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My Big Boss Part 2

I couldn’t believe that here before me was everything that I had ever wanted to come true. Mark’s ball belly jutted imposingly out from his large frame. He took one hand and lifted up his t-shirt, exposing the hairy beach ball ever so slightly. My eyes felt like they were going to fall out of their sockets at the sight of this belly just a few inches away from my face. I looked up at Mark’s face, and could see that he was plainly enjoying this display of power in front of me, enjoying the fact that the top of my head was well below the crest of his ball belly. His deep bellybutton, which for so long I had guessed to be at about my mouth level, was actually closer to the level of my eyes. I craned my head upwards, looking past the belly and rounded mound of his chest to Mark’s smiling face 2 ½ feet above me. I felt like a little boy standing next to his daddy must feel a mix of admiration and complete awe. Looking down at me with a hint of mischief in his eye, Mark said, "Ask me to take my shirt off, Chris”.

With a meek voice, I replied "Mark, will you please take your shirt off for me?”

"Why do you want me to do that, little guy?” responded Mark, enjoying the look of admiration that I was giving him at that moment.

"I want to worship your fat belly, sir. I want to feel it against my face.”

Seeing me beg before him must have aroused him again, for I could see a tent growing in his pants as his erection grew. Ever so slowly, Mark reached down and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and lifted it up and over his shoulder, exposing a gigantic belly with a healthy dose of dark hair covering it. I exhaled slowly said aloud "Holy shit…” There just inches away from my mouth was Mark’s belly, just as I had always imagined it to be. His massive belly seemed to hang in midair between us. Finally, Mark broke the silence by saying, "Well, what are you waiting for?”

With that, I stepped forward and buried my face into his enormous belly, bringing to fruition countless daydreams and fantasies that I had imagined about my big boss over the last several years. His belly was an intoxicating blend of firm muscle and soft fat that gave way to my probing tongue. I kissed his hairy belly, licked it, matting the hair down against his skin. I reached up with my arms and did my best to encircle his belly in a warm embrace. Surprisingly, I found that I wasn’t even close to getting my arms around his massive gut. "How big is your waist, Mark?” I asked breathlessly.

"The last time it was measured I was 64”, but that was about a month ago”, Mark replied.

My head swam with the realization that Mark was bigger around than I was tall. "God, you’re huge,” I said as I buried my face into his belly once again. I stood up on my tiptoes in my effort to seek out his belly button and I inserted my tongue. High above me, Mark groaned in ecstasy as he experienced brand new sensations of pleasure brought on by my ministrations. Looking down at me from his lofty perch, Mark watched the top of my head, not even approaching the top of his belly, as it bobbed back and forth in worshipful adoration. 

I looked up at Mark, and there above his furry pecs, I saw his face beaming back at me. He seemed to be enjoying seeing my small body up next to his massive frame, knowing that he could have his way with me at any moment in time if he so chose. I loved the feeling of insignificance that came washing over me as I was standing there before him, my eyes nearly level with his belly button. I reached up with both of my hands and slowly massaged his ball belly. I pushed up with my hands and loved the feeling of Mark’s heft giving way to my massage. Mark groaned in pleasure as I softly bit his soft underbelly. I loved the feeling of having such a giant under my control at this very moment, loved that I was providing him with feelings that he had never before experienced. I inhaled deeply as my head was pressed up into his soft underbelly, I loved the feel of his giant belly as it tried to pin me beneath itself as I stood before him. It smelled of sweat underneath his belly, and I darted my tongue in and out to taste the salt off of his skin. "Oh, God, Chris….” moaned Mark high above me.

"You are my big, fat boss, aren’t you?” I said as I massaged his massive belly between my small hands. "How much weight have you gained in the last year, Mark?”

"Since my wife left, I’ve put on about 100 pounds,” Mark admitted. His face got a little red as he answered my question, finally admitting to another human about how far this ex-jock had fallen.

