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Fat Cell

By Doughtub, 2008

Dustin had been a young man in his first year of college when he had vanished in the middle of the night, never seen again and was never really missed. He could have been a popular kid, or a jock, or good in school, but he never held any interest in anything – except for food. He had spent years working a part-time job that paid for hundreds of trips through the drive-through and a good one hundred pounds of extra fat onto his neglected frame. By the time he disappeared, he had gained the "freshman 15” six times over and was approaching three hundred and fifty pounds on his plump body. If he had friends, they would have wondered where his fat ass went to, but he didn’t and his absence was noted, but not followed up on – lacking concern from even his parents. Had anyone known he had been taken and imprisoned in someone’s secret underworld, being fed to death slowly as the years passed, they might have attempted to help him.

He now was trapped in his cramped cell, made in the basement of a man who spent countless hours perfecting his muscular frame. He was an older man, past fifty with a hard, cold face and steel-grey eyes that had no soul. He was a man with a past that only he knew, but Dustin had figured he wasn’t the first guy to pass through his dungeon. The equipment he used was well worn before he arrived that night. The room itself was only ten feet by ten feet, a small box containing a pathetic excuse of a pet – it held a homemade bed, a giant sling which held him three feet off the floor all day, and a preselected video stream that played all day long. The man had created a twelve hour loop each week consisting of home videos, candid video from his private collection, video from the internet, and anything fat-related from the television. At night he pumped in a quiet chanting of his own voice telling his pig how fat he was going to make him, how disgusting he was becoming, how his life was completely in his hands now – a nightmarish lullaby that never gave Dustin a quiet moment.

His mind had warped into the man’s personal creation – making him completely submissive, utterly weak, and barely able to speak words after spending days on end inhaling thick pot smoke that gave him an uncontrollable appetite. Day after day, the room was filled with the smoke of burning weed, and mixed with the huge quantities of food and endless displays of obesity and glutton on the TV, Dustin was left with a mind that only concentrated on lard. His fantasies had come to life, although he was too brain-dead to realize it. This was exactly what the man had wanted; he had a giant blob of blubber that used to be a young, handsome fat boy in his house who was over one thousand pounds and growing fast.

Dustin had long forgotten how he ended up inside the cell, over seven hundred pounds ago. His head had pounded and throbbed with pain after receiving a single, solid punch in the face that had knocked him out cold. The man had hauled him along the floor into the room with soundproof concrete walls and a thick metal door, then rolled him onto a giant tarp that had been shaped and sewn back together again to make a giant heavy-duty hammock. He had drowsily protested to getting his arms and legs strapped into some of the many choices of leather buckles on the tarp, but the man grabbed his balls and squeezed until he had shut up and stopped squirming. The tarp was then raised by pulley up into the position it usually rested at, three feet off the grated flooring below, and from then on he was trapped.

His inability to escape was now much more simple than it was years ago. Back when he only was classified as morbidly obese, his straps kept him trapped in the room, sucking calories from a tube filled with creamy liquid that made his mouth water. Now, the straps were not even able to reach around the swollen limbs that weighed enough to completely immobilize Dustin as he hung in his tarp. The man had made a hole in the seat of the tarp to allow easy access for fucking, and a simple solution for removing the massive bowel movements that dropped from the massive, soft ass cheeks that squeezed out from the hole like cookie dough being pushed out from the store-bought tubes.

The process of Dustin loosing his independence hit hard when he had lost the ability to get up to use the toilet and shower – trapped in the harness, he felt uncomfortable letting his shit fall out and his piss run out over his swelling flesh. The man attached a tube to his tiny, buried cock one day so he could drain his bladder without any mess. He also installed a self automated water sprayer that delivered a hard spray of warm water straight into his ass flab so he wouldn’t have to clean up his hog so often. Dustin had since begun to loose all control of his bodily functions from pure laziness and the security of knowing that he was the main component in a machine that was fattening him and caring for him without him having to think about it or raise a finger – and that was something he was beginning to have trouble doing.

His fingers had swelled so fat that they barely bent, unable to grasp a pen, a fork, or even a keyboard. His arms had ballooned with so much blubber that they overpowered the shriveled muscles that had been unused for years. His face had swelled so fat that his facial features were being buried and forced shut – his eyes now narrow and nearly swelled shut, his nose pig-like and plugged with an oxygen tube that kept him alive, his ears pinched by the massive rolls of fat that had formed on the back of his neck. A tube coming from the wall behind him was constantly available to suck on, a high concentration of calories and vitamins that had become his main nourishment and comfort as he hung alone. His chest had filled up like giant water balloons, his nipples stretched so much they lost all their firmness, pulled across the enormous fat rolls that hung beneath his useless arms, forming a huge fold across his back flab.

