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Supersized at Fat Burger
This is the introduction to a companion piece to the story Fat Burger. This is from the point of view of Mike, the jock who gets fattened by an admiring Fat Burger server. Somethings from the story may be altered and/or added to, but my main focus is to just show another POV to this great story.

Supersized at Fat Burger

Chapter 1

You wouldn't believe me if I told you I used to be football player. You'd never believe it because I am well over seven hundred pounds now. I wasn't always this huge. Several months ago I was just barely under 300 pounds in fact. But that was until the day I wanedered into Fat Burger for my last time.

It was an ordinary day and I was a frequent customer at Fat Burger. I love food, and there burgers happen to be the best I've ever eaten. Their fries are phenominal too. Everything they have to offer is great. One of the guys they have working behind the counter--his name's Rob--is always nudging me to take more than I order. Like he wanted me to put on weight. I didn't mind, but it was odd just the same.

Before my last visit ever he got me to take some extra burgers home, which I did. I ate one in my car and the other two when I got home. They felt great going down and was even arroused. I didn't know what the guy was thinking--not yet anyways. I just knew I didn't care because its rare getting free food.

Anyways, back to that faithful day that changed everything. I sauntered in with my usual swagger and ordered my usual: three cheeseburgers, a large soda and a couple order of fries. 

After I ate Rob came over with more of my usual. I was stunned, I couldn't believe he thought I'd want more!

"I don't think I could eat another bite, but thanks." I said, nervously. It looked good, but I didn't want to force more in since I was full.

"Its not a problem, big guy, this food would go to waste." He said calmly, though this hand appeared to shake some. I didn't think much about it at the time.

"Uh, alright. I can always work this off." I said patting my belly which was starting to poke out some. I started with the soda, took a huge swig of it. I pulled it away from my mouth and frowned at it. "Ugh. I had regular Coke before, this tastes like diet."

Rob fidgeted some. He nodded and took my cup to refil it with what I was hoping would be Coke. At that moment I didn't care, I was suddenly hungry. I ate what he brought me ravenously. When Rob returned I was working on my last burger. 

"The soda machine is acting up so I made you milkshake instead." Rob said.

"Ah man...a soda would go down better..." I looked from his burger to the shake and shrugged. I took a sip of the milkshake. It tasted weird, but it didn't matter, I was hungry and I drank it all and soon finished the rest of the food Rob gave me. Rob came back when I was done.

"Fuck man, I can't believe I am gonna say this, but I am still hungry." I said looking down at my belly, which was poking out of my shirt now. I couldn't believe how much food I had eaten and that I was starving!

"Wow...s-still hungry huh?" Rob asked nervously. "We have tons of burgers in the back. I am sure those will make you less hungry, big guy." He said smiling some. 

I was still looking at my belly when he made the suggestion. I sighed and looked up at Rob. "Uh, sure...lead the way." I said and heaved myself up from the booth, with some difficulty. If I'd been any fatter by this point I would've been stuck!

Rob lead the way towards the back, while I followed dizzily behind him. I had no idea what I was in for, but I didn't care, I was starving and in need of food!

After we got home from the weigh in, Rob told me all about how he fed a hunger stimulant to make me hungrier. He described how it made him feel to see me balloon up and about jerk-off sessions where he thought of me getting bigger. I was shocked by this information. I didn't know what to say. After much silence I finally gave my answer.

"I don't care..." I stated, "the last couple weeks have been really amazing. I never would've thought I'd love being so fat, but I really do."

Rob grinned and kissed me passionately. We had sex that very moment and he fed me afterwards. My appetite is so huge that I don't need the hunger stymulant anymore, but for fun I'll occasionaly ask ot use it.

Rob loves to feed me still to this day. Sometimes he'll invite friends over, just to feed me. He gets rough with them if they start looking like they want to jump me. I am only his and that's the way I prefer it. Other guys would take advantage of me.

Last week we celebrated our one month aniversary, I am now 856 pounds! I am very happy with that fact. I am not completely imobile becuase I give my legs a pretty good workout, but I don't get out of the house much. I like it that way and I know Rob does too. Rob really wants to get me to a 1,000 lbs, but I am not sure if I want to yet, but we'll see.

I should be going right now...I smell burgers, and my belly is rumbling for some burgers. I am sure you don't have to guess what kind they are. They're Fat Burger burgers for Rob's Fat Burger Piggy.

The End
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1 Dan   (2012-09-19 06:44:42)
It appears that you accidentally pasted in Chapter 1 several times.

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