I didn’t doubt him for a moment, for I had seen my formerly tall and athletic boss morph into a mountain of fat over the course of the last few years. I had always wanted to say something to him, but had been too afraid to say anything to him since he was my boss. In truth, as his waistline expanded and his hair began to recede more and more, I had become increasingly attracted to him. The added weight and premature gray around his temples had transformed him into the ideal of what a fat daddy should be: huge, cuddly, and in Mark’s case, completely massive.

Mark went on to tell me that he had gone from a 48” waist to a 64” waist within the last year, and that he felt he was probably bigger than that now since he’d been downing a lot of alcohol and fattening food in the last month since his divorce had become finalized. "All of my pants are tight on me again,” he said.” It’s costing me a small fortune to have the tailor let out my pants all the time and buying new pants as I outgrow them.

"Do you have a tape measure?” I asked. "I’d love to measure your belly right now, especially after how much you at dinner. You’re gut looks incredibly big right now!”

"You’re really into my belly, aren’t you? I love that! I was afraid that people would find me less attractive as I got bigger and bigger.” Mark admitted.

"I think you’re much better looking now than when I first met you four years ago, Mark”, I revealed to him. "The thought that you’re over 4 times my size is a complete turn on! Now where’s that tape measure?”

Mark grinned from ear to ear and lumbered off to a back room and returned a few moments later with a tape measure in hand. As he approached me, I began to get hard as I saw his belly and tits jiggle with each step he took towards me. He smiled as he saw the results of his belly on my crotch. "We’re going to have some fun here in a few minutes after you measure me, Chris. I’ve got something in mind I want to try with you.”

My mind raced with excitement at the prospects of what my giant boss wanted to do with me. I reached up and took the tape measure from his outstretched hand. I stepped close to him reached my arms as far around his belly as possible. I placed my cheek against his belly as I strained to reach the other end of the tape measure. Mark looked down at my struggle and laughed heartily. Feeling his belly shake against my head was an erotic sensation, and I loved the way his laugh reverberated down through to his belly. "Needs some help there, little guy?” Mark asked.

I looked up at him and grinned, "Maybe just a little bit, ‘big guy’”, using a sarcastic tone that made Mark laugh even harder at my expense. He took one end of the tape measure between his massive fingers and pressed it against his belly while I took the other end and walked around behind him. As I circled behind him, I was staring face first into a giant love handle that I hadn’t noticed previously. I playfully reached up with my mouth and latched onto it with my mouth and began to suck away at his love handle. Mark laughed and startled a little, but I maintained my quest to give him a hickey on his love handle. "Something to remember me by tomorrow,” I said in a smart aleck tone of voice. 

"I’ll give you something to remember ME by tomorrow here in a little bit, small fry! Just you keep it up!” Mark teasingly replied.

I walked around to the front of his belly and pulled the tape measure snug against it at the level of his belly button. The five-foot tape measure was far short of its intended target, so I instructed Mark to hold his finger at those markings so I could move the tape measure to obtain an accurate reading. Seconds later, I looked up at Mark’s handsome face towering above me and said "you’re 67 inches around now, big man! I think those extra fries of mine are pushed you over the edge tonight,” I joked.

"My God, I’m huge!” Mark exclaimed. "Since you like my big belly so much, we’re going to have a little bit of fun now. I want you to come back to the bedroom so we can both see each other in the full length mirror there.”

I quickly agreed and turned to follow Mark as he led the way back to his bedroom. From behind, I enjoyed seeing his love handles jiggle slightly with each step he took. I noticed with satisfaction that the hickey I had given him minutes before was already starting to bruise nicely.

Seconds later we were standing inside Mark’s bedroom, a room that 24 hours earlier I could have sworn to the fact that I would never see it. It was a large room with a king size bed, of course, and several large dressers along the wall. Running the entire length of a small wall was a floor to ceiling mirror that Mark stopped in front of.