His belly was a story all it’s own – the sheer size of all the soft blubber pooling in his lap was enough to shock anyone. It started with his love handles that cradled his giant ass and filled the tarp that was eight feet wide; the fat folding over into a massive overhang in the front. This overhang had once been only two inches, but now it had grown so huge that he could feel it weighing down his legs, right down to his ankles. Stretchmarks of varying shades of red wrapped like lines on a globe all over the six hundred pound blob of belly that sat on top of Dustin, weighing him down constantly. His legs were even more useless than his arms, and even if they weren’t buried under his belly fat, the muscles wouldn’t be able to move the gelatinous mass of fat clinging off of them – let alone support the rest of his weight.

He was trapped, stupid, and fast becoming the fattest-living person on the entire planet (a previous captive boy had the unofficial record as fattest person of all time at 1,600lbs – although this was a fact only known by the man holding Dustin in the same cell the boy had been transformed in. He would have struggled to escape, he would’ve attempted to even think about his escape – but he had come to love the living hell of endless growth and crippling lack of control. He had been reduced to the lowest form of human being: he couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, couldn’t even breath without a machine pumping air into him. He was already as good as dead, everything he had once been had been erased in his head and replaced with a raging lust for the thick creamy mixture that was making his skin gently ply apart as it filled up underneath with enough fat to fill a hot tub. He was no more than a pile of fat with a struggling heart and a brain that couldn’t even retain the knowledge on how to hold itself from using the washroom. He was just the way his master wanted him.

Dustin’s master and captor was quiet and blended in with the furniture at the office he worked in. No friends, no social life to speak of – he did his job and went home every single day to tend to his real job: adding to his immense pile of blubber he had growing in his basement. He would come home with a big bag of fast food everyday and dump it in the same plastic bin before microwaving a big bowl of butter and pouring it over all the deep fried artery-clogging burgers and chicken and let it soak in while he checked the fridge in the garage. Inside the fridge were two stainless steel tanks, both hooked into an insulated tube that exited out the back and through the wall, down to the basement. The tanks were filled with a cream mixture that contained a powerful cocktail of weight gain mix, hormones, appetite stimulants, and a mild sedative to keep his body motionless and his mind in a haze.

A quick peek at the video system locked in his den allowed the man to record every second of the boy’s growing experience – something that made him some big bucks from a small circle of his like-minded companions around the globe. His hog was currently doing what he always was doing: sucking at the tubes and filling his belly with the cream mixture. The camera was hazy from the pot smoke that was circulating in the cell, and he could see his hog’s bloodshot eyes locked on the video playing before him. The man checked the video channel monitor and saw what the slob was so captivated by.

The video was a home video the man had taped years ago when he had his first boy locked downstairs. He had dressed him up in the tightest clothes he could find and fed him ice cream sundaes that drooled all over his massive tits bulging out of the 9XL tank top’s open sides. The boy was a complete mess and pushing 700lbs of soft, jiggly flab – horribly out of shape and nearing immobility. The man had dropped the boy off outside a strip mall that was known for it’s gyms and health stores and then drove away, parking on the other end of the mall and then videotaped the hog’s slow and painful walk towards the waiting car. Inside the store windows, people’s heads turned and mouths dropped. People walking by stopped and stared. A group of teenagers even threw a burger at him from their car as he waddled and wheezed his way along. His belly was slapping on his chubby knees, his nipples flashing as his tits swung back and forth with each pathetic step, and to top it off, his enormous ass crack was jiggling it’s way out into sight. By the end of the walk, the boy was moving only an inch with each labored step, his face was pouring sweat and glowing deep red, and his breathing was so heavy that it looked like he would keel over and die any second. The video ends as the blob collapses into the back of the station wagon, sending the car swaying and groaning, and exposing the enormous underbelly that was riddled with stretchmarks.

The man closed the door and went down the narrow stairway to the cell, bin of butter-soaked burgers in hand. After completing the combination lock, the man hauled the door open and let loose a large cloud of damp smoke which he inhaled gladly. Filling the rest of the room in front of him was his hog, cradled comfortably in his harness and jiggling with the slight movement of his mouth sucking. His pig was getting very fat, very quickly since he had doubled the dose of estrogen in the cream; it had caused his hips and chest to gain more weight than ever. His body was transforming, filling differently from inside, and his mind’s last fragments of anger were fading with it.

