybe I can write another one in 5 years time!

Oh, by the way, 527 lbs this morning.

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1 Growrnshowr   (2012-09-11 20:56:39)
One of my all time favourite stories. I have lost count of the times I have read this! Matts stories are always gold! biggrin

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