Unexpectedly, Mark got down on his knees before me, yet his face still looming about 4 inches above my own. "I want to undress you now, Chris. I want to see the contrast between our two bodies up close and personal. As my heart beat quickly inside my chest, my boss, the object of my fantasies, reached up with his two mammoth hands and began to unbutton my shirt. I marveled at how agile his fingers were for being so big. Once it was unbuttoned, he slipped it off my shoulders. I stood before him now in a white t-shirt and khaki pants and socks. Without speaking, he reached down and pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. I instinctively raised my arms over my head like a child does when being undressed by a parent. Truth be told, I felt like a child before this giant as he proceeded to undress me. "You’ve got quite the hairy little body, don’t you, Chris” he remarked as I stood there shirtless before him. Mark then proceeded to unzip my pants and slide them down my legs as my heart beat wildly, threatening to burst open my chest. I stood before him in my socks and underwear alone when he reached down to my foot to remove my socks. Without speaking, I obeyed by lifting my foot in the air for him as he grasped my sock within his fingers. I grabbed onto him to keep from falling over as he tugged off one sock and then the other. Mark smiled broadly and remarked "God, Chris, your feet are so tiny!” With that, he reached down and held my foot in his hand, his massive palm easily enclosing my foot within its grasp. He massaged it slightly with his strong finger, gently rubbing the sole of my foot.

I looked up at Mark at this point and made eye contact with him. Standing so close to this colossal man, I shivered a little with both anticipation and amazement. Mark reached his strong arms around my body and drew me in close to him, and I was greeted once again with the warmth of his body and his musky scent. Unexpectedly he planted a soft kiss on my forehead. I looked up into his eyes and gave me the kind of hearty smile that even crinkles the corners of your eyes and my heart melted just a little bit. I could not believe that my boss was on his knees looking down at my nearly naked body and had just kissed me on the forehead. 

After a moment’s silence, I said "Okay, mister, now it’s your turn to get your pants off!” in a mock authoritative tone. Mark laughed heartily and began to rise to his feet once again. Using my shoulder as a tool to steady himself, Mark stood up straight before me. I tentatively reached out my head to undo the button that was holding his pants up. Nodding approvingly down at me, Mark gave me the go ahead to proceed with the enjoyable task of removing his pants. I began to struggle with the button as it was hidden below the swell of his massive belly. Mark obliged me by reaching down with both of his hands and gently lifting his belly up out the way for me to have access. I undid the button and began to pull the pants down, uncovering his meaty, hairy thighs. The pants began to fall down once free of his thighs, but rather than allowing him to just kick them off himself, I got down on my hands and knees before him. Looking up, I couldn’t see his face any longer, just the hairy underside of his ball belly. My pulse ran faster with excitement as I had him raise first one giant foot and then the other until he was standing before me in nothing more than a pair of white boxer briefs. I glanced down at the tag on the inside of his pants and saw a label that read 56” x 42”. I was amazed that his inseam was only 16 inches shorter than my entire body!

I looked up at Mark again, this time looking at his crotch and seeing the outline of a monster cock shifted off to the left. I could also faintly make out the outline of his massive balls as well, hanging a few feet above my head. I stood up again facing Mark, this time both of us standing in just our underwear. Mark reached down and with his hand began to rub my chest. Looking at our reflection in the mirror, it seemed as if his hand covered most of my chest. I could see Mark looking as well at our reflection, and I felt a slight stirring in his crotch that was at my chest level.

Mark instructed me to stand with my back against a wall that ran perpendicular to the mirrored wall. I did as he wished; not knowing what was coming next. "Take a deep breath, Chris” he told me. I looked up at his face towering above me and he gave me a quick wink. I held my breath and then Mark began to step towards the wall, pinning my head against the wall and his gargantuan gut. As Mark had approached me, I was looking straight at his dark bellybutton, I had only a split second to adjust to this massive beach ball of a belly that was coming straight for me.

Mark looked at our reflection in the mirror, staring intently at the sight of my 4’10” frame being dwarfed by his 7’4” nearly 500 pound body. A feeling of complete domination welled up within Mark, which he found that he greatly enjoyed. He had wondered for a few years now about what it might feel to have me at his mercy I later learned. He found that the feelings being awaken by seeing me struggle beneath the swell of his belly to be erotic beyond description.

After about 20 seconds, Mark stepped back and released the pressure from against my head. I felt a little lightheaded at the experience, but completely aroused. My cock was at full mast, which isn’t saying much since I only measured at just less than 4 inches when completely hard. My crotch was just about level with Mark’s knees, as I looked in the mirror at our reflection.