The man rarely talked to the hog anymore, except for in the recordings that played all night long – breaking him down to a mindless glutton day after day. The man occasionally vented his frustration on the slave – fucking with what was left of his empty brain. He hadn’t let his piggy cum since the day the boy couldn’t reach his own cock, and when he did play with the buried remains of his tiny dick, he’d always stop before the boy got a chance to have an orgasm. It was so pathetic, and the hog was always horny, hard, and leaking thick precum deep into the pubic fat roll that had buried his cock head deep under a foot of lard. He loved the sadistic toying with the boy – driving him mad with lust that could only be satisfied by the constant sucking on a tube that kept burying his cock deeper and deeper.

The man rested the bin of food on Dustin’s belly, letting the aroma drift into his nostrils and making his mouth drool down over his huge double chin. The burgers kept the motionless blob’s attention while the man grabbed a huge vibrator from a box in the corner of the room and slapped it with a generous portion of lubricating jelly. Squatting down next to the grunting hog, the man held the vibrator under the hole in the tarp where the pig’s fat ass was pushing out and hanging down a few inches. With one hard jab, the silicone sex toy rammed through two feet of ass cheek before jabbing through the hog’s asshole, causing the boy to holler out in pain and pleasure. The sea of fat contained in the tarp rippled and swayed with the movement of the man giving a few final pushes that was send the fake two foot-long dick up into the pig’s overworked colon. He pushed the base of the vibrator deep in the slimy ass crack before switching the button on the bottom and turning the toy on.

Dustin grunted and took deeper breathes from the oxygen tube as he felt his insides vibrate and watched his tits move like the ocean as his weak muscles flinched and contracted to the pulsations working inside of him. With his mind lost in ecstasy, the boy didn’t even see the first handful of food coming. The greasy burger shoved into his mouth, right back to his throat, and he swallowed the first bite without chewing. Seconds later, he started his fast-paced routine of biting, chewing, and swallowing in a couple seconds each time. As soon as he chewed a few times, the next forceful push of food would enter his mouth and needed to be chewed before the man decided it was time for him to take another bite.

This routine went uninterrupted for hours on end, every single day… all the while, the man was providing the boy with everything except for a little friction to make his unseen cock explode for the first time in years. The boy finished the burger bin and began to pass out when the man climbed on top of him, the harness groaning but continuing to hold up the weight with ease. The bin of food was empty now, except for two inches of half-melted butter filled with crumbs and mayo that were begging to be poured into the pig’s tired mouth.

Dustin’s eyes bulged and he struggled to protest this ‘dessert’, but without being able to move – the man had no problem having it his way. Squeezing at the sides of the boy’s jaw, he forced his mouth open wide before resting the lip of the plastic bin inside. The slop folded into itself as the man raised the angle up and titled the bin to drain everything into his unhealthy porker.

"Drink it, you fucking pig,” the man ordered directly to the boy who would have nodded if he could.

With that, the bin was raised more and the buttery goop slid into the boy’s mouth, and straight down into his stomach. It went down so fast that the man wasn’t sure if he had spilled any – he hadn’t. With a huge grin, he left the room with the bin only to return with enough soft, nearly-melted butter to fill the bin up half-way. Dustin closed his eyes and didn’t want to look at what he knew would be in his belly (and arteries) immediately.

"Polish all this off,” the man demanded as he climbed back onto the soft fat.

Dustin opened his mouth and waited, his eyes still shut and beads of sweat dotting his plump forehead. He felt the plastic touch his tongue and then the lukewarm flush of milky grease that drained down into his gut with enough force to feel like he would bust open. A gurgle erupted from his throat as the slop poured in with one long, heavy torrent. He felt his stomach fill to the brim with the last of the dairy fat, and let out a agonizing moan that made the master laugh and shake the huge bulge protruding from the vast sheet of blubber, mixing the butter around inside the stomach that was on the verge of busting open.

As the boy hyperventilated and tried to stay conscience, the man climbed off and began fucking the boy’s asshole with the vibrating rubber cock. As the boy groaned and gasped, the man decided to let his slave cum, in case he had gone overboard with the butter and the boy’s belly ruptured before he got the chance. Looking at the sight of him, the man knew what an orgasm would do to Dustin’s enormously stressed body, but he continued anyways.