"How’d you like that, little man?” Mark asked playfully.

I pointed at my crotch and asked, "Does this answer your question?”

Mark laughed heartily and then did something completely unexpected to me. Mark bent his knees and placed his hands under my armpits. Before I knew it, Mark had lifted me effortlessly off of my feet in one swooping motion. I felt like a toy in his arms, something that caught me off guard initially. It’s one thing to be standing on my own two feet before this giant of a man, but it’s another thing entirely to be snatched up so effortlessly. Mark raised me up until we were at eye level with one another. I looked in the mirror and saw my feet dangling just above his knees. It looked like a child being held in his father’s arms. Such a feeling of helplessness washed over me as I realized that I was completely at Mark’s mercy. This massive man could shake me like a rag doll if he so chose and there would be nothing that I could do about it.

Seeing the look of desperation that must have flashed across my face, Mark quickly reassured me. "Chris, there’s no way at all I would ever hurt you. If you want me to, I’ll put you down right now.”

I shook my head at this notion, though, anxious to see what my big boss had in mind. He took a step forward and pinned my body between the wall and his ball belly. I was suspended there with my legs dangling helplessly as Mark laughed raucously when he looked in the mirror and saw my predicament. My swollen cock was pinned up against his massive hairy belly and my torso was up straight against the wall. Looking in the mirror, I was amazed to see that Mark’s belly was holding me firmly in place against the wall. "Relax, Chris…” Mark said. 

With those words, I let myself go limp and found my chest in full contact with Mark’s beefy, hairy chest. I looked up at Mark and he smiled gently down at me. "Time I had some fun with you, Chris” he said gently. With those words, Mark wrapped his arms around me, pulling me up slightly and placed his lips against mine. My lips parted as Mark’s tongue forced its way into my mouth. I gave in completely at that moment to this giant of a man, my big boss who had apparently been having some fantasies of me as well over the last several months! 

I let myself relax completely, held completely in Mark’s strong arms as my cock rested firmly on his ball belly. He continued to nuzzle me, and I enjoyed the feeling of his stubble against my cheek. His hot breath against my cheek felt so good. I drank in the smell of his aroma, a mixture of sweat, musk, cologne, and beer. I close my eyes briefly and just thought for a moment about what was happening to me, not really believing it myself. I let myself relax completely, held completely in Mark’s strong arms as my cock rested firmly on his ball belly. Suddenly, Mark pulled me out from his torso and held me as my legs dangled in midair. "Hang on, little guy” Mark said to me with a glint in his eye.

With that, Mark began to hoist me above his head, supporting me under my armpits. He lifted me straight above his head as if I didn’t weigh anything at all, until my belly was even with his mouth. Mark playfully stuck his tongue out and darted it into my bellybutton, driving me wild. I squirmed in his arms momentarily as this giant of a man had me completely at his mercy. "Tickles, doesn’t it?” he laughed gently. I looked down at the top of his head and saw his receding hairline a few feet below me. Mark continued his play, beginning to now lick my hairy belly around my belly button. I closed my eyes and moaned gently at this surprising display of power and attention.

Seconds later, Mark began to lower me back down until I was face to face with him once again. I looked into his dark brown eyes and saw an idea cross his mind. He smiled and began to walk towards his bed. With each step, I could feel my legs dangling helplessly against his gut. I enjoyed the sensation of being carried, it almost seemed surreal to me. To Mark, I must seemed like nothing, because he didn’t seem to be exerting himself at all. As he approached the bed, he shifted my body until he was cradling me in his arms. I looked up in awe at this man as he looked down at me with a big smile spreading across his handsome face. I could feel his heart beat as my head was leaned against his hairy chest. Without saying a word, Mark lay me down on the bed and stood up. I looked up at this mountain of a man, his face looming several feet above me. His hairy belly jutted out over his underwear, and I longed to bury my face into the soft fat of his underbelly.

With surprising quickness and agility for a man of his size, Mark began to crawl into the bed beside me. He indicated for me to move into the middle of the bed, so I immediately obeyed. With his belly and tits jiggling as he made his way, Mark moved on hands and knees until he was positioned above me. His belly hung down softly from his body. I moved myself down in the bed until my face was positioned squarely beneath his gut. I reached up with both hands and began to gently massage the belly that hung just inches above my face. I gently slapped it and marveled at the way it rippled afterwards. Mark laughed gently, and then began to lower himself slightly until his belly rested lightly on my face. I began to lick at the fur on his belly, matting it down beneath my tongue. I turned my attention to his belly button, enjoying the feeling of sticking my tongue into it and not being able to reach the back. This must have been driving Mark wild, because he began to moan uncontrollably. I enjoyed the feeling of insignificance I felt as I was positioned there with Mark’s belly in my face, knowing that he could snuff the life out of me if he so chose at this very moment just by lowering himself onto me. His enormous belly, bigger around than I am tall, was pressed directly into my face. 

Mark began to shift himself in bed, and then seconds later I found myself staring into Mark’s handsome face as he lay in the bed beside me. I marveled at how close I was to him, feeling his body heat radiate against me. I moved my foot slightly and found that it was touching his thigh, a few inches above his knees. Mark smiled at me and then moved his arms behind his head and crossed his feet at his ankles, a position that indicated he was truly at ease. I looked over at his hairy armpits just a few inches away from my face and longed to bury my face in it, to feel his warmth encompass my head as it filled my nostrils with his musky scent. Seeing the look in my eyes, Mark smiled broadly and then glanced down at his armpits as if inviting me in. With a light head, I began to move myself to where I was laying directly beside Mark, my body in full skin-to-skin contact with his. I began to tremble slightly at the notion of being in my huge boss’ bed and curling right up next to him. His massive gut towered above me, a mound of soft flesh that I was going to soon enjoy, as well.

Without saying a word, I pressed my face into Mark’s side, my face just about even with his nipples. I paused momentarily, enjoying the warmth and feel of his skin against my cheek. I looked up at Mark’s face and saw him looking back at me with a mixture of satisfaction and enjoyment written across his face. I smiled back up at him and began to inch my way up his body until my face was firmly planted in the crook of his armpit; I enjoyed the sensation of his dark hair against my skin. I breathed in deeply an aroma mixed with sweat, deodorant and soap. It had been a long time since his shower early this morning, and I was enjoying the scent of my boss at the end of a long day. "Hang tight, little man” Mark said as he brought his arm down from behind his head, trapping my comparatively small head beneath his massive arm. I reveled in the feeling of pressure as he pushed my face up deeper into his right armpit. I opened my mouth and tasted the salt of his sweat. The darkness of his armpit was erotic to me, and I enjoyed the sensation of burying my nose into the fat that had accumulated there. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick his armpit, enjoying the sensation of his thick hair matting beneath my tongue.

A moment later, Mark began to shift his body slightly, turning onto his right side a little more. Suddenly I felt him raise his left leg and drape it over my body, pinning me beneath his massive body. I felt Mark’s belly shift on top of me slightly as he rolled onto his right side and I shuddered in both fear and excitement as this massive man transferred just a portion of his weight onto my small frame. My erection was pressed firmly in his belly, telling Mark how much I enjoyed his playful move. He held me captive there beneath him, with my face planted firmly in his right armpit while he used his left hand to place on the back of my head, forcing it in further while his giant left leg lay across my legs, hindering me from moving them at all. I was delirious with a myriad of feelings running through my mind, chief among them was the fact that I was getting light headed from the lack of air! Despite the fact that I was greatly enjoying my present situation, I began tapping on Mark’s arm to let him know that I needed up for air.

"What, so soon?” Mark mischievously asked me as he released the pressure from the back of my head and let me up for air. He playfully messed up my hair as he looked down at me, my face still cradled on the bed between his arm and his chest. I breathed in deeply and looked up in return at him, a smile playing across my lips as I tried to hide the feelings of adoration that were welling up within me. I reached up and ran my fingers through the thick mat of dark hair that sprouted from his chest. I enjoyed the feeling of his muscled pecs that had become covered in a layer of flab over the last few years. It was evident that this man was very strong, indeed.