Pushing back the immense pile of belly flab was a difficult job that rewarded him with another swollen roll of fat. The pubic roll had a tiny tube coming from a mushy hole that resembled a large bellybutton. Deep inside, the boy’s laughable cock was oozing into the tube that drained his piss and out around the edges, greasing it up and making it loose as the man fondled and jiggled the mass of blubber with one free hand. The man propped back the belly with his shoulder so he could use both hands to find the neglected pecker and began by pushing his fingers into the precum slime that had been filling the tight fold hours ago.

With a single finger, the man slowly rubbed the head of the boy’s dick, grinning wickedly at the disgusting state of his piggy. The slob wasn’t even twenty five years old and he was so obese that not only was it impossible for him to reach his own cock, but it was nearly the same odds that anyone could find it for him. He could feel Dustin’s previous body, his bones and muscles, struggling and pumping to the slightest touch of his fingertips on his wet little cock head. Dustin’s face was dripping sweat and deep red when the man looked over the globe of flab, his breathing heavy and fast, but his body remained motionless.

"No one will ever want you but me pig. You’re never leave this room, and I’ll be all you see for each day of your pathetic life…” the man began to say through his teeth as he quickened his strokes.

"One thousand pounds isn’t good enough for me pig…”

He grabbed the mushroom head of the boy’s cock with all his fingertips and let the hog’s tiny dick fuck his hand with all the strength he had. The slight movement sent chills through Dustin’s body, up his spine, through his arms, to his chest. He continued fucking as best he could, the vibrator still throbbing away in his hole.

"Feel it pig?” the man asked with a huge crooked grin.

Somehow the man had known what Dustin was feeling suddenly: a burning pain that was taking over his entire body. His chest pounded and was throbbing as hard as his cock. His vision was blurring. He would have pushed the man away if he could, knowing that his cock would erupt with cum any second now – but something else would erupt at the same time, something he needed to survive more than any thing else. But there he was, continuing to push his pelvis in and out as hard as he could, ignoring the screaming alarms his body was sending him.

"FUCKING CUM, YOU FAT FUCK!” the man yelled at a tone that scared Dustin.

The yelling also was enough to send the boy’s balls heaving inside of his fat, sending a powerful blast of cum up his shaft which had lost it’s shape to the blob that buried him from head to toe. As he felt release for the first time he could remember, Dustin also felt a stabbing shock wave go through his chest. Cum gushed from his cock in rhythm with the surges of pain cutting into his failing heart. He blacked out with a deep satisfied groan and went limp.

He awoke several days later to find the man standing over him with his muscular pecs pumped from a recent workout and the same dark grin that was like looking at the devil. He could feel a feeding tube in his mouth, a slow trickle of cream draining into him. As his eyes focused, the boy looked ahead to the TV screen which was playing a video he had never seen before.

A home video was playing, showing a boy at least 500lbs bigger than Dustin was now sprawled out on a king sized bed. The boy was surrounded by several naked men and the master - all sporting erections and all fondling the flesh that flowed out in all directions in front of them. As the video played, Dustin could see the urgency in the boy’s face – something was wrong, he was in pain, and the men were all just teasing him and fucking his blubber. The camera panned over to display a massive cake in the shape of a tombstone that read "RIP Piggy, 1984 – 2002”. Hands began tearing the cake apart and then shoving it into the frightened blubber boy’s fat face. As the cake was forced in, the boy’s eyes went wide and looked around frantically for help, but only receiving more cake and more hands forcing it all in without allowing any time for him to breath. The video ends when the men all pile on top of the enormous boy, who was trying to scream with a mouth full of cake and frosting, and unable to breath from the men's weight added on top of his own. The last seconds show the boy’s face go blank as the pile of men on top fuck the lifeless fat without noticing the pig’s fate – or not caring.

Dustin was horrified and looked at the man who was still grinning at him, both their cocks hard. It wasn’t over for the boy. He still had hundreds of pounds to go. The heart attack he had experienced wasn’t the last, but it had made him even more weak and helpless. He was in a living hell that he couldn’t escape, not that he wanted to. Despite the image of the previous captive’s end still fresh in his mind, Dustin greedily accepted the tube of creamy gainer shake that the man pushed to his lips.

"That’s going to be you,” the master whispered before lifting up a bin full to the brim with soft, melting butter.

All Dustin could do was open his mouth and await the fate his master had planned.
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