Mark began to roll flat on his back again, lifting his leg off from on top of me. Immediately I was struck with how much lighter I felt without his leg draped over me. When I exhaled deeply, Mark just chuckled and said "I bet my leg weighs about as much as your whole body, Chris!”

"I wouldn’t doubt it!” I quickly replied as I began to position myself into a seated position on the bed beside Mark as he lay next to me. His round mound of belly jutted up in the air beside me. I teasingly leaned against his belly and began to lightly slap at his belly. I enjoyed the deep, resonating sound it made and loved to see the belly ripple with each slap, which caused Mark to chuckle lightly when he saw how much I was enjoying it. "You’re really into my belly, aren’t you? I sure could go for a nice belly rub right about now. All that food from dinner is setting pretty heavy in there right now.” I looked down at Mark staring back at me, seeing that he was obviously enjoying the attention I was paying his belly if the tent in his underwear was any indicator.

I suddenly acted on a thought, amazed at my own boldness. I slowly made my way until I was straddling Mark, or at least I attempted to, anyways. My attempt to straddle his belly made him laugh when he saw that my knees weren’t even close to touching the mattress. In essence, I was seated on his belly, my hard cock grinding into his belly. What I had envisioned to be erotic turned out to be funny as I was basically sitting on top of his ball gut. "Easy, there, little guy”, Mark said laughingly. "You may not weigh too much, but my belly is still way too full for you to be using it as a trampoline!”

Realizing that what I had planned would not work for now, I slid my way down until I was straddling Mark’s beefy thighs, his belly rising up before me. I began to massage his belly with both hands, feeling it give way beneath my strong grasp. I enjoyed the fact that it was hard yet soft and malleable at the same time. His soft belly hair felt good beneath my hands as I became engrossed in the mound of flesh before me. Mark moaned softly, enjoying my ministrations and worshipful adoration of his massive gut. I could feel him stirring beneath me, his cock hardening slowly but steadily. 

I slapped his belly again, watching the ripples of fat as they slowly faded. I began to pay special attention to the soft fat beneath his belly button. His belly there was spread out in a nice apron, and I envisioned this mountain of a man with more and more flesh piled here on his belly. My glimpse of the future was short-lived as I focused on the magnificence that was before me. Using both hands, I pushed up his belly as far forward as it was go. I leaned forward suddenly and stuck my nose into his belly button, pressing my face into his soft belly. I inhaled deeply the scent of this giant man, enjoying the pungent aroma of his musky smell. I then began to lick around his belly button, enjoying the sensation of his hair swirling around on my tongue. I then inserted my tongue into his belly button, which must have pleased my big boss greatly. He moaned loudly, and I felt his erection stiffen considerably beneath me, I could feel it hard beneath me, trapped between my ass and himself. I moved my hips until I had him positioned squarely between the cheeks of my ass, enjoying the stiffening swell of his manhood underneath me. I continued my oral ministrations of his belly button, amazed that I could not find the bottom of his belly button with my tongue. It must have been a couple inches deep, at the very least.

I sat back up straight and let his belly fall back down. I continued the deep massages, and Mark stirred from his pleasure induced coma and said "keep it up, Chris, and we’re going to have room in there for some more food before we hit the hay….”

With that, I envisioned myself stuffing this massive man to even greater proportions. Imagined him pinning me beneath the swell of his belly; it would hang so low that I would have to lift it up in order to access his throbbing cock. As visions of the future danced wildly in my imagination, I draped myself across Mark’s torso, my cock firmly pinned to his soft underbelly and my head lying on his chest. I relished the feeling of his fat, furry body beneath me, enjoying the feel of his chest hair against my cheek. I looked upwards at him, seeing his double chins covered in stubble inches above me. I felt his chest rise and fall with each breath, taking me with it on each cycle. This giant man wanted me as much as I wanted him, and I knew that I had plans in store for him that he had not thought of, perhaps. "Ready for more dessert, boss?” I asked softly. His growling stomach gave me the answer to that question. We locked eyes, knowing that we were going to be in for a night of excitement unlike any other we had ever encountered